Rose Byrne, Patrick Wilson & Director James Wan Back for 'Insidious 2'

November 19, 2012


After being made for just $1.5 million and raking in just over $97 million at the worldwide box office, the horror film Insidious from Saw director James Wan was one of the most successful films of 2011. As we heard back in February, writer Leigh Whannell and Wan are both returning for the sequel, and now a press release from Film District, Alliance Films and Sony Pictures has announced that Insidious Chapter 2 will also bring back the terrified family played by Patrick Wilson, Rose Byrne and Ty Simpkins along with spiritual medium played by Lin Shaye. So just what kind of story will we be dealing with here?

Unfortunately, the press release offers no hints as to how the sequel will continue the story. In the first film (spoilers ahead for those who haven't seen it), after Josh (Patrick Wilson) returns from a strange spirit world to bring his son back to consciousness, it's revealed that the father is possessed himself. After choking the medium (Lin Shaye), seemingly to death, and then being confronted by his wife (Rose Byrne), the film ends rather ambiguously, but without much hope for the family. Therefore, it'll be interesting to see how the film continues the haunting.

We're just hoping it turns out better than the original film which felt like two different horror films thrown together, and not in a good combination. The low budget film will have quite a quick turnaround as production begins in January, and the film is set to hit theaters on August 30th, 2013. The film might be better off arriving at Halloween where the only horror film expected in that month currently is Paranormal Activity 5. We'll have to wait and see what happens.

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up until the dad entered the spirit world, insidious was a great horror film -after that, it was absolute trash. i really don't know what to expect from #2.

beevis on Nov 19, 2012


totally agree... the last third of the movie was dumb ass hell

iamNotLegend on Nov 19, 2012


The ending was brilliant!

Andrew Hanke on Nov 19, 2012


i wonder if the dads going to be possessed by the demon lady or if its going to time skip or something

iamNotLegend on Nov 19, 2012


"We're just hoping it turns out better than the original film which felt like two different horror films thrown together, and not in a good combination." Would really be nice to see media writers avoid blanketed statements like the one quoted. That is simply an opinion, one I, and many others, disagree with. However, it is delivered here as almost fact. Very poor writing, Ethan. Deliver the news. Don't throw a blanket out there soiled with your own opinion. You just put down one of the best horror movies, in my opinion, to come out in twenty years. Horror needs Insidious. Now, I sure hope a sequel doesn't throw it into an abyss.

Andrew Hanke on Nov 19, 2012


I totally agree - shut your little pie hole Ethan. Just give the facts and let us decide for ourselves on what's a "good combination"

Waylon Anderson on Nov 19, 2012


We almost always throw our opinions into stories to put our own spin on the news. It's just that this time you happen to disagree with it, so you're not happy. Notice how you put "in my opinion" in your statement. We don't need to do that, because after writing thousands of articles on here, it should be clear that our opinion is contained in nearly every one of our news stories. But that means you can still decide for yourselves as I'm not telling you what your opinion should be, but merely, just what mine happens to be.

Ethan Anderton on Nov 20, 2012


I think the biggest issue people are having is that you said "we're hoping," which makes it no longer YOUR opinion, as you're implying that everyone felt the same way.

Chazzy on Nov 20, 2012


I agree with Ethan on his right to an opinion. I've frequented this site for years now and I value his thoughts even if, in this case, he is wrong. I've heard the same complaint but some people like the flick and some don't. I'm interested in the sequel and enjoyed the movie a lot. Let Ethan continue his thoughts. He's even usually kind enough to only give his personal thoughts in the paragraph after the "news". If you don't like his opinion, just go to Apple trailers when a trailer is released and shut yer pie hole.

Dane on Nov 20, 2012


it's not a blanket statement - it's an opinion. and i felt the same way. it seemed like 2 movies - 1 (the first part of the movie) was excellent and the 2(the second part) was horrible.

beevis on Nov 20, 2012


I loved Insidious. Not sure how I feel about a sequel though.

Chris on Nov 19, 2012


Most impressive part of the first one: Production Budget: $1.5 million. And maybe the cameo of Darth Maul. I didn't know he could cross franchises

David Banner on Nov 20, 2012


Good. 'Nuff said.

DAVIDPD on Nov 20, 2012


To Andrew and Waylon: Critics do not only informe, but they express their opinions. Of course you don´t have to agree with all of them. If you only expect o read information, with the first paragraph you have enough, son don´t read anymore further.

JM on Nov 20, 2012

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