Sony Plans on Rolling the Dice for Brand New Adaptation of 'Jumanji'

July 19, 2012
Source: THR


It's been 17 years since one of my favorite childhood books hit the big screen in the form of Jumanji, the family action adventure comedy that pitted Robin Williams and Bonnie Hunt, along with a very young Kirsten Dunst, against the dangers of the jungle in contemporary times. Ten years later, the similar space centric book Zathura was turned into a film by Jon Favreau, and now we're going full circle as Doug Belgrad, the head honcho at Columbia Pictures, has revealed they're working on a new version of Jumanji (in addition to all their sequels now in development). Frankly, this isn't all that surprising. More below!

At the time of the film's release, the special effects were pretty groundbreaking, but in 17 years, the developments in technology since then should allow for an even more thrilling adventure, and likely in 3D. The film was a huge success at a time when Robin Williams was at the top of his game at the box office, so it stands to reason that with the right cast, this classic children's book could see another round of money raked in again. In the original film, a board game unleashes the dangers of the jungle on a couple unsuspecting kids. It added adult characters into the mix to allow a name to draw in audiences, but it's not clear how this new approach will adapt the book. Belgrad told THR they're updating the story for the present, so we might see a new version of the game in the form of a computer game or something like that.

Joe Johnston directed the first film, but for a reboot, I'd like to see what directors like Phil Lord and Chris Miller could do with the property. It wouldn't be hard since he duo have 21 Jump Street and Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs at the studio, so they have a good relationship. Of course, this does seem like another cash grab at a familiar, established brand name that will just give kids toys at Burger King to sell at garage sales when they become a teenager and all that jazz. We're not sure how far along this new adaptation is, so stay tuned as more information becomes available.

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I wonder if it'll be better if they just made a sequel.

Mr. Foe on Jul 19, 2012


Russel Brand in Robin Williams' role would be awesomely terrible. // I hope they get DAG back, he was/is great!!!

DAVIDPD on Jul 19, 2012


Russel Brand reminds me of Hugh Grant or Bart Simpson's "I didn't do it' moment in the Simpsons; all three are just one trick ponies that get stale very quickly.

Hattor Hanzo on Jul 19, 2012


Wasn't that Zuthura?

Illithid Dude on Jul 19, 2012


That movie is mentioned in the first paragraph of the story. So what's your question?

Ethan Anderton on Jul 19, 2012


Zuthura was absolutely horrible and is one of the founding reasons why I dislike Josh Hutcherson as an actor. The whole movie was two cry baby brothers and random Dax Shepard. It was a huge disappointment being they categorized the movie as a Jumanji like reboot.

JBrotsis on Jul 19, 2012


A warning sign for how the Jumanji reboot will turn out?

Thomas Diendorf on Jul 20, 2012



DoomCanoe on Jul 19, 2012


*Golf clap*

Kubaker1 on Jul 19, 2012


haha, i bet you're happy they're writing an article about your default picture!

JBrotsis on Jul 19, 2012


Sort of disappointing. Unless this new book adaptation is brilliant I can't see it comparing. A sequel on the other hand might draw my interest

Delvaago on Jul 19, 2012


'this does seem like another cash grab at a familiar, established brand name that will just give kids toys at Burger King to sell at garage sales when they become a teenager.' bullseye, Ethan! they've almost beaten me into submission with the reboots and remakes - or should that be 'rescrapes'. Jumanji was a fun family film. fx may have moved on, but it's still a fun family film. it almost goes without saying that a remake is not necessary. don't the Journey films already fill this gap in the schedules?

son_et_lumiere on Jul 19, 2012


If they make a reboot of the first film, I'll be stoked...long as it's solely involving the animals. What would be really cool is whoever plans the character of Alan (robin williams role), the movie shows what kind of "jungle" he grows up in, in the game. But again, long as they have the stampeed in the streets and the crocodiles/monsoon in the masion, I'll be a happy camper.

JBrotsis on Jul 19, 2012


I hope this movie reboot gets stuck in development hell.

rennmaxbeta on Jul 20, 2012


Well, this only stops if we stop giving them what they want when they make these reboots. But people won't stop giving them money, so they'll keep making them. I personally will do the only logical thing, not go to the show to see it. Less people that go to the theaters to see these reboots, the more movie companies will listen. Actions speak louder than words. Some reboots aren't a bad thing, such as Batman, Incredible Hulk, Superman, Spiderman, The Blob (just in the case of the 1988 version), Insomnia, True Lies, 3:10 to Yuma, Invasion of the Body Snatchers (the 70s version, not the 90s), The Fly (against all odds), and The Thing (the Carpenter version, not the shitty sequel). I heavily suspect that the reboot will not only fall short of the original Jumanji, but will ultimately feel unnecessary, even if some of the effects are outdated.

Thomas Diendorf on Jul 20, 2012

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