Really? Katherine Heigl Signs on for Puppet Noir 'Happytime Murders'

February 3, 2012
Source: Variety

Katherine Heigl

Right off the bat, I'm going to tell you that this article contains my own opinion, so if you're not used to that by now, I'm sorry. Frankly, I've been really excited to see what happens with the comedic thriller The Happytime Murders since the project was announced back in 2008. Thankfully, back in 2010 the project was picked up by Lionsgate with Jim Henson's son Brian Henson (who helmed A Muppet Christmas Carol) lined up to direct a script from Kung Fu Panda 2 scribe Todd Berger. Well, Variety reports the project has gained Katherine Heigl as talent in the film and I really could not be more displeased with the news.

The story takes place in a world where humans and puppets co-exist, but the non-humans are considered second-class citizens. When a puppet cast of an 80's childrens' show called "The Happytime Gang" starts to get murdered one-by-one, a disgraced LAPD detective-turned-private eye puppet takes the case with his human partner. I can only assume that Heigl is playing the human partner, but I don't think she has the comedic chops to stand up to the recent Muppet collaboration with Jason Segel and Amy Adams. When she makes movies like One for the Money, The Ugly Truth, Killers and New Year's Eve, I'm supposed to get excited about this collaboration. Described as Avenue Q (a raunchy Broadway stage musical with puppets) meets L.A. Confidential, Happytime Murders sounds like it's just for the adults, and Heigl hasn't done anything beyond Knocked Up that tells me that this project is for her to lead. We'll see. Thoughts?

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I really think you should keep your opinion for yourself, I think that you never watched her in Grey's Anatomy right ?

Emile Eid on Feb 3, 2012


obviously not  

Anonymous on Feb 3, 2012


Katherine Heigl is absolutely terrible and is ungrateful for the only good film in her past.

Dan on Feb 3, 2012


I think the world's a free place, and if someone has gone to the trouble of creating and maintaining a place where we can go to find information we desire for free, then that person has earned the right to place an article or two of their own opinion out there. Not to mention he's right and that Heigl is a hack actress.

Thexn on Feb 3, 2012



Thisisstillmore on Feb 3, 2012



DAVIDPD on Feb 3, 2012


sounds like who framed roger rabbit to me..

dearsleazy on Feb 3, 2012


The premise does sound very similar. I wonder how dark will they go or will they cave in to get a lower rating.

Pilgrim_UK on Feb 3, 2012


hastn't CH had her 15 seconds of fame?........ i guess a decent actress wasn't available.

Anonymous on Feb 3, 2012

10's KH, not CH. What a fail criticism

Conrad Williams on Feb 7, 2012


buddy - YOU are the one worrying about a mistyped letter? YOU are the loser spamming the thread with that ridiculous comment. why not come up with original comments that pertain to your opinion on the topic instead of whining about meaningless crap? and this is the LAST time i'll EVER respond to one of your worthless, meaningless comments.

Anonymous on Feb 7, 2012


What's the other R-rated movie coming soon about some puppets involved in some type of kidnapping?anyone remember this?

jah p on Feb 3, 2012


Well I am open to be surprised. Tom cruise surprised me as Lestat. 

Pilgrim_UK on Feb 3, 2012


Damn I was really excited about this.....not so much anymore.

The_Kid89 on Feb 4, 2012


I think a greatest greatest actress that fail in her carrier was katrine heigel.she was beautiful Evan than scarlet johanson or any girl on holleywood.she was very talented girl with anything that a great actress needed for acting,but not only she never comparison able to mega actress like Elizabeth Taylor also never comparison able to even nowadays good actress like Sandra bullak.she must chose precisely and better project till became memorable.

Ehsan Davoodi on Feb 5, 2012


This is superb

Lebowski on Feb 5, 2012


What most fucking amazing about the shittyness of Katherine Heigl's acting and career is that she produces all the films she is in with her mom. Her fucking mom! I don't understand how she can be producing these movies with a whole extra producer on her side, and get such consistently crap results. OH WAIT, I KNOW! She is an arrogant TV actress who has shit on every project she was every involved in, and couldn't seen a decent film if it beat her to death with a razzie award. 

Lebowski on Feb 5, 2012


Katherine Heigel should have a Razzie set aside for her every year, she is that bad. Even in knocked up she was the worst part of the movie.

The Douche on Feb 6, 2012


I'm in total agreement with you. 

Annie Howard on Feb 6, 2012


Katherine Heigl was in only one good movie..... "Knocked Up" and she was not what made it good. All though she was good in it. However, she did crap on the  writing of the movie afterwards in an interview she mentions how poorly women are being portrayed as "shrews" cause they are so stuck up and no fun like the jokey guys were...... she is a twat.

Conrad Williams on Feb 7, 2012

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