Will Smith & Shyamalan Tweet Out Tropical 'After Earth' Set Photos

February 8, 2012
Source: WhoSay, Facebook

After Earth

So are they still on Earth or somewhere else? I'm not normally a fan of set photos, but these images come straight from the source(s) themselves - Will Smith and director M. Night Shyamalan (yea I know, give him a chance), plus screenwriter Gary Whitta always tweets plenty about it as well. They're all currently making a movie called After Earth, a new science fiction movie starring Will Smith and his son Jaden, who crash land on a "planet", which I'm sure is just Earth, many years in the future. They're getting ready to start shooting, and the photos (via Collider) include shots of Smith on location in beautiful, tropical Costa Rica.

These give us a general idea of the landscape they're working in, at least for the moment. Shyamalan says the film "has a strange formality/rawness about it." There's some great shots by this pool, and even videos on M. Night's WhoSay of them filming. The rest of the shots come from Will Smith's Facebook. Take a look:

After Earth Set Photos

After Earth Set Photos

After Earth Set Photos

The current logline for After Earth is: "After a crash landing, a father and son explore an alien planet." M. Night Shyamalan and screenwriter Gary Whitta have been tweeting about its production, with photos and updates along the way. Word is that the story is about what happens when these two crash land on Earth "one thousand years after humans abandoned it." THR also mentioned that "elder Smith is playing a hero, while Jaden is his son, considered a failure as a warrior." I'm definitely intrigued to see this early look at how this is coming together, but I'm still thrown off by the environment, seems odd for an "alien planet", but we'll see. Shooting is underway now, with Columbia Pictures aiming for a June 7th, 2013 release. If you're interested, follow @mnightshyamalan or @GaryWhitta for more After Earth updates as they arrive.

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In anyone elses hands this could be a good movie. But it's M. Night, and sense his raping of Airbender I've lost complete faith in the man.

Dresden King on Feb 8, 2012


i thought it was ok but i never saw the show

Jericho on Feb 8, 2012


 It took you that long to realize he sucks?! Ha!

Richie G on Feb 9, 2012


No, I realized it towards the end of Signs. I still managed to sit through Lady in the Water, The Village AND The Happening.. vastly disappointed with those films. I thought him taking on a project that he was supposedly a fan of would be a good  direction for him to go, y'know, away from his original works. But no.. that didn't help anything, now I'm officially sworn off. Lest he makes a sequel to Unbreakable.

Dresden King on Feb 9, 2012


I think it could be very, very good.  Will Smith has been nominated for a Best Actor Academy Award twice now -- and with good reason. His transformation in ALI was astounding, and the pathos he engendered in THE PURSUIT of HAPPYNESS left lumps in throats all over the nation. His son, Jaden, was wonderful in THE KARATE KID -- and could be even better now that he's a little older. M. Night is a genius who may have found the proper vehicle to let it shine again.  I also think it's kinda neat that both Will and M. Night are Pennsylvania men. Ben Franklin's probably somewhere smiling!    🙂 

Kaitlyn Marshbanks on May 15, 2012


as far as MNS - i liked signs - but more for the performances than MNS. as far as smith and son - i disagree with  you completely....but, we're all allowed to have our opinions. thanks for the input!

beevis on May 15, 2012


Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me four times...

DAVIDPD on Feb 8, 2012


i WANT to be excited so bad...but its Shyamalan...

Jericho on Feb 8, 2012


i agree on shyamalan being bad - but, i'm not wild about smith and son either.........this is a definite pass for me.

Anonymous on Feb 8, 2012


I like Shyamalan's early work better, but there are glimmers, later. Will Smith was nominated for a Best Actor Academy Award for his work in ALI, and I could see why. He was FANTASTIC!  It was such an amazing transformation. And Jaden is a great performer as well.  Anyone who saw the movie The Karate Kid, had to come away impressed with his comic timing, acting chops, and work ethic.  In fact, I've never seen a child work/play that hard. Impressive focus and a joy to watch.  

Kaitlyn Marshbanks on May 15, 2012


I'm sorry Alex. I've given Shamalama more than a few chances. He's closer to Uwe than Steven for me.

Angry Chief on Feb 8, 2012


Wonder what the "Shyamalan twist" will be at the end.......they were never really on a new planet, just on live support in a virtual world after surviving the crash landing...........

Drafunt on Feb 8, 2012


or they are part of the in flight movie on board the Enterprise....

Jericho on Feb 8, 2012


or they were all dead to begin with

Danimal on Feb 9, 2012


or he dies right before he finds civilization on the other side of the tree hes rested on......

Jericho on Feb 9, 2012


Why postulate?  More fun to just watch things unfold.

Kaitlyn Marshbanks on May 15, 2012


this film will surely make an impact... either Will Smith's first flop or Shymalan's comeback...

joseph matienzo on Feb 8, 2012


i guess you like will smith since he's had some pretty awful performances.

Anonymous on Feb 9, 2012


He's usually the same character. But I thought he was great in Seven Pounds.

grimjob on Feb 9, 2012


agree on both counts. i liked him in seven pounds as well. overall, though,  i find his acting very average and (for the most part) uninteresting. as far as his son? he's acting because of who his dad is - and not any other reason.

Anonymous on Feb 9, 2012


 beevisho@ hater!!!

Peggiboumboom on Mar 6, 2012


Will Smith is a fantastic actor. He's been nominated for an Academy Award for a reason.  His transformation as Ali is jaw-droppingly good. And Jaden is wonderful, too.  I've never seen a child work/play as hard as Jaden did in Karate Kid. Jackie Chan said that Jaden became better than his own son at Kung Fu. Amazing.

Kaitlyn Marshbanks on May 15, 2012


wow, kaitlyn - you're a big fangirl for the smiths, huh?!

beevis on May 15, 2012


?! You obviously never saw Will Smith in the title role of Ali!Smith justifiably received that Academy Award nomination. He was jaw-droppingly good.

Kaitlyn Marshbanks on May 15, 2012


?! Will Smith is a marvelous actor. He was nominated for an Academy Award for best actor for his work in ALI and he deserved to be.  Check it out if you have time.

Kaitlyn Marshbanks on May 15, 2012


I hope it will be a triumph for both of those wonderful, hardworking men. Did you know they are both from Pennsylvania?  Lucky state!

Kaitlyn Marshbanks on May 15, 2012


What's with all the negative "guessing" of the film's ending? I'm pretty sure there won't be a twist. If there is, well fuck me, because yeah it's pretty obvious, but whatever. Call me crazy but I STILL believe M. Night can pull through. All he needs is one critical hit-- just one that makes an amazing splash-- and people will back off and his rep will be a bit cleaner.

Cracky on Feb 8, 2012


Yep, you are definitely crazy. The man has consistently produced dogshit for a decade now. Will Smith and his irritating kid won't change that.

Lebowski on Feb 9, 2012


my sentiments EXACTLY!

Anonymous on Feb 9, 2012


I was a long time M Night defender.. I defended Signs despite the ending.. I defended The Village. Then came Lady in the Water, Happening, and Airbender. These movies cannot be excused. Sadly, his movies still bring in good boxoffice.. so they will continue.

Kaim on Feb 9, 2012


On one hand, there's Will Smith who's always cool and it wouldn't be too hard to pull off a believable father-son dynamic with his real son joining the film as well. On the other hand, there's M.Night Shyamalan. I'm surprised he still get's big-budget movies greenlit after his last four films, especially The Last Airbender *shivers*.

Cookie on Feb 8, 2012


will smith is very talented guy.he deserve oscar for i am legend if you disagree with me go and see that movie.jaden smith ias very talented too,if a person have good mother and good father we must fooling their sun!? jaden after jacki chan shine in karate kid! i didnt beleive jacki can play dramatic pictures but he had very exellent. m night is not good director but bad is not bad director niether.The Sixth Sense 8 Unbreakable 6 Signs 8 The Village 6 Lady in the Water 6 The Happening 6 The Last Airbender 4.5 he descent but he is not bad director like uwe boll. i think if this movie was silent like i am legend become great because m night in silent got chance to win! look to his films you know then! he must had good senario with great music like music of signs and spiritual moments and exellent special effect like moon movie not like day after tomarrow or etc but if he focuse on twist or what he didnt craft in it he fail.a little bit i think this time he win

Davodiehsan on Feb 9, 2012


 So, you're saying Will Smith deserved an Oscar for "I am Legend" over Daniel Day Lewis in "There Will Be Blood."   I just want to get it straight because that could be the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard....

Reginald VelJohnson on Feb 9, 2012


Thos images are from Costa rica ... this is the Arenal Volvano

Jorge Murillo Vargas on Feb 9, 2012


Those images are from Costa rica (San Carlos) ... this is the Arenal Volvano 

@xfliesfan506 on Feb 9, 2012


It must really suck to play "Rock, Paper, Scissors" all alone.

Greedo on Feb 9, 2012


if playing of will smith in i am legend for you is ridiculous then every playing beside daniel day lewis in not great but is ridiculouse.ridiculouse is this vigilantism. meanwhile when a person has deserve to win somthing doesnt mean he must win that mean he deserve.daneil day lewis is ultra mega star for me but acting of will smith in i am legend deserve oscar. will smith was alone in i am legend! film is with one player(forget dog.vilians.and alice braga) he make impossible role turning to totally believable acting.he done extraordinary performance.good jobe will we love you

Davodiehsan on Feb 9, 2012


My god, the grammar and diction you use is like a fucking alien or something. Please tell me English is a second language for you, because if it isn't then you need to go get some night schooling and learn how to write like a grown up. Community college son, get on it. 

Lebowski on Feb 10, 2012


 @Lebowski  - Obviously it seems English is not DAVODIEHSAN'S first language. I clearly understood the points he raised. No none but you seemed to be a grammar police on an informal thread. It's quiet clear you've been ambushed by negativity and insecurity. Thus your constant antagonistic attitude. Bomboo hole!!

Peggiboumboom on Mar 6, 2012


I like most of M. Night's movies. Lady in the Water was crap, although Giamatti was great, as usual. Never saw Airbender. The Village had potential, but lost it halfway through. Devil was interesting. Anyway, for all the shit he gets, its admirable that he keeps going.

grimjob on Feb 9, 2012


Why you people think devil is made with m night?he is wrighter of that! And I think devil has great idea that John Erik doodle ruin it. I very very love quarantine 1 (rec remake) but doodle must made quarantine2. Company take lead to a stupid director and he shit on quarantine2. Devil not mistake of m night it mistake of it director dude!

Ehsan Davoodi on Feb 9, 2012


I know he didn't direct that.

grimjob on Feb 9, 2012


I know he didn't direct that.

grimjob on Feb 9, 2012


Would like to see a trailer before passing judgement. I'm still willing to bet this will be a box office success since Smith(s)' names are attached.  Will's been a draw in sci-fi for a long time and I'm sure this wont be any different.  Love him or hate him, in the end people still see him.  Last 5 movies grossed over $2 Billion worldwide.      The problem with Shama was his best movies were early on.  This could be a comeback of sorts for him.

Anonymous on Feb 9, 2012


Will's life gonna get flipped turned upside down. I like his scissors vs clouds pose. Shyamalan is an artist, just sometimes he uses crayons to paint watercolours.

Crapola on Feb 9, 2012


Is this one in 3D ??? look like a 3D rig on cameras pict

Lhad1 on Feb 9, 2012


M Night seems to need to a major A List actor to keep the audience interested and have faith in his stories, Will Smith is probably the biggest yet; that's why i'm interested. If they got someone else to play the son I would have been up for seeing this, I liked Unbreakable, Sixth Sense and Signs, fantastic films and I thought the ending was good too, but every film since The Village has been an absolute disaster, The Happening is probably one of the worst films ever. It's just that annoying smug little brat which is putting me off this film though,  anyway if this isn't M Night's return to form then nothing will be.

Xencraft on Feb 10, 2012


I'll give it a shot. I don't care what anyone says -- I enjoyed The Sixth Sense, Unbreakable, Signs, and The Village.

Craig on Feb 10, 2012

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