Rumor: Joseph Gordon-Levitt Set to Play Batman in 'Justice League'

November 27, 2012
Source: HitFix

Bat Signal / Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Now before we move any further, everyone should know that massive spoilers for The Dark Knight Rises follow. Having said that, with the end of Christopher Nolan's trilogy in our past (it arrives on Blu-Ray and DVD on December 4th), fans have been wondering how Warner Bros. will handle rebooting Batman in order to fit the Caped Crusader into their 2015 release of Justice League. With time running short, there's definitely not enough time to do another Batman movie before Justice League would have to start shooting. However, it sounds like Batman might already be cast in the form of Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Read on!

Keep in mind that we're taking this as a huge rumor for now as it seems a little too good to be true. But HitFix says, "According to sources, Joseph Gordon-Levitt absolutely will be appearing in Justice League as the new Batman." So while fans were wondering if the end of The Dark Knight Rises would have Gordon-Levitt's John Blake character simply becoming Robin (the use of the name always just seemed like a nod to fans) or maybe taking the moniker of Nightwing. But now it seems like Blake will become the new Batman if this report is to be believed. But that's not all.

While HitFix was digging around trying to confirm this story, they also have learned that Gordon-Levitt might be putting on the Batsuit before Justice League even starts shooting and he'll be joined by at least one other actor from Christopher Nolan's Batman films. What does that mean? It's likely not a feature film, but after Zack Snyder recently confirmed (in a roundabout way) that Man of Steel will keep Warner Bros. on course to Justice League, could we be seeing Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Batman showing up in a credits scene with Superman? It would take a page out of Marvel's book after having Nick Fury show up at Tony Stark's house in Iron Man to plant The Avengers seed, and fans would go crazy.

But again, this is all just a rumor, and the Man of Steel connection just hope and speculation. However, while Joseph Gordon-Levitt's casting as Batman would keep Nolan fans interested, it also raises some questions. Does this mean Warner Bros. might try to bring Ryan Reynolds back as Green Lantern so they don't have to hassle with casting someone else? Will fans be pissed that a non-canon character such as John Blake will really be taking over the role of Batman in a Justice League movie? Who would be overseeing this end credits scene in Man of Steel, if it even exists? Stay tuned.

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xmaveric on Nov 27, 2012


I loved the passing of the torch in Rises but I'm not interested in seeing JGL play the Bat, why does that need to happen? Brandon Routh isn't reportraying Kent. Next of all I only want Bruce Wayne as Batman in a Justice League film. But that's my opinion, maybe they could find a way to make it work if the rumor turns out true, who knows.

Dresden King on Nov 27, 2012


As much as I want to see JGL, and TDKR universe meshed into Justice League, I totally agree. Bruce Wayne needs to be Batman, and having JGL as the new Bruce Wayne (as Brad White mentioned above) will just be a bit odd IMO, considering he was just in a batman movie as a different character. Not bad, just odd.

Danimal on Nov 27, 2012


JGL needs to play Terry McGinnis' character from Batman Beyond. Now that's a film that would make a ton of money.

Matt Peloquin on Nov 27, 2012


last i heard rumors involving the dark knight it was about him going against deadshot and killer croc, it turned into the animated movie set between Begins and DK so for all we know thats what this is.....

Jericho on Nov 27, 2012


Just because JGL is playing Batman, doesn't it mean it is as Blake...he'd just be the newest Bruce Wayne incarnation...

Brad White on Nov 27, 2012


Yeah I wouldnt mind seeing JGL play Bruce. This way the end of rises is a sort of stepping stone for the JL movie and Bruce Wayne would be young. Plus JGL is a great actr and no doubt he would hit the weights hard.

andy on Nov 27, 2012


About "hitting the weights hard", remember Michael Keaton wasn't exactly built and he was a great Batman.

Guy who comments on things on Nov 27, 2012


Would be weird though. Him saying he's Robin at the end of the last Batman film and him being Bruce at the start of the next film with Batman. That just needlessly complicates things. Also I think JGL is too young to be batman, at least he appears to be.

hans on Nov 27, 2012


He's 31, he just looks really young and by the time they'd start filming him for Justice League (presumably 2014) he'll be 33. That's a good age for a Batman.

Guy who comments on things on Nov 27, 2012


As a batman fan, i feel that, as much as the notion of JGL being batman is exciting, it still poses to really mess up the whole batman mythology at the core of every Dark Knight story. Bruce Wayne is Bruce Wayne. The whole of Gotham knows who he is. He can't just disappear and then reappear a few years later as somebody else...Batman can do that....but not Bruce Wayne. So there is no such thing, nor should there ever be, as a NEW Bruce Wayne. Two Cents..

kash on Nov 27, 2012


I hate the fact that it's already decided that a justice league movie MUST happen in 2015, without having even been properly set up yet. Also, probably because I have not followed the comics, I feel that anything with Superman in it, will make a well-trained-billionaire with gadgets seem very underpowered. Frankly, almost anyone will feel underpowered next to the man of steel. That's probably also the reason why I don't care for superman much, he is too super.

Hans on Nov 27, 2012


You, kind sir, need to watch or read the Dark Knight Returns story by Frank Miller. That alone will not only tell you how not-so-super the man of steel is, but it will also show you how not-so-underpowered the Dark Knight is.

kash on Nov 27, 2012


If this is some kind of test on the fanbase, I think Warner Bros are making a huge mistake.

Manuel on Nov 27, 2012


More like an underwhelming mistake that people can shrug off and say 'Meh'

Richie G on Nov 27, 2012


Hell Yes!!

Steven on Nov 27, 2012


lame rumor

Nick Sears on Nov 27, 2012


Bringing back Ryan Reynolds for Green Lantern could go either way, either it's good because of great directing and writing, or it's bad because he can't shut his mouth.

Hurley on Nov 27, 2012


I strongly feel that Ryan Reynolds was more suitable to play the Flash, rather than Green Lantern. They should have just gone with African American Green Lantern, and cast Idris Elba in it. Problem solved.

kash on Nov 27, 2012


At first I agreed with your flash comment, and then you blew my mind with Idris Elba as the Green Lantern

Philip J. Fry on Nov 27, 2012


I wonder if this comment will get deleted due to filtering and comment screening. Not a real community discussion, eh?!

Hugh G. Mann on Nov 27, 2012


I can live with JGL as the new Batman 😀 I mean, even in the comics,Robin does become Batman at one point anyways, so it could work! Not sure how I would feel about Reynolds coming back as Hal Jordan tho, Green Lantern sucked...

LosZombies on Nov 27, 2012


Wasn't really cause of Ryan Reynolds though, it was just badly directed I thought.

Guy who comments on things on Nov 27, 2012


The script was by far the biggest problem.

si1ver on Nov 27, 2012


Script was also bad yes. I think Stuart Baird did the editing, which was atrocious, There was a scene that just constantly skipped from action sequence to the bad guy sitting on a chair reading the newspaper, which was completely confusing and pointless.

Guy who comments on things on Nov 28, 2012


Just a rumor; at least for now. Anyway this was rumored since TDKR came out.

Isildur_of_Numenor on Nov 27, 2012


What is this, a joke? You have GOT to be kidding..............

Rosalee Adams on Nov 27, 2012


I'd rather see JGL as Nightwing instead and bring back Bale. I mean why not, there can always be a new stipulation or justice league threat to have Wayne come back and have JGL support him as Nightwing.The people of Gotham would get a kick out of seeing their hero rise from the dead. Whats Christian Bale gonna be doing in the next 3 or so more years anyway.

Christopher Philip Cinquegrano on Nov 27, 2012


Iddddkkk, his ectomorph body type kinda keeps him from being as ripped and built as Batman....hed be a perfect nightwing.

Cody W on Nov 27, 2012


I'm cool with JGL being the new Batman. ALSO, I prefer the idea of him staying as John Blake instead of being Bruce Wayne. Having Rises end with Blake taking his place, and then having him be Bruce Wayne in JL? That would be rather lame. I say just continue it from where Rises left off. Or, if they want to work in that Blake has SOMEHOW assumed Bruce Wayne's identity...that would be ok too.

Chris Groves on Nov 27, 2012


Armie Hammer should be the new Bruce Wayne..JGL as Nightwing...

jah p on Nov 27, 2012


JGL reps alreasy dismissed the rumors 🙁 but then again you never know

K1ng on Nov 27, 2012


Since Nolan has been very involved with the storyline of the movie, I wonder if this was his idea? If there is any truth behind this at all.

Fancy pants on Nov 27, 2012


Warner needs to clarify things before leaping into the massive mess that is a superhero team-up movie. First, is this a unified "Cinaverse"? Meaning, do previous movies become cannon for setting the history of the characters? Is this a direct continuation of the results of Nolan's films and characters? Of the Green Lantern film? Of the Man of Steel? As it stands they have little more than two years to establish an entire universe of linked characters into a tentpole franchise based solely on what would probably be an end-credits cameo in next year's Superman film. I know the pressure is on to produce a money-making film a la the Avengers so that Warner and DC can try and rake in some of that sweet sweet box office money, but this isn't the way to go about it. It took Marvel 4 years and 5 movies that all had direct establishment shots in them to start their franchise. Now that DC/Warner has seen the profits that could be made from a team-up they want to just hurriedly throw characters from separate independent movie franchises together? Nolan's Batman movies were grounded in realism and gritty looks at what could be real people who had gone to very dark places in their lives. And you want to take these characters and throw them into a movie with a guy who is basically godlike in power and another who can do/make/control anything his mind can come up with because of his alien magic ring? Besides, Batman has to be Bruce Wayne. Dick Grayson is a tool.

Thexn on Nov 27, 2012


Please don't use the same bat-voice.

castingcouch on Nov 27, 2012


I wouldn't mind seeing movies JGL as the new Batman but the JL needs to have BRUCE WAYNE as Batman, Arkham Asylum style. He needs to be the borderline psycho, detective, strategist, enforcer of the JL. When characters get together it lets parts of their personality come forth, like how Bruce Banner wasn't that great in The Incredible Hulk but when he was surrounded by other characters you saw his dry humor and you could see how uncomfortable he was around people he didn't know. In a group Batman will look crazy, brutal, aggressive, pessimistic, a realist, like the Punisher. It will be interesting to cast because he'll probably need to be the veteran hero but still be young enough to be a franchise actor. Bale isn't coming back and JGL doesn't seem right for Batman; Nightwing, new TDKR Batman or Batman Beyond yes but as a new Bruce Wayne Batman you could do better.

si1ver on Nov 27, 2012


JGL is robin / nightwing. MAYBE Batman: Beyond. But he just doesn't / shouldn't have the body type of an a-typical batman lol.....

Daniel Vu Tran on Nov 27, 2012


for the love of God, hell nooooo.. only bruce wayne is the batman..

Neil on Nov 27, 2012



Ticketmaster on Nov 28, 2012


Joseph Gordon-Levitt(New Batman)shows up at the end credits with Michael Caine(Alfred) to talk with Superman!

Diego on Nov 28, 2012

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