Rumor: Could Clark Gregg or Vin Diesel Play Vision in 'Avengers 2'?

August 17, 2012
Source: The Playlist

Clark Gregg / Vin Diesel

We just found out that the official release date of Marvel's The Avengers 2 is set for May 1st, 2015. But comic book movie fandom wouldn't be living up to its own ridiculous nature if there weren't already wild speculation and rumors out there for a film that Joss Whedon just signed on to write and direct less than two weeks ago. The first wave of rumors involve the character of Vision, and The Playlist has collected a few theories that suggest that Vin Diesel and Clark Gregg just might be up for the role. Warning: this article will spoil a key event from The Avengers, so keep that in mind if you haven't seen it yet. Read on!

After Agent Coulson's (Clark Gregg) surprising demise in Avengers, a few fans were seemingly desperate to grasp onto any hope that he might not actually have died. AICN posted a theory that says that because Nick Fury lied about the bloody Captain America cards (which he actually pulled from Coulson's locker instead of finding on his body like he told the team), he could have also essentially orchestrated a fake death for Coulson in order to pull the team together in the end. Stretching, but perhaps it's plausible, who knows.

Even if that isn't the case and Coulson ended up dying, there's still a chance that Gregg could come back as The Vision, an android character that operates with the brain waves of fallen heroes. It would be a perfect way to reintegrate Gregg back into the Marvel universe without having to completely backtrack on his death, and a superfan even went so far as to create a lifelike bust of Gregg as Vision that you can see right here:

Clark Gregg The Vision

Meanwhile, in even less convincing news, Vin Diesel recently changed his Facebook profile photo to a comic book image of Vision, which is sparking speculation that he might be in talks to play the role. (The photo has since been changed back, but you can still see it here.) I'd say it's more likely that he was just doing it to drum up some attention, or maybe to get a groundswell campaign going in the hopes of scoring a meeting with Whedon about it, but like Schwarzenegger and the Terminator, it would seem that Diesel's sometimes robotic performances would match pretty well with the role of an android.

We're well aware that neither of these is close to confirmation that these guys are even in contention for the part (hell, Vision might not even be in the movie), but it's still fun to think about and we better start getting used to these theories since we have a full three years to go before we'll next see our favorite comic book heroes team up on the big screen once again. What do you think about these potential choices for Vision? Would you rather see Clark Gregg or Vin Diesel in the role, or someone else entirely?

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i don't know who Vision is but i will grasp to anything to bring Coulson back...

Jericho on Aug 17, 2012


Clark Gregg FTW

When Nerds Attack on Aug 17, 2012


I would take an egg plant over Vin Diesel

Brian Sleider on Aug 17, 2012



Bobo_Vision on Aug 17, 2012


I have to admit Vin Diesel would make an excellent Vision. Although I thought Agent Coulson was great, if they brought him back in any form other than flash backs it would cheapen his sacrifice.

schakfu on Aug 17, 2012


He's wayyyy too muscular . Short and chunky . Vision is tall and lanky , so Coulson wins this on body type alone . can you really see Diesel talking like an android , with no snarky comebacks ? sometimes not breaking your typecasting is a GOOD thing

Dominic A on Aug 18, 2012


Vin Diesel talking like a robot, I defer you to Brad Bird's "Iron Giant"

Richie G on Aug 18, 2012


ok but that's my secondary negative view . The 1st is overall image - he just doesn't fit Vis . BTW android does not equal robot . He actually would have to sound more human than a robot, a " mechanical " It's like the difference between smart phones , and dumb ones .

Dominic A on Aug 19, 2012


Lee Pace for The Vision. That's what I want.

Jake on Aug 17, 2012


I actually would love to seen Vin Diesel in some kind of villain performance. I really like the Riddick character, especially in the first film, Pitch Black, so if he did something closer to that there are a multitude of characters he could play and well... Like any member from The Wrecking Crew.

Kento on Aug 17, 2012


Vision was always one of my favourite Avengers characters, powerful yet sophisticated. I think Paul Bettany would make a great Vision, and since he's only in the Marvel Universe as the voice of Jarvis so far that would not be impossible - it's very plausible for Jarvis and Vision to have the same voice. Jennifer Connelly as The Scarlet Witch would be a good pick as well, but I believe the rights to that character lie with Fox.

DjoolZ on Aug 17, 2012


According to Kevin Fiege, there is a very small number of characters from X-men, including the Scarlett Witch and Quiksilver, that fall in a grey area where both Fox and Marvel could potentially use them. That being said, I think Jennifer Connelly would be a horrible choice to play her.

Jake on Aug 17, 2012


She's quite a bit too old for the character now, I think.

Chris Groves on Aug 17, 2012


I don't like movies where there is no sense of loss after great disasters...the 'everybody lives' thing is so overplayed. It was awesome to get a death of a non-red shirt character for a change when Coulson was killed. As much as I like when we lose a noteworthy character, I hate it when a loophole brings them back. Bringing back Sigourney Weaver, even as a Ripley Clone with virtually no memory of her past life, was the dumbest thing about the 4th Alien film and it cheapened the impact of Alien 3.

Chris Groves on Aug 17, 2012


Since it's a Joss Whedon film, and he kills most of his cast in most everything, I have a feeling Coulson is GONE. Don't worry.

Greg dinskisk on Aug 17, 2012


Didn't Joss Whedon write Alien 4? So a Coulson clone isn't out of the realm of possibility.

Richie G on Aug 18, 2012


It is, but that was one of the first things he did, about 15-20 years ago now. He hasn't done anything like that since.

Greg dinskisk on Aug 18, 2012


I changed my facebook photo to Ant Man. Does that mean I get to be Ant Man in Edgar Wright's new movie?

Chris Amaya on Aug 17, 2012


Nope, it means you're a huge nerd. LOL

Bobo_Vision on Aug 17, 2012


But but but....I changed my pic to Antman....And because I did that, I will surely get the part....Right? RIGHT? :'(

Chris Amaya on Aug 20, 2012


I mourned like a 2 year old child when Coulson died. If he comes back as Vision I'll rejoice. If Vin Diesel plays vision I'll mourn like a 2 year old child. If he doesn't I'll rejoice. Seeing the connection?

Quanah on Aug 17, 2012


If I had to choose between the two, Vin Diesel by a landslide. I wasn't a huge fan of the Coulson character. So bringing him back as Vision and playing roughly the same person but now a hero (*gasp* just like his idol Cap.) would really annoy me. However, thinking back to I, Robot, I would love to see Alan Tudyk in this role. He and Joss Whedon already have great chemistry and would be a HUGE win for fanboys.

Rob Zaldivar on Aug 17, 2012


Yes, PLEASE Alan Tudyk. That would be amazing. Great idea!!!

Greg dinskisk on Aug 17, 2012


I actually was thinking Alan Tudyk would be a great Ant Man. For those of you pushing for Nathan Fillion: Tudyk as Hank Pym and Fillion as Scott Lang? 😉

Richard Brady on Aug 18, 2012


As much as I loved Firefly and Serenity, and Mr. Fillion's voice work in all those DC comics movies, I just could not see him in that role (as Ant-Man). Personally, I think if you want to add talent, wit, energy, and chemistry to Ant-Man or Hank Pym, I want to see Neil Patrick Harris. Again, existing history with Joss Whedon and a huge nerd. Perfect for the universe. And Rob's right. If Vision will be in A2, Alan Tudyk would be a great choice.

Cuba on Aug 18, 2012


The Coulson-part and the playing cards scene in The Avengers was forced, cheesy and badly scripted. Terrible.

Ryderup on Aug 17, 2012


Vision? More like Bobo_Vision. Right? Am I right?

Bobo_Vision on Aug 17, 2012


No. You're wrong.

JBrotsis on Aug 17, 2012


I know he's already played an android and is a part of another super hero franchise, but its those reasons that make me think Michael Fassbender would be great in that role.

Capo on Aug 17, 2012


I kinda wouldn't mine Vin Diesel as Thanos...his build...his voice...wouldn't be a bad fit. He can obviously act...he was great in The Iron Giant 🙂

Scott Ezell on Aug 17, 2012


Would rather see Coulson play Vision, if the rumors became true. He's already been a key player in the series and everyone has adored his role. But if he did play the role, I hope they'd give a better alibi as to how he died and came back to life as Vision....a better alibi than how Thor was able to come to earth without the rainbow bridge..."father must've summoned a lot of black magic"...come on!!

JBrotsis on Aug 17, 2012


since there is supposed to be 3 (or 4) movies worth of time covering the universe, i think its an good enough time not to have clark greg in the mix until he can come back as Vision in A2

James Zagorski on Aug 18, 2012


"..a few fans were seemingly desperate", "AICN posted a theory"-woot dude? There must have been different versions of the movie, cuz the one I saw, the case is: Fury lied/let the Avengers think he was dead, to get them to pull together. Missing the point in a scene like this, only a 12 year old would have missed, but that's due to attention spans. If he's not back in one of the next 3(4?) Marvel-Avenger-tie-ins before A2, he will be in A2.

David Banner on Aug 18, 2012


If Vin Diesel cut down in size he wouldn't look so short. I think this would be a great role for him. Arnold isn't a great actor but he played a bad ass terminator. I think Vin can do this.

Christian B. on Aug 19, 2012


Clark of course, but we don't even know if vision will come out... so why don't we speculate on who would most likely play Ant Man? 😉

Fidel Reyes on Aug 19, 2012


Clark Gregg please!

Nielsen700 on Aug 19, 2012


this could make an interesting side story with the addition of Ant Man...

Tim on Aug 19, 2012


That bust is just weird....Coulson provided comic relief...that guy is not funny in any way....

Oct8pus on Aug 19, 2012


Looking at the write-up for The Vision at the official Marvel site, there are a number of strong connections to the Ant Man world, so if this movie is slated to be released prior to Avengers 2, it should give a strong indication about his (The Vision's) inclusion in A2. [ ]

Eric on Aug 20, 2012

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