Scarlett Johansson Says Black Widow Will Not Appear in 'Iron Man 3'

April 25, 2012
Source: Screen Rant

Iron Man 3 / Black Widow

Despite recent reports circulating online, it appears at least one expected cast member from Iron Man 2 will not be appearing in Iron Man 3. Though she apparently is at her best in The Avengers, Scarlett Johnasson says that Black Widow will not be appearing in the franchise sequel. I suppose with the recent casting of Jessica Chastain as a "sexy scientist" there's only room for one titillating redhead in the cast, but more practically, given that the character isn't really needed to continue Iron Man's story and was one of the weaker parts in Iron Man 2, as it set up for The Avengers more than anything, this is good news

Screen Rant got Johnasson to deliver the news in a recent interview she shared with Mark Ruffalo. However, apparently the actress is pretty keen on seeing some sort of Jason Bourne-esque flick following Black Widow. The source also points out that considering how well Black Widow and Hawkeye work out in The Avengers, it would be great to see the duo get their own film. Perhaps that's something that will come together if a S.H.I.E.L.D. spin-off, an idea that has been rumored since Samuel L. Jackson signed a nine-picture deal to play Nick Fury for Marvel Studios. That sounds just fine to us. How about you?

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Great, I hated her in Iron Man 2.

Nielsen700 on Apr 25, 2012


A SHIELD film would be great, and a  way to let the lesser-know heroes get some screentime.

Ryderup on Apr 25, 2012


Makes sense.

Xerxexx on Apr 25, 2012


"Whatevs" as the kids say. In 5 years I feel Marvel will have blown it's load entirely, even with inevitable will feel butter....scraped over too much bread...

Voice of Reason on Apr 25, 2012


 I love that line.

Xerxexx on Apr 25, 2012


 Thats a WIN bro. *tips hat*

LosZombies on Apr 26, 2012


Ha! Dude you obviously don't understand the Marvel Universe and that is only expanding in popularity. There is plenty of untapped material...but good luck with your posts

McWilly on Apr 26, 2012


Thanks....I'll keep working on my posts? This is the silver age of comic book movies, several already being rebooted 3 to 5 times. I've been reading Marvel all my life and love the universe, I dont think they'll be kicking around as strongly in the later years as they are now, is that so hard to believe?

Voice of Reason on Apr 27, 2012


I want to see Stark on his own. I thought the plans was her would have to use his wits and not rely on Shield.

ur_babys_daddy on Apr 25, 2012


Pepper is redheaded.

ASFan on Apr 25, 2012


I don't think black widow should of been in that film or in the avangers, there's just not room for her next to any of the big four.

Dolivares03 on Apr 25, 2012


not a fan of Black Widow, not a fan of Sam Jackson as Nick Fury (love jackson and Fury, but Sam Jackson just is NOT Nick Fury. Kurt Russell ? Kurt Russell is Nick Fury!) and i wish Hawkeye had his mask. i'll stop complaining now.

Astroboy3000 on Apr 25, 2012


Kurt Russell is Snake Pliskin!

ur_babys_daddy on Apr 25, 2012


Her role was pointless in my opinion. :/

LosZombies on Apr 26, 2012


i like turtles

Rhythm Master on Apr 26, 2012


Glad he wasn't one of mine!

ur_babys_daddy on Apr 26, 2012


Next project of Nicholas windin reifn(drive s director) is only god forgive and I Wana tell director of iron man 3 for this decision that: Hey guy remember this title Only God Forgive , Not I Only Sweet surprise in iron man 2 for me was her! Without black widow this project is widow too They must deliver us very high score superhero film till I forgive them

Ehsan Davodi on Apr 26, 2012


WHY BLACK WIDOW? I mean she only had two lil pistols... not even AK-47s... two lil silly pistols! She was the worst waste of screen space in Iron Man and Avengers. You could had Black Panther who has almost as much technology as Batman and all his vibradium weaponary. Black Panther even beat Capt America in hand to hand... but for some unknown reason aside from HAVING to put a chick as an Avenger which makes no sense compared to a thunder god, an super-armored knight, a freakin gamma-angered giant... then there is the archer, hmmmmm... ok but really? What was the point of black widow? She is not incredibly hot anyways if that was her role... eye candy. Marvel did awesome with Avengers but Black Widow seemed so forced down our throats... like what was the need of her? If not for her Avengers would have been 100% awesome instead of 95%... she bothered me through my 3D glasses... she annoyed me.

Pocho on May 5, 2012


for the record one of the best characterization of the movie was the one of Scarlett Johansson (after Ruffallo and Downey Jr.). And I don't know if you have read or seen the las comics and avengers cartoon but black widow is totally capable of kiking black panther and captain America at the same time. And plus that she was one of the most interesting part of the movie avengers ( said by the critics)... so next time you wanna complain about something read a little. p.s. if the Avengers had only the 4 super heroes the movie wouldn't have at least a real point (wich is necessary) to connect with the audience.

J.H. on Jan 20, 2013

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