Second Mystery Credits Scene for 'Avengers' Arriving This Weekend

May 2, 2012
Source: Superhero Hype

The Avengers

Last month, the interwebs were all abuzz with a rumor, started by Robert Downey Jr. himself, that yet another credits scenes was going to be shot for The Avengers after the press junket that followed the premiere just the night before. Kevin Feige was bombarded with questions about the potential scene, and he merely said, " "I will tell you this: It was not a scene. It was not a scene. There's little things. It's been blown out of proportion." He even said, "There is the potential that there will be one little change. People might not even notice it. It's not a big thing." Well, it sounds like he's a liar. More below!

Over at the Superhero Hype forums (via The Playlist), someone has learned about the scene and reveals what happens. We won't talk about it here as it should be experience on the big screen when it hits theaters in the United States this weekend, but you can go to their forums if you want to read the description. It's important to note that The Avengers has already opened practically everywhere else around the world, but this second credits scene was not attached to those international prints. Instead, this extra scene can only be viewed in North America. So if that pisses you off, and you want a sneak peek, Unleash the Fanboy has a quick screencap of the scene in question (see it while you can!). Otherwise, get pumped for the midnight shows tomorrow and the premiere of the greatest superhero assembly to ever hit the big screen!

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It's an extra scene with Tony Strak and the introduction of Ben Kingsley as Mandarin. This for the next Marvel film Iron Man2.

Ryderup on May 2, 2012


Iron Man 3.

Ryderup on May 2, 2012


Sir, you are incorrect.

Grichmer on May 3, 2012


Let me be the first to say ....  meh.

Yawn on May 2, 2012


You're so cool and unaffected by the mainstream.

Rhythm Master on May 2, 2012


 No.I Am just bored with the superhero/comicbook movies.Guess I am getting old. Now excuse me I have to go yell at those kids on my lawn.

Yawn on May 2, 2012


That's just like me, I'm so bored of movies based on books. But even they aren't as bad as the ones where two characters have a relationship that develops over the course of the movie.

Doyle on May 2, 2012


 Actually  I am just pissing about.I don't really care one way or another.Just find it funny with all the hype and excitement.I will probably watch it and enjoy it....but then again...meh

Yawn on May 2, 2012


 I bet you like to sniff toilet seats don't you ?????

Downboy on May 5, 2012


Wouldn't call him a liar.. Just good PR 🙂

Davide Coppola on May 2, 2012


This makes me happy.

Rhythm Master on May 2, 2012


Nice. Having an all around fun spring movie is going to be rad. 

Quanah on May 2, 2012


Just saw Avengers last night.  There's definitely two end credits scenes, one during & one afterwards.  Make sure you stay for both.  Each of them are flipping awesome in different ways (I'm guessing the post-credits one is the one Downey & Feige are referring to.)

spencersweeting on May 2, 2012


 Is it easy to masturbate to?

for teh lolz on May 2, 2012


Well, that's awkward...

spencersweeting on May 2, 2012


 Well, public masturbation always is.

for teh lolz on May 2, 2012


 Well, public masturbation always is.

for teh lolz on May 2, 2012


 I have heard  that you masturbate while you sniff toilet seats in the men's room , in particular the warm ones that have just been vacated .

Downboy on May 5, 2012


For our friends in the US I just want to say this: you're in for a hellof a good time at the movies. This movie is all it should and could be. As far as blockbuster movies go, this is the best I've seen in years.

Ricardo_PT on May 2, 2012


It's huge. Changes completelly the way we see the universe today. Reinvents the genre and contains info about tons of sequels to come.

Manuel on May 2, 2012


I love avengers, but in sequel they must focus on antagonist either, not only good side. Beside I think Justice League > Avengers I think once upon a time in future we see (Justice League vs Avengers) and I have many idea for that DC is unbreakable ! Wait for Dark Knight Rises & Man Of Steel but I also think Man of Steel Beat the Man of Bat because steel cut the bat Zack Sniydeeeeeeeeeeeeeer

Ehsan Davodi on May 2, 2012


What's wrong with you?

Manuel on May 2, 2012


I have a strange feeling this guy is the most genius troll that ever lived. "man of bat" - Can't be serious.

Rhythm Master on May 2, 2012


Stop making fun of him. I have a slight suspicion that Ehsan Davodi is in fact God.

Hfd on May 2, 2012


I'm not making fun of him, I genuinely believe he is a genius troll.

Rhythm Master on May 2, 2012


A case of google translate fail

David Banner on May 2, 2012


Winners don't use drugs

Max Renn on May 2, 2012


The Avengers was AWESOME, saw it this weekend. I never looked so good in a movie 🙂

David Banner on May 2, 2012


But you weren't in it, TV Hulk. Bruce Banner was in this movie.

Max Renn on May 2, 2012


Someone already snapped a picture of it. It's just all the avengers having dinner together.

Tyban on May 2, 2012


The picture doesn't do it justice.  Within the context and tone of the movie, the scene is a pitch perfect tip of the hat to fans.

spencersweeting on May 2, 2012


Im an American living in Germany and have already seen the movie four times....this scene would have been awesome to see because it ties in with a line from earlier on....damn you all!

C.Murder on May 2, 2012


Wouldn't it be funny if it was all of the Avengers sitting around a table eating shawarma?

Awtan90 on May 2, 2012


 or "doner kebab"  🙂

Alfred on May 2, 2012


Extra Scene Spoiler alert!! I live in Sweden and in the version we got there was one extra scene early on in to the credits. There was a Chitauri warrior in space on a black rock-like planet, talking to someone out of frame. He goes on about how waging a war on planet earth is only to flirt with death. Then the camera turns around and we see a big figure with his back against us, he then turns his head around and smiles, it's Thanos! Que nerdgasm

Cumberbatch on May 3, 2012

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