Roland Emmerich in Talks to Take the 'White House Down' Yet Again

April 3, 2012
Source: Deadline

White House Down

Back in 1996 director Roland Emmerich infamously destroyed the President's residence at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave during an alien invasion in Independence Day, and Washington D.C. was definitely flooded with the sea in 2012. Now the filmmaker is set to bring more chaos to The White House yet again with the aptly titled spec script White House Down, an original story from James Vanderbilt (who recently wrote The Amazing Spider-Man) which Sony just picked up for $3 million. The story follows a paramilitary takeover of the White House and has been described as Die Hard on Pennsylvania Avenue.

This will likely have the same feel and high security concepts that came with Air Force One, but the White House is likely just as, if not more, difficult to take over, especially in this post 9/11 world. Deadline says Emmerich will also produce the film with Vanderbilt and Mythology Entertainment who brought the script to Sony last week. As of now, it sounds like this project will be Emmerich's next project and the developing sci-fi project Singuliarty is still very much in the picture and will likely follow White House Down. Hopefully this doesn't turn into something ridiculous and ends up coming together as a solid action thriller.

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Not sure if I want to see "terrorists" blowing up the White House. If this is what it's about, then this could give ideas to militants who hate the government. Anyway, hopefully there's a happy ending that they rebuilt a badass White House and kickass!

JediBilly on Apr 3, 2012


Can you imagine the joy parade Fox News would throw if terrorists, real or imagined (what's the difference to them), demolished the White House? Oi.

Tyler Morgan on Apr 3, 2012


What an inane comment, anti-government domestic terrorists tend to come more from left-wing extremists. And really, I don’t think any news organization, even over bias hate mongering ones like media matters, would celebrate the destruction of the White House. That said, sense this is a movie site, I love the concept if is executed properly It could be a lot of fun. I want a cool Die Hard style film with all the action and heart that movie had, not a XxX: State of the Union. Sorry, that was crap IMO.   

Hitmarkv on Apr 3, 2012


this comment is so stupid i actually want to cry. the most secure building in the known world, that has a nuke bunker underneath it, what possible ideas could a film come up with that the bad guys could ever implement. or do you mean the idea they give is to target the white house? my mind cannot fathom how silly your comment is. now thats dealt with, the film sounds epic, air force one style i'm all for it

curious cat on Apr 3, 2012


You're a stupid asshole! There are always militants who hate the government. I know the White House is the most secure but at least they can only try. Your remark is ridiculous I want to cry.

JediBilly on Apr 3, 2012


What is it with humans and symbolism through grand buildings? If I was a terrorist I'd just go to a shopping mall and shoot as many people as I could before blowing it to pieces, possibly with a gang of terror people. That's a bigger symbol of Western civilisation than the White House. The White House harks back to a time when people could read and weren't morbidly obese. Lucky I'm not a terrorist. 🙂

Crapola on Apr 3, 2012


Sounds Cheesy, Hammy, Ridiculous, you name it...

Wylles on Apr 3, 2012


This is director Roland Emmerich's specialty!; destroying landmarks, major cities, etc.....and WE buy it every time. It's a flick,....a popcorn flick. Nothing more! .....AND it peaks my interest. 🙂

Spider on Apr 3, 2012


Always up for a good destruction flick from Emmerich!

Matthewsouth on Apr 3, 2012


...White House Down, "an original story" from... I think you made a typo there.  This is a hollywood movie so I am sure you were meant to write "White House Down, a rebooted adaptation of a remake from..." No biggie..  

The Moo on Apr 4, 2012


Shouldn't the next movie be about the destruction of the galaxy or something since the last one destroyed the world? Seems like scaling down to me. I know The White house is a big deal for 'mericans but the rest of the world probably couldn't care less.

Guest on Apr 4, 2012


Don't watch it then and the word is "Americans"

Bithki on Apr 4, 2012


 Butthurt much?

Guest on Apr 4, 2012


Yep.. Just as I thought... some raging liberal who either lives here but can't stand our country or some raging liberal from some other  country we "Americans" had to come save over the last century from either themselves or some one else kicking their butts. ...and the intellectual response is  ... "Butthurt" Much".. Really? That's what you got. By the way there is no such word as Butthurt. It's two seperate words.... infant.

Bithki on Apr 4, 2012


 Cool story bro.

Guest on Apr 4, 2012

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