Theatrical Trailer for Kathryn Bigelow's 'Zero Dark Thirty' Declassified

October 11, 2012
Source: Apple

Zero Dark Thirty Trailer

"The whole world is going to want in on this…" Columbia Pictures has unveiled the second, full-length, theatrical trailer for Kathryn Bigelow's Zero Dark Thirty, the Navy SEAL Team Six movie about the hunt for and killing of the terrorist Osama bin Laden. We featured the first teaser trailer in August, and it barely showed much except a few shots of the CIA operations room and Osama's bunker. Now we finally get a closer look at the SEAL cast, including Chris Pratt, Joel Edgerton and Jason Clarke, plus a badass-looking Jessica Chastain, Frank Grillo, Kyle Chandler & James Gandolfini. This looks damn good.

Watch the second official trailer for Kathryn Bigelow's Zero Dark Thirty, in high def Apple:

A break in the manhunt for Osama bin Laden is the backdrop for the gripping story about the combined efforts of an extraordinary group of Navy SEALS. About the most daring military op of our generation.

Zero Dark Thirty, which has gone under the title Kill Bin Laden, is directed by Oscar winning filmmaker Kathryn Bigelow, of Near Dark, Blue Steel, Point Break, Strange Days, K-19, Mission Zero and The Hurt Locker previously. The script was written by her partner, Oscar winner Mark Boal, a former photojournalist embedded in the Iraq War, who went on to write The Hurt Locker for Bigelow. Columbia Pictures will be releasing Zero Dark Thirty in theaters everywhere December 19th later this year. Are you seeing this?

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Woah! I had no idea this had such a stellar cast... I'm definitely in.

Akira Money ♕ on Oct 11, 2012


Film about thx...

David Darida on Oct 11, 2012


Although I do feel the Hurt Locker was overrated, due to lack of realistic accuracy... Kathryn Bigelow has a way with compelling images. I'm definitely seeing this.

Ray Hartley on Oct 11, 2012


The irony here, is that the American government are the BIGGEST terrorists in the entire world. They've been waging secret wars for oil and resources since Poppy Bush became head of the CIA.

guest on Oct 11, 2012


You should research and educate yourself before spouting off bullshit, though I dont disagree Amerika is the most corrupt country in the world spouting off the typical liberal college student bs about wars for oil blah blah makes you look like an idiot. My guess is you probably didnt even form those opinions yourself anyway.

Cody W on Oct 11, 2012


"america is the most corrupt country in the world"...????? by "america", i assume you mean the united states. and if you actually believe that, then you're an idiot. there are MANY other countries that are far more corrupt than the US.

beevis on Oct 11, 2012


It certainly is one of the most corrupt. Think about this - after the world's economy collapsed in 2008, not one single Wall Street crook involved has been held accountable, or been imprisoned. Then you take someone like Julian Assange - who is labelled a terrorist because he dared to expose Bush and Cheney's war crimes. See, there's a fallacy in America that if you are smart, work hard enough, you too can rise to the top and achieve many things. This is largely the big fat lie, that Americans have been getting spoon fed since the end of the second world war. The only people who really make it in America are the ones who come from families of wealth, power and resource. That's simply the way the system is designed over there. Has been for over a century. It favors the rich, not the poor. It profits from war, not peace. JFK was the last great President you people ever had. He really did try and change things for the better. He wanted to abolish The Federal Reserve (a privately owned bank), and give the countries wealth back to the common people. This did not sit well with the status quo. And, look what happened as a result. George Carlin once said, "The American dream is bullshit. And you have to be asleep to really believe it."

guest on Oct 11, 2012


Lay off the drugs man

Geoffrey Shauger on Oct 12, 2012


Geoffray Shauger the great ameritard.I mean american. But yeah USA is not EVIL as some's neither a shinning beacon of democracy as it is supposed to be on's like any human society or thing...flawed...

I know it's bad on Oct 12, 2012


In other news: the european union just won the Peace Nobel Prize...yeay

Ricardo_PT on Oct 12, 2012


Europe is far from perfect. I know.I 'm europian.

free? on Oct 12, 2012


So am I. Where are you from? I'm from Portugal. it's kinda ridiculous that the EU wins the prize when we're all entering some dark times. It's just SO political. Just like when Obama won the nobel prize for promises he made while campaigning for president. Makes no sense.

Ricardo_PT on Oct 12, 2012


Don't be fooled by Obama's sheen. He has to answer to the same bankers, oil tycoons and military industrial crooks as every President for the last 50 years. Presidents are simply foot-soldiers for the likes of David Rockefeller and the real money masters of America. If you think he's actually there because you voted him in, then you really are blind.

KlamK on Oct 12, 2012


Learn something, kid.

guest on Oct 12, 2012


they're "secret wars"..........and yet - you know of them - LMAO at you.

beevis on Oct 11, 2012


If you can peel yourself away from jersey Shore for a minute, might wanna go out and do some reading on the CIA's secret wars. Would help to know how the world operates before attempting to be funny.

guest on Oct 11, 2012


The minute america stops trying to police the globe, even though its 100% for their own interests, oil etc. someone else will step up, most likely China. So next time you try insult somebody for making a joke on a movie website do some real research instead of some conspiracy reading on reddit and thinking youre a hero because you know shit about the cia and disprove.

neo on Oct 11, 2012


Um.. the world is partly like it is BECAUSE of America trying to patrol the world. The damage the Bush/Cheney cabal have done to this planet is probably never going to unravel in our life time. And that's the whole point. It's no conspiracy. It's real life. American has to create enemies in order to justify their ballooning defense budgets, and implement new policies which see your civil liberties eroded more and more each day. Your continued support of Israel, while hypocritically assassinating democratically elected leaders who dare say "no" to America, and then arming tyrants, only to invade them a few years later, all in the name of freedom and liberty. Yeah, give me a break, pal. You really think the Islamic fundamentalists would give two shits if your government stopped bombing their lands and pillaging all their natural resources. So how about YOU do some research before trying to comment on things you clearly have no idea about. And here's a little cheat sheet for ya - read John Stockwell's thoughts on the matter, then come back to me.

guest on Oct 11, 2012


my god - you sound brainwashed. i'm not going to pick apart each point - this is a movie forum, after all. clearly though - you're brainwashed and you sound psychotic and very dangerous. somehow, i picture you responding on these forums while you're manufacturing homemade's too bad you have such anger and hate in you. i won't be responding to any more of your craziness - you are a complete psychopath and definitely the biggest nutjob i've ever run into online.

beevis on Oct 11, 2012


Actually, I think you're the one brainwashed. Better tun along, Jersey Shore is about to begin. Or is that X-Factor, or American Idol? I'm normal, like you, but I'm just someone who has awoken to the majority of bullshit the American government likes to peddle. And yes, this is a movie forum, but this film is supposedly based on real events, so it all kind of makes sense to talk about it. Anyway, as you were.

guest on Oct 11, 2012


Hey Beevis. dude, IF you really think our government doesn't filter news and info to us, than I'd say you are the one brainwashed. WAKE UP!

OnTheLam on Oct 11, 2012


no - i'm not brainwashed at all. i'm not at all in agreement with our govt. - but, i don't think there is a govt. in the world that does everything correctly. i'm also not one of the fringe, crazy people like you who have these bizarre notions. in reality and in comparison to any other country in the world, i think the US holds it's own in news being made available to the public.

beevis on Oct 11, 2012


Hahahahahahaaa! You are clueless, kid.

guest on Oct 11, 2012


Italians seem to have a pretty solid governmental structure, not corrupt or anything.

Carpola on Oct 12, 2012


You can't say something without an evidence...sorry US gov.

David Darida on Oct 12, 2012


what does your comment even mean? it makes no sense.

beevis on Oct 12, 2012


You may not be brainwashed, but as Guest said - you are clueless as to what's really going on in this country. But that's OK, most Americans have no idea - and that's the whole point. We're like mushrooms - kept in the dark and fed bullshit.

Johnson on Oct 12, 2012


well - you, like several others on here, say i'm clueless and yet not one of you bring one single item out and say exactly what i'm clueless about. for example - you might say i'm not aware of the obama administrations dealing arms to the mexican drug cartels in (misguided) hopes of tracing the arms to the cartels and finding where they're located......but i do know about this and am shocked our govt. would do such a foolish thing. or about our past arms sales in nicaragua - another ridiculous plan. but, i'm not going turn into a kook conspiricay theorist and live my life with anger and hatred over some contrived belief that only the US govt is operating in a covert way and NOBODY else on the planet is doing the same - it's just not true and only a fool would think that.

beevis on Oct 12, 2012


its funny how when someones perception is being challenged, their first reaction is to call that person a nut job.

KlamK on Oct 11, 2012


that wasn't my first reaction - i based it off several of that persons posts. it's sad your reading comprehension skillls are so poor that you couldn't grasp that......and that's your problem - not mine.

beevis on Oct 11, 2012


But the guy is largely right. If you really think all is well in your little universe, than who really is the one that's brainwashed? Your making assumptions, and accusing him of being a nutjob, when its clear you're one of the most naive posters on this site.

KlamK on Oct 11, 2012


when did i say "all was well" - i never said that at all. there is a lot going on in the US that needs fixing. - but what was being said on here was nothing but fringe, extremist ranting. and how is it clear i'm naive? by your style of writing (example - "all is well in your little universe") you are the naive, immature person in this conversation. bottom line is this- the guests posts came across to me as angry and filled with hate. and with those emotions come a gross exaggeration of reality. hey, if you want to live in that reality - fine with me.....but that seems like a poor way to live your life.

beevis on Oct 11, 2012


Points taken. I don't think he comes across angry, but he certainly should be. We all should be. This Government has been screwing us for years. But that's another argument. And you're calling me immature and naive? You sound like one of those Republican college kids who has both fingers up to his ears, going "la, la, la, la, la, I'm not listening to you. God bless America." Whatves, dude. Good luck and all that.

KlamK on Oct 11, 2012


i'm independent - i'll vote for whoever i think is the best candidate for a given position - and yes, i did graduate from ohio state and have done very well in life. if that's a bad thing - then i hope more people suffer from it as well.

beevis on Oct 11, 2012


Obviously you can't read, Beevis. Your first reply to Guest was: "LMAO at you." So yeah, you suck.

OnTheLam on Oct 11, 2012


sure it was - but that comment wasn't directed at his was over the irony of him/her using the term "secret wars" when he says he knew about them. if he knew - how does that make them "secret". lam - you're yet another person with no reading comprehension skills. or maybe you don't understand irony -

beevis on Oct 11, 2012


Sorry mate - he's right! You're the one who has been brainwashed - wake up man, stop being a puppet.

newGuest on Oct 12, 2012


you'd have to be more specific before i could reply. ........and how am i a puppet?

beevis on Oct 12, 2012


then by all means - give us some facts - and tell us how the world operates. then relate it to why the US is the "biggest terrorists in the world". you see - the reason i press you is because what you've said in your previous post is absoloute nonsense.

beevis on Oct 11, 2012


The fact that you think it's nonsense only proves how ignorant you are. Get out there, see the world. Live a little, kid.

guest on Oct 11, 2012


'Merica. Fuck yeah! Who cares? The rest of the world sucks anyway.

RighteousSon on Oct 11, 2012


I rest my case.

guest on Oct 11, 2012


i wouldn't say that - there is good and bad anywhere in the world.

beevis on Oct 11, 2012


Your mama sucks....cock....

TheRestofTheWorld on Oct 15, 2012


Beevis, I think what he meant by "secret" is that the majority of Americans are kept dumb and unaware of world events by their own government/media. The news rarely touches on world events, and the majority of Americans have no clue, or little care of other cultures outside of their own borders. I've met some Americans who had no idea of the drug wars in Mexico, yet they live a few hundred miles from the border.

klemK on Oct 11, 2012


this kind of generalization could be said about any country. your notion that these things ONLY happen in the US is ridiculous and false. also, the news in the US gives an amazing amount of info on ALL sorts of world events. many countries censor the news before it's given to the public -not in the US. MANY countries don't even have the wherewithall (internet/television/radio/newpapers) to effectively deliver the news to it's're completely wrong with that assumption. as far as the last of your post - you can find people anywhere in the world with skewed views - the idea that it's worse in the US makes little sense to me because i have now idea how you came to that conclusion.

beevis on Oct 11, 2012


Not so much America, though. UK, Australia, Europe - all have less corporate controlled media outlets (although there's a lot to be said about the UK). But apart from China and some middle eastern countries, it's the US is the most insulated country I've ever been in. Whenever I'm there it feels like I'm in a vacuum. Literally nothing from the outside. Just constant a constant bombardment from corporate controlled media.

guest on Oct 11, 2012


uh - in austraila, govt. restrictions are so tight, that some things as insignificant as video games can't be sold there - so, you think the people there are getting the "real" news? the UK, which for MANY years kept india enslaved due to "corporate" interests and at the same time trying to force thier govt. beliefs/taxes/restrictions on the irish - to the point that they fought a covert war with ireland for over 100 years? and then there could be the fun brit fact that their govt. will hire out their assassins for profit.......yea - british integrity. as far as the rest fo europe - the french have never involved themselves in the outside world and thier people are considered some of the rudest people in the world. then there is germany - who have us WWII along with the holocaust. and lets not forget the spanish - whose president is supposed to be heading up a major ecological foundation to preserve endangered species and then goes to african nations to shoot these animals on expensive safaris. i could go on but this isn't the proper forum for this kind of discussion. the US isn't perfect - but compared to the rest of the world - it ain't bad either.

beevis on Oct 11, 2012


The American government was sending supplies to Germany right up until Pearl Harbour, it's not a secret. At least the US joined the war not like the Snow Nazi's the Swiss, counting their gold teeth by the wheelbarrow load. Who cares really. Human beings are at fault, greed can break any man, some men's hearts are so black with greed that they become a void. Like with the US or any other country, I don't judge a place by it's politicians, they aren't like real people, like you or me, they are slippery snakes, even the ones that aren't tools. Like you say Beevis, there are douchebags everywhere. Blind nationalism is not a good thing though, that's what powered the Nazi Party.

Carpola on Oct 12, 2012


you'd have to cite your sources on the one with germany being supplied by the US (unless you mean prewar -which was the case) and that was no different that the brits and french caving in to multiple hitler demands for more territory - in hopes for his not starting a war. anyways, this is not based on anything but interest. i minored in military history with my particular interest being the eastern front of WWII. the US was supplying the russians - i always felt (as many do) that the US "did the supplying and let the russians do the dying". the US should have entered the war a year sooner -but, that is another topic althgether. of course "blind nationalism" isn't a good thing......but neither is "blind hatred" either. i agree about politicians everywhere -but, people (regardless of politics or not and regardless of region) can be either decent people or completely's been that way since the beginning of mans (and woman!) time on this planet.

beevis on Oct 12, 2012


The Bush family made their fortune of funding the Nazi war machine. Google Precott Bush/Union Banking, and you'll see tons of investigative work on this dark part of American elitism.

Matias L on Oct 12, 2012


why single out bush or the united states? it's no secret that big business anywhere has always profited on war and unrest in the world. i'm not even sure what your point is - "elitism" isn't restricted to being just american.

beevis on Oct 12, 2012


my initial reply isn't showing up. i don't want to rewrite the whole thing - i have an extensive library on WWII - my particular interest is the eastern front. anyway - could you cite your sources on the US supplying the nazis during the war. i'm aware of the US supplying the russians fight against the nazis in the east. i think the US should have joined the war a year earlier than they did -but that's another topic. anyway - your sources on that? i'm interested.

beevis on Oct 12, 2012


thanks for those links - but, i don't see how the blanket statement : "the US, as a country, did business with the nazis" can be stated as fact. of course, there were corporations inside the US doing business with the nazis - not a surprise. these same businesses had been getting rich off the blood and sweat of its own people here in the states using unfair labor practices for over 100 years - so, this isn't a surprise at all....however - it's not accurate, or fair, to say the US, as a country, was doing business with the nazis while at war with them.....just an opinion. - also, charles highham (from the info on the link you sent me) seems to take some big leaps on tying US materials to german use. the one i shook my head at in particular, was his notion that processed fuel was being sent from the US - through switzerland and to the germans to be used by the german military against the allies.......from a 1940s era logistics standpoint, that's just "crazy talk". thanks for the links - it's no secret that big business will always try to make a buck whereever possible - but still worth al look.

beevis on Oct 12, 2012


Here's a wee infographic Beevis, half of congress are millionaires, I know a million dollars isn't much anymore, but I imagine it's more than you or I will ever have in the bank. These people are are supported throughout their careers by people who make a lot of dirty money and they expect a return on that financial backing. It's simple business. Or does no-one ask any questions any more? Or back then? There was a news article hidden on page 7 of a newspaper about my cities council, after an external audit was carried out, it was found that £40,000 was going missing or unaccounted for every single day. I think it goes into property or sausage rolls, who knows. I've went way off the topic of the above film, but after 2 wars and Osama been 'killed' and disposed of in the most comedy fashion ever, my petrol still isn't any cheaper, in fact it's almost doubled in price. So all the propaganda of winning won't work on me. Makes a good movie, but like a lot of Vietnam movies I loved as a kid seemed to be about victory, I always thought the US won that one without losing a soldier, well, just theguys that had walk on parts that I didn't really care about anyway. I'm just rambling now, waffling in a crazy way. Down the road from my house an old drug dealer owed a young guy £200, a relatively small debt which could have been easily paid, but instead he decided to smash his skull in with a paving slab in front of his wife and child. If a human being is willing to do that for such an insignificant amount of money, imagine what someone would do for billions? And they don't even have to pull the trigger. Let's get back to the movies! I don't really delve into politics so much any more I think it's sort of a waste of time. I was going to mention the Nazi's in NASA, but let's just leave that back in the space race and all the pointlessness that it was.

Carpola on Oct 13, 2012


man - i don't like to get off topic either. but i'm sick to death of people and these "america is the worst" comments. in reality - the US is as good as or better than any other country in the world. problems here for the average citizen may be difficult - but not nearly as bad as for the average people of any other country. and my view isn't "blind patriotism" or whatever some of these idiots are calling it - it's just the way it is..........anyone who thinks otherwise has lost touch with reality. i'm not sure but you started to ramble thru the middle of your post -however -the US didn't fare well in vietnam in a variety of ways. too many factors to discuss here, though. as far as what humanity is willing to do for profit - it doesn't matter the sum - "man" is willing to do heinous things just for the hell of it (look at that 10 year old girl that someone in colorado killed and dismembered last week). i'm very disappointed in what i see people doing here in the US as well as every other part of this planet. agree on politics being a waste of time - nothing ever changes....i guess we should be thankful that things run as well as they do (even though that isn't very good. and yea - what's going on with fuel and oil companies should be considered criminal - but with the oil companies lining the pockets of govts. all over the world - it'll continue until fuel costs cause the world economy to implode. the world is a mess - i'm just thankful i'm in a position to sit back in a comfortable lawn chair; pop a cold one and watch it fall apart. now, lets DO get back to the movies. i have NO interest in this film. i wasn't a fan of "hurt locker" and think kate bigelow is over-rated. this "killing bin laden" topic isn't one i think makes a good movie subject - i'd rather see a movie about the war with the drug cartels in mexico (which would inclulde the perspective of both meixican and US law enforcement) - those mexican cartels make the columbians look tame.

beevis on Oct 13, 2012


" the news in the US gives an amazing amount of info on ALL sorts of world events. many countries censor the news before it's given to the public -not in the US." Wow...just wow.

guest on Oct 11, 2012


god i love the internetz.

dpaterso on Oct 12, 2012


who doesn't?

beevis on Oct 12, 2012


I think mommy just called you down for dinner

Geoffrey Shauger on Oct 12, 2012


Can't shoot terrorists with bullets made of happy.

Stavi on Oct 12, 2012


Great movie for those naive enough to still think Bin Laden planned 9/11 from inside a cave with a satellite phone.

Zed on Oct 11, 2012


Yeah was totally Cheney can't melt steal man

Geoffrey Shauger on Oct 12, 2012


9/11 was a botched art installation.

Carpola on Oct 12, 2012


It was a performance that bombed.

I know it's bad on Oct 12, 2012


Can't melt steal? lol, great to see America still at the forefront of education, spelling and basic grammar.

Zed on Oct 12, 2012


Hurt Locker struggled to muster up $20 million at the box office, even though it was praised by critics. This will be the same. No one wants to see how America kills people. People are sick of war.

you're wong on Oct 11, 2012


People were sick of it 4000 years ago...that hasn't stopped Hollywood from making a buck or two.

Geoffrey Shauger on Oct 12, 2012


Oh, no, who let the Republicunt in here?

you're wong on Oct 12, 2012


Damn. Still hella pumped for this.

DAVIDPD on Oct 11, 2012


Was that Mark Strong? He wasnt credited above, love that guy.

Cody W on Oct 11, 2012


i'll probably see this as a rent.

beevis on Oct 11, 2012


Jesus H. Christ! It's just a movie. Get over yourselves... If you don't want to watch it then don't. Nobody cares about your conspiracy theory crap.

opie on Oct 11, 2012


And nobody cares about your ignorance.

KlamK on Oct 11, 2012


This looks epic i am not missing this!!!!! This looks great!!! Oscar potential 9/10 the cast looks amazing, visuals looks amazing, going in my calendar. The Navy Seal tech looks awesome!!

T1103 on Oct 11, 2012


Hahaha Chris Pratt is in this. Awesome. ''So this Bin Laden guy, wasn't he captured by South Park already?''

Neal on Oct 12, 2012


"the gripping story about the combined efforts of an extraordinary group of Navy SEALS. About the most daring military op of our generation." Wow if thats not some propaganda right there I don't know what is! Soundtrack is good, but without a good script here Kathryn could be jeopardising her career and might just become the next Michael Bay.

Dom on Oct 12, 2012


Uh oh...who let the Libtard in

Geoffrey Shauger on Oct 12, 2012


You mean without the script for an Oscar awarded screenwriter like the one they are using?

Norbert P. Korzus on Oct 24, 2012


As someone who thinks The Hurt Locker was one of the most overrated movies of the last decade (certainly one of the worst films to win the academy award), I am not looking forward to this, but I'll watch to see how it turned out

Ricardo_PT on Oct 12, 2012


And all of this has to do with "Zero Dark Thirty" how? Just asking. BTW, the trailer looks good.

D'oh on Oct 12, 2012


Movie of the year. thank you Kathryn Bigelow!

Bob on Oct 12, 2012


"beevis" and other fuckers,here is a place about movies,not political craps,move your shitty ass from here.fuck bin laden and you assholes talking bullshit.we just wanna watch this movie.go chat rooms and fuck each other until death...idiots

Bob on Oct 13, 2012


"beevis" and other stupid fuckers,here is a place about movies,not political craps,fuck bin laden and your conspiracy theories,communists and religious assholes,you can go to chat rooms and fuck each other to death,you idiots.

Bob on Oct 13, 2012


So Bigelow has now become the officially sanctioned storyteller for the lies of Dod, right? Well, here's hoping it at least makes a good story. A good lesson on how to build legends out of lies.

vasras on Oct 13, 2012


Propaganda at it's finest!!!!!!!

REAL6 on Oct 13, 2012


Why is everything "bad ass"? Can't you guys use a little more of the dictionary to find adjectives?

octopus9498 on Oct 15, 2012


#1 Yes Alex.. I am seeing this. #2 My God... Firstshowing subscribers are an interesting bunch. Not only geeks... but intelligent, passionate and ready to engage in some healthy debate.... speaking of which... #4 Beevis... dude... you're the MVP. You never back down do you? School 'em bro...

Duane on Oct 15, 2012


Hah. I skipped #3.... Eff it.

Duane on Oct 15, 2012

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