Rumor: The Villain Battling the 'Justice League' is Kind of a Big Deal

December 3, 2012

Justice League

We're still waiting to find out whether or not Man of Steel will have some sort of ties to Justice League or how the rest of the superhero ensemble from DC Comics will shape up (reps have denied the rumor that Joseph Gordon-Levitt is playing Batman and who knows if Ryan Reynolds will be Green Lantern again). However, one detail from the proposed 2015 release seems to have Warner Bros. trying to give The Avengers sequel a run for their money. The reliable Latino Review claims to have learned the identity of the villain who will be taking on Justice League and for comic fans, this one should sound familiar. Read on!

Right now the rumored villain is that of Darkseid and here's what he looks like:


Comic Vine describes him as the "God of Evil" and the supreme monarch of planet Apokolips. Considered one of Superman's greatest adversaries and the greatest threat to the DC Universe, he seeks to control all living things with the Anti-Life Equation. Revealing Darkseid would be a great tease to find at the end of Man of Steel if it's not some other sort of Justice League reveal with any of the other characters. However, it would also echo the appearance of Thanos at the end of The Avengers 2. Why does that matter? Well, Thanos is actually a villain who was inspired by Darkseid. There have been discussions from comic fans for years about their similarities and even who would win in a fight.

Honestly, if you think about it, there aren't really any other villains who are formidable enough to take on a superhero team by themselves, so Darkseid is an obvious but necessary choice. And if Justice League really does kick off with Man of Steel, then having one of Superman's adversaries as the villain just makes sense. Personally, I'm interested to see how audiences respond to having two very similar villains in competing comic book superhero ensemble tentpoles. Right now we're still waiting for a final script and a director to get Justice League moving even faster, so stay tuned.

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They're just copying Thanos.

Big Boss on Dec 3, 2012


Darksied predates Thanos by about 10 years

Brad White on Dec 3, 2012


Well, that's not true. You meant "they are using the same idea like Marvel's for Avengers 2", maybe that. In the comics, Darkseid is first. Jack Kirby FTW.

Manuel on Dec 3, 2012


Planet Apokolips? Sounds like a rapper.

Reznik on Dec 3, 2012


Well played DC Comics, well played...

Lincoln Smith on Dec 3, 2012


So to premiere a Justice League movie they start by basically using a clone villain that Marvel is using in Avengers 2. I mean I get the inspiration, but DC has so many to choose from. This to me comes off very much like the Bugs Life v Antz, Deep Impact v Armageddon, Capote v Infamous, Dante's Peak v Volcano and etc.. The issue is Avengers landed first, and the general public will view Justice League as a knock off of the Avengers if they do this. Despite what us fans think. In Short they need a different Villian.

Chris McDermid on Dec 3, 2012


I had the same impression, but this is just a rumour. Non of us have seen the script so, we must be carefull to say the least. Like Marvel are using Guardians Of The Galaxy to introduce Thanos, DC could be making a New Gods movie, that would be awesome.

Manuel on Dec 3, 2012


no - the elitist avenger fans will see it as a knock-off. the rest of us who would hope for a good movie will just look at it for what it is - a movie. btw - i really don't want this vilian....there are others in JL universe that i think would produce a more entertaining film

beevis on Dec 3, 2012


To be fair, it's Marvel using the clone villain as Darkseid came before Thanos in the comics. But Marvel is just first to the big screen with their villain.

Ethan Anderton on Dec 3, 2012


Yeah........that's what Chris said

readwhathewrote on Dec 3, 2012


Too big of a villain, too early.

Brandon V. Fletcher on Dec 3, 2012


Latino Review eh? Weren't those the guys who claimed the bad guys of Iron Man 3 was confirmed as Firepower and Coldblood back in May? I think I'll not take this one too seriously until I see some concrete proof.

Guy who comments on things on Dec 3, 2012


Those characters are still in the movie, but just not maybe in the same comic book form. Latino Review are the guys who said Loki was The Avengers villain when it was being denied and knew about Thanos appearing way in advance. They're very reliable with comic book scoops.

Ethan Anderton on Dec 3, 2012


Well.. right on then. My bad. Bring the massive superhero summer of 2015 the hell on!

Guy who comments on things on Dec 3, 2012


They should get Ron Perlman for this.

Matt on Dec 3, 2012


Or Michael Ironside that did the voice for the Superman and JL cartoons

Brandon V. Fletcher on Dec 3, 2012


Him or Michael Ironside would be good choices.

Chris Groves on Dec 3, 2012


dude looks like thanos

bosshogg on Dec 3, 2012


Its rumored that The Avengers franchise will not immediately pursue or continue the storyline with Thanos in it, so DC Comics may have a free pass here to run with Darkseid without direct similarities....

David Lawyer on Dec 3, 2012


If I may say: it's sounds like Warner/DC Comics may try to make something like the Justice League (The New 52) first arc of six issues, where non of the characters are introduced, and is a plain, very simple, direct story with Darkseid and 7 League members. The origin of the JL is poorly represented, pretty basic storyline.

Manuel on Dec 3, 2012


Like all major plots from DC, it's really Braniac

l.21 on Dec 3, 2012


Rumor: The Villain Battling the 'Justice League' is Kind of a Big Deal, It just a rumor.

truong18 on Dec 3, 2012


If you're gonna use Darkseid then have to get Grant Morrison to write this bastard.

What what what on Dec 3, 2012


If they do go with Darkseid, Michael Ironside should definately provide his voice!

Chris Skalicky on Dec 3, 2012


Fantastic suggestion.

Chris Groves on Dec 3, 2012


they could go with Brainiac

andrew on Dec 3, 2012


Well, Darkseid is a real threat, unlike Loki. But he's like the most powerful villain so it would've been good to save him for a 2nd movie. Or he can be the main villain in both movies, winning at the end of the first for more dramatic effect in the second. Of course, these are nothing more than wishes, a second movie is not confirmed and Darkseid is just a rumor. For all I care they can choose other villain or stick with Darkseid. Either way, I'll be happy with my JL movie, finally.

Isildur_of_Numenor on Dec 3, 2012


This is actually a good idea. It wouldn't matter if they revealed him later or now, either way, those who watched the Avengers first and seen Thanos are gonna say that DC is Copying The Avengers. Only people who know DC comics are gonna know that Darkseid came first. It's best just to get him on the screen and out of the way and then they can start knocking down other DC villains.

Rain Spider on Dec 3, 2012


I think they should absolutely follow up on the films they've already try and retroactively make the 'universe' seem bigger...and to lessen the effect of 'Doing Justice League right off the bat'. So yes, absolutely have Cavill return as Superman, absolutely bring in Gordon-Levitt to play John Blake as the new Batman, AND I would even say bring Reynolds back as The Green Lantern. That way you preserve the 'crossover' nature of it...which is part of what made The Avengers so cool. Starting with the team movie dampens the excitement a TAD. And YES, I know that Green Lantern was not a good movie. I personally didn't enjoy it(I haven't given it a 2nd viewing) BUT the value of 'returning characters' is stronger than the value of 'Oh, this is a new Green Lantern, ignore the origin story we told...even though we aren't giving this one an origin story'. Reynolds IS capable of delivering a good performance...that film simply had a rushed script and a rushed production and suffered greatly from it. With stronger material he could make a perfectly good Hal Jordan.

Chris Groves on Dec 3, 2012


To that point Hulk was recast 3 times and I think Mark Ruffalo owned the character. So I think they could recast GL or Batman for that matter.

Kent Milton on Dec 4, 2012


Yeah, they could, and as long as it's a good choice, then no-harm, no foul. Banner is like the Bond of the Marvel films, always getting a new interpretation. But I think that there IS a certain novelty to having an actor return as the same character they played in a previous film.

Chris Groves on Dec 4, 2012


i hate it when these people take up favorite characters from our childhood and ruin it to make big big bucks...they don't care about JL or the fans, they just want to make something not shitty enough to rake in bucks.. i am sorely disappointed...

Sunny James Toppo on Dec 3, 2012


Go hard or go home. I am down for that.

mooreworthy on Dec 3, 2012


They should make Vandal Savage the villain.

Xander on Dec 3, 2012


From the moment these to comic universes became he Big Two they have competed, mirrored and copieone another as well as independent houses. It is entertainment. The audience wins. We would be bigger winners if the studios thought to iinject new heros and new villains into this movieverse versus continuing with these cold war grandpas. That would make everyone sit up and take notice.

Dubkaye on Dec 3, 2012


Marvel always copies off DC but they always get the credit for being "better"

Luke on Dec 3, 2012


I'm looking forward to JL but I don't see it being as successful as the Avengers, I mean honestly in general people know Marvel characters more and they seem more appealing(and less 'goofy') ,bot to mention having the characters introduced before the team came together was a good way for the public to attach to the characters, I'm not saying that DC can't pull it off but it's kind of hard mean to have them just come together like that, well it could be like X-Men but then again Superman by himself could probably destroy a whole army, and batman well he's only human could get killed by Darkseid pretty easily since he is in arguable, the strongest DC villain. Well looking forward to this though, I hope they can pull it off, only time will tell...

Fidel Reyes on Dec 3, 2012

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