Real Reasons Behind 'G.I. Joe: Retaliation' Release Delay Revealed

May 30, 2012
Source: Deadline

G.I. Joe: Retaliation

Just one week ago, Hollywood was in a tizzy when Paramount Pictures announced it would pull its summer blockbuster sequel G.I. Joe: Retaliation from its June 29th release slot in favor of a March 29th, 2013 release to allow for a post-production 3D conversion. And while the appeal of bigger box office numbers overseas from the inflated ticket price seemed like a good reason, we didn't think that was the only one. Now Deadline has word on why the film was really delayed, and it confirms our worst fears. However, there's a slight chance that Paramount could salvage something from this blockbuster debacle. Read on!

First of all, just so everyone knows, this kind of delay is a big deal. Mainly because a little over a month before release, big advertising campaigns were already starting on billboards, buses and TV, not to mention a slew of toys in warehouses, some already on shelves and other promotions kicking off, not to mention a Super Bowl ad from earlier this year. And now we know for sure that Paramount was neither proud nor confident in the film's ability to perform at the box office on a global scale after test scores following focus group screenings were "mediocre to bad." Those reshoots that Dwayne Johnson talked about shortly after the delay aren't just for 3D scenes, but they're intended to save the film in general. But how?

Well, apparently one of the bigger complaints from the focus group screenings was a plot point that was hinted at, and made pretty clear in the trailers: Channing Tatum's character Duke was going to be killed in the beginning of the film. Apparently audiences really liked the rapport between Roadblock (Johnson) and Duke, and had the rug swept out from under them when Tatum was killed off. The studio wasn't planning on Tatum becoming a bigger deal this year with 21 Jump Street and The Vow exceeding expectations. Now new scenes are being filmed that will likely make Duke a much more prominent character and survive the sequel, at least past the first ten minutes this time.

Of course, one of the other concerns involving Tatum's involvement in the film is somewhat amusing. That same weekend, Steven Soderbergh's male stripper movie Magic Mike, based on Tatum's real-life time spent as an exotic dancer, is hitting theaters and apparently the studio wasn't a fan of the action figure Channing Tatum competing with a shirtless, dancing Channing Tatum in the same weekend. So now we wait nine months, hope reshoots fix what sounds like a sub-par sequel, and maybe Paramount still has a fun action flick on their hands. Either way, the pressure is one for something to be salvaged from this mess, and hopefully it's not just international box office gross from 3D ticket prices.

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This is not surprising, seeing how the first one was terrible

Ryotenbin on May 30, 2012


So was Transformers and they didn't hesitate to make 2 more stupid films about it. My guess is G.I. Joe would have made $100 million regardless how dumb it was. Even if the first one was terrible as you said.......which you are right.

jjboldt on Jun 1, 2012


After the first G.I. Joe,  outside of the retards who'll pay to see something blown up, does Paramount really think that anyone actually gives a damn who gets killed?  Obliterate them all and be done with G. I. Joe I say!

Hattori Hanzo on May 30, 2012


 They should just do the skit on Robot Chicken, where a failed Joe Recruit defects to Cobra and successfully snipes all but one Joe.

Michael Lee on May 30, 2012


Dr Fumbles..  Classic.

Solo_Calrissian on May 30, 2012


It was always "Fumbles".......

Chris Amaya on May 30, 2012


re shoot all you want, its still gonna blow. looks like the mummy returns in GI joe form. way to go paramount, afraid to lose money so you spend more money. still gonna be a piece of shit! love, the guys from 'act of valor'

Harry on May 30, 2012


Ridiculous pity for " Rock/Tatum/Willis "

Ehsan Davodi on May 30, 2012


3d is getting a negative response in europe, im in uk hearing from ireland, germany, denmark, ital, sweden, greece people dont want 3D its a gimmick, it maybe doing wel at cinemas many cinema chains  don't give an option of seeing the film in 2D and forcing people to watch 3D and when they do offer 2d it will be every 10 3d screenings 1 screening will be shown  a day

Englebertslovechild on May 30, 2012


mr if plot was cool 2d or 3d doesnt diffrent too much(for me 3d is modern and better) but this guys ruin the plot either, thats trebble dude

Ehsan Davodi on May 30, 2012


I work at a theater in the US and we offer atleast one to two 2D auditoriums which have showtimes all day for people who don't prefer 3D so kinda sucks that its different overseas

RondiJ1 on May 30, 2012


Regardless of the all of those ridiculous, possible reasons to delay, the real reason is because these movies are garbage and winter/early spring is when garbage has a better chance in theaters.

David Balderdash on May 30, 2012


People didnt like Duke dying in the animated movie, so how or why is that any different for the same kids who are now adults?

Solo_Calrissian on May 30, 2012


Killing Tatum as Duke> Killing Duke the characte

Brandon V. Fletcher on May 30, 2012


A live cobra through the heart. Classic Serpantor.

mooreworthy on May 30, 2012


frankly, when they dropped the "Real American Hero" from the film franchise, I lost interest.

Trinithmournsoul on May 30, 2012


I absolutely do not find this surprising at all. Most of the people who follow film news most likely knew that this "we need to shoot extra 3D scenes" was a pretty weak excuse. If anything, I commend the fact that people are finally giving us the true (and obvious) reason as to why this movie is being delayed. This movie just looks plain weak (judging from the trailers, of course). I just Paramount can get their act together.

Pringles on May 30, 2012


The 1st movie was completely unwatchable (I actually read Snake eyes lips' in it, and he mouthed, "I can't believe what they've done to this franchise!!!")  I'm not a fan of Channing tatum at all, but Duke is iconic in the G.I. Joe mythos, why kill him off??  They could've still transitioned into the new movie w/Tatum still as Duke, yet still "re-booted" it.  Tatum aside, I'm glad they are keepng the Duke character in the new film, he was always my favorite while growing up on this franchise!  Hollywood is ridiculous, first Snake Eyes has lips, next up in 2013 is Robocop w/out a visor so we can see his eyes!!!   Unreal!!

Mscuillo on May 30, 2012


This is funny they tried to kill off channing tatum's character because they want to wipe the slate clean from that ridiculous first movie only to find out that people are too attached to the "Duke" character to let them do it. and by the way I don't hear any body making a big stink out of the fact that marlon wayans is not in the sequel, what up with that?!? ( in case you didn't pick up on the sarcasm that was a joke please don't bring marlon waynes back) if the sequel didn't test well with audience is that how the hell did the first 1 make it

Qmc0808 on May 30, 2012


It looked promising, unlike the first one because of The Rock and Willis, but I think they just killed it.

Marc201272 on May 30, 2012


Biggest unnecessary pressure ever.

mooreworthy on May 30, 2012



CHAOS1979 on May 30, 2012


Paramount should also bring back the Baroness and Scarlet, and Levy as Cobra Commander.  Write the movie, which looks awful from the previews.  The studio only needed to make minor changes, not get rid of all the characters.  Instead, the Rock and Willis took over the whole picture.  I really like both actors, but not if they replace actors I liked in the 1st picture, namely Rachel Nichols, Sienna Miller, and Levy.   The studio might as well redo large sections of the picture and get some postive buzz, because now the whole world knows the picture was so bad they had to pull it.   

JJ on May 30, 2012


I really hope they at least include both versions on the video release, cause it'll be interesting to see if their test audience were a bunch of morons. I mean, did the first one test well? They didn't go back and change it, so it must have tested better than "mediocre to bad", right? The first one was abysmal. I'll call it right now: If they release both versions to DVD, the old version will be the superior film.

Squiggly_P on May 30, 2012


They fixed so much! just to keep that TURD in it? C Tates is not an actor! he is the living embodiment of dick jokes.

Jimmy Love on May 30, 2012


The real issue should be finding out how much money was pushed into the advertising before the date was pulled - It would have to be somewhere is the 8 digit mark - now not only does GI Joe have to make that back, but also the next round of advertising as well. What kind of pull do the producers think this movie is going to have ?

Michaeldrynan on May 30, 2012


I couldn't have been happier when they killed the whiny Cyclops that was created for the Xmen and the same goes for Duke. I don't want him in the second movie, ugh!

tra la la la la di da on Jun 2, 2012


 why they kill duke its goina suck

Hdeyjkufgiu on Jun 2, 2012


Actually, I heard they killed off ALL the Joe's in the end of the movie too.

Joester on Aug 3, 2012


do we have an alternate ending ?

longlee on Oct 23, 2012

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