Rob Zombie Switches Scares for Sport to Make 'Broad Street Bullies'

June 19, 2012
Source: Deadline

Philadelphia Flyers Brawl

Back in 2010, director Rob Zombie announced his plans to direct another horror film called Lords of Salem, in which townspeople in modern day Salem, Massachusetts are visited by a coven of 300-year old demonic witches. That movie is set for release later this year, and Zombie already has his sights set on his next gig. Deadline reports he'll be taking a step away from horror and into the sports world to direct Broad Street Bullies, a film about the 1970's Philadelphia Flyers hockey team who rose from no-name losers to two-time Stanley Cup winners by brawling with other teams just as often as they would score. More below!

Zombie will also write and produce the movie, which he called Rocky meets Boogie Nights on ice. HBO produced a documentary in 2010 with the same name that covers the same material, but Zombie acquired the rights to the story and has the full support of the Philadelphia Flyers organization. This team was legendary, and hopefully Zombie can do them justice on film. I've gotta say, though, I'm not sure how his dark style is going to translate to a premise that sounds like a mix between a studio comedy and a Disney movie. The recent hockey film Goon tried (and failed) to live up to the Paul Newman classic Slap Shot, but that's a tall order for any movie and we'll see if Zombie comes to creating a contemporary sports classic.

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Good luck to you Mr. Zombie. I hope you can pull it off.

grimjob on Jun 19, 2012


Psh...I KNOW! he can pull it off... ;D

LosZombies on Jun 20, 2012


I like your enthusiasm! I'm with you.

grimjob on Jun 20, 2012


You know he can pull it off? When has he ever made a good movie?

Jon Odishaw on Jun 20, 2012


Uumm...House of 1000 Corpses... Devil's Rejects... Halloween 1 and 2... Shall I go on? Haunted World of El Superbeasto.. You either dig the guy and his vision or you dont.

LosZombies on Jun 20, 2012


Well for the same of not getting into an argument lets agree to disagree

Jon Odishaw on Jun 21, 2012


Yes! I love sports movies in general and hockey in particular, would be stoked to see more of them being made. Btw, Goon might have failed to reach the heights of such a glorified and idolized classic as Slap Shot, but that aside it was a great little hockey movie with surprisingly many laughs, awesome fight scenes and a big heart at the center of it. It can absolutely stand on its own, and I am sure over time it will become a classic of the genre, too.

SuicidalOptimist on Jun 19, 2012


Been wondering if Goon is a good watch.

Mooreworthy on Jun 19, 2012


After 4 different and surprising horror flick with exotic visual style , bloody masterful rob zombie leave Tyranosaurous and then the Lords Of Salem, very very disappointed news for me, I guessed he become new John Carpenter or George A.Romero but he don't Wana make horror already. Ok,He is Talented guy but I think if he get back on horror genre he show more creativity. If my pseudonym was Zombie at least i direct one hell of Zombie movie, I think Zombie must make Zombie movie too, cruel bloodthirsty bloodsucking bloody flesh eating fast kind of Zombies as we laugh at magnificent 28days/weeks later,I mean those kinda zombies that Paul w.s Anderson doesn't know them. Holleywood always need more brilliant horror makers.

Ehsan Davodi on Jun 19, 2012



tommyturner on Jun 19, 2012


Thats what I said... :l

LosZombies on Jun 20, 2012


Um, did you not read the article?... He didnt DROP Lords of Salem, its being released later this year.

LosZombies on Jun 20, 2012


Hello mr.LosZombie Probably you in love with Rob because you had same pseudonym name(kidding dude don't be upset with me) Sir I think he tell lies(I read article) but he 2years work on this two projects then why he must do Sport Movie, but I like him very much anyway Sent from my iPod

Ehsan Davodi on Jun 20, 2012


Probably decided to do a hockey movie because he wanted to step out of horror movies and expand his directing abilities in a completely different genre...

LosZombies on Jun 20, 2012


Yeah dude you completely right but I hate dispromising, I 2years wait for Tyranosaorous & then Lords of Salem. But I agree with you, probably he win in another kind of genre like sports too, he is skillful undeniably sir

Ehsan Davodi on Jun 20, 2012


Kevin Smith will be pissed. He's writing "Hit Somebody" another hockey flick.

Untricky on Jun 19, 2012


Yeah, is it a coincidence that after Kevin Smith said he'd go out with a bang making 2 hockeyfilms(Part 1 and Part 2); that all these hockeyfilms have been announced/released?

David Banner on Jun 20, 2012


Might as well run another article with the headline "Sherri Moon Zombie Cast in 'Broad Street Bullies' and 'Lords of Salem'"

General Tso on Jun 19, 2012


Her Lords of Salem role was confirmed ages ago, but yeah 🙂

Davide Coppola on Jun 20, 2012


Ben Pearson,I usually don't resort to name calling but you are an idiot if you think Goon wasn't good.It was better than Slapshot.While a great and legendary movie it has not stood up to the test of time.I can't watch Slapshot over and over again anymore.Goon not only had great fight scenes and great characters but it had HEART!Big time!It had all I wanted in a hockey movie.

Brett on Jun 19, 2012


Not a fan of sports movies, so I guess I'll wait for his next Horror project!

Davide Coppola on Jun 19, 2012


You know, Im actually happy that he's shifting from the horror genre. 😀 I mean, you dont wanna get stuck in one category forever, and now we can truly see what Rob Zombie can REALLY do! As long as the flick has that signature Rob-Zombie-extreme-over-the-top-agressive-vulgar-dropping-f-bombs-left-and-right dialogue, then its all good in my book! ;D

LosZombies on Jun 20, 2012


Yeah, and he's got a great visual style that I would love to see him utilize in other genres. Here's hoping Bill Moseley is in it!

grimjob on Jun 20, 2012


Sid Haig ftw!? >:D

LosZombies on Jun 20, 2012


Hell yeah!!

grimjob on Jun 20, 2012

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