Untrue: 'The Dark Knight Rises' Prologue Now Has a New Audio Mix

January 3, 2012
Source: Collider

The Dark Knight Rises

Before the end of 2011, the six-minute prologue for The Dark Knight Rises exploded onto select IMAX screens with copies of Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol, and while the footage itself was a treat for fans, one part of it wasn't received so well. Many audience members loudly complained about having trouble understanding the lines coming from the sequel's new villain, Bane, played by Tom Hardy. The issue apparently had Warner Bros. insiders quite worried about the effect it might have on the film. Christopher Nolan said audio changes would be minimal, but it appears action has already been taken to fix the issue.

Our friends at Collider received word from an anonymous source that a new audio mix for the prologue was sent to IMAX theaters. However, that original story has been confirmed as being untrue, updated below.

Update Jan 6th: The story has been debunked and according to WB there is no audio mix or update yet. Collider states: "After speaking with Warner Bros. and IMAX, it appears our story was wrong and I’ve taken down the article as a result of my conversations." There you go, we'll let you know if we hear more from WB.

So if this all turns out to be true (there's been no official confirmation just yet, so this is just a rumor at this point) it doesn't really sound like Bane's voice has been altered, but rather the rest of the audio mix has been adjusted to allow for less interference with Bane's lines, something that was an issue in the context of the scene for sure. As the source says, Bane's dialogue has been made clearer by about, "40-50%, because he's no longer being overpowered by the background noise that drowned him out before.” To be fair, that plane was pretty loud, so maybe that was one of the large issues this whole time. Of course, we'll find out as more trailers come out, and finally when the film hits theaters this summer on July 20th, 2012. Thoughts?

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so glad 😀

A5J4DX on Nov 13, 2018


so glad 😀

A5J4DX on Nov 13, 2018


Nolan caved. Not surprised. It'll be better for everyone.

DAVIDPD on Jan 3, 2012


It doesn't sound like Nolan caved at all.  He didn't alter the actual voice, just cleaned up the background noises so that Bane's voice was easier to hear.  It sounds like a great compromise without having to infringe on his artistic representation of the character.  Nicely played, Mr. Nolan.

Jedi on Jan 3, 2012


Dude do you understand how movies are made? Filmmakers make hundreds of changes in post production to any given movie, based on feedback from audiences and focus groups. Americans are stupid, we can't even understand dialogue that's slightly accented.  We complained like crazy, WB made changes to make the dialogue more understandable to the retards that inhabit the USA today.  That's hardly caving.

Eli on Jan 3, 2012


If Nolan did not want to change the sound mix at all, then by doing so he definitely "caved" to WB. However, the more likely scenario is that Nolan saw the audience response and acted accordingly.  I have no doubt that Nolan wants the audience to be able to hear Bane - after all, dialogue is written for a reason. Think of the prologue as a "test screening", a technique that studios and filmmakers use all the time to test audience reaction and make necessary improvements.

John on Jan 3, 2012


Can't you go pay another 15 dollars and find out for the rest of us Ethan? Pleeez.

lolskates on Jan 3, 2012


So Nolan didn't alter the voice? Good

Ampbird on Jan 3, 2012


Seems like the only complaints I'd ever heard about Nolan's batman films are the voices. I'll live with it. 

Anonymous on Jan 3, 2012


Damn,well I hope that when a director's cut comes out it has the original audio lol.I heard him fine and I wanna see the movie as it was originally attended.

TheLaughingMan on Jan 3, 2012


If this rumor is true, and if Warner Brothers was smart, they'd release the redubbed prologue online.  This would help quell the bad publicity over Bane's voice......although honestly I was fine with it in the first place.

Soonertinker on Jan 3, 2012


Did anyone read the article?  They didn't change Banes voice they just adjusted the background noise so his lines would be more audible.  That's not caving to "stupid" people its making the main villian's lines of the movie understandable. FFS it has nothing do with his accent, people who say that are just morons, its the huge big ass mask over his face that makes his voice hard to decipher.

Antarius on Jan 3, 2012


A agree with you - it's not a voice issue.  I understood Bane fine for the first half of the prologue.  I did not have difficulty until the end when the background noise got loud and Zimmer's music (which I loved) took over.

John on Jan 3, 2012


I'm glad he made some changes. I could understand roughly 50% of bane in the prologue. The trailer on the other hand was easily understood.

fancypants on Jan 3, 2012


I'm pretty sure they will release the Prologue with the inevitable re-release of The Dark Knight on Blu-Ray before the movie comes out. Just like they did with Batman Begins Blu-Ray.

Notalent on Jan 3, 2012


let me quote one of the villains The Scarecrow: They scream and they cry, much as you're doing now. Let Nolan make his masterpiece an not let it get watered down cause a few people need miracle ear or expect a shumacher version

Horseflesh on Jan 3, 2012


I have a feeling it might have been the plane. Did anyone not understand his ONE line in the trailer? I heard him just fine there...and once I saw the pages for the prologue and went back and watched it, I could absolutely tell what he was saying.

Chris_G on Jan 3, 2012


Nolan has final cut based on the money he has made Warner. Whatever Nolan wants, he will get.

pook nookie on Jan 3, 2012


Maybe they could do this for most modern Blu-ray movies. The dialogue is almost always too quiet and everything else is too loud.

Max Renn on Jan 4, 2012

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