Reply: Which 'Man of Steel' Teaser Do You Prefer? Jor-El or Pa Kent?

July 23, 2012
Source: Twitter

Man of Steel Teaser

We're starting a fun new series here at FS titled simply Reply, highlighting responses to a quick question or poll asked on twitter. I'm an avid user and big fan of twitter (@firstshowing) and love getting instant replies and a well-rounded collection of thoughts. The first question I wanted to kick this off with involved the first teaser for Zack Snyder's Man of Steel, the Superman reboot starring Henry Cavill. There are actually two different teaser trailers showing randomly in theaters with TDKR, so I asked on twitter: "Do you prefer the Jor-El or Pa Kent version of the new Man of Steel trailer? Why one or the other?". Read on for replies.

If you still haven't seen the two different Man of Steel teasers, you can watch them both right here. One of them includes a voiceover by Jonathan Kent, his adoptive father, about "Whoever that man is, good character or bad, he's going to change the world." The other is from Jor-El, Kal-El's (Superman's) real Kryptonian father, played by Russell Crowe. He talks about how "in time, you will help them accomplish wonders." I thought it was cool to run two different teasers and wanted to ask which one people preferred.

The one I personally prefer happened to be the one everyone else liked - Jor-El, mainly because his voice sounds like he has more gravitas. And I love his line, "you will help them accomplish wonders." The replies:

Pa Kent - Kevin Costner:

Jor-El - Russell Crowe:

Jor-El - Russell Crowe

Thank you to everyone who replied. I was impressed at the answers we got for the individual teasers, but of course there were a few people who had to say they didn't like one over the other, they were complementary:

Both Teaser Versions:

I loved the variety of replies we got for this question, especially this last one. "Jor-El knows what he WILL be, and Pa Kent knows what he COULD be." It really gets into the real idea of why there are two different versions to begin with and what makes each one so unique. This even gets down into what makes Superman so unique, a son with two fathers and two homes, one he doesn't know but feels a connection to, the other he grew up with. Outstanding tease for this new Superman movie, I hope these values shine through in the end.

Thanks for checking out our new series Reply, where we open up a discussion based on a quick question. You can always follow @firstshowing to participate and reply the next time, or follow-up with your own thoughts on this Superman discussion below. This was our very first public reveal of Superman, and the teasers have been getting Terrence Malick comparisons, but I love that they're mixing things up with two different versions. Maybe this is a hint at what's to come in Man of Steel. Which one do you like more?

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Jor El all the way!

Anon on Jul 23, 2012


While I love both actors and I think at this point both are perfectly cast for their part, I believe that Russel Crow's Jor-El really drove home the hope and excitement of the Superman Saga where as Kevin Costner's Pa Kent came across kind of like a warning

Eric on Jul 23, 2012


Love both but Jor-El edges it by a bit.

Nick on Jul 23, 2012


Jor-El/Russell Crowe! Sorry the monologue is just too good ๐Ÿ™‚

Tey on Jul 23, 2012


Pa Kent. Jor-El's is authoritative, but speaks with such certainty. Pa Kent is letting Superman decide who he wants to be, which I think is something we also see throughout the teaser.

James on Jul 23, 2012


At first I liked Pa Kent's more, but Jor-El's is starting to edge out now. Both are great.

Daniel Koelsch on Jul 23, 2012


I like this one the best:

88 on Jul 23, 2012


Whoever downvotes this has obviously no sense of humor.

takethestickoutofyourass on Jul 23, 2012


I love both. My bias wants to vote for Costner, huge fan of his. But the dialogue dictates that Crowe's is better Btw, really amped about this movie. I love all of Snyder's films to date

rocky728 on Jul 23, 2012


I find Pa Kent's dialogue to have more feeling and meaning to it, but Jor-el's dialogue is just awesome, what he says and the way Russell Crowe delivers his words. I'm going with Pa Kent's because the way he seems more of a father and supportive figure, not to mention he raised Clark and is trying to tell him that he has a choice and that whichever path he chooses his choices will ultimately have impact on humanity.

Fidel Reyes on Jul 23, 2012


Jor El because he is clark's biological father and though he won't see clark grow up he still knows his son will do great things and accomplish much. I'd rather have my father speak highly of me in a loving way before he died then to have my stepfather say something lovingly.

JBrotsis on Jul 23, 2012


Jor El

christox on Jul 23, 2012


Pa Kent.

Xerxexx on Jul 23, 2012


I'm all about the Pa Kent one. I hate to say it but the Jor-El one just fell flat for me. Jor-El is always cool, and I can't wait to see the moment where he watches Clark's ship leave Krypton's atmosphere, but I just don't feel his words as much. I mean that line in the first trailer about how he has to choose the type of character he'll be someday was too awesome. Really hit the nail on the head in terms of the character. It seems like they're really gonna get Superman right on this one.

Buttass on Jul 23, 2012


I was soo looking forward to this at the AMC Metreon in San Francisco in front of TDKR but instead the IMAX demo reel came on and led directly into the movie. Hoping to see what the folks at Comic-Con saw.

sharkus on Jul 23, 2012


Thought both were pretty bad. Jor'el was less bad I guess.

Brian Sleider on Jul 23, 2012


Jor-EL....although the comicon trailer trumps both by a lot

Geoffrey Shauger on Jul 23, 2012


What Pa Kent says to Clark is what any father would say to their son. That's why we love Pa Kent. His words are our father's words.

Quanah on Jul 23, 2012

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