Review: Ridley Scott's 'Prometheus' is Very Close to Being a Great Film

June 8, 2012

Prometheus Review

Ridley Scott's Prometheus will anger a few; some due to the content and what it says about the creation of humankind, some because of gaps in explanation in the screenplay, some because of how little of a prequel it really is to Alien. You shouldn't go in expecting a straightforward prequel. This does a great disservice to Scott's latest epic from minute one. It's a film with huge ideas, though with some of the big questions and what ifs known to us, and even grander displays of visual ambition, but love or hate it, Prometheus is a splendid, sci-fi yarn with much going on underneath its B-level surface. It's very close to being a great film.

Set in the year 2093, the film centers on the crew and mission of the Prometheus, a massive ship that travels to a distant moon where the answers of mankind's birth may rest. Archaeologist Dr. Elizabeth Shaw (Noomi Rapace) has discovered clues on Earth of an ancient race of beings who came to our planet countless years ago and began life as we know it. Along with these clues are directions to finding these beings, which the crew, funded by the notorious Weyland Corporation, follow. The discovery on the moon is not what any of them expected.

Scott has always been a visionary director, one who creates vast worlds and then transports you to take in the stories that play out there. The neon but grimy streets of Blade Runner. The enveloping corridors of a mining vessel in Alien. The Coliseum as it's seen in Gladiator. These are only a few of the brilliantly conceived and flawlessly executed settings that form around the action of his films. Prometheus is no exception. From the ship itself to the alien world that it sets down on, to the design work of the creatures they find there. All of it is created with breathtaking realism, the kind that you lose yourself in before being gripped with absolute terror from all sides.

Aided by stellar effects work, the visuals in Prometheus are the kind that require a pause button. You want to take them in for as long as possible before moving on to the next item of magnificence and beauty. It's no stretch at all to compare the film to an art museum, one containing pieces of imaginative sci-fi glamour but that go so far to distract you from the horrors that lie ahead.

Prometheus' script was written by Jon Spaihts and Damon Lindelof, the latter of which seems more appropriate with this film. There are more than a few items of comparison between this film and "Lost," which Lindelof served on as executive producer and writer for the length of the series. That, too, was broad strokes of ideas shaped in the guise of a sci-fi thriller, and that, too, had issues with answering the intriguing questions it asks. Prometheus is a film loaded with ambiguity, but its an acceptable amount, as many of the questions raised here are only half-answered. They more often than not strike at the right half. You still can't help but think few more scenes of exposition — smartly handled exposition, mind you, since we don't like having our hand held — would have turned the vagueness away enough that it didn't feel so murky.

But even these broad ideas and interesting inquiries that lead to creation versus randomness debates are a bubble housing what is essentially a deep space monster movie. This is still the man who directed Alien taking us back to that world to tell us another tale of creatures from other worlds showing humans just how expendable they are. Prometheus is a film that earns its R rating tooth and nail and bone and a whole lot of blood and gore. The crew, though not as fleshed out in the screenplay as one would hope, dwindles in number as Shaw grows closer and closer to finding her answers, and most of them meet ends that require an awful lot of makeup work and even a healthy dose of CG effects in many cases.

There's a Roger Corman-esque vibe to much of Prometheus, the kind of B-grade, gory horrors the Alien knockoffs of the 1980s tried to get right. The film has more in common with Galaxy of Terror than 2001. With its mega-budgeted cylinders firing one right after the other, Prometheus' graphic imagery, much like its environments, are on an ambitious level far superior to anything that might be considered a knockoff. One particular moment involving Rapace will likely go down as the film's most memorable moment, even if not everyone will get through it without feeling the blood leave their head.

Those being picked off one-by-one are mostly nameless, nearly faceless characters. Prometheus' crew of 17 is far more difficult to get to know than the crew of 7 found in Alien. Those we get to know here are Idris Elba as the ship's captain, Charlize Theron as a Weyland Corporation suit sent to make sure all goes to plan, and Logan Marshall-Green as Shaw's archaeological, and romantic, partner.

All do a fine job bringing some color to underwritten characters, but it's Michael Fassbender as David, the ship's android who acts as maintenance man and butler to the crew's needs, who really shines. As with every other android in this universe, there's more to David than he lets on, and Fassbender has a blast riding the line between charming and mischievous. David is a necessary character in Prometheus, a man-made creation who has questions of his own as his engineers search the deepest reaches of space for theirs. Fassbender plays the role with every ounce of sincerity he can muster but never allows the character to get too dry or cartoonish. Early moments with David living on the ship while the crew sleep are among the many high points.

And high points Prometheus has in abundance. Whether viewed as an intense, horror movie with grotesque monsters, an epic space opera full of awesome sights that can only be seen in the vast depths of distant galaxies, or a unique look at one, possible answer to our greatest question, Prometheus is a film that, at the very least, serves as an excellent conversation starter. Though not as explicit in its answers as it should be — don't worry, the Alien connection is made very apparent — it ends up being an extremely good, very nearly great achievement in filmmaking.

Ridley Scott's return to the universe that launched his career as we know it is not a spotless journey. Few are. But with a hook that makes the film ripe with amazing design, a varied and interesting cast, impeccable visual effects, and the once and future master of atmosphere, Prometheus is far above most current sci-fi thrillers. A few script adjustments would have made it one of the best, but there's always the sequel.

Jeremy's Rating: 8 out of 10

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I agree mainly on this one. It wasn't until the last like...10 minutes it turned into an Alien prequel. But it is INSANELY interesting that they chose to take this route for a franchise that is 4 movies deep with consistent content. It was ballsy, and frankly they pulled it off. I hope they make another prequel to fill in the gaps from Prometheus to Alien

Harry on Jun 8, 2012


Great visuals but you are taken there with the worlds must stupid and thick scientists and a script that is in a hurry to ask questions but not give you any answers whatsoever. Past events are just glossed over in favour of the big shiny new thing. Leaving the whole screenplay a disjointed mess. Not to mention charcters who ahve zero common sense and whose actions and sudden ever changing motivations are just so badly written and inconsistent. How a script this bad ever got the green light for a $200 million dollar production is beyond me.

Jimbo on Jun 8, 2012


Must have been another film you saw as I totally disagree with every comment you make even the budget figure you quote is wrong. Half the price of Avengers, DKR, Spiderman etc.

macatae on Jun 8, 2012


Agree.  It appears to be an commercial artistic construct for the sole purpose of future revenue generating films rather than make a movie.  It would have been fare to simply edit the first hour and 45 minutes down to fifteen and make the story about the pursuit of the engineers. And if it was a prequel (spoiler) ..... The engineer's actions at the end made it impossible, as the sole surviving jockey/engineer, to manage to end up in the the pilot's chair (Alien)?  Therefore, their next film, and there will be another, has to address this gaffe.

Apollos on Jun 8, 2012


 it is on a different world from LV 426. This one was LV 246. Same species, different ship. The events that lead to the fate of the ship in Alien are still unknown.

Jackel123 on Jun 9, 2012


Redbox $1 rental for me

Ticketmaster on Jun 8, 2012


Your loss. No TV screen will match that Epic first viewing....

Buzzfunk on Jun 8, 2012



Jeremy Kirk on Jun 8, 2012


 This is a good move,because it feels like a tv show missing the season finale

Steven Morgan on Jun 8, 2012


The movie is primarily eye-candy just check your brain at the door when you watch it and you'll have a wild ride. The original Alien movie made more sense than Prometheus. I think the only thing more frightening now is what Ridley will do with the sequel to Blade Runner. We'll probably see Harrison Ford in it for the last 10 minutes of the film, lol.

BinaryChaos on Jun 8, 2012


I so disagree with that statement. Check your brain at the door?  The open touched upon so many grand ideas. Some of its execution was flawed, I agree, but as a whole it was really good. In this day and age, you cannot make a movie like Alien anymore. I can guarantee you that if ALien would come out today, people would bitch "its too slow, too dark and too weird"...and looking at the SW prequels I could been on a whole new level of bad. Which it isn't. Ridley couldve taken the easy road and do a plain prequel. I thought he knew the had to give something to the Alien fans which he did but he also created this new cool idea.  And I loved the Engineers. Reminded me of drawings in Ancient pictograms where the 'leader' is always huge and taller as everyone else.... SO IMO, the movie is deep its just that the story telling part isn't perfect.

Buzzfunk on Jun 8, 2012


I think if Aliens came out today it would of gotten the same response it did back in the 70s but the special effects would of been a lot better not saying the special effects were terrible but they did a great job with what they had back then. I totally agree with you that Ridley is trying to make the Alien franchise more grand and artistic like than what it has diminished to with the countless sequels but to me Prometheus just seemed a bit too rushed and not well thought out. I'm not saying don't watch it because the elements that made Alien good are still there but just don't go in expecting a solid story. For all it's worth Ridley did do the franchise justice more than Alien Resurrection did. I did like the engineers too but what is truly their motive and why do they carry around bio-weapon as their cargo? I guess all that will be answered in the sequel.

BinaryChaos on Jun 8, 2012


The ambiguity was Lindelof, that was his style. The Engineers remain as much of an enigma as when the movie started. They seed life on a planet, interact with the species that evolves in some manner over thousands of years, as early as 32,000 years ago, then somewhere along the line change their minds. Rapace's character carbon dates the corpse at 2000 years old, so possibly they were prepping the ship to go to Earth to end life then, but why? What changed? What did we demonstrate in our development as a species and our civilization to warrant annihilation? Why, when the facility on LV 264 went dark after the outbreak, did not another part of the Engineer society finish the job to kill us from some other outpost, or check up on them. Why give all these civilizations the directions to the weapon silo, unless lv 264 was used for something else all those thousands of years ago and only recently was the ship and weapon storage.  Questions upon questions. But I like questions, so it worked for me.

Jackel123 on Jun 9, 2012


Aliens to me is still the worst movie of them all. Its 'special edition' was a slight improvement, but it has never been more than an army bug hunt with a ridiculously bad ending : fighting the ultimate bug in a walking forklift... What a concept. Then I had more fun watching Starship Troopers. At least they didn't take themselves serious. 

Peter on Jun 9, 2012


Well, as long as you go into it without a single expectation and turn your brain off for 2 hours?  You'll be just fine.  The second you start trying to put the plot together though?  It all goes down hill.

Nicole Jones Kruex on Jun 8, 2012


Be careful switching that brain on again afterwards. You might have questions anyway 😉

Peter on Jun 9, 2012


Attention : contains spoilers! With Prometheus, Scott could not re-invent the genre, but he could bring it to the level where it should have been by now, and that is exactly what he did. Many elements of Prometheus have been done in previous Scifi-movies, made after Alien. The thing is, Scott brings these elements to a higher level. He has the natural born insight in knowing how it should be done, better than how it has been done. It's a shame we had to wait so long for this new project.  There are elements to this movie that I am not fond of (spoilers!): I didn't need an explanation of how the Aliens came to exist, or what the jockey was, I didn't need to see the Giger-ship fly or see a giant octopus becoming the grandfather of the eventual Aliens. Explanations seldomly make things better. Then again, it is extremely interesting that Aliens have Human DNA in them, which ads to the deeper content of the Alien movies, and wraps them all under the great controversy created in Prometheus, between Humans and their 'creators' and between humans and Aliens.  There are more negatives, as mentioned in other critiques I have read on this site. Some of them I agree with, others have their root in 'too high expectations' (this is no Blade Runner), or take the movie out of it's context (it's an Alien prequel). But just like in Cameron's 'Avatar', they are overshadowed by the qualities of the movie. It just so depends on what is important for you, whether you will be positive about this one or underrate it. I see it as one of the best sic-fi movies made in recent years, mainly for artistic reasons, and secondary for implementing a prequel that sheds a whole new light on the other Alien movie(s). Suddenly, it has become more than a bug hunt.

Peter on Jun 8, 2012


Hey Peter, The squid alien is a different species from the original alien, it's a different planet, so the mutation is different from the one that created the other one.I've been reading the 70,000 page manuscript that accompanies the film as a guide, he he.

Crapola on Jun 8, 2012


It's lv 223, the xenomophs from alien came from lv 246 ('n I didn't read any manuscript sucka)

Richie G on Jun 8, 2012


From page 6032 in the manual.

Crapola on Jun 8, 2012


Having seen the movie again (already), this time in IMAX, I noticed some darwinism concerning the evolution to the eventual Alien: - The original attack came from a snakelike creature with a 'winged head'- The creature Elisabeth gave birth to had 4 tentacles (not eight, like an octopus), i.e. it got limbs = one for each arm, one for each leg, and a head- That creature was crossed again with 'human DNA' and evolved in a humanoid with cephalopod-like head.Likely, after some more visits by other species, the latter will have evolved into the eventual alien with the four things on its back and a more fallus-like head as seen in the original movie. Makes (some) sense. Interesting that while countering darwinism in the first place, he confirms it with the evolution of the alien. Storywise, it makes me wonder if the 'creators' really are what they are proclaimed to be...

Peter on Jun 9, 2012


I actually understood it a little differently, though that could be just me reading into it wrong.  The snakelike winged creature was actually a separate species to the eventual aliens, it evolved from a combination of the black liquid parasite and the worms that were seen in the chamber when the scientists entered. The creature that came later actually came from human only DNA, hence the four "limbs" and "head" as opposed to the wormlike snake body, since it was introduced into the human system by david after being taken from the canister of black liquid. in short, its a new evolution of the black liquid which is the original parasite. Once the creature was removed from elizabeth it grew into a facehugger, the first one, since it was actually "birthed" and grew in a womb, then once the facehugger was grown it planted its seed into the 'engineer' to create the first queen alien, it looked like it had an egg sack attatched when it birthed. I think this then may lead to the original alien film via some other event where another engineer is awoken in a different temple and infected by a facehugger (birthed from this new queen) then attempts to flee, only to be chestbursted mid flight and crashed on LV-426. OR, i could be completely wrong.

Matt on Jun 12, 2012


It was very close to being great....until the last 10 minutes of the film!! I was SO let down at the very end; not since Hang Lee's Hulk movie have I left the theater that disappointed, and wanted my money back!!

Mscuillo on Jun 8, 2012


A pretty generous review. What was needed is far from just a few script adjustments, in my humble opinion.  Despite the film's noble intentions, its failings are staggering and at the script's very foundation. The plot is muddled, the narrative lazy and the characters undeveloped. These flawed crucial elements create a rather vacuous experience, truly heartbreaking whilst watching a film that looks and feels so mind-blowingly cool. The visuals throughout are insanely cool. Classic Ridley Scott. But in this amazing environment, the crew are not given anything to do except potter around and create problems for themselves. There is no compelling plot and only pockets of good drama or conflict. Asking big questions doesn't constitute a plot. And not providing the answers to those questions is truly frustrating. Fassbender, as always, is amazing. 6/10. That's my 2 cents 🙂

SV7 on Jun 8, 2012


Welcome to Lindelof-land.

Crapola on Jun 8, 2012


Nothing to do "except potter around and create problems for themselves". My thought exactly. In alien you feel the crew of truckers is being outsmarted 'n outmanoeuvred and then Prometheus comes along and THEY almost don't need any help culling their own numbers. Spoiler/question: Why did the engineers leave countless cave paintings directing people to their secret weapons development facility? Like it wasn't events their homeworld. My theory (as I mentioed before) Space Jockeys leave carvings and wall paintings as we would write a phone number on the back of a receipt. Thousands of years pass before they realise they've left us directions to all their best stuff... and THAT is way they wanted to destroy earth

Richie G on Jun 8, 2012


Okay time to bring some common sense to these poor reviews... While sharing ties to the original Alien movie, Ridley Scott, in a lengthy interview posted online for everyone to see,  answered to comments about the continuity being that this is not meant to be a straightforward prequel, but one in spirit. While taking place in the same "world" as Alien, he stated he wanted this to be its own movie, so not to confuse viewers who haven't seen previous Alien movies, otherwise he would have called this movie "Alien:Beginning" or some horrible modern day prequel tagline. This is indeed a deep space monster movie, despite the wondrous setups that echo an adventurous feel. Being a horror movie, it shares many common horror elements, and one strong theme is the idea of uncertainty. Uncertainty of what the crew was facing in the first Alien movie, mixed with the uncertainty of whats around the corner, helps to build the horror genre. It comes back in this movie with the uncertainty of what they are delving deeper and deeper into; their digging fueled by greed (the saying "I'm doing this to get paid" comes to mind) and the desire to find answers. It is these desires that lead to many deaths. I see a common complaint in that not everything is answered, but I don't understand what answers people are expecting. The basic theme of the movie, that sets the whole story into motion, is finding where we came from and the answers about our origin. Obviously this question comes to analyze the ideas of religion and evolution. But some of the questions are open-ended, just as our current discussion about such topics are never-ending. I was not expecting a full explanation of everything, possibly that was intentional to keep the horror element of not knowing whats coming next intact. Fassbenders character explores the themes in detail, through a somewhat "innocent" mind- the curiosity of a child keeps coming to mind when I think of his character. It was also interesting that through everything, the survivors sense of faith remains intact, which confuses even David. Perhaps it is that resilience that allows that character to survive. While I indeed loved the movie, obviously there were some problems in story. The obvious differences that do not line up directly to the first Alien movie makes me wonder if there will be another Prometheus movie to fill in the gaps, which are just too obvious to be a mistake and indeed seem to hint at another story. Great movie nonetheless

dmarkrode on Jun 8, 2012


Think of this as a new franchise. There will be more.

David Banner on Jun 8, 2012


Not everything needs to be explained. That is exactly why I wasn't waiting for Prometheus. I would have preferred Scott to make a whole new sci-fi concept than dig out explanations about a masterpiece. Some things are better left alone. Never the less I do believe the way he handled this daring project is commendable. A second screening is definitely recommended, since at least in my case it has shed some light on some of my earlier criticism and basically washed a great deal away. It leaves you with much more questions than answers, and personally, I think that is one of the qualities from all Scott's scifi movies. I don't understand why so many people can not accept some mystery. It keeps your mind & imagination open. To my opinion, that is one of the basic characteristics of any good sci-fi book, series or movie. And face it : it makes people interact about it, and that is the best advertising for any product.

Peter on Jun 9, 2012


It's not about mystery.  It's about lack of it.  I'm all for questions, but this was just plain stupid because the characters were poorly written.  No fault of the actors.  It's the writing.

Lisa Snellings on Jun 9, 2012


Lol you just said prometheus is very close to being a great film, but you scored it with 8 which implies the film was pretty fucking amazing..which is not. far from it. the film is weak, like very very weak and i'm not the only bloke who thought it sucked, as a matter of fact i cant even recall when was the last time i've seen so many dissapointed faces leaving the theater and discussing how bad it was. The main problem was obviously the script. People say yeah it has some problems but the visuals were nice... who giiiiiiiives a fuck about the visuals if the movie as a whole doesnt deliver???  Not only the script, charachters but also the CGI used for Engineers was effin ridiculous .The score on imdb and rotten tomatoes is laughable as well.

Amper on Jun 8, 2012


Take a chill pill. Its his opinion. Like you know, everyone has a different one? 

Buzzfunk on Jun 8, 2012


Whoa man, cool down. There are just as many good opinions as there are bad ones. Ya hate it or ya love it. Pick one, but don't rain on other people's parades.

YOKO on Dec 7, 2012


I thought it was a Brilliant film, but judging from this review it might end up being the most underated film of this decade, we still have a few years to see.

Sickdoghats2 on Jun 8, 2012


Exactly. If you have a (no offense) Avengers crowed to please, it's just difficult to get the deeper stuff across. 

Buzzfunk on Jun 8, 2012


I've had at least two people tell me that they enjoyed "The Thing" remake/prequel better than "Prometheus, has anyone else that's seen this felt this way?

jah p on Jun 8, 2012


This movie is a colossal disaster.  Don't see it in theaters.  Wait for DVD.  I was so excited to see it and it's writing, character development, dialogue and acting was all garbage.  Fassbender was almost passable in this and I usually love his performances.  There were a few cool ideas with the "Engineers" but it was handled with less class than Alex Proyas' terrible movie "Knowing".  That should tell you something.  This movie is a giant walking plot hole. 

Daneforst on Jun 8, 2012


Saw this in IMAX 3D, well worth it!!! This movie will bring plenty of discussion! Best 3D I've seen so far.

Zpayne02 on Jun 8, 2012


I think this film us suffering from hype and over expectations. Never follow the hype, or expect to be amazed. Always go in with low expectations and never, never, ever, ever, ever follow the hype. 

Xerxexx on Jun 8, 2012


hey, did you see it yet Xerxexx? I'd be interested to see what you thought of it. I saw it in 3d and actually quite enjoyed that element of it. I know that you might want to climb through the internet and beat me for that! It's a great film, I just think it was a bit jumbled together. It seems from what I've read Ridley Scott's movies in recent years benefit from extended cuts so I suppose it might get even better with the extras.

Crapola on Jun 8, 2012


Not yet. Seeing it very soon. I'll forgive you seeing it in 3-D. His DC's are quite maybe Prometheus will greatly benefit from a DC.

Xerxexx on Jun 8, 2012


Visually stunning, amazing 3D, but the some of the weakest dialogue I've heard in a long time which created paper-thin characters & a plot so full of holes it resembles a machine-gunned swiss cheese. I felt the pace was just.... wrong, resulting in zero tension. Plus the score became overwhelming in several key scenes. Maybe I was expecting too much (all the marketing was fantastic), but I don't think I have ever been so disappointed in a film.

guest on Jun 8, 2012


Great Movie. Has wonderful visuals, acting, and story. B-movie horror and thought provoking foreign film type questions. Casting and creating the character Elizabeth Shaw played by Naomi Raapice who is known for Lisbeth Salendar is genius.

Billy M on Jun 8, 2012


Where are these "plot holes" people are talking about. Watched the movie, loved it and cannot wait for the next one. It's nice to hear all the different opinions though.

Cliffyskogs on Jun 8, 2012


I went in with an open mind, expecting at the least to be entertained.  The wonderful visuals were wasted on stupid writing, weak characters and half-asked questions.  No tension, no empathy.  The stupidest "scientists" ever encountered.  No continuity - not with the other films, but within this one.  Not a minute of suspense or wonder.  Meh and shame on you for wasting the opportunity to make something that helps us ask questions.

Lisa Snellings on Jun 9, 2012


We must have been watching a different movie. I agree there are some flaws in the story. Some of them were cleared out to me in a second screening, while others remain a weakness, with the 'two stupid scientists' at the top of the list. With any other of your remarks i can only plainly disagree since I felt the total opposite. Makes me wonder what is the 'best scifi movie' you have seen in the last 15 years.

Peter on Jun 9, 2012


Heh, I agree. There are a fair few flaws in the story, but I personally thought the visuals and acting were really awesome. Sometimes, I think people are far too critical. This movie gives me questions, and I like questions.

YOKO on Dec 7, 2012


Does anyone know why David poisons Elizabeth's love interest? I don't believe that was explained. Also, what are we supposed to make of his Lazarus-like resurrection? What was the point of his fighting the crew? What did he want? And how does Elizabeth "know" that the Engineers want to "destroy" us? Is it just because a lone Engineer exhibits some fight? Cool special effects and general concept, but it's really a confusing movie. I agree with those who think a lot was lacking in the plot. 

Ajstern2000 on Jun 9, 2012


I'll answer your first question. When David was talking to Holloway before he poisons him, he asked, "What would you do, to get the answers your looking for?" Holloway replies, "Anything and everything." What happened was that whatever programming David had was instantly gone. David is a knowledge machine. That is all he cares about, and he will do anything to get that knowledge. I agree it was a rather confusing movie. But I personally love questions that aren't makes me think for myself... 🙂

YOKO on Dec 7, 2012


I though it was OK. I feel like it kinda takes away from the first alien. Part of the fun of the first alien, was the mystery of the space jockey. I feel like that's gone now. The whole time i was watching it i couldn't help but be reminded of mission to mars. The only thing i hated about it was the end, when the primitive xenomorph popped out. Don't tell us it will not feature an xenomorph  and then have a primitive version of one, cause thats dumb, 

cantstandjello on Jun 11, 2012


I know what to expect when I go to the cinema to watch a popcorn movie, so don't get upset if I pay for a turkey. But when I go to see a movie by Ridley Scott, the guy who gave us Alien and Blade runner, I expect to see nothing short of a SF masterpiece. Prometheus is so full of inconsistencies, contradictions and plain dumb/irrational  scenes (eg: the super-zombie) that I could only suggest it A) to fans, B) for DVD rental (for Charlize Theron and Michael Fassbender's performances). What a let-down.

Alex C. on Jun 11, 2012


There are so many stereotypical stances on this movie. This review gives it the fairest shot I have seen.

Thomas A Gamble on Jun 11, 2012

53 Great little video analysis. ...Prometheus is very close to being a great film..'.....Can anyone else hear the quiet desperation in this sentence? Well I know what I hear, the sound of a glass being smashed into a million pieces, the glass representing hope, excitement, enthusiasm, happiness, in fact any positive feeling I ever had about Prometheus prior to my viewing it. Visually, the film is stunning. That's about it. oh and Fassbender isn't bad either. Everything else about Prometheus is just a long, slow slope of epic fail, blinding stupidity and just bitter disappointment. I don't think there has ever been a film that has kicked me in the balls before. It still fucking hurts. Knowing the man in charge of this film was Ridley Scott gave us great hope that we would be given the true successor (or predecessor I should say) to his magnum opus and a film equal to its quality. The man who gave us Alien, IMHO the greatest film of its genre, and made us suffer incredible nightmares for our troubles. That unforgettable scene where they discover the 'Spacejockey'. The intrigue, fascination and horror it created. And to then turn around and effectively destroy this memory by turning it into a suit. Jesus wept. Scott promised to revitalize a franchise that had being effectively raped and buried. Instead we were given a pretty looking film with a conceited notion of greatness that gave us glimpses of what could and should have been.

Hashpotato on Sep 20, 2012


The biggest problem(apart from the script) of Prometheus is its marketing. The movie is presented as a stand-alone movie, with no connection to Alien(eg. prequel). But Prometheus is a complete opposite of that. Because of that is the movie such a downer.

Dawkito on Sep 22, 2012


This film is "close" to being a "great film" in the sense that Pluto is "close" the Sun. There is little of redeeming value in this slimy-turkey of a film. Even the two facets of this film receiving the most praise, (1) Fassbender's performance, and (2) the visuals, are of little note. Fassbender is a magnetic, terrific actor. But in this dud, he is given little to do except look thoughtful while behaving like an android Iago. Think back to the original "Alien," where Ash has protocols secreted into his programming that compel him to try to protect the alien intruder. In "Prometheus," David (original name, that) is nothing but an oily provocateur. Consider that loathsome scene where he tricks Holloway into drinking that concoction; this is the action of a thoughtful character? Sorry, but Fassbender did not impress me playing such a repellant being. When that alien attacked him, I felt it was well deserved and wished he'd been terminated. As for the visuals, what else should I expect for a film that cost $125-150 million dollars? The best visuals I can remember were the "star map" scene w/ David (which added nothing to the story, other than chat-room tripe about Earth and other celestial bodies "co-existing" w/ each other, a theory of which wasn't discussed by David or any of the others) and the opening scene, which could've been filmed near any attractive body of water, and which was made silly by that stupid looking, bald albino Lou Ferrigno-ish "alien," and in which we have no clue as to the time or place where this nonsense is taking place. Earth? Some other planet that has water? Is it the future? The past? Nothing is explained in this detestable film. I have NO clue as to why this toad of a film is receiving praise of any kind.

Wes4Les on Nov 19, 2012


Dear me no, this film was an absolute turkey. The so-called "big ideas" are just an embarrassing rehash of pseudo scientific bunk from the 70s, and can't even maintain coherence within the logic of the film itself due to the abysmal, half-baked script. Lindelof is a hack, Scott's salad days are decades behind him and if you thought this film was even competent, let alone "great" or "bringing sci fi to a higher level" then I am afraid that you have rarely been more wrong..

Doghaus on Nov 26, 2012

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