So How Would James Bond Look in the Hands of Christopher Nolan?

July 2, 2012
Source: Movieline

Michael Fassbender

Not too long ago, there were rumblings that Christopher Nolan might be interested in following his Dark Knight trilogy by getting his hands on another deadly orphan hero in the form of James Bond. Though it was more of a dream for the director and not evidence of any negotiations between Nolan and Sony, the possibility of the filmmaker tackling Agent 007 is an interesting prospect. So rather than inundate you with more footage from The Dark Knight Rises (though that MTV trailer from over a month ago is now officially online), we've got an intirguing imagining of what Nolan's James Bond might look like in theaters. Watch!

Here's a fan's imagining of how James Bond would look in the hands of Christopher Nolan via Movieline:

That's Michael Fassbender as 007 (a fine casting decision should Daniel Craig ever fall out of Her Majesty's Secret Service), and it looks like Leonardo DiCaprio is playing the villain with Marion Cotillard playing one of the Bond girls. Though it's hard to discern a story, the use of clips from Inception, X-Men: First Class, Inglourious Basterds and Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy work nicely together. Of course, it's not clear what roles Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Gary Oldman would be used for, unless Oldman is being use as a male stand-in for M (who has been played by Judi Dench lately). Still, thinking about a James Bond film with Michael Fassbender in the lead and Nolan behind the camera certainly tickles my fancy.

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The idea made me ejaculate

Xain on Jul 2, 2012


Okay, this is awesome

Casey_Carroll on Jul 2, 2012


Holy $h17, that was actually pretty awesome.

Donkey on Jul 2, 2012


That ending line "The name's Bond, James Bond," was done really well by the guy who put the footage together. I would love Christopher Nolan and Michael Fassbander taking over as director and star, to me it would be pretty fascinating. I know that Nolan would take the franchise to a whole other level and Michael's performance would be astonishing. However, Daniel Craig for me is like Robert Downey Jr. for Tony Stark. He basically owns the part. The ending scene from Casino Royale proves how Craig is the perfect match (or if not perfect, the closest) for the cold-blooded Agent 007. This put together footage was pretty sweet and made me drop my jaw.

Faceman on Jul 2, 2012


The ending line was done really, REALLY badly.

Chiroptera Exsanguination on Jul 2, 2012


Dude, what more do you want? I didn't mean it like it actually fitted, but meant like the choice of putting that line with that scene from First Class was pretty well put together.

Faceman on Jul 2, 2012


fassbender as 007... ok.. i like the idea... but christopher nolan??? no PLEASE!

Nicolas Dalli B. on Jul 2, 2012


I think that fassbender WOULD be a great Bond but for my money, Daniel Craig IS a great Bond. So I'd leave it at that until Craig retires the role.

Zero on Jul 2, 2012


Yeah, well, that's just, like, your opinion, man. He can club me over the head and drag me into his cave by my hair anytime. 😉

SuicidalOptimist on Jul 2, 2012


I think Craig totally has the suave. He is more physical but it doesn't make him a thug. It just makes his action scenes more believable. I love the old over the top Bonds too, but prefer the realism of the new ones.

Bosk on Jul 2, 2012


Umm you really don't know much about Bond do you? Pick up a book sometime. We are watching Bond in the early years. Do you think he was that way from birth? Bond's character from the books to Sean Connery is a professional killer. What you call a thug I call a many who is working for that kill. The men he's going after by and large aren't two bit thieves. Every other bond you've seen since Connery dispatches the bad guy with ease until they get to the final battle. Welcome to the real world where the mid range bad guys are just as deadly as the upper tier ones. What you have here is an agent who will use anything at his disposal to complete his mission which is exactly how Ian Fleming wrote him.

Kellic on Aug 1, 2012


I think I liked Leo being the villain more than anything.

jacobcrim on Jul 2, 2012


I don't see how this is Nolan's Bond..... It's more like what it would be like if Fassbender was Bond, which a bunch of random ass clips from random ass movies, only a couple of which were Nolan's, and none of those even had Fassbender in it.

Charles Oosterhouse on Jul 2, 2012


I would love to see Fassbender and Nolan do a film together. I can just imagine how phenomenal it would be. But I agree with you Charles, this only shows how Fassbender would be as Bond with epic Nolan music behind it and, like you said, random ass clips from random ass movies.

Antonio on Jul 2, 2012


Oh, yes. I don't want people to think I was put off to the idea. Nolan doing a Bond film with Fassbender in the lead would be awesome. Or, as you say, Fassbender with Nolan in general would be great. It's just the clip itself has little to nothing to do with a Nolan Bond.

Charles Oosterhouse on Jul 3, 2012


Oh no, I understood you perfectly, I know what you were getting at. The idea of them two doing a bond film, or any film, is phenomenal, but this video isn't doing its job very well

Antonio on Jul 3, 2012


Learn to read? The video itself says in the description that it has clips from so and so movies. Now, would you stop crying like a little high school girl and grow up? Its the 21st century and we use something known as THE INTERNET. Damn. Dumb girls.

Croquet on Sep 4, 2012


That's the problem with kids today ... no imagination, bitch at everything. Read the sentence before the clip, "fan's imagining".

Director J on Jul 13, 2012


That's the problem with old people today.... no real input, bitch at everything. This clip is pointless because it isn't what it says it is, and there's no reason for firstshowing to even post it.

Charles Oosterhouse on Jul 15, 2012


That the problem with idiots on the net. They need perfection to enjoy or think about something.

Kellic on Aug 1, 2012


yeah! stupid imagination! just like the article!

Arvin Sonio on Aug 26, 2012


I really enjoy the current Bond, but it never matched my hopes for a Bond Begins as it was sold to be. Fassbender would be great, as showed in First Class, but we really need to see Bond's origins in a modern take. He's a Navy Commander, most likely Special Forces, so lets see him recruited from the SBS with his last mission (in Afgan) linked to the plot. Make it real and gritty, which Bond is losing once again...

Steven on Jul 2, 2012


maybe if he did just one, but id say no.

happy camper on Jul 2, 2012


If Fassbender ever played bond, I'd probably cream.

Risk on Jul 2, 2012


This is horrible! Not the idea of it, but the video!

Bob Mann on Jul 2, 2012


How's about Idris Elba as a 'Double O' agent?...

Agent Kid Society on Jul 2, 2012


What is with this recent obsession to cast Fassbender and Elba for every white and black character respectivley, for every potential movie ever?! I genuinely like both actors, but I fail to see how they are supposedly the non plus ultra of modern cinema.

SuicidalOptimist on Jul 2, 2012


it seems like Elba doesn't eve get considered for anything he should be, in my eyes. i only wish he got more roles.

Chiroptera Exsanguination on Jul 2, 2012


Yeah, I really like him, too. But, I'm getting tired of so many people saying that he should be chosen over others. 'Will Smith gets lead in something something', "Omg, why not Idris Elba?!?" 'Jamie Foxx is Django', "Ew, Foxx sucks, Idris Elba should have been Django!" 'Don Cheadle in talks to play blahblahblah whoever' "Omg, should be Idris Elba!!!" Yes, he's a great actor with lots of charisma and a great screen presence that commands authority, but there are other good black actors out there. Though, I gotta admit, seeing him in an abomination like Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance makes me pretty sad. Then again, at least he can claim the title of being the movie's only saving grace. 😉

SuicidalOptimist on Jul 2, 2012


Huh? That was terrible.

Brian Ricci on Jul 2, 2012


ok, that was awesome! Specially DiCaprio as the villain, damn I can't wait for the great Gatsby

Fidel Reyes on Jul 2, 2012


The audio mix on this was dreadful, and whoever made this missed a golden opportunity to use a lot of footage from Haywire. The guy is in a hotel room, wearing a suit, kicking ass. That has Bond written all over it.

Chiroptera Exsanguination on Jul 2, 2012


I've said it for a long time, Fassbender is the ONLY option for me for a modern BOND.! If I were directing a bond film, he'd be my choice.

dom on Jul 2, 2012


Might feel more like a Bond movie, if, you know, they actually used the James Bond theme...

Greedo on Jul 2, 2012


Screw this song! Geeze I'm sick of it. This song specifically say inception, with the drops and everything, it just is way too recognisable and tailored to fit anything else. Also being able to recognise where most of those shots were from was far too distracting.

Bandito Juan on Jul 2, 2012


While Nolan would no doubt direct a great bond, I think Mendes is going to nail it.

Jon Odishaw on Jul 2, 2012


To be honest, I was too enthralled by the Inception soundtrack to actually register any footage. Brings back great memories of how damn mindblowing that movie was.

mubzymalone on Jul 3, 2012


NO, go smack yourself silly and put on your mother's favorite Sunday dress and go outside to the nearest corner.

redskulllives on Jul 3, 2012


I'll all for Fassbender taking up the Bond reigns. I thought he looked like a young Sean Connery when I saw him in 'Inglorious Basterds.'

piccolojr on Jul 3, 2012


A boring,lame and crap film will be.

John on Jul 6, 2012


Am I the only one who thinks that the majority of these people have no idea who James Bond is? Ever since Craig's induction into the list, James Bond has been turned into a "miscellaneous action character". It's as though they looked at those Bourne films and decided "oh hey! Here's a character who does action sequences and has something to do with secrecy and espionage or something! We should totally make the next James Bond be like that!". Seriously, James Bond is NOT all about action and just randomly blowing stuff up during sweeping panoramic chase scenes. He never was. He's a dashing, debonair rake, who uses both his charm and wit almost as often as he used his fists and pistols. Yes, he liked fast cars, but more of the chases he was involved in took place in the mind as he tried to outstrip the enemies of the crown. James Bond, as a character has lost a huge part of what made him great, mainly because someone, somewhere decided to replace brains with brawn, grace with grit, and style with stupidity that can only be solved with explosions.

Bond Fan on Jul 13, 2012


I'm not disagreeing with you. I love the old bonds, but the Craig i guess "story line" has been his induction into M6, "Casino Royale" with Craig the beginning he was just getting his double 0 status, how suave is a rookie? I'd rely on brawn and grit if i was just starting out. maybe i'm reading into this too much.. >.>

Stick on Jul 14, 2012


Good luck to the soundtracks of this fmovie!

Calogero Mira on Aug 7, 2012


Can Nolan do the next Bond film after Skyfall, that's where I could test if Nolan could do a good Bond film.

mikedo2007 on Aug 20, 2012

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