So They Really Are Shooting Another Scene of 'The Avengers' Tonight

April 12, 2012
Source: Movieline, SlashFilm

The Avengers - Robert Downey Jr.

Many celebrities and press, including myself, were at the world premiere of Marvel's The Avengers just last night and finally got to see the epic summer blockbuster in all its grandeur. While attending the press conference today, at the end of the panel that included Robert Downey Jr., the actor started saying "we're not done shooting", then added: "We are shooting one more scene [for Avengers]… tonight. Not kidding." The press conference ended at that very moment, leaving many press buzzing about whether that was really true, as it seemed like he honestly wasn't joking, though Joss Whedon later claimed he was. But maybe not?

Word has gone round the web fast (see Movieline, SlashFilm, The Playlist) and while no updates—besides Whedon's denial—have arisen, speculation is that it may still be true after all. Apparently Marvel President Kevin Feige was noticeably a bit upset, or nervous, when Downey Jr. said that. And while Whedon said "of course he's kidding", SlashFilm's Germain Lussier interviewed Feige immediately after, asking him point blank about it. His response: "Do you always trust everything Robert Downey Jr. tells you?" But, he reminds us, that's not a denial and he didn't say more, so of course speculation still runs rampant about it being true.

While The Avengers was awesome (more buzz here) and did end with a credit scene, it wasn't a post-credits tag, just a mid-credit tease that will leave many fans very excited anyway. But in years past, Marvel has not included the real post-credits tag, like the one with Nick Fury at the end of Iron Man, until the midnight showings on release. Plus considering details and rumors and other buzz surrounding Marvel's upcoming projects, some are rumoring that this might be an extra tag for the very end of The Avengers that hints at something coming up, whether it's Avengers 2, Ant-Man, Iron Man 3 or something else.

Our friends at SlashFilm speculate it could be Ant-Man, with Edgar Wright, while I'm sure others could be laughing at everything we've even said so far. There's a remote possibility an extra tag could be on Avengers by May 4th (or April 25th when it's released internationally) and it's just too early to announce, especially at the worldwide press conference. Or this could be for something else. Or it could all be a joke and we took the bait. For now we're just going to call it a rumor and let you know if we hear updates. Any thoughts?

UPDATE: According to multiple sources, and a quote from The Playlist, it sounds like this is true, and they are shooting another scene tonight. But not even the actors know much at all. "We're shooting a scene tonight. I'm not sure exactly where it's gonna go. All I know is that someone came in with the costume and said, 'Here's some wardrobe. We don't know where you're going to be or what you’re doing,'" Mark Ruffalo stated. Pick-up shots after the movie has already premiered, just weeks before it comes out? Or is this some other sneaky scene they're filming? While it is confirmed, we still have no idea what it is or what's going on, but things are getting very interesting.

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My guess:  A scene of Captain America and the Hulk gang-banging Joss Whedon while Tony Stark films it. 

Awtan90 on Apr 12, 2012


your a tool

bob-dole_1=more+time on Apr 12, 2012


My thoughts precisely bob.

David Carlin on Apr 12, 2012


Hey, hey no need to get personal, I didn't. Do yourself a favor relax you'll live longer. 

Awtan90 on Apr 13, 2012



Grammar Police on Apr 16, 2012


Prescreenings and last minute scene adds... At the Same Damn Time? Wow

Verbinh on Apr 12, 2012


I bet its a trailer for the Dark Knight Rises.

Perfectoon_0901 on Apr 12, 2012


Well the trailer for TDKR is already out and I really doubt Marvel would edit a new trailer together promoting the film of their biggest competitor, but maybe you're right.

peloquin on Apr 13, 2012



David Carlin on Apr 13, 2012


sounds more like RDJ pulling the medias leg...he does that you know.......

Jericho on Apr 12, 2012


My guess is that RDJ was probably hammered and just talking out of his ass. Just sayin...

LosZombies on Apr 12, 2012


If they are truly filming something more, that means I'll have to see this movie more than once.  I'm watching it in two days, I guess I'll see it on its official release as well. 

Simply G on Apr 12, 2012


I am very pretty sure joss ruin avengers. I am in shock why Hollywood take big budget movies to this amateur guys! Buffy was tiptop? Serenity was superb? No! This guy was usual director , not in class of making avengers! I think marvel want make avengers for money and did it too! If companies helm this project in hands of famous and secure director this rumors was dead! You see any rumors about poromothus? No! Because ridley Scott know what he doing! Marvel ruin captan amrica:firs avenger with Joe Johnston and ruin incredible hulk with louis letterier and ruin fantastic four and know want ruin avengers! I love DC company more than marvel and I wait for release day of justice league! Exeption spiderman1&2&3 and hulk1 MARVEL SUCKS!

Ehsan Davodi on Apr 12, 2012


ugh... shut up.

David Carlin on Apr 12, 2012


Well said.

Sdfsad on Apr 12, 2012


Where's the unlike button? Nothing I hate more than DC fanboys envious of Marvel. Nothing wrong with loving both.

Cody on Apr 13, 2012


We can say the same with Marvel zombies. The hate is reciprocal.

Razor on Apr 13, 2012


 I just saw the movie was Awesome!!!!

Stan'The Viewers Choice'Morrow on Apr 14, 2012



Guest on Apr 12, 2012


 Maybe it's just a short film like the ones on the Thor and Captain America Blu-Rays (The Consultant / A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To Thor's Hammer)

Guest on Apr 12, 2012


My guess is its a set up for a new Hulk film.

David Carlin on Apr 12, 2012


I hope they get it in before the screening I go to on Saturday morning.

Tyban on Apr 12, 2012


a new scene? meaning this movie might be longer!!! HELLSS YEA!!!!!!! im so excited about this movie just not sure about Mark Ruffalo as the hulk but im goin in completely open-minded, hopefully he does hulk justice

james on Apr 12, 2012


Mark Ruffalo as Hulk is the only thing I am sure about

Ryderup on Apr 13, 2012


Hah! You clueless masses! They're shooting some awesome promos for the MTV Movie Awards, like Jack Black n RDJ m ??? (forgetting his name) shot a few years ago. It's gonna be hilarious!

Akirakorn on Apr 12, 2012


mr.david carlin hello i see you cant bear critisim and this is not good for civiliazed world if captan amrica and incredible hulk is greater than 3 batman of chris nolan for you but  is NOT for me and i like see movie became in that class i wana movie became better and better every day and yes you deserve movies like fantastic four but not me and this was my idea  

Ehsan Davodi on Apr 13, 2012


Your grammar is deplorable sir. I think that is the reason he told you to shut up. I'm guessing that it's converting your native language into English and that maybe what's causing it.

Deadpool-003 on Apr 13, 2012


The grammar was about 60% the reason I told him to shut up, the rest had to do with what he was saying. "I think marvel want make avengers for money and did it too!" - No Shit? "I love DC company more than marvel and I wait for release day of justice league! Exeption spiderman1&2&3 and hulk1 MARVEL SUCKS! " - stop shoving your DC fanboy-ism down peoples throats lol we like Marvel... sure fantastic four wasn't great, but were excited for The Avengers, personally I am more siked about this film than I have been since i was a misty eyed 10 year old going to see the 1st spiderman movie for the 3rd time... The batman movies are great, but they have nothing to do with this post, I stand my my previous comment...

David Carlin on Apr 13, 2012


Ehsan, I think I would understand you better in your native language.

drnknjbbrsh on Apr 13, 2012


thank you

Ehsan Davodi on Apr 13, 2012


I doubt its a new scene that will be added in time for the The Avengers premiere. It takes along time to make all those prints for each screening, not all are digital yet. But then again, maybe it is possible, and all who show the digital print, get this "bonus" scene?Would be damn cool if they are shooting extra scenes for a "Director's Cut/Extended Cut" 🙂 I have tickets for friday 27th of April(Norway)....the US premiere is listed as may 4th?? Hmmm...

David Banner on Apr 13, 2012


To my knowledge you can't have two different cuts of the same movie in theaters. They have to take them all out to put in a new cut like Napoleon Dynamite wedding scene and the Pixar bloopers.

hop on Apr 15, 2012


Deadpool, keeping my fingers crossed for Deadpool.

Deadpool-003 on Apr 13, 2012


Hubert Carpenter will make his appearance as... Walrus

DJROBL on Apr 13, 2012


It should be a post credit scene including Ant Man.

Pedrobarragan11 on Apr 16, 2012

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