Ridley Scott Finally Reveals Link Between 'Prometheus' and 'Alien'

February 27, 2012
Source: ComingSoon


Ever since the project was revealed, fans have been trying to figure out whether or not Prometheus is really some sort of prequel to Alien. Director Ridley Scott and several others have only commented on "the DNA" of the 1979 sci-fi horror film being within the 2012 release. However, speculation remains rampant that there's something bigger in the film and Scott and company are just good at keeping it under wraps. That could very well be the case, but perhaps in an effort to keep that secret under wraps, Scott spoke with a Hungarian news outlet (via ComingSoon) and revealed the real link between his two sci-fi films.

Before you read any further, you should be aware of any slight spoilers for those who don't want Prometheus tainted in anyway when it hits theaters later this year. Here's what Scott had to say about the film, which actually ties into Guy Pearce's mystery character in the story:

“When the first 'Alien' movie and 'Blade Runner' were made, I thought that in the near future the world will be owned by large companies. This is why we have the Tyrell Corporation in Blade Runner, and Weyland-Yutani in 'Alien.' They sent the Nostromo spaceship.

The Prometheus is owned by an entrepreneur called Peter Weyland, and is played by Guy Pearce. That’s the connection between the two films, and nothing more. 'Prometheus' is a new film, a new world, and is full of new ideas. And of course new monsters as well."

Honestly, the link is a little bit disappointing, and while this information may be true, I'm hoping Scott is just throwing us a bone so that we don't keep digging in the backyard for his real treasure. Otherwise, this seems like more of an Easter egg than a real link between the films that actually matters. It does mean that the films exist in the same universe, but Scott really seems to be hellbent on proving that this is a standalone film. Perhaps having Alien DNA only means that the tone, spirit and style of the original 1979 film will be present on the big screen. A little disappointed, or still hopeful for a bigger link?

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Oh, come on… it's clear from many scenes in the trailer and teasers that this is a direct prequel to "Alien," from the Space Jockey to the Egg Chamber to the big half-hoop spaceship that falls on its side.  Why pretend otherwise?

Gerry Conway on Feb 27, 2012


I agree completely. I think that this is just one connection worth making because Weyland is, for lack of better words, the spark that starts the fire. And I belive the Aliens are the "punishment" from the gods, or you know the Space Jockeys. : ) they are the things that keep coming back to haunt us so to speak.

Sambaron22812 on Feb 28, 2012


...because maybe it's NOT LV-426?

Sedna on Feb 28, 2012


I saw the movie last night, at the end of the movie a alien comes out of the "maker's" stomach. And it looks just like an "Alien" from the 1979 movie and Alien vs. Predator.

Jgreer588 on Jun 9, 2012


Enough for me - they're in the same universe!

Ryderup on Feb 27, 2012



Xerxexx on Feb 27, 2012


My sentiments exactly. It's Scott. It's Sci-Fi. It'll be brilliant I'm sure. 

Quanah on Feb 27, 2012


there is sooo much more then that. just the space jockey alone tells us its a prequel

DoomCanoe on Feb 27, 2012


it really does, doesn't it? When you're IN THE BOX.

Sedna on Feb 28, 2012


Another "who shot first" discussion. Har har. They must know that it drives movie films mad when the directors play with their universe's.

Pilgrim_UK on Feb 27, 2012


Either way cant wait.

tir na nog on Feb 27, 2012


Might be better to leave the movie link to the eye of the beholder. It could add more to Scott's brilliance. 😉 ...just sayin

Solo_Calrissian on Feb 27, 2012


SPOILER: Fassbender will somehow be cut into two, leaking milk and spaghetti.

Voice of Reason on Feb 27, 2012


As he's half German, half Irish, it''l probably be more a leak of sauerkraut and stout.

Nodin on Feb 27, 2012


It'll still be awesome. Ridley Scott! No way it will be BAD!

GregDinskisk on Feb 27, 2012


I think he's putting it this way because he doesn't want fans of ALL the Alien films to get their hopes up for seeing things like the queen alien and the whole bug-colony theme. I'm pretty sure he's throwing that stuff under the bus.  Prometheus will probably be more of a prequel to Alien and Alien only. The whole process for creating the "eggs" and monster reproduction will probably be revamped and made more horrifying. As the Alien series progressed it became less about horror more about action and making Ripley a super-heroine. I think Scott is looking to take it back to it's roots and in a way rewriting Alien canon as he sees fit.I love Cameron's Aliens as much as the next person, but I really hope Scott does something deeper and more meaningful with the Alien universe by releasing this film, the original film deserves that. I think at the end of all this fans will have the choice of which Alien universe they will accept as canon Scott's vision for it or the one set in motion by Cameron that spawned two lackluster sequels and certain crossover films/video games/comic books that I refuse to name. 

Awtan90 on Feb 27, 2012


I would like to see the bugs and their queen and James Cameron thrown under a bus. I never found anything particularly "alien" about them being a bunch of fucking space bugs. If I want that shit I'll watch Starship Troopers. I just don't worship at the alter of James Cameron.

Dangerous Don Danger on Feb 27, 2012


I was going to say your comment was dumb but then I noticed that anyone who goes by the name Don Danger is probably retarded and deserves my sympathy instead..

guest on Feb 29, 2012


You were going to say my comment was dumb but you just couldn't come up with any intelligent counterpoint so you reverted back to your natural state as a little bitch. 

Dangerous Don Danger on Feb 29, 2012


That's harsh, Aliens is an incredible sci-fi film. It might be worth mentioning that tosh like Starship Troopers try to replicate Aliens in the first place. Back in 1986 the film's blend of action and horror were unlike anything anyone had seen.

Lenny_mac on Mar 18, 2012



Dan on Mar 23, 2012


Scott says "Same universe", and the trailer clearly shows "same style" (titling, music, atmosphere, tech, tone...etc). He's even made an effort to minimize the CGI. This is MORE than I ever expected and more than enough for Alien fans to be happy about. As someone who waited through all those post-Alien 3 years, scouring the web for rumours of Scott or Cameron's return for another sequel (only to be disappointed by the cartoon gore of Jeunet, the mildly diverting homage of Anderson's AVP, and the outright wasted teen horror sendup of AVP2)...people ought to thank their lucky stars Ridley is even bothering to do this before he dies. The man is 75 years old.

tsode on Feb 27, 2012


Guys: go back to the original Alien. The ship was sent to investigate the planet, but the "company" as it's so often refered to in the movie (meaning W-Y) SENT them there to take a look (waking them up from hyperspace in the process). The company knows about the aliens, knows what's on the planet and wants nothing more than a sample. That's what this new movie will be all about the company found out about the aliens. Either way...gonna be AWESOME!

Ramius on Feb 27, 2012


You hit the nail on the head. The books/comics actually lead in that direction too. THIS will be awesome indeed! Can't wait.

Thavius on Feb 28, 2012


Isn't this to do with Fox wanting a PG-13 Alien flick, and Ridley saying No Way and making another movie with an alien vibe?

Max Renn on Feb 27, 2012


look whether or not the Movie is a Direct prequel... I'm just glad we are getting a good movie (that is not a remake or a prequel made of by some other screenwriter). A "prequel" mad by Ridley Scott, the man who made Alien... so I'm just happy with that!

Said Samayoa on Feb 27, 2012


" Perhaps having Alien DNA only means that the tone, spirit and style of the original 1979 film will be present on the big screen. " yes, that's exactly how I would interpret it. Look at human families - the content of the individual members' lives isn't necessarily similar at all, but often they do live in a similar pace and atmosphere. 

littleup on Feb 28, 2012


Hmmm....Prometheus is set before Alien, right?(anyone figured out by how many years?) And we do know that the xenomorph is the first alien encounter in this franchise, right? I mean, they say this in Aliens and Alien3?   So this means Weyland-Yutani LIED IN THOSE MOVIES!

David Banner on Feb 28, 2012


 Well, since they sent them there in Alien to bring back a specimen (get in touch with the egg colony ang get infected), then they surely knew even the process by which the xenomorph is spawned. That knowledge can only come from experience. The experience of the crew in Prometheus 🙂

Catalinp187 on Feb 28, 2012


I will be on sooooo much LSD when i finally see this.

Visual on Feb 28, 2012


this comment wins.

Panic Lift / James on Feb 28, 2012


Screw all these silly dumbass teasers; I'll just wait fot it's release and find out then.  Scott+Sci Fi = Can't miss so what odds.

Hattori Hanzo on Feb 28, 2012


This whole thing still feels like a boat and switch. I'll go see it. I love Sci FI. But in my head I'll still wonder what could have been if they had done an actual Alien Prequel.

Eric Wilson on Feb 28, 2012


"Boat and switch"? I'm missing the boat part of this somehow...

Phantom on Feb 28, 2012



Eric Wilson on Apr 11, 2013


there will be a pay off. he's just trying not to get everyone fired up. i mean, i dont expect to see a xenomorph, but i expect a direct corrolation to alien, they pretty much show the U ship in the trailer landing the same way it looks in the first 10 minutes of alien. with that said, even if there ISNT. its going to be a great movie anyway, fan of Scott, and most of his work especially the scifi stuff.

Panic Lift / James on Feb 28, 2012


set 30 years before alien. Invention of light speed travel, finding of space jox temple that created humans and terra forming our world and the space jocks have the DNA of the aliens that they will unleash but also affect them and a mystery weapon turning the crew of prometheus into freaks sums it up hopefully cameron shud of jumped aboard m41a pulse rifles with abit of power loader action stay frosty.............. 

Frostyboy10 on Mar 6, 2012


If they release the xenomorphs etc how do you explain the AVP flash back when the predators hunted xenomorphs for sport on earth ? Unless you mean they mutate the humans with alien DNA.

Ellischillin07 on Apr 6, 2012


None of the AVP crap is cannon. 

Oodles on May 13, 2012


Watch the first alien the space ships are identical and the scene where they first explore the space craft and they find the dead "engineer is identical to the thing that was found in the first alien

Jspecialforces on Jun 8, 2012

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