Ridley Scott's Return to Sci-Fi 'Prometheus' Second Official Trailer!

March 17, 2012
Source: AMC

Prometheus Trailer

"Prometheus, are you seeing this?" Following the stellar live Q&A with writer Damon Lindelof & director Ridley Scott presented by AMC (and that short trailer last night), Fox has revealed a second, full 2-minute theatrical trailer for Prometheus online. This movie looks absolutely, breathtakingly extraordinary, like the big, epic, brilliant, beautiful return to sci-fi (and the Alien universe) we've all been anxiously waiting to see. Charlize Theron, Noomi Rapace, Idris Elba and Logan Marshall-Green all star, with Michael Fassbender as the android David. I will definitely be watching this trailer on repeat, it looks spectacular.

Watch the second official trailer for Ridley Scott's Prometheus, in high def from YouTube via AMC:

A team of explorers find a clue to the origins of man on Earth, leading them on a journey to the darkest corners of the universe… There, they must fight a terrifying battle to save the future of the human race.

Prometheus is directed by legendary Oscar nominated filmmaker Ridley Scott, who started it all with Alien and Blade Runner, also directing Thelma & Louise, Gladiator, Black Hawk Down, Kingdom of Heaven, American Gangster, Body of Lies and Robin Hood most recently. The screenplay was originally written by Jon Spaihts (The Darkest Hour), then updated by Damon Lindelof of "Lost" and Cowboys & Aliens, Star Trek 2. Fox has Prometheus set to hit theaters in 3D starting June 8th this summer. Visit Weyland Corp.

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Sweet fancy Moses! 

Quanah on Mar 17, 2012


That was intense

Dfuze931 on Mar 17, 2012


Absolutely stunning. Can not wait to see this.

DaftBot on Mar 17, 2012


Looks amazing, but does anyone else feel like they don't want any more hints to the story to be given away?

Guest on Mar 17, 2012


OK so that was awesome looking.  But I agree.  From the trailer isn't the story just kind of a remake of the original Alien in a way?Some sort of Alien gets in Fassbinder who turns into the jockey and then is gonna take the ship to Earth to take over.  I really hope there's more to the story than this but that's my take.  Thoughts? 

ff on Mar 18, 2012


Side arc maybe, don't think it's a prequel or surely they would be more directly tying it to the Alien franchise.  No knowing for sure tho, but if it were a prequel it would breathe some much needed life into the Alien series... if the movie is as good as it looks.  I wouldn't put it past RS to have an Alien "cameo" or a few references in Prom.  Still heavy H.R. Geiger influence from the look of it.  It's def the "jockey" from Alien.  Ridley has been away from SciFi for too long.  The link to the Weyland website is pretty awesome too.  I wouldn't mind seeing a movie dedicated entirely to Weyland's rise (what may essentially end up being a prequel to Prometheus). 

Lujors on Apr 1, 2012


So this isn't a prequel to Alien but the Space jockey type thing is as clear as day in that trailer??? Either way this trailer has finally sparked my interest. 😀

Jon Chamberlain on Mar 17, 2012


think of the Aliens as Bio-Weapons...and every weapon has a prototype...

Jericho on Mar 17, 2012


And that's pretty much in line with what Ridley has said about the Alien and the Space Jockey.

Scopedog on Mar 18, 2012


holy mother...

MC on Mar 17, 2012


gives nothing away really...just everything ive been hoping for since aliens finalllly and do not think with the talent involved in this (in all aspects).... this will not dissapoint !! heres hoping!

gym addict on Mar 17, 2012


Damn it, I decided to read your text before watching the trailer in case you warned it showed too much, then I come across [SPOILER] a piece of information I wish I hadn't read, namely that Fassbender plays an android. qfgionfdogunsdgon

Patrick on Mar 17, 2012


"...a piece of information I wish I hadn't read, namely that Fassbender plays an android." But Patrick, this has been known for some time now.  The question is whether Fassbender's David is more like Bishop...or more like Ash.

Scopedog on Mar 17, 2012


Well, I avoided like the plague any article/interview on the movie, only watching the first trailer, so I did not know he was an android 🙂 Like I said, I only read this particular article because I was afraid the second trailer would give away too much :p

Patrick on Mar 17, 2012


Understood.  You gotta be congratulated for going cold turkey on the articles/interviews about the film! That said...I haven't read too much about the film either, just the basic details on the plot and info on some of the crew that's working on it.  I might have to clamp down after this trailer though...

Scopedog on Mar 17, 2012


Wait. Fassbender is an android? MOTHER F#$@!!!!

Quanah on Mar 17, 2012


 I used a spoiler tag :<

Patrick on Mar 18, 2012


 I don't read any articles but when I see Michael Fassbender's look in 1:05 when someone ask "Please tell me you can read that" the first thing I thought: this is the same look like Ian Holm in Alien. He must be android :). For me Ridley Scott = GREAT FILMS.

Lolko on Mar 19, 2012



Chazzy on Mar 17, 2012



Faraji Benson on Mar 17, 2012


Like the score for Requiem for a Dream, it keeps building and building and building....OMFG I'm SOLD!!!!!!

RidgeRacer4 on Mar 17, 2012


Great.All we need now is some "genius" to make a fan/tribute trailer with the Requiem for a Dream soundrtack.  The first time I heard it ,it was o.k but it got annoying pretty quick after being overused in fan/tribute trailers in places and combinations it just does not belong.At all. Overrated imho. I know.Haters gonna hat.Potatoes gonna potate. Awesome trailer by the way.

Guest on Mar 18, 2012


Well, I like potatoes myself.... But, it is true about the overuse of the RFAD soundtrack...which is why I avoid those fan/tribute trailers.  Keeps me sane.

Scopedog on Mar 18, 2012


 Stay off YouTube and you won't have to worry about it...

Bl00dwerK on Mar 18, 2012


Looks absolutely spectacular. I'm with you Alex, I'm looking forward to Prometheus even more than Dark Knight Rises now!

Andreas Climent on Mar 17, 2012


Holy s*&!.  Seriously, that definitely gave me chills.  Now we just have to see if the film will be good....hope to God that it will be.

Scopedog on Mar 17, 2012


yep, to the max - chills *and* yet also bouncing around in my chair at all the images, while at the same time trying not to watch everything in case i learn too much. awesome sauce on toast with a side order of dumbstruck. welcome back, Mr Scott.

son_et_lumiere on Mar 20, 2012


i'm guessing that the ship leaves the planet, but it will crash on the planet where the find it in alien and aliens, splitting open the hull making the hole where the entered the ship in alien, and will start sending out the distress signal they picked up in alien.

K1 on Mar 17, 2012


Doesn't the trailer show the ship crashing, so I would assume they are on the same planet as the one in Alien, but in the distant past.  Perhaps its their distress signal that Ripley and co respond too.

Steven on Mar 18, 2012


Agreed.  As much as I'm interested in TDKR--and taking nothing away from what could be a great film-- PROMETHEUS has moved far ahead on my "must see" list.

Scopedog on Mar 17, 2012


I've been working on this film for more than a year. I'm so excited to see everyone's reaction to the trailer after having to keep so damn quiet about it for so long :).

Dogson on Mar 17, 2012


Oh yeah?  Congrats! Huge project! What is your role on the movie?

Buzzfunk on Mar 17, 2012


I was a Visual Effects Artist on the movie. Best project I've ever worked on, I could happily never do VFX again, now that I've contributed to a Ridley Scott Sci-Fi film.

Dogson on Mar 18, 2012


You lucky so-and-so! In all seriousness...from the bits I've seen, you VFX folks seem to have knocked this one out of the park.  Can't wait to see the complete movie in June!

Scopedog on Mar 18, 2012


mother of god that was intense. I like the ordinary beginning of the trailer suddenly caving in completely and showing us a very freaky paranoid ending.  Also, did anyone notice Charlize Theron acting like an android as well? She just seemed calculating and rather... stiff? My pants are going to explode in june

Neal on Mar 17, 2012


"My pants are going to explode in june" Dude!  Just be careful that no one's going to get caught in that blast! ;D

Scopedog on Mar 17, 2012


 She will play a corporal suit in the movie, not an android. 🙂

reeft on Mar 17, 2012


 "Charlize Theron acting like an android as well? She just seemed calculating and rather... stiff?" Charlize Theron makes me stiff.

Guest on Mar 18, 2012


 Stiff...well put;)

CookieMonster on Mar 18, 2012


lol i was there in 1979 when ALien came out and i 'll be there in 2012 too ^^

Yvan Krzeslo on Mar 17, 2012


 Well i hope You are!

CookieMonster on Mar 18, 2012



Brandonfitzgerald on Mar 17, 2012


This is going to be another brilliant masterpiece from Scott, hopfully even gets him a nomination I know that sounds like a long shot but then again Gladiator came out in summer, Finally a 3D sci-fi horror film I can watch, all the others are shit, but in the hands of a master it will be one hell of a spectacle of sci-fi horror. What a cast as well, this will be the ride of the summer. Hopfully its rated R

RockySullivan1938 on Mar 17, 2012


Jesus H f*cking Christ. Now that's a trailer.

sleepykid on Mar 17, 2012


OMG I just peed in my pants for the 2nd time. KEEP THOSE TRAILERS COMING!!!

BinaryChaos on Mar 17, 2012


Your move Christopher Nolan, Peter Jackson and Joss Whedon.

th on Mar 17, 2012


Eh, those three films will still bring in more money than Prometheus. And I'm a big fan of R. Scott's sci-fi.

Razor on Mar 17, 2012


Oh probably. But I meant as far as quality.

th on Mar 18, 2012


That was Frelling awesome!

Jimmy Love on Mar 17, 2012


A M A Z I N G!!!!!!!!!!!!! A F R E A K I N G M A Z I N G!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Xerxexx on Mar 17, 2012


I don't think I've ever read a Xerxexx comment that was ALL CAPS.   That means this shit is serious.

Duane on Mar 17, 2012


 Only for Ridley.

Xerxexx on Mar 17, 2012



Quanah on Mar 17, 2012



Xerxexx on Mar 17, 2012



Quanah on Mar 17, 2012



Xerxexx on Mar 17, 2012


Okay... now you're just having fun between yourselves! Quit it! 😉

Alex Billington on Mar 18, 2012


I LIKE PIE!!!!!!!!

Jericho on Mar 18, 2012


@buddha1822:disqus  Fine. 🙁

Xerxexx on Mar 18, 2012


Yep--this one's an exception, it seems.  And that is a good thing!

Scopedog on Mar 18, 2012


As I mentioned: Only for Ridley.

Xerxexx on Mar 18, 2012



Big Boss on Mar 17, 2012


In Stewie Griffin voice, Game over, MAAN, GAME OVER!

The Douche on Mar 19, 2012


looking very good.....we'll be there opening night.

beevis on Mar 17, 2012


so, is this the story of the craft in the first Alien movie? I spotted facehuggers/xenomorps and spacejokies in the trailer. yesssssssssssssssss

Angry Chief on Mar 17, 2012


It might NOT be that craft, but a similar craft.  Who knows?  We'll have to see the finished film to find out!

Scopedog on Mar 18, 2012


I haven't commented in a few months because I moved to Germany (this is Cmurder) but I cannot wait for this almost as much as I cannot wait for TDKR....I just hope the only English cinema in town decides to show this!

C.murder on Mar 17, 2012


Dude! Been a while, how ya been!?

Xerxexx on Mar 17, 2012


which is actually quite a scare as they're not even showing 21 Jump Street!!

C.Murder on Mar 17, 2012


Holy Crap Ridley Scott is Back!

JJ King on Mar 17, 2012



Theoct8pus on Mar 17, 2012


It looks like the big ship crashes at the end... look at 2:06. It goes up, and somehow they bring it down. Kinda lame that i know how it's going to end, with a big crash.  Otherwise, i'll see it. I do have the anthology at home.

Coltman15 on Mar 17, 2012


 If you didn't know the ship was going to crash, then you must have a different alien anthology than the rest of us.....

cinemabandit on Mar 18, 2012


YES!!!!! Fabulous trailer!!!

maytheforce on Mar 17, 2012


this happens to be a killer trailer, look at those visuals. eye candy

bassmonsta on Mar 18, 2012


if this turns out to bee good (and i'm pretty sure it will), i'll personally phone George Lucas and tell him: "See mr Lucas, this is how you actually make a pretty darn good prequel 30 years after the original"!!

uboat77 on Mar 18, 2012


totally agree:)

Kyriacosvas on Mar 18, 2012


it looks like a darker version of AVATAR well, its not bad but why so much spoilers??? but now we know its not 100% like the ALIEN movies...PROAVATAR... sorry... PROMETHEUS is cool. I will watch it. 😉

Millus on Mar 18, 2012


Dude. Dude. And I think I speak for everyone else in the world when I say: What you talkin' about?

blargh on Mar 18, 2012


 Yes.  Like avatar it also has a spaceship.  In space.

Guest on Mar 18, 2012



TenaciousV on Mar 18, 2012


Wait at 1.37 is that.....Xenomorph on the wall!!?  

TTumMM on Mar 18, 2012


There words... OH... MY... GAWD!!! That's all I need to say...

MovieLover on Mar 18, 2012



tir na nog on Mar 18, 2012


Looking good there Mr Scott - back with a bang!

Stephen Hewitt on Mar 18, 2012


Lost for words! Unbelievable trailer. Amazing cast!

AllActionNoPlot on Mar 18, 2012


looks really fun. But why give sooo much away in a trailer?

Filmfan28947763 on Mar 18, 2012


He gave so much away cause he knows he has a good film in his hand and I'm sure he has an ace up his sleeve that will shock everyone but you'll have to pay to see that part.

BinaryChaos on Mar 18, 2012



Peter Kudsk Petersen on Mar 18, 2012


Bo bo boooo boneeeer!!!

Kit on Mar 18, 2012



M.K. Nielsen on Mar 18, 2012


It's been a while since I saw Alien and Aliens....what is this whole space jockey thing? Can someone explain that to me? This trailer looks rediculous and I can't wait to see it! I just want to know whats up with the space jockey thing and those suits?

Big R on Mar 18, 2012


well, it's that huge body in the middle of the ship they found on the planetoid in the first movie. Lot's of theories were created (creator of the alien species, poor sap that just got caught in the middle of it, etc, and was named space jokey, because of the appearance) appears, based on this trailer (and already said by Ridley Scott), that that guy will play a major role on thing to come 😀 

uboat77 on Mar 18, 2012


"That guy" or members of "his" species. Will be interesting to see how it all comes together.  It is funny to see all the speculating going on, though....

Scopedog on Mar 18, 2012


For what it seems, it's the same guy (obviously, too early to tell)! But yeah, probably that species will play some role in all alien lore!

uboat77 on Mar 18, 2012


From watching the trailer and my understanding of it all the space jockey is apart of an alien race that created this bio-weapon which evolves into the alien we are familiar with but uses the bio-weapon to take over planets I suppose and their next course of action is to take over earth. I could be wrong but nothing is ever that simple with Ridley Scott.

BinaryChaos on Mar 18, 2012


It cant be a Bio-weapon that evolves into the aliens we know and love because those aliens have already been to earth in ancient and contemporary times as shown in the AvP movies. And this movie takes place in the future.

Scott oftheantarctic on Mar 18, 2012


UGH. I doubt Scott is taking into account those crappy AVP movies. Come on man.

DrBathroomMD on Mar 18, 2012


 Alien movies are canon.  Predator movies are canon. Aliens vs Predator movies are fanfiction. It works as a videogame concept. As serious SciFi not so much. As campy fun definitely.

Guest on Mar 18, 2012


they gave the whole freaking movie away. explorers have clues of ancient alien species and go find them. the alien species had this planned for someone to find them so they can come back to life or whatever. the explorers realize these aren't nice aliens and have to fight for their lives. well, they are able to destroy the kinda circuluar ship that is from the original "alien" movie. so it seems like a prequel. and that's where the original "alien" cast finds the destroyed ship when they are awoke and have to inspect a possible detected unknown origin or whatever.

Gibsgoinpro on Mar 18, 2012


 Yes, and if you replace invitation by trap it works as well.

wurstsan on Mar 20, 2012


OK, had to see this three times, this summer is just filled with great flicks!

David Banner on Mar 18, 2012


Thanks for the replies guys, I understand now lol! I need to go watch the first few movies again. Its been a while anyway haha!

Big R on Mar 18, 2012


wow the world is definitely going to end with all these bad ass movies coming out.

Trebud69 on Mar 18, 2012


 Don't worry.There's going to be plenty of shitty movies to compensate.I dare say the amount of crappy movies will ensure the existence of the world well into the next millenia and beyond.

Guest on Mar 18, 2012


Look great! but it does remind me a bit of the Thing remake...

jah p on Mar 18, 2012


I never cared for the Alien movies but I'll be damned if this doesn't look awesome...

Bl00dwerK on Mar 18, 2012


In the cave paintings there were five planets, I assume there would be five ships containing the same sort of cargo? So if it isn't the original space jockey then it could be a relative? Either way this looks the biscuits!

Crapola on Mar 18, 2012


Over 100 comments too, been a while since folks got this excited.

Crapola on Mar 18, 2012


Indeed Richard, there is a load of goodness coming our way!

Crapola on Mar 18, 2012


I'm loving it, keep it coming! It's a good time for movies, and this summer we're heading into looks amazing!!

Alex Billington on Mar 18, 2012


the return looks very promising

Myjestik on Mar 18, 2012


That was intense.  I think I crushed my mouse beyond repair.  Props for giving the story without over-exposing the movie. 

Solo_Calrissian on Mar 19, 2012


That was ....well...... I feel all tingly inside. This just may be the movie of 2012 for me and there are a ton of good flicks coming this year Holy cow that was fun... two hours like that are going to be FRACKING INTENSE!

Bithki on Apr 16, 2012

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