Rupert Grint Looks to Join 'Death of Charlie Countryman' and 'CBGB'

May 24, 2012
Source: Variety

Rupert Grint

Though acting turns outside of the Harry Potter franchise from Rupert Grint (Ron Weasley) in films like Driving Lessons, Cherrybomb and Wild Target haven't exactly been as easily recognized as co-stars Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson in The Woman in Black and My Week with Marilyn respectively, that doesn't mean the red-haired Brit is giving up on acting just yet. In fact, Variety has word that Grint has locked down two new fairly high profile projects with the Shia LaBeouf led thriller The Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman and the underground music scene drama CBGB, based on the NYC club of the same name.

Grint has yet to prove himself as a viable star outside of Harry Potter, but I think he has some real talent in him. He might be more suited for comedy, but it sounds like these two roles are a little more serious. In The Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman, his role hasn't yet been named, but I hope he's playing some sort of thug who has to face-off against LaBeouf as he tries to get back a girl (Evan Rachel Wood) claimed by a crime boss. It would certainly be against what everyone would expect. Plus, he's not a terribly scrawny guy, so I bet he could throw on some muscle and be ready for a fight in the Fredrik Bond film in no time.

Meanwhile, in CBGB, which reunites him with Harry Potter franchise star Alan Rickman as the titular club owner, Grint will play Cheetah Chrome of the Dead Boys, who played a prominent role during the club's rise to fame featuring bands like The Talking Heads, The Ramones and many more. This sounds like a truly interesting look back at the underground music world, and there's likely the potential for plenty of cameos from other big actors as iconic musicians and the like. Either way, it sounds like Grint is making some solid choices to keep him separate from being cast as another Ron Weasley type character for awhile.

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Okay seriously, the tone of critics when writing about Grint is just offensive.  He has "yet to prove himself"... really?  Arguably the least talented person in the Potter films is Radcliffe himself, with Grint providing much of the comic relief and was sadly underused by Director Yates in the last 4 films.  Unlike Watson and Radcliffe, Grint did those roles WHILE he was on Potter, while Radcliffe chose to do plays and Watson did modeling.  They did take on roles AFTER Potter which is why those were much more famous, and I doubt that anyone really even noticed Watson in "Marilyn" as she was a very minor character in that flick.  Critics need to get their facts right and stop the snub nosing of a really talented actor who has actually been taking risks that his other co-stars have not for years now.  

cesug on May 24, 2012


i really liked grint in "wild target".

beevis on May 24, 2012


Doesn't sound like you're spouting facts so much as opinions, and that's what we're doing here as well. I don't think Grint has proven himself outside of Potter yet. And if his turns in those films were so good, plenty of others would have noticed. Grint hasn't done anything nearly as impressive on film as Radcliffe has done on the stage, so who are you to take anything away from his work on Broadway just because it's not in a movie theater?  

Ethan Anderton on May 24, 2012


 read the comments from others, looks like more people actually agree with me... you are right it is a matter of opinion. I actually saw Radcliffe in the two plays he did and seriously I was not that impressed. He was better in "How to Succeed in Business" but was largely overshadowed by the far superior John Laroquette.  It isn't just you, critics have this tendency to try and make Rupert to be this no talent actor who is living in some imaginary shadow of Daniel and Emma and that is just a fallacy.  Grint has been taking risks for years now but given when he did his roles--while most of his co-stars stuck close to UK because of the demands of Potter--he did UK films.  Simply next time do a little research before you insult a favorite.

cesug on May 24, 2012


 I don't need to do research. I've seen his other performances. It's an opinion. His talents haven't stood out for me beyond his work in the Harry Potter films. Obviously if others are saying that, there must be something to it.

Ethan Anderton on May 25, 2012


Radcliffe's only serious play so far was "Equus" - so what is the other you mention?  I think you're making it up that you went to see him on stage.

Whitejo2003 on May 29, 2012


Cesug are you kidding me much like people have forgotten that grint has done work during Potter people like you forget that Radcliffe has done some work before and during as well and no not just stage plays but movies and TV work as well. And yes Rupert is really still unproven outside of the franchise much like the other two. Also about your last comment about him taking risks the other two have not is not true Radcliffe himself has been taking risks, I mean heck his role in Equus was a big risk and no not because he went naked in it either. Also I think I might add though I think Grint is talented I did not think he was the most talented out of Potter. I also don't think radcliffe is the least talented either. BTW I dont see what was so offensive about the article just because it does not fit your views of grint does not mean it is offensive.

Mishy on May 24, 2012


the "most talented out of potter"???.....that's riveting conversation.......NOT!

beevis on May 24, 2012


Sorry you were impressed by Equus... it was awful. He was better in "How to Succeed in Business" but of the 3 main characters, he is by far the weakest. Watson and Grint are taking real acting risks.  Radcliffe may have a career on Broadway, but even that will require a lot of work on his part. As for the offensiveness, it isn't just this critic. For some reason critics are neglecting to do a basic IMDB search to even verify what a person has done before the write articles, and second if they are going to write and critique something they should actually watch those films before they make misleading and statements intended to influence public opinion. 

cesug on May 24, 2012


 I have not seen Equus so I do not know if he was trully good or not but if you had read the play it was still a huge risk to do. Also radcliffe had rave reviews for Equus. You may have thought he was awful others disagree clearly. Also I and many others do not think Radcliffe is BY FAR the weakest like you state. If you are going to go around telling people they should do their research you should too, because Radcliffe had just had a hit at the box office which was a risk for him because it was a horror and those dont do well generally and it was mostly him throught the whole movie. He also just rapped up filming on Kill your Darlings with Elizabeth Olsen and Dane Dehann go and look that up if you dont think it is a risk. He is also fixing to do mini series called the young doctors notebook, look that up too buddy. He has a couple other things that he is looking at to do as well. So no Grint and Watson are not the only ones taking real acting risk. I don't even think they are taking much risk at all. To reply to your other comment Radcliffe also did work outside of the UK during Potter he did december boys in Austraila whether it was good or not does not matter. SO you should try to do your reachearch before you open your mouth and spout crap all over the place. Besides this is about Rupert getting roles ignore the crap that the writer said about him and right about how glad you are the rupert is getting work. 

Mishy on May 24, 2012


Made mistakes I meant to write in the last sentence. I am sure I made other spelling mistakes else where too.

Mishy on May 24, 2012


I agree, plus he did the splendid tv film "My Boy Jack" and an hilarious turn in "Extras" during the Potter years.

Whitejo2003 on May 29, 2012


he looks weird with a gun

Conrad Williams on May 24, 2012


I think the point might've been more that he hasn't yet proven himself as a star who can carry a film to the same profitable ends as Dan Radcliffe has and Emma Watson is likely to (with upcoming films like the Bling Ring and the Perks of Being a Wallflower).  To me, he certainly seemed to have the most natural talent of the HP trio, and I'm excited to hear about him taking on new projects - I personally very much enjoyed Wild Target and am hoping to catch Into the White if I can.  Both of these two new movies sound like they could be a lot of fun.

Emma on May 24, 2012


Rupert is amazing such a good actor. The best of the trio.

Patricia on May 24, 2012


I personally was and continue to be easily most excited about Rupert's career of the Potter leads. None are without their chops but I think he's far and away the most natural actor of the three, both in and out of the Potter movies. I don't know that he'll ever be a leading man but a lot of the best actors aren't.

Jake on May 24, 2012


With the exception of "Into the White" (yet), I've see all of Rupert's films.  I support the trio in general in their post-Potter pursuits.  However, I've always held a special place in my heart for the career of Mr. Grint.  Completely, keeping to the topic of Rupert without discussing anyone else, I for one have recognized his efforts outside of Potter when he was still making the films.  I've always felt that he would do very well in drama (not the sappy kind, but the gritty kind) more so than comedy. I've also never seen him as Ron in any of his other film roles.  I just welcome the opportunity for Rupert to be involved in projects that will showcase to others what I've always known was there.  And I hope the projects mentioned above (I think he might play a thug, too...), as well as, The Drummer will be the perfect vehicles to display him in the areas of drama, comedy, etc.... ~AJWC1

AJWC1 on May 24, 2012


Hey everyone, just don't give too much atention to this kind of reviews. We all know Rupert acting skills because we watched him growing up. It's funny how people analyses an actor's career. if you take a small role in a big film, you are an great actor, but if you have a great performance in a indie, it means nothing. If I would write something about Rupert, Emma, Dan or someone else, I would take a look at their performances' reviews. It's a good tip, and I can say that, even in films like Driving Lessons, Cherrybomb and Wild Target , Rupert always got good reviews. So everybody can do the same about Emma's performance in Ballet Shoes and My week w/ Marilyn and Dan's in TWIB and on stage.

Patricia on May 24, 2012


I've always thought Rupert Grint was the best and gave the most interesting performances of the three Potter stars, and I am most excited to see where else he takes his career. Emma Watson is next, because it was great to watch the leaps and bounds she improved by. But I am really not interested at all in Dan Radcliffe's career as an actor, I just don't find his work all that compelling.

Benjammy on May 24, 2012


medium actor

Ehsan Davodi on May 24, 2012


 I prefer mine 'well done'.

Max on May 26, 2012


Rupert does not need to prove himself. He is such a good actor and I think people can see that. The only reason alot of his work wasn't seen was because they were british indie films. On the other hand, emma and dan's work was in america which has a bigger movie scene that attracts a lot of media attention. Plus Rupert said himself that he wanted to take a little break and do a few small things before diving back into the big movies. Anyway, Rupert's brilliant, without a doubt. The movies he's done have a real story behind them.

Zee on Jun 1, 2012

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