Reply: Your Favorite Shot or Favorite Moment of 'Dark Knight Rises'?

July 26, 2012
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The Dark Knight Rises

I sometimes still can't believe we've seen Chris Nolan's epic grand finale of his Batman trilogy. The Dark Knight Rises, released a week ago, has arrived and hopefully everyone has had the pleasure of seeing it (in IMAX). Discussion about it has been rampant for weeks, ever since Warner Bros first started screening it for press, and it will last well into the next few years. To keep things focused on the positive, and follow up with another question in our new series Reply, I decided to start a discussion on specific moments in TDKR. My twitter question was: What was your favorite shot or favorite moment from TDKR and why? Replies below!

Considering the excitement and level of discussion surrounding The Dark Knight Rises, I expected a huge response to this question. We gathered up a total of 50 replies from fans around the world. The first half will not contain spoilers, but you've been warned that there will be MAJOR SPOILERS from this point on. We hope you've watched the movie by now, as this is a discussion on everyone's favorite moments or scenes.

With so many replies with all kinds of different answers, we organized the answers into the best groupings that we could. There are more expected, one-off kind of responses and scenes, as well as some specific moments that a large number of people seemed to enjoy. Here's the breakdown of replies, organized in chronological order (ending scenes are last). Up first, there seemed to be a healthy dose of shots from early in TDKR that many enjoyed. Let's begin the discussion - what was your favorite shot or favorite moment?

First Half Tidbits & Moments:

This first fight happened so early in the movie, it took a lot of people by surprise. In addition, it was a raw, brutal, vicious battle, with no music, just two extremely powerful guys going at it in the sewers. The replies:

First Bane vs Batman Fight:

First Bane vs Batman Fight

One of my own favorite scenes happens after Bruce has been stuck in the prison for a while. To the chants of "Rise", Bruce Wayne (on his third attempt) finally makes the jump. I wanted to stand and cheer right then.

Bruce's Prison Pit Escape:

Bruce's Prison Pit Escape

There's even more of these, mostly from the later half / finale of the movie, on our second page of replies.

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My favorite shot was at the end of the first scene, when Bane is holding the doc while they are tethered to the plane and they watch the other plane just drop to the ground below them. It was dizzyingly beautiful and terrifying. So awesome.

michaelscottmurphy on Jul 26, 2012


When Catwoman was on me, showing her booooty... priceless moment hmmmmm

Bat Bike on Jul 26, 2012


When Bain kicks Batman and like stumbles back to catch his footing

HazedMind on Jul 26, 2012


Too many moments to choose from (pretty much anything mentioned in the tweets) but one funny moment I enjoyed that I didn't see above was Crane as the judge 🙂

Neuromancer on Jul 26, 2012


The collumns during the second fight

BBROWN on Jul 26, 2012


When batman is trying everything against bane in the first battle and bane is talking to him like it doesn't matter so he try's to use darkness and bane grabs him by the throat ........... Unbelievable

Ripz08 on Jul 26, 2012



jacobcrim on Jul 27, 2012


I really liked when Kyle and Batman are on the roof together and Batman turns away and when he turns back, Kyle is gone. He says, "So that's how that feels". One of the best lines of the movie

Al DiPentino on Jul 26, 2012


Frank Miller's line from TDKR, re: Superman departiing at warp speed while Bats's back is turned.

AJ Slater on Jul 27, 2012


Kingdom Come*

Chiroptera Exsanguination on Jul 27, 2012


When Taggert was all like, "Why can't you do your job right Bane?!". Then Bane puts a hand on his shoulder and Taggert is all like, ".... Bane, I will suck your d**k. Please do not hurt me".

lewinston on Jul 26, 2012



Chiroptera Exsanguination on Jul 27, 2012


Damn, your right! Sorry. I wonder why I keep remembering him as Taggert :S

lewinston on Jul 27, 2012


"Son, you're in for a show tonight!"

Blah Blah on Jul 26, 2012


Haha, good call! Then the kid shot Batman's gun.

floppytall on Jul 26, 2012


The part where Batman chases the bikers (after the stock market robbery) and they do under the bridge when its daylight and come out when its night time. Crazy how fast time flies in a matter of minutes.

JBrotsis on Jul 26, 2012


my 2 cents worth. bane and thugs attack the stock market during the day or close to end of trading hours (say around 4pm - 5pm), hold all the people as hostage for 1 or 2 hours (6pm - 7pm), and make the escape shortly before sunset. the scene where batman first appear on batpod may take place during sunset, and emerge out of the tunnel immediately after sunset, which may explain the night time scene.

Azeeli on Jul 27, 2012


Loved many of the moments in the article and comments, but since it hasn't been mentioned loved when the cops finally found the cajones and clashed with the terrorists near the end. Same feeling when Bruce climbed out of the pit. Wanted to jump out of my seat, pump my first and shout "Rise!!!"

hawk99 on Jul 26, 2012


Bane's speech at Gotham City Hall had me in constant shivers! Def my favorite part of the whole movie 😀

LosZombies on Jul 26, 2012


I think I enjoyed the end, when Alfred's eyes wander towards Bruce and Selina's table at the cafe, and for a brief second he pauses and looks directly at the camera.

Fred on Jul 26, 2012


Bane, Bane, Bane. Every Bane moment was awesome. From his voice to his physical movements, Hardy was the best thing in TDKR. Favorite Shot: Bane catching himself on the seats during the plane heist. Walking towards Bats during their first encounter. Bane carrying Batman's mask after shattering it. Favorite Moment: Punching the pillar after Bats breaks his mask. "You'll just have to imagine the fire!" The first fight between Bats and Bane. Bane breaking Bats mask. Imo...Bane was better than Joker. In nearly every way.

Xerxexx on Jul 26, 2012


you had me going... but man you COMPLETELY lost me saying Bane was better then Joker... I have disagree with that with ever fiber of my being. There are only two other character in movie cinema that I can compare that to.. And Coincidentally Daniel Day Lewis played both of those characters (Bill the butcher & Daniel Plainview)

Ruben-Qiana Carpio on Jul 26, 2012


I don't expect anyone to agree with me whatsoever. I just think Bane was a well rounded character. The Joker was great and all but Bane takes the cake.

Xerxexx on Jul 26, 2012


I agree completely, Ledger died shortly after, I honestly dont think people wouldve loved his performance as much if he was still alive. Bane was just the incarnation of pain, he was as cunning as batman and physically superior. The moment Batman had his sights set on the joker it was over, as for Bane batman got his ass whooped.

Cody W on Jul 27, 2012


Agreed . 7 dislikes? Whoa.

Xerxexx on Jul 27, 2012


Dude get over it. He played a good Joker, but it was only just good, it's not like he's the best one (Mark Hammill). Bane WAS much better than Joker as a character in these movies. Personally I thought Scarecrow was awesome because he was the villain who stayed most true to the original comics. Catwoman overall was my favorite though. Only half the time did the new Joker even act like the original. Bane also was vastly different, technically not Bane at all, in any aspect. But still, Catwoman>Bane>Scarecrow>Joker.

Apothecary1313 on Jul 26, 2012


i'm not arguing with you or anything.. thank you for your opinion though. I'm not trying to be a wise a$$, but I DO still think the Joker was the better villain (along with the better Actor to Character combo). Going off the graphic novels the movies went off of (The Dark Knight & The Killing Joke), he played the sick CRAZY ass villian that really didn't care about anything. Bane was good.. but he ultimately had his purpose, which actually he loses points because it became someone else purpose. One small example.. when joker crashes the party where are all the crime bosses are meeting in TDK. It's my feeling that he really would have blown the place using the explosives he had strapped to his own body!!! That scene sticks with me of him opening his jacket and makes that one sound as to say.. "no, no!!" and he has his thumb tied to a grenade.

Ruben-Qiana Carpio on Jul 27, 2012


Bane and Joker are nearly incomparable. Joker is chaos, unrestrained chaos...Bane is controlled chaos.

Xerxexx on Jul 27, 2012


His voice could have been a little less garbled, HOWEVER HIs eyes and body language, were TOP NOTCH. He will never rival The Joker only because, he is a more "by the numbers" villain. Joker on the other hand, you have no clue what that crazy will do next. All in all thought Hardys "Bane" is highly memorable and the fact that he could convey emotion so well with just his eyes, the man deserves MAJOR props.

Brian Sleider on Jul 26, 2012


I loved his voice, would have preferred his original voice but the voice used was top notch. Joker was a fun villain but I just felt Bane was a more worthy opponent, a more mental and physical one. He was the reckoning on Waynes "betrayal" against the League of Shadows. He tested everything about Waynes resolve as a true hero. He broke the Bat. I loved Ledgers Joker but Bane in my opinion was more enjoyable and fleshed out...The Joker was an agent of Chaos and he had no plans just went and did things like a Dog chasing tires. Bane was a loosed hellhound with a very specific goal...he was a titan but was destroyed as a man...a very tough man...I mean he took two cannon rounds to the chest! OMG!

Xerxexx on Jul 26, 2012


But but but....he died from those cannon rounds 🙁 A little bit of an unsatisfying end for the character in the movie but I guess Nolan couldn't have Batman end him, right?

Chris Amaya on Jul 27, 2012


I loved how he pretty much walks into the room every time with his hands grabbing his collar. That right there says "I'm the F*CKING MAN"

Chris Amaya on Jul 27, 2012


That collar grab was awesome.

Xerxexx on Jul 27, 2012


The fact that Selina Kyle nor Bane's mercs couldnt even watch as Bane dished out his punishment upon Batman in their first encounter.

Carlo on Jul 26, 2012


Banes troops drag Gordon to him in the sewer.. Gordon gets away down the water way. His troop is like it goes four different ways. Bane kindly puts the tracking device in his troopers pocket, gives a little pat and whamo... tells him to go find him... sick bastard!!!!!! and off he goes...unwillingly...

Angel G on Jul 26, 2012


When Foley is laughing saying 'Like a rat in a cage' after cornering batman into an alley. Then The Bat emerges and a cop says to Foley 'Sir, I think you got the wrong kind of animal.'

Vitokris on Jul 26, 2012


Favorite Shot: Alley gunfight, camera following the cops as they fill the alley with bullets ricocheting everywhere, Favorite Moment: Blake's (and Gordon's) quick thinking after the bombs are detonated

Patrick Clemens on Jul 26, 2012


Close second: Batman standing on top of a building right after sleeping with Miranda, I could just imagine him exclaiming to Gotham, "Nailed Her!"

Patrick Clemens on Jul 26, 2012


the ending, no not saying it was bad, but it tells beautifully of selling you that batman died before showing Bruce...and then revealing Blake inheriting the role as Batman just before the credits......

Jericho on Jul 26, 2012


Dont think he was inheriting the role of Batman... he was ROBIN!!

Ruben-Qiana Carpio on Jul 26, 2012


No that's wrong. There has never been a Robin named Robin "John" Blake. He's either gonna have to be the next Batman or Nightwing. A guy with the name Robin, can't use the alias Robin, it makes no sense. And although I doubt they'll make a movie starring him, if they do, it definitely won't be about Robin. It would at least have to be Nightwing since he worked alone, unlike Robin.

Apothecary1313 on Jul 26, 2012


I dot think Christopher Nolan really cares who "robin" is. He was only in the movie to make a point. The point that batman did his job. he created a symbol, an example for others to follow.

Jon Odishaw on Jul 26, 2012


His full name was Robin John Blake

Cody W on Jul 27, 2012


I agree he can't use Robin cause thats his name. I think he will comeback as Nightwing. Def not a new batman, thats dumb.

I Snipe on Jul 27, 2012


SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS The scene where Batman appears for the first time in the movie in the tunnel. Seeing him flying by on the batpod with his cape billowing in the wind with the theme blasting in all its IMAX glory sent chills through my body. Is it weird that I was kind of disappointed with the way Bane broke his back? I thought it would have more impact. It didn't look as painful and cringe inducing as I had hoped.

Chris Amaya on Jul 26, 2012


i liked that return scene as well, but i liked the back breaking scene, the sheer ease and speed with how bane did it is frightening to me

yoddle on Jul 26, 2012


I kinda agree, that whole fight was incredible and maybe it just happened to fast. When Bane was punching him in the face breaking his mask was brutal tho.

burton9x on Jul 26, 2012


The part that was most brutal to me was when he rapid punched him in what looked like his kidney's. The punch sounds had more "oomph" than his actual bat spine breaking moment.

Chris Amaya on Jul 26, 2012


I liked it just because it was so quick and simple for bane, it really took me a second to take it in.

Cody W on Jul 27, 2012


The look on Gordon's face when he goes to the roof and finds the new Bat-Signal.

Cinemabandit on Jul 26, 2012


The prologue.

ikkf on Jul 26, 2012


Easily the best moment of the film was Cillian Murphy as the people's judge, "Death! by Exile!"

stephen on Jul 26, 2012


I get the impression it would have been the perfect place for the Joker. RIP Heath

steven on Jul 27, 2012


Well, dialogue between Bruce and Alfred, tears were coming into my eyes, but also cameo of Scarecrow, that was so hilarious.

dawko on Jul 26, 2012


It's tough to top the badassery of the first bane batman fight. But the final scene when Alfred looks across the restaurant to find Bruce brought a tear to my eye.

Jon Odishaw on Jul 26, 2012


mine would be the second bane and batman fight. when batman broke his mask and BANE went nutso and destroyed part of the pillar. it really showed what damage and pain bane could actually bring. but really any scene with bane since he is and always has been my favorite villian. not just in batman but in all comics.

UGLI on Jul 26, 2012


zimmer's haunting soundtrack during the rapid punches scene was excellent!

Azeeli on Jul 27, 2012


When the finally revealed the truth about the kid from the prison, and showed Tom Hardy's/Bane's face. Saw it coming a mile away, but showing his face was a great touch. Reminds me of seeing the Joker without the makeup at the Gordon funeral in TDK.

Akirakorn on Jul 26, 2012


I do not remeber the exact line but in the first Bats vs Bane fight when Bats kills the lights and Bane says something like "oh you think darkness is your ally, you only adopted it, I was born in it."

Brian Sleider on Jul 26, 2012


"I aam the league of shadoohhwws" and "something something BLIIIIIGHT", right as he grabbed Batman by the throat were some of my favorite lines of his.

Chris Amaya on Jul 26, 2012


"Oh, you think darkness is your ally. You merely adopted the dark. I was born in it, molded by it. I didn’t see the light until I was already a man. By then, it was nothing to me but blinding!" "The shadows betray you because they belong to me."

Cody W on Jul 27, 2012


That's it! That's the line. The way he said those lines were badass in my opinion.

Chris Amaya on Jul 27, 2012


and then Bane saying "Ahhh yes, I was wondering what would break first!?! Your spirit... or your body!"

Gabriel Rincon on Jul 27, 2012


"Let's not stand on ceremony. Mr. Wayne." *Selina's oh s&^% face.*

childerolandusa on Jul 26, 2012


I also liked this part she was like oh fuck i dun goofed!!!

droopy on Jul 26, 2012


When we discover that bombs have been placed under the field of the stadium, followed by a shot of a boy singing at said stadium.

Chris on Jul 26, 2012


That final battle between Bane and Batman when Bane was throwing intense ass jabs and Batman gets out of the way as Bane keeps punching the hell out of the cement post.. INTENSE

K1ng on Jul 26, 2012


Those are hooks not jabs.

I Snipe on Jul 27, 2012


Chills at that last shot where JGL is looking up at the Batcave

gpak on Jul 26, 2012


Near the very end when the camera looks down a misty street and right at the building I lived in for the past decade! That's right...Batman wuz in my neighborhood.

moderlee on Jul 26, 2012


everybody here has picked some great scenes from a great movie. i enjoyed the 1st batman/bane fight, when bruce rises from the pit, and i really loved seeing the batman logo aflame on a skyscraper and bane saying "impossible."

yoddle on Jul 26, 2012


not a skyscraper but a bridge. they are standing on a frozen river, remember?

Azeeli on Jul 27, 2012


My favorite moment was when the movie was over. 'Nuff said.

Danny Lybeck on Jul 26, 2012


How original and... depressing

Reznik on Jul 26, 2012


O good for you buddy, your the one guy who said he didnt like it congrats on your sad attempt at being different.

Cody W on Jul 27, 2012


I liked when Catwoman was on the Bat-Pod and she has to shoot through the pile of rubble, and the camera is kinda behind her and as she leans forward to fire, its like her ass is a balloon and is like PLADOW!!!

burton9x on Jul 26, 2012


I'd have to say when the title sequence came on because after that it was garbage. The film paled in comparison to Dark Knight. Nolan and company really messed up. No one seems to be able to hold it together 3 films in a row. Sad, but true.

ticketmaster on Jul 26, 2012


Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Pull yr head out of the joker's ass. TDKR was TWICE the film of its predecessor. Easily. Besides Ledger's monumental performance TDK was overlong and muddled. TDKR is a masterpiece.

Bane on Jul 28, 2012


When Alfred smiled directly at the camera towards the end, knowing that he saw Bruce alive and well. I thought that could've been a nice ending, wouldn't mind if the movie ended right there and then. #inceptiontrauma lol

vince on Jul 27, 2012


When the released army of cops are marching towards banes thugs in the street. Just complete silence with this utter look of desperation on there face as banes tumbler aims its cannons at them. But then the bat just coming in and wrecking it, zimmers pumping score breaks out and all the cops just let out this passionate warcry and charge. I seriously have never gotten such hardcore goosebumps as I did then.

Cody W on Jul 27, 2012


JGL can stare at nuculear blasts without going blind because he's an alien here studying the humans on the third rock from the sun. AND the Gangs of New York we have guns but lets duke it out battle.

Jeaux on Jul 27, 2012


I am not a troll... But could someone please tell me why the cops were so clean and shaven etc. when they got out, despite being underground for three months!? That's all I want to know. Great film.

Kinks! on Jul 27, 2012


they went home had a shower and a shave or jgl supplied them with razors.

rock on Jul 27, 2012


my 2 cents worth. my assumption is the gap between escaping the underground (its dark at the time) and battling bane's army (already daytime) are many hours apart, enough time for them to return to their house, check on their families, say any last words, shower/refresh, shave, eat/drink and change clothes to prepare for final battle with bane's thugs, and, if needed, to die gloriously in the battlefield wearing their best gotham police attire.

Azeeli on Jul 27, 2012


Thank you very much mate. Was struggling with that. It now makes perfect sense. Cheers 😀

Kinks! on Jul 28, 2012


it was actually, INCEPTION WITH WINGS. all the same stupid actors and the same shots from last batman-some silly cops who dont know what to do in emergencies, but show up anyway...a cat burglar thats hates/betrays batman then loves him long time, crap prisoners that tell lies about bane being a boy who escaped prison-turns out its a girl. dumb ending, just kill the bat off and dont worry about sitting in venice drinking coffee

ra al grunt on Jul 27, 2012


mine??? it has to be bane broke batman spine...brutal and cruel at the same time...i still remember during that scene came on the screen, i can feel all audiences are shocked...

safichan on Jul 27, 2012


I loved how Batman constantly made reference to how the "Bat" didn't have an "auto-pilot"...I wonder if that will come up again in the movie? DUMB

DKRwasbad on Jul 27, 2012


I think the conversation where Alfred tells the truth is some of the best acting by those two characters in all of the movies, that moment, the heartache and the betrayal is shown so well in both of the actors' faces - all the Bane and Catwoman interplay was awesome but that scene was it for me

midas777 on Jul 27, 2012


has to be the intro, beginning with gordons short speech then sweeping through the green fields and you hear hans zimmer unbelievable score in glorious imax. i was left completly speechless.

rock on Jul 27, 2012


When Gordon says "Bruce Wayne?" in reaction to Batman talking about him putting a jacket around his shoulders. That was Batman's acknowledgment and appreciation of their teaming together to fight crime and corruption.

editboy on Jul 27, 2012


The best moment in the movie, no contest: "A hero can be anyone. Even a man doing something so simple and reassuring as placing a coat across a young boy's shoulders, to let him know the world hadn't ended."

JL on Jul 29, 2012


When Blake (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) is exploring the Batcave, his dark jacket has a blue stripe that gathers in the middle on the back of it. This is a hint to Nightwing, who the first Robin becomes. Why this? Guess I don't want it to end, 1-2-3 Nightwing movies(with Joseph Gordon-Levitt) would be cool. I also like the very short scene, where we see a sign on the road that reads "Gotham Glades(I think it was) 15 miles, Metropolise 75 miles".

David Banner on Jul 31, 2012

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