'Pulp Fiction' Writer Attached to Script and Direct 'Castle Wolfenstein'

November 1, 2012


Way back in 2007, Pulp Fiction writer Roger Avary was set to write and direct Return to Castle Wolfenstein, based on the popular series of video games. But the project has languished in development hell until today. Thanks to a press release, we now know that Avary will write and direct the newly titled Castle Wolfenstein, to be produced by Silent Hill and Resident Evil: Extinction producer Samuel Hadida. It teams a United States Army Captain and a British Special Agent as they infiltrate a castle where Hitler plans to unveil a new secret weapon, pitting them against the Nazis' Paranormal Division along the way. Read on!

The movie is being compared to Inglourious Basterds and Captain America with the retro vibe and alternate history vibe, and with Avary at the helm, we know this will be a violent and over-the-top thrill ride. It's actually a good day to be Roger Avary, considering he's also attached to direct John Cusack in the aerial thriller Airspace. He's been linked to Wolfenstein for a long time, so this has to be a thrilling step forward for him. He spoke a bit about the project in the press release:

"I’ve been playing the 'Wolfenstein' games since I was a kid, and feel that their outlandish sensibility has deeply influenced my own writing and directing throughout my career. I have always thought 'Wolfenstein,' transformed and opened for the screen to wider audiences not familiar with the games, would be a major cinematic experience, which is why I introduced it to Samuel."

I remember playing Wolfenstein 3D with my dad on a PC when I was growing up, and even though "nostalgia" seems to be something of a dirty word when it comes to movies these days, I still have some when it comes to seeing what Avary can do translating this franchise to the big screen. As always, casting will be a key element, and I'm wondering if they'll aim high for somebody like Jeremy Renner to play the American soldier and possibly Benedict Cumberbatch or Tom Hiddleston as the British Agent. Regardless, we're all hoping this one turns out a lot better than the atrocious video game film Doom. Thoughts?

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If the studios would pick up "Return to Castle Wolfenstein" and use many of its plot elements, they'd be a long way towards a hit I think. Particularly if they ground it in reality similar to Captain America or the outstanding beginning of Hellboy. In fact, the beginning of Hellboy seemed like a scene right out of of which I thought wouldn't be replicated. However, I think many of the scenes in Captain America shared that same quality. The score in RTCW is pretty awesome as well...would be a great starting place for a composer! I for one am very excited about this and hope that it is of a much higher caliber than the typical Resident Evil/Silent Hill movies or similar knockoffs. Wolf3D was a high school mainstay, RTCW was a glorious return to that world. This movie, if made with a great story and grounded reality, could be a huge hit. Of course, one man's opinion...

Gohikeone on Nov 1, 2012


i couldn't agree more - this COULD be very good......

beevis on Nov 1, 2012


more than just one mans opinion my friend, Wolf3D was my first video game i ever played as a kid, and i saw that castle look it gave in Hellboy and Captain America so you hit the nail on the head....

Jericho on Nov 1, 2012


I remember playing Return to Castle Wolfenstein as a teen. The only problem with adapting any video game into a movie is that in the game you can defeat the enemy anyway you want. That's something you can't do quite as well in a movie.

jez on Nov 1, 2012


What? You mean having Agent B run around a graveyard like a scared little boy and taking potshots at Heinrich wouldn't work on screen? Haha...

Gohikeone on Nov 1, 2012


i think if he just spouts out a little of that Flare he has during the scene then it would be golden.......

Jericho on Nov 1, 2012


I meant you could either attack them head on, use stealth or in some levels hide while the Nazis fight the Undead.

jez on Nov 2, 2012


So you want the movie to show every kill in 3 different ways? I think you don't understand movies and all non interactive media. Hint. They are not interactive

Norbert P. Korzus on Nov 4, 2012


excited all excited... but don't screw this up... or Agent Blazkowicz will Return to stop castle wolfenstein

stevenfreestyler on Nov 1, 2012


which one will be adapted, will it be based on the shooters or go even further back with the 1981 stealth version?

Jericho on Nov 1, 2012


I'm not one for gossip, but when did Roger Avary get released from prison?

David Banner on Nov 2, 2012


June 10, 2010.......

Jericho on Nov 2, 2012


Pulp Fiction writer Roger avary? He just helped with the story, hes not the writer.

Nicolas Dalli Bortolot on Nov 2, 2012


I actually use to play on a Clan for RTCW, which we eventually migrated to Enemy Territory, which was a multi-player RTCW spinoff. I even went to Quakecon in Dallas, TX surrounded by 16 year old boys and girls playing in the competition for grand prize of $20,000. Oh the memories... Anyway, I agree with a lot of the posters. This could be a great franchise if dealt with appropriately. I'd definitely change the main character's name though. B.J. Blazkowicz sounds odd. But, you could have him behind enemy lines, fighting against the Nazi regime who is using historical/biblical relics to take over the world (similar to the game). I think there's a trilogy in there somewhere. I also think it's a great opportunity to incorporate real history into the films, but with a Hollywood twist. Could be great fun. A mix of Captain America and Indiana Jones.

Quanah on Nov 3, 2012


Please not Renner

Norbert P. Korzus on Nov 4, 2012

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