Review: George Lucas' 'Red Tails' Poorly Commemorates Real Heroes

January 20, 2012

Red Tails

It's easy to see what was being attempted with Red Tails. Executive producer George Lucas has been developing the story of the Tuskegee Airmen, the first African American fighter pilots who took to the skies during World War II, for more than 20 years. Lucas, a fan of the serials of the 1930s and 1940s as well as an admirer of comic books dealing with fighter pilots, wanted to fuse the tone of those with the very real story of these men. With Lucas' affection for aerial fighting as well as the digital achievements from ILM on full display in the Star Wars films, you would have thought Red Tails would've been an absolute thrill. Read on!

Unfortunately, the screenwriters behind the finished film, John Ridley and Aaron McGruder, and the director, first timer Anthony Hemingway, have churned out a cheap-looking, message-heavy machine of poor dialogue, worse performances, and some of the blandest action pieces put to film. Everything about the film, save for its very existence, is uninspired, languid, and the people behind it end up practicing hand-holding their audience instead of providing fast-paced thrills. To put it succinctly, Red Tails is a mess. The people behind the true story were brave and inspiring, and if this film was the way Lucas wanted to commemorate them, his head is clearly still in a galaxy somewhere far, far away.

At the heart of Red Tails is the 332nd Fighter Group in Italy. Hundreds of miles away from enemy lines, the men grow frustrated and bored without the opportunity to fight. Their major is played by Cuba Gooding, Jr, who uses his pipe as the biggest acting prop crutch in history. Terrance Howard as the colonel fighting in Washington for the men to get some action skulks around speechifying and looking generally disappointed. But the main story here is with the men in the sky and the first missions they used to prove themselves worthy of respect and honor.

But Red Tails hardly gives us any sense of character with most of them. There's the loud one. There's the smart one. The new kid shows up about halfway through. All of them seem to have been given a single sheet telling them to simply explain everything going on. The hand-holding begins early and carries through to the end, never missing an opportunity to catch anyone up who may have fallen asleep. That might not be such a bad thing in this particular case.

It's not just simple exposition. These characters are cartoon shells of the real items, but that could be said for the entire movie. Nothing about Red Tails feels genuine, heartfelt, or gives us any notion that Hemingway cares about his characters. He shoots them with such a stagnant, medium-shot frame and chintzy lighting that any weight the actors could bring to the table is completely lost. Any feeling of intensity Hemingway wants to give the audience is cut short by hammy dialogue married with stilted delivery. Choices made in Red Tails hinder it every step of the way. It's why distractions come at the very moment you should be engaged. It's why sizable, bright red credits appear over the opening scene of German fighters taking out American bombers left and right. Any suspense you might feel is distracted as your view becomes blocked by letters.

Those dogfights carry something of intrigue with them. ILM brings the planes and the fights to life, and when the fights are going on in the air, when everything you are seeing has been created by a computer program, it's serviceable. Your eyes almost trick you into believing it's all real. The same can't be said for when those same planes are on the ground, when they are added in with photographed imagery of soldiers or the airfield. Standing them side-by-side shows us precisely how unrealistic ILM's creations are here.

They're hollow, just like the screenplay, just like the performances, just like the connections between characters. The strongest relationship in Red Tails is found between the brash Lightning, played by David Oyelowo, and the group's leader, Easy, played by Nate Parker, who likes to take a shot of whiskey now and then. Their's is a sturdy arc in the film. You get the feeling they do care for one another, but the characteristics that define them are so on the nose that it gets in the way of everything else.

Hemingway and his screenwriters make the struggle of the Tuskegee Airmen such a heavy-handed pill to swallow, as well. A scene doesn't go by without someone pointing out why they're different than other soldiers. The film makers never shy from having the race difference become an issue. Their point has been made very early in Red Tails, but that doesn't stop them from continuing the game of "Pick Out the Racist". It all comes to a boil when an ace German pilot who becomes the thorn in the Airmen's collective side, upon discovering their race, lets out a "My God. They're African." We know the German pilot is evil, by the way, because he speaks with a heavy accent and delivers villainous lines of bad-guy exposition.

Weighed down in message, cheap in its thrills, and generally flat and uninteresting, Red Tails is the perfect example of how poor film making can hurt a very real and poignant story of bravery and overcoming the odds. It isn't that the film should never have been made. Quite the contrary, and, if you're looking for an engaging film about the Tuskegee Airmen, the HBO film from 1995 has you covered. Sadly, all the CG toys in the world couldn't help sell a film as full of unmotivated decisions and blatant commentary as Red Tails. Here's hoping the next time someone has a 20-year passion project in their sights they can take down the target with more precision and grace than George Lucas has brought us here.

Jeremy's Rating: 3 out of 10

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"These characters are cartoon shells of the real items, but that could be said for the entire movie. Nothing about Red Tails feels genuine, heartfelt, or gives us any notion that Hemingway cares about his characters. Any feeling of intensity Hemingway wants to give the audience is cut short by hammy dialogue married with stilted delivery." LOL! Mesa thinks mesa see dissa somewhere before! But where.....?

Dangerous Don Danger on Jan 20, 2012


I,m sorry to report that I',ve seen Red Tails,I,m no critic and went to the theatre with the highest expectations. It's true the acting and dialogue was stilted and uninspiring. The battle scenes were terrible. The reviewer was correct ..If only, if only ..The film is sad and misses the mark terribly. What a dishonor for the brave Tuskeegee airmen

Palabras53 on Jan 24, 2012


Its difficult for me to find the words to describe my disgust.. I havnt yet seen the film but I most certainly will.. You couldnt wait to bash this movie, could you? I advise anyone with a mind of their own to go see the movie and ignore the small minded ideas of one insignificant person and find out for yourself as I plan to.

Coffeegirl on Jan 20, 2012


Well what about you comment? You haven't seen the film and yet your bashing the opinion of one that has already seen it and genuinely did not like it.

Xerxexx on Jan 20, 2012


Coffeegirl has a point. this site reeks of something. predetermined opinions? pandering to the crowd? can't quite pinpoint it. you'll see the glorifying of Christopher Nolan, for instance, because almost everyone thinks he's awesome. on the flip side, you get the predictable bashing of Eddie Murphy, and now George Lucas. this dude probably went in looking for all the negative stuff so that he could write about it. they all do it. if it weren't for the fact that this site actually has movie news, i'd wouldn't even get on here.

Maverick Pete on Jan 20, 2012


If you want an unbiased approach to movie news find a site where the writers don't care about movies

Richie G on Jan 20, 2012


Its an opinion site, Billington and friends post articles with their opinions, and allow us to post our opinions as well.

Xerxexx on Jan 20, 2012


I would disagree, CoffeeGirl doesn't have a point. She hasn't seen the film. The author of this article and I have seen the film. I was given an opportunity at an advance screening due to my service in the Air Force and the fact that I taught several classes on the Tuskegee Airmen. Structurally speaking Jeremy is right on the money, poor dialog, poor camera angles, etc. From a purely film makers perspective this was a difficult movie to watch. In fact, if you pay close attention you can tell where the re-shoots were because the characters looked physically different, like they put on a few extra pounds in a matter of days and then lost it just as fast. Then there is from the historians perspective. I wanted to like this film, I was sending people to the theater to watch the film. I enjoyed the fact that they included aircraft maintenance into the film, because that is what my job is. However, if you want to see a good film about the Tuskegee Airmen watch the original. George Lucas did to the Tuskegee Airmen what James Cameron did to the Titanic. Avoid this one, stay at home and save money by watching the original.

TSgt Isenhour on Jan 20, 2012


This is what makes a site like this great. Everyone can have an opinion no matter how anyone else feels and you can post it to be criticized or supported. Well, that is until you use the "C" word.

Quanah on Jan 20, 2012


Coco Puffs?

Chris Amaya on Jan 20, 2012


You're real close Chris. ūüėČ

Quanah on Jan 21, 2012


C-C-C-COMBO BREAKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jericho on Jan 21, 2012


Go see the movie and you'll agree. I saw a sneak preview of this a week ago and it was as bad as described here. If I had paid for it, I would have left in the first 15 minutes and asked for my money back. You can tell the quality of the movie is going to be bad right from the start with the ugly red block lettering during the intro. If you want to see in the theater, fine. But I concur that this film was bad.

JC on Jan 20, 2012


I hope you have the same POV when, "The Expendables 2", opens and gets potentially trashed!

Blue Silver on Jan 21, 2012


I went to see it for myself yesterday. I enjoyed it. In reality it is impossible to cram so much history into a 2 hour film. I loved it, though it was motivating and took it for what it was, along with the persistance it took to get it done. Mofos cant wait to bash something. I loved it. Go see it @pincgator:twitter

Pincgator on Jan 21, 2012


Saw the movie tonight, and this review hit the nail on the head. Save your money and see it on cable.

whatever on Jan 28, 2012


I might rent it or wait for it the drop on a premium channel...Gooding Jr makes me want to see it.

Xerxexx on Jan 20, 2012


He was one of only a few that could act.

whatever on Jan 28, 2012


I was really hoping Red Tails would be good. That's all I'll say.

Jeremy Kirk on Jan 20, 2012


Are you sure that's all? This is you chance to come clean about your part in the Christopher Nolan conspiracy. Just stand up before the group and say, "Hi, I'm Jeremy Kirk and I'm a crowd panderer."

Dangerous Don Danger on Jan 20, 2012


Great review, saved me the price of a cinema ticket and I got two new words of the day. yay

Richie G on Jan 20, 2012


Interesting review! I'v read many reviews from Jeremy Kirk and most have been spot on! This film, however, does not catch my attention. The cartoon-ish effects I saw in the trailer turned me off as well as Gooding's appearance in this! I will see, "Underworld", instead!!!

Blue Silver on Jan 20, 2012


Firstshowing's reviews may veer into fanboyishness too often, but I'm pretty sure this movie's as bad as he says.  I do plan to see it regardless.

Boiler Bro Joe on Jan 20, 2012


I think everyone should relax about the critique and enjoy the movie for what it 'Action War Drama!'

Edkhim on Jan 20, 2012


After having met one of the Tuskegee Airmenin real life, and almost in tears when the entire auditorium stood up to salute him, this makes me very angry. These men were some of the best pilots in history, and this is how Lucas wants us to remember them?

Cody on Jan 20, 2012


my grandfather, may he rest in peace, was a airforce bomber in WW2 and he flew along side of the Tuskegee Airmen many a time during the war and through that he got to know some of them but one thing he told me was they were no different then any other fighter pilot he knew except they may have been a little bit friendlier so i dont know what u mean by "and this is how Lucas wants us to remember them?"

Dr.Pepper on Jan 20, 2012


The difference was that they were the FIRST African American fighter pilots !! How could he say there was no difference ?!

Onenonly on Jan 21, 2012


This review is about as awful as he says the movie is. Race was the biggest issue for African Americans back then so of course it's going to be addressed a lot in this movie. Read a history book. Apparently this must have made you uncomfortable. This review appears to have been written by ola very simple minded man trying to sound educated but in turn sounds a bit racist to me.

JayJoy2 on Jan 20, 2012


It is clear that you are reading way too much into this review! You are interpreting the review the way you want to see it! You shouldn't make a mountain out of a mole hill!

Blue Silver on Jan 21, 2012


@JayJoy2 Are you a terrorist? You sound like one.

Rmanblur on Jan 23, 2012


What a shallow review that cheapens the great character and level of social responsibility that it took george lucas to do a film that positively portrays african americans in a town where over 95% of all the images projected of african americans are negative-- based on academic research. The story should have been told decades ago, but as our current election shows, racial preference in america still reigns. Now, these film makers have global license to export their obvious lack of social responsibility and racism and have critics like these to discourage braver, more socially conscious whites from going to see this great movie. Go. Go see the movie. Its better than many of the highly acclaimed films out there and most importantly, its real. It is part of our storied history and journey to psychological freedom from the racial sickness of america. Take your children and tell them it contexts the racial rhetoric and divide that exists still in our great country --but also tell them it shows that there is hope. Ignore this obviously biased reviewer.

Patperryrivers on Jan 20, 2012


What the fuck is this shit? Jeremy is a film critic, not a morality critic. His job isn't to confirm or deny a certain world view, or to make political or societal points. His job is to review the fucking film. He did, and he found it wanting. I completely agree that Hollywood largely leaves minority groups to villains and comedic relief, and I agree that socially, we have a long way to go before we reach any sort of real equality. But the fact that you manage to conflate his criticism of the film with some sort of pan-global racist conspiracy is laughable.

Lebowski on Jan 20, 2012


So, it's ok to knock/hate the critic for reviewing a flick? Happens all the time, but the level of ignorance and animosity that the stone flinging has escalated to is unreal! A lot of posters on this thread are making this a 'heated' racial issue! The "racial divide" begins with us, the people/audience. It's clear that we hate opinions that don't cater to our proclivities and we cite with what's convenient to us! Yes, Jeremy is a film critic--this is HIS review, HIS POV. Big deal! Those who do wish to check out this flick, do so--it's a free country; but, it's uncool to spew out venom for the sake of pseudo-racial bias because you didn't like his review! It's just a review people! To each his own opinion about the flick!!

Spider on Jan 21, 2012


its a movie either go see it or stfu about it its not hard they still got paid for it so I'm pretty sure they can careless about you people think smh .

Leysha Crear15 on Jan 20, 2012


its a movie either go see it or stfu about it its not that hard they still got paid for it so I'm pretty sure they can careless about what you people think smh .

lc on Jan 20, 2012


Honestly..I'm very shocked at the negative review of the film.i did not go into the film expecting Gone with the wind, I thought the film had character...i mean Neyo, Method Man, Cuba, Howard.I did not fall asleep once and im a harsh critic...Lightn up People!!!

Tommy on Nov 8, 2012


O just came from the first shoeing and it was the best black movie i had ever seen loved it

Shynarose48 on Jan 20, 2012


"the best black movie I have ever seen" Outstanding.

Lebowski on Jan 20, 2012


"Best Black Movie"... this is a set-up right?

Markysri on Jan 21, 2012


what a dumb comment! funny but dumb!lol!

jah p on Jan 21, 2012



McWilly on Jan 22, 2012


I once watched the "fat kid" try to dunk a basketball and fell to the ground hard. It was inspiring to watch him try. 

Quanah on Jan 20, 2012


Sweet fuck, when are you bastards going to get the idea through your heads that the writers on firstshowing are fucking CRITICS, not arbiters of political and social discourse. Yes, there is are many important stories of WWII that have been neglected due to racism. Yes, Hollywood is often extremely racist. TOO BAD THIS ISN'T FUCKING NEWSWEEK, AND JEREMY ISN'T AN INVESTIGATIVE REPORTER. He is a film reviewer, and that's what he goddamn did. He reviewed the film.

Lebowski on Jan 20, 2012


I was going to say "in before all the reverse racists show up", but I see I'm too late for that.

Blurb on Jan 20, 2012


Just saw the movie with a group of friends and I must say we all really enjoyed it.  Go see it yourself and enjoy its entertainment value then move on to the next one.  This movie was a long time in the making, don't kill it off so fast.  I would personally recommend it.

Kbsmith on Jan 20, 2012


I was really excited for this movie. Now I'm not so sure. Lately I've been let down by misleading trailers and I'm not trying to start a flame war but it started with Drive. I'll probably catch this on Redbox.

Chris Amaya on Jan 20, 2012


(F) the person behind this REVIEW this movie was great simply said. (I'm WHITE)

Farrockaway5c on Jan 20, 2012


^ he's white 

Anonymous on Jan 21, 2012



McWilly on Jan 22, 2012


Why are people getting butthurt just because one (Key word here) REVIEWER didn't like it? 

Chris Amaya on Jan 20, 2012


Ok so I watched the movie and I would say watch it... What movie is accurate with the history??? Saving Private Ryan is one of the only ones. George Lucas made this movie with pocket money and didn't make it for historic accuracy, he made it for entertainment and it was enjoying to watch! The people in the theater were all satisfied.

Kris on Jan 21, 2012


I just saw this film. I REALLY wanted it to be good, but sadly... everything in this article is 100% true. It was really terrible and painful to watch... I feel like a good story got ripped-off.

wunkus on Jan 21, 2012


I too just saw it and agree with most of the article written. What I was most disappointed in was the lack of heavy dogfights. I mean, you see trailer for a movie about these planes, and you expect great, long, aerial fight scenes....and that movie lacked them. If you wanna see men talking on the ground, this is your kinda movie

JBrotsis on Jan 21, 2012


You only need to see the trailer to see how bad this film is. Even with the very best bits distilled down into two minutes and it still looks pants.

Payne by name on Jan 21, 2012


Keep up the good work Jeremy. I always enjoy reading your reviews and mostly agree with you. (that's also why I'm gonna skip this one)

Davide Coppola on Jan 21, 2012


Is this a shock to anyone that watched the trailers for this movie ?  Come on

Tester on Jan 21, 2012


Psychologist have done many studies on stuff like this, it's called the "It's ok to jaywalk syndrome!"  That's where you get lead to believe what your opinion is.  Folks are so affraid to be themselves that they'd rather follow a lead.  5% of folks cross the street whilst the hand/law suggest you shouldn't and then the vast majority of 80% follows.  If you haven't seen the movie, it's only entertainment, go see it.  Don't walk behind the one fella who wrote this telling you its ok to cross the street and not OK to take a chance on entertaining yourself.  HELL, even corny shoes I've paused on be accident "might" get a chuckle out of me...  And that makes it the least bit of entertaining.  OH YAH, TWILIGHT IS FUCKING GAY AND IT SUX!!!  LOL!!!

Quali on Jan 21, 2012


My grandpa was a Tuskegee Airman, I'm gonna go see the film for him. Everyone is entitled to his/her opinion, my man Jeremy is not excluded. I KNOW for a fact that the STORY of these dudes is a rich one. It SOUNDS like, in the larger scope of "great films" or "great American film", this particular take won't make the cut in Jeremy's opinion. I read the review and it sounds like Jeremy is AWARE of the Tuskegee Airmen story and has an understanding of their importance in American history. It also sounds like he's really passionate about film and might have a few films in his mind that have done an excellent job of turning an emotionally/opinionated topic into a great piece of art. 'Red Tails', THE FILM, in Jeremy's opinion (in my opinion), simply isn't as fantastic as he hoped it would be, as fantastic as it could have been...

Markysri on Jan 21, 2012


My father saw REDTAILS with some actual members of the Tuskegee Airmen last night. They all really enjoyed it. Some of them actually did consulting work for the film. Its a shame J. Kirk did not enjoy the film, but everyone should be allowed to make their own opinion about any film, including REDTAILS.

DAVIDPD on Jan 21, 2012


just judge it for yourself im sure just cause one person that has a website didn't like it. It doesn't mean its a horrible movie for everyone else ya know? im actually about to go see it in a bit so im going to judge it for myself

rollingthunder89 on Jan 21, 2012


Many of the critics are going to say negative things about "Red Tails" and that's based on their particular point of view. That's cool and that is part of their job. I really did not expect a high rating from any of the so called "Film" critics. So I chose to "ignore" them. I was determined to see the film "Red Tails." For me, the film was personal as with the way any film should be to the one who looks at it. The most important thing for me was that "Red Tails" serves as a testament to the "bravery and camaraderie" the Tuskegee Airmen had in the face of incredible hardship. And that is what Black youth, in my opinion need to see. You don't know where you are going unless you know where you have been. I rate Red Tails - 10/10..  Red Tails is a bit more personal to a segment of this country. 

Mrwho50 on Jan 21, 2012


Any time I read a review with a sentence in the form of "the ______est ____ ever put to film", I immediately ignore the rest. This is why I only come here for the news. I can definitely believe that not all the acting may have been up to snuff though, because Howard is in it and he rarely impresses me.

Anonymous on Jan 21, 2012


I don't get where some of these comments are coming from. There wasn't a single thing in the review that led me to believe the author of the review didn't like the movie because of the story behind it or because he's a racist. He reviewed the movie, that's it. He gave good reasons for his opinion, non of which were racial. The people posting such b.s. need to work on being a little less ignorant and just read whats in front of them, not what their own racism is telling them to think is there. p.s. i had a feeling this movie would be bad, glad to read the review to confirm it. 99% of the reviews on here are bang on. keep up the good work.

canadianmoviefan on Jan 21, 2012


I thoroughly enjoyed #RedTails, and everyone in my theater did too.  Multiple applause points, flat out laughter and many misty eyes.  It was a great movie!  I can tell it is going to be a monster in the @AuroraTheater:twitter , the audio at the Cinemark was horrendous.  Bring on the Blu-Ray!

Everman on Jan 21, 2012


The story of the Tuskegee Airmen is one of the most cherished stories of the war to me. The HBO movie is head and shoulders better than Red Tails.  I am extremely angry that Mr. Lucus, for all his massive wealth and influence, could not find better writers and a good director to breathe life into this movie.  I am proud that this movie exists only for the spotlight it rightfully shines on these war heroes but I will will no longer pay any money to support any further George Lucas endeavors.  He is a hack who has either lost any sense on how to put a good movie together or never had that sense and has had the fortunes to hide this fact by the talented people he has surrounded himself in the past.

Scared S#!tless on Jan 22, 2012


What movie did this guy see? I enjoyed it quite a bit.

8311xht on Jan 22, 2012


What's important to me, is seeing that this is the last meg budget film George Lucas is saying he'll ever make. Were there any 3d animated comedic animals?

Crapola on Jan 22, 2012


it has been a long time for me ... but i had to walk out of the movie theater .... i love the store of the men and what they gave to there country ... but this by far is GL worst movie ever 

Oliver21 on Jan 22, 2012


I found it hard to wank to. ūüėČ

Bananboy2000 on Jan 23, 2012


my wife farther was an original tuskegee airman,col Andrew Johnson,and after talking with  his two daughters and a cousin that col johnson menor they gave the movie a thums wife ans i  hope to see the movie today, was sold out over the weekend.

Lgilliam52 on Jan 23, 2012


To each his/her own.  This reviewer gave the film a low mark, rotten tomatoes gave it low marks, but Metacritic gave it higher marks & cinemascore gave it an "A."  Seems to be all over the place.  I saw it, liked it and had family who was the part of the 2nd wave of pilots these guys paved the way for so needless to say I was holding my breath until i'd seen it before giving a review.  Was it Saving Private Ryan? No. But it definately wasnt "flyboys."  This is not a direct comparison, but IMO i think it's along the lines of the Blindside being considered a sports movie like Any given Sunday and I think thats what might have rubbed people the wrong way...  Both football movies, but slightly different feel with how the story is told.  just me.  I say see it for yourself and develop your own opinion.     

Anonymous on Jan 23, 2012


Aaron McGruder, please go back to The Boondocks. Stop with this movie-making/writing bullshit. Give the people what they want - more Boondocks!

Corey on Jan 24, 2012


This review hit the nail on the head.   I saw the movie tonight with great hopes. The story of the Tuskegee Airmen is so amazing, that I thought hollywood couldn't miss. It did. The characters are not developed to the point where you care who gets killed when they do go into battle.   I was also frustrated with the character flaws of the "ace pilot" lightning, and the squadrin leader...forgot his name. What good officer would not rat on a squandron leader that hit the bottle before leading his guys into battle? Or, what good is a captain that clears a half blind soldier for flying...and then Lightning goes and hits white officers in the officers' club and they give him a "get out of jail free" card? Not bloody likely, especially because he was black!   My guess is that the real Tuskegee airmen, kept their noses cleaner than any white counterpart, or they would have paid dearly. Not only that, it gave the impression that they operated under a different, and not so honorable, set of rules...why would that be, because they were colored?     Yes, just a lousy movie on a really inspiring story. 

whatever on Jan 28, 2012


hmm.. Im beginning to suspect some of the comments in this post are made by "plants" (people who get paid by an studio or a marketting firm to comment positively and avert disasters) I havent seen the film yet. But based on Lucas most recent work, the review seems completely spot on. 

Anonymous on Feb 1, 2012


I thought the movie was heartwarming. Was it the best action movie? No. Did it have the best dialogue? No. But it truly shows the struggle of the tuskegee airmen and how they realistically moved on with life day by day. The fighting scenes weren't horrible, I found myself at the edge of my seat squealing, hoping they would all be fine. The graphics were fantastic, so were the settings, and the actors did amazing. All critics just want to be assholes. And to say the whole thing was disconnected and uninspired makes you a bigger one. Were YOU a Tuskegee airman? No! So you don't have the right whether to say whether it was accurately portrayed or not. They are the only ones who should be critiquing this movie.

Leeniemb12 on Feb 5, 2012


Jeremy Kirk is a jerk. I give him a whopping 1 on a scale from 1-10 as a critic: "the film makers never shy from having the race difference an issue." lol.

Rell Allyn on Jul 4, 2012

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