Sound Off: Chris Nolan's 'The Dark Knight Rises' - Your Thoughts?

July 20, 2012

The Dark Knight Rises

Now that you've seen it, what did you think? The Fire Rises. The Legend Ends. It's finally here. Four years after The Dark Knight, seven years after Batman Begins, Chris Nolan ends his Batman saga in epic fashion. In theaters everywhere, including 70mm IMAX, is The Dark Knight Rises, Batman's triumphant grand finale. Christian Bale returns as Batman, joined by Anne Hathaway as Catwoman, Tom Hardy as his nemesis Bane, plus Gary Oldman as Gordon and Michael Caine as Alfred. So how is it? Best of the three? What about the way it ends? Once you've seen it, post a comment with your own thoughts on TDKR.

Spoiler Warning: We strongly urge everyone to actually see the film before reading ahead, as there may be spoilers below. We also encourage all commenters to keep major spoilers from the film to a minimum, if possible. However, this is an open discussion from this point on! Beware of spoilers, don't ruin this film!

To fuel the fire in Gotham, I love this movie. I just saw it a second time in IMAX and it's just as spectacular, epicly magnificent, hugely operatic, and powerfully cinematic. I think Christopher Nolan went all out, giving it his all, and brought along Batman, Hans Zimmer and everyone. It has a very epic story, especially when it hits that midpoint and you think "wait, did this just happen?" (You know what I'm talking about.) Nolan takes us to some very, very dark places, but I guess you must be brought all the way to the bottom before you can climb back up. Why do we fall? To learn… That said, I still love what he gives us, in all its lengthy glory. Yes, it's long and feels like an opera that needs an intermission, but I still admire what Nolan gives us.

A few things I noticed the second time: the first half does take a little while to build up, it's a slow start, long recovery to get Bruce back in before he encounters Bane, but from there it's awesome. I must say, Anne Hathaway as Catwoman is quite something, perhaps one of my favorite parts. Hans Zimmer's score is monumental, I can listen to it on repeat for hours now and still feel the rumblings in my bones. The IMAX visuals are extraordinary, I wish I could see every movie like this entirely in IMAX - spectacular. The final fight/battle and big finale gets me every time. The way it ramps up, the energy, the all-or-nothing feel, the twists, oh it's such a glorious experience to have, and I owe it all to Nolan. He definitely ends it with a bang.

What did you think of The Dark Knight Rises? Epic, spectacular finale or one messy ending? We will remove any comments that indicate you have not seen the movie, as this area is meant to discuss the film only once you have seen it and can talk about your thoughts. Please keep the comments civilized!

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I loved it!! And when the final revelation hits, you totally revel in the fact that Nolan can damm bloody well tell a story, and a very misleading layered story at that. Not to mention, there is the Inception-style editing during the final epic scene that culminates in one helluva finale. Woot! Agree that the beginning took awhile to build up, but come on its 8 years, you gotta give it room!! I was rooting for Nolan to finish this trilogy off gloriously and he does...(although I must say Joker is still the best villain in the Nolan-verse) Time to buy the box set

Metis on Jul 20, 2012


How is it Inception like at all! Because there is a twist? Haha.

Marc Arsenault on Jul 20, 2012


It's like Inception becasue half the actors in Inception were in TDKR

JBrotsis on Jul 20, 2012


He wrote "Inception-style editing" not talking about the plot...

Nathan Ahamed on Jul 20, 2012


I think it would have been more inception-ish (cooler) if the movie ended with alfred smiling only.

Egomania on Aug 12, 2012


I think if

Ankit_mn on Jul 21, 2012


I think if the film would have cut off at just alfred smiling.. That would have made it open ended and more like ending of Inception!

Ankit_mn on Jul 21, 2012


I am a huge Batman freak (Batfreak) I go by mostly the comics and the Joker was terrible!! I am sorry. He wasn't even funny, he didn't use happy gas. Jack Nicholson all the way!!!!!!! But for some weird reason, bane was nothing like the comics bane and I absolutely loved him.Bane Destroyed the Joker in every way, in my opinion though.

BatFreak on Jul 20, 2012



Chiroptera Exsanguination on Jul 20, 2012



David Pietrandrea on Jul 21, 2012


It's all a matter of interpretation. The Nolan-Ledger interpretation of the Joker was something quite apart from the comics and I think most people felt that it was a singularly brilliant one. Ledger's joker wasn't about jokes or happy gas, he was about exposing humanity's baser nature. In a sense he was an a little like the comedian out of "Watchmen" in that he saw humanity's morals and principles as the only joke worth laughing at. The other great thing about the joker is that we never really learn where he's from in the movie; he's a complete mystery and that makes him more elemental in my view. This is were Bane failed in my view. They opted to go quite heavily into his back-story, but unfortunately undermined him in the process. Bane begins the film as incredibly menacing and intimidating, but by the time we learn that he's basically just the disfigured body guard of Ra's daughter he seems a little dull... In my view they should have kept the Talia's role either out of it or to a minimum and kept Bane as the mastermind. The other thing that annoyed me a little in general with this film was that the ultimate plan of Bane et al was to blow the city up. This just seemed to blunt and basic for me. Sure it was a fairly elongated path to get to blowing it up, but compared to Ra's al Ghul's plan of having the city "tear itself apart through fear" and the Joker's plan of corrupting the best of Gotham it was very dull.

Possumman on Jul 21, 2012


Adding Bane's backstory as Talia's protector added more emotional weight to the film if you ask me. It also actually made me, as a viewer, sympathize with him.

Gabriel Rincon on Jul 21, 2012


Yes, I agree and that's what the problem was in my view. It detracted from the image of Bane as this menacing force of nature that had been built up early on and made him a little too human. I also didn't like how Batman seemed to so easily overcome him in the final fight after being so utterly dominated a few months earlier. As a whole I really did enjoy the film, but felt that they took the wrong direction with Bane at the end... if he was to have his backstory explained, they should have made him the main player and his motives should have been more intrinsic - like those of Ra's. Thinking of Ra's too, I must say his ambition to have Gotham "tear itself apart through fear" was much more interesting than the nuclear bomb.

possumman on Jul 21, 2012


O.k. so I was thinking I know that hollywood wants to sink it's teeth into an easy 5 mill film so heres my pitch make "The Joker:The Greatest stories ever told" with the world's best actors to play him like in a campfire story style where different people tell of there actual incounters with the Joker Staying completely away from what Mr. Nolan did with The late great Heath Ledgers Oscar worthy performance. These are 3 sin city like stories without the black and white and narration just the 3 of the best actors the world has to offer making three interesting different portrayals of Mr. J himself that work for the big screen live action (The Laughing Fish) (Arkham Asylam's joker) and The Dark Knight Return's Joker allowing Jack Nicholson the priviladge to come back and play his older self

Dennis on Jul 23, 2012


First off The first pertrayal of The Joker in comics and the only one that matters since Frank Miller's was a killer with two guns look it up. Joker was meant to be spontneouse you are not suppose to be able to outsmart, figure him out nor meat his demands. After all he's the Joker what he means is not to be taken for his exact words (Thank's again Mr. Nolan) because joker deserves the suspense and music scores to that of a modern day "Jaws" film and just to through you off some happy music some where in between the film's score

Dennis on Jul 23, 2012



Victor Ramirez on Jul 20, 2012


Usual Nolan story and screen play with an Emotional factor themed throughout the movie... Filled with surprises till the end... after the movie you'll find yourself satisfied... Though not EPIC, still an apt conclusion 🙂

Kamil Riyas on Jul 20, 2012


Awensome!!! Maybe the best movie of the trilogy...!!!

Akis Voilas on Jul 20, 2012


Absolute perfection is the only way to describe this trilogy.

Curt Garnsay on Jul 20, 2012


I saw it at the midnight launch here in Sydney. The cinema had a Batman Begins/Dark Knight marathon running prior to the midnight launch of TDKR. What can I say? It's an absolute awesome way to finish the epic saga. The ending really took me by surprise. I was actually sitting there thinking shit did Nolan kill Batman? very nice twist ending there and the closing scene is fantastic. I'm going to see it again with my nephew and girl friend tomorrow.

Zoom505 on Jul 20, 2012


I knew it wouldn't top 'The Dark Knight,' as that movie is in another league of cinema's finest. But 'Rises' was a very good movie none the less, and the ending. Wow! Rating: 4/5

Mithun Divakaran on Jul 20, 2012


To begin with I AM A DIE HARD FAN of NOLANS BATMAN (first two films only) To be honest i had great expectations for this movie but i was left a bit unnsatisfied,i think this movie might be the weakest of the three, firstly it has a long and dull begining,most of the time is spent showing how sad and lonely Bruce wayne is as "there is nothing out there for me anymore", and whats with the atom bomb taking 5 months to detonate? what possible reason does that idiot Bane has to take seige of gotham for 5 months, oh yes i know why,because it will take 5 months for Batman to heal his back(really??) which BANE just broke, BATMAN has a potruding Vertebra which his caretaker in prison who by the way is also a prisoner just pops the vertebra back with his hand and asks BATMAN to hang on to the rope until he can stand on his feet,Wait WHAT?and wasnt Ra's al ghuls plan was to tear the city apart so that it can start afresh? well we arent gonna achieve that goal if your gonna vaporize the whole city, defeats the whole purpose,and the whole part where Bruce wayne goes broke doesnt makes any sense at all,the only purpose it serves is to show that poor wayne/batman is really troubled on all fronts so ultimately he is gonna fall and then RISE, and the dissapearing of Alfred halfway through for a LAME REASON only to reappear right at the end sobbing,oh and yes catwoman ditches BATMAN as she is afraid BANE and company would kill her,wasnt BANE supposed to be pro Criminal? there was no reason shown as to why would BANE wanted to kill CATWOMAN,oh yes i know his Back was to be broken and the 5 months hiatus taken for the story to progress, thats the only reason is see i would be happy if it was on par with Batman begins if not TDK, i am a Fanboy but i am not gonna shy away from calling a spade a spade because i have really enjoyed the first two films and had really high expectations with this one.Nolan has let me down.oh yes and all the FANBOYs can start raping me, cuz i dared to express my opinion which i have the right to cuz i PAID to see this movie.

woozy on Jul 20, 2012


I completely agree! I was really looking forward to it and when the opening sequences appeared on the screen in front of me during the marathon, I was an overly excited kid: this was it! But a mere two and a half hours later I wasn’t that excited anymore. I was disappointed. To me ‘Rises’ is the worst of Nolan’s trilogy. It sure is a blockbuster, but somehow it doesn’t quite fit in well with the others. The story starts of confusing, there are things happening that are not always properly explained, and overall it feels like an anti-climax instead of a ‘grande finale’ that it was supposed to be. I made a list of things that bothered me, and still do, about the story: - The story takes place eight years after ‘The Dark Knight’. As we know Batman had to hide because of the whole Dent thing, but why is Bruce Wayne hiding? Batman goes into hiding, and suddenly Bruce Wayne is gone into exile as well? And after eight years both of them reappear at the same time? It makes you wonder if it’s really that hard to put 1 and 1 together; - Young rookie cop Blake turns out to be a genius, because he only had to see Bruce Wayne’s face for a couple of seconds as a kid to figure out the man’s Batman. Oh, and Bane knows as well, although I really want to know how HE figured that one out; - And what’s the deal with Blake? He suddenly shows up, and turns out to be a key character in the story. His introduction was handled quite badly; - All of a sudden Gordon is made out to be this lying and corrupt cop, the ones he used to fight, just because he lied about the events surrounding Harvey Dent’s death and the ‘Dent Act’ that followed? According to Blake he has very dirty hands. So, this puzzles me a bit; - Then we have Selina Kyle a.k.a. The Catwoman who’s going from jewellery theft to Batman’s sidekick in a couple of days. A crash course; - Alfred disappears halfway through to movie, and my question is: where to? He conveniently reappears at ending however; - It turns out that Lucius builds Tumblers in his free time, because you can’t let anyone else do that. There’s a change that someone might see the ‘new’ Tumblers and go: ‘Hey, isn’t that the car that Batman drives? That looks familiar! Wait a minute! I know what’s going on here!’; - So, Talia Al Ghul is the mastermind and Bane turned out to be nothing but a pawn. Too bad they used Bane’s character in such a shameful way. It has nothing to do with the Bane we know from the comics. At some point they were just mixing the ‘origin stories’ from the two characters. Someone – a critic – felt like they had given Bane’s origin (the escape from the pitt etc.) to Talia. And I feel the same way; - And how many times can someone break his back? Bane broke Batman’s back and then Bruce Wayne breaks goes on to break his back of couple of times in the pitt. That’s not very realistic. Not even for Batman. Oh, and Bruce recovers from all of this in just several months. Maybe he’s a superhuman after all?; - Oh, and it’s a good thing to hide ‘The Bat’ on a roof under a camouflage net. It totaly blends in with the environment; - The ending felt out of place, and almost to ‘feel good’ for my taste. Seriously, they had to name the Blake character Robin? We got the point. We’re not stupid, but I guess the moviemakers thought otherwise; This list could be longer, but I think I made my point. It’s just that this movie is too flawed for me to like it as a big fan of the comic books and the character. I really wanted to like this movie, and I am disappointed that I didn't.

Yonix (Remco) on Jul 20, 2012


@Yonix:disqus Thanks for summing up all the points i missed to mention in my earlier comment, seriously half way through the movie my whole excitement was literally butchered, i was looking forward to this movie so baaad, the whole time i was trying to convince myself that this is an awesome movie, but it wasnt, my expectations were so high that now it really hurts to know and write that the movie did not live upto our expectations.Attacking negative critics of TDK made sense because it was brilliant, but attacking negative critics of TDKR which is happening at the moment is Wrong,because this movie deserves no more than 6 out of 10.

woozy on Jul 20, 2012


The movie didn't live up to YOUR expectations. Attacking negative critics of any movie really doesn't make sense. It's all a matter of personal opinion. You feel this way, someone feels another. No one is right, nor are they wrong.

germss on Jul 20, 2012


You didn't pay attention to the movie... I could correct alot of your points here, but why bother.

jnickbuentello on Jul 20, 2012


Thank god someone else said this. It took me about 2 seconds to answer each of his "Why did this happen..." questions. I'm all about people having their opinions and the idea of "you can't please everyone" but at least pay attention to the movie. I'm willing to bet if some people just watch it over again (maybe a few times for some) they will actually answer many of the questions themselves

ominaeyu21 on Jul 20, 2012


Bruce exiled himself because supposedly the fusion reactor was a failed project. I think he really exiled himself so that he could hide the reactor and not tell anyone that it actually worked.

Chris Amaya on Jul 20, 2012


That's probably true, but there's also the fact that without Batman, Bruce wasn't a complete person. The love of his life was gone, so any hope of giving up the cowl and starting a real life was erased. The Joker really did a number on him.

germss on Jul 20, 2012


I think the Joker says a line at the end of the The Dark Knight about Batman never being the same again. I agree with the above poster. Bruce lost Batman and Rachel which left him an incomplete person. On top of that he's older in this film and isn't able to be the billionaire playboy he was when he was younger so he's kind of a in a super hero midlife crisis of sorts.

Aero027 on Jul 21, 2012



Aman Pathak on Jul 21, 2012


Your silly logic could be used to pick apart the first two movies. There were just as many leaps in logic, mixing of origins, and what not in the first two as this one.

RobinJBlake on Jul 21, 2012


the dark knight>batman begins>the dark knight rises

THEBATMAN on Jul 20, 2012


Was disappointed. Good not great. Nowhere in the league of the second of the trilogy. Lacked emotional content. Was well crafted but story was clumsy and a bit hollow with major holes. No lead up to surprise twist at end. Very little Screen time for Batman. Fight scenes and coreography mediocre. As much as I like Hardy as Bane the mask and speech impediment made it difficult to like him as a villian. Catwomans butt was xtra juicy on the Bat bike. Other than that she was forgettable. Best thing was the Batwing. Will go see it again at some point. It probably will grow on me. Reminds me of how I felt after seeing the Matrix and then the next 2 movies that followed.

Karl on Jul 20, 2012


great way to end the story. however, it did make me feel TDK was kind of a filler story in the whole trilogy. i guess thats only because we no longer have Heath. would've, could've, should've i suppose. but overall i was very happy with how things ended.

Tim on Jul 20, 2012


EPIC! I thoroughly enjoyed it. Bane had such a menacing demeanor and I loved the fight scene in the sewer. Also I admit that I was skeptic about Anne Hathaway as Catwoman, but she pulls it off brilliantly the way Ledger did Joker. I loved the ending, even though I was expecting a better climax, but I guess that's just from the hype. This is the first time I attended a midnight showing of a movie and I'm glad it was this one. Christopher Nolan is a master storyteller and filmmaker. 4.5/5

Lamar on Jul 20, 2012


First thing first The Dark Knight Rises is Awesome from Start to End and did ya'll get to see Man of steel trailer before TDKR, cuz i saw it (superman was breaking the sound barrier and pushing past it skywards) ok, coming back to TDKR

Hansolo on Jul 20, 2012


Another thing I'd like to add. This movie suffers from massive hype. Some...well...probably many people will see the movie with unrealistic expectations. Accept the movie with an open mind of what Nolan has presented and I assure you...its a grand movie. I EARNED the hype for most anticipated movie of the year.

Lamar on Jul 20, 2012


i think this is a case where it would have worked very well to have been split into two movies, but i know thats not Nolan's style. I still really enjoyed the movie especially the story with Bane and how they tied everything together. And Alex im so glad you think Anne Hathaway's Catwoman was great, it was one of my favorite things about the film. I heard so many gripes about her being Catwoman before and after the release, and I kept telling people i think she could pull it of and i was right. I believe she and nolan couldnt have done Catwoman anybetter.

Zade_92 on Jul 20, 2012


i came here just to read the comments. it seems TDKR suffers from the same thing as every other sequel. People compare it to the movie before it instead of the stand alone. either it was Ebert or Roeper who made that clear to me when their review said "there were to many new characters" as one of the bases for giving the movie a B rating. Once you do that, you fail to judge it as it own movie, but simply as part 2 (or in this case part 3) of one long continues film. there are critics that have said it is a far better film than the Avengers, but because of the hype, it has to get a lower rating, which also makes no sense. You can get away with saying it didnt equal its hype, but once you say it was better than another film that you gave higher rating to, you lose that card. thats just my opinion though, hopefully, i will get to see the film tonight or more likely, Saturday night since i dont have to go to work on Sunday morning.

Derrick Syl.James Jr on Jul 20, 2012


If you keep that attitude, you will love the film. The movie was incredible. Haters are going to hate and idolizers are eventually going to be disappointed.

Kev on Jul 20, 2012


It's strange that people are complaining about the amount of characters in this film. I actually think The Dark Knight had many many more characters than this film. That's me though.

Manuel Garcia on Jul 21, 2012


Best movie of my lifetime, this is truly a masterpiece. For the ones that give this a negative rating, honestly they're just stubborn and impatient. They don't have the attention span of 2 hours and 45 minutes. From the first minute of the movie till the very end it was a masterpiece. To the ones that negate this movie, your opinions are inferior. How do you not recognize a masterpiece when it's thrown in your face for 2 hours and 45 mins? I'm sure they enjoyed Avengers more, shows how many dumb people are in this world.

BaneHardy on Jul 20, 2012


Your post is very childish, and you would do well learning how to express yourself in a civil manner.

Seriously on Jul 20, 2012


Let me more eloquently state the above dudes opinion. Some people don't appreciate films with depth ,especially super hero movies because they're not going to see a film like this for the film making and the drama. They're going to see it for the action, and the spectacle. A lot will enjoy the Avengers more because it was "shinier." It was more fun, required less thought, and had more wow factor in your face. What makes Nolans Batman Trilogy a masterpiece is that it does all of those things while still having depth, a story, and underlying philosophy. The Avengers is about...the Avengers mostly. Batman is about Fear, politics, philosophy, sociology and a whole host of other thought provoking things....and Nolan takes this material out of what most consider a children's comic book. That's what makes this film, and the others Brilliant.

Aero027 on Jul 21, 2012


so nolan in 8 years gave us 3 batman films in the bat mythology and batman was patrolling gotham for 8 months in the nolanverse so let me say it again the duration of batman actually being the batman was less then a year and he trained with ninjas for 7 years what the fuck.... nolan is my favourite director i mean memento prestige inception flawless in my opinion BB and TDK all very good aswell but TDKR IS HIS WORST film i mean why start the bat film 8 years later [[ego i dont want know touching my bat i created so let me age him and destroy his mythos]]imagine the film took place 8 months later and bane came to gotham intern you would cut out all that plot...this proves 2 things nolan isnt a batman fan as much as James bond coz nolan wouldnt cripple BOND after being a mi6 agent for 8 months and 2 you cant give a director complete control coz i honestly feel if WB got involved you wouldnt get such an ego centric director creating a batman film he wants to see and not give the public we want....dont get me wrong this isnt xmen3 or spiderma3 it just wasnt worth the last thing i invested my time in this trilogy for one promise no robin from both bale and nolan....

gepeto on Jul 20, 2012


there is no mention of the expanse of time between the end of BEGINS and the beginning of TDK

LINKFX on Jul 20, 2012


Yes there is mention of the time frame between Batman Begins and Dark Knight. It's hinted through The Dark Knight movie promotion campaigns which is 9 months from the end of Batman Begins to where Dark Knight started.

BinaryChaos on Jul 20, 2012


Gotham Knight is an animated movie made to be set between TDK and Begins, and it takes place a year after Begins and two months before TDK... what you heard from the joker was what he was referring to mob about, not batman.....

Jericho on Jul 21, 2012


Egh, what? It's explicitly stated in the TDK that the events of TDK happen a year after BB.

Hurp on Jul 20, 2012


I'd guess it took Batman a little while to become recognized and "scare" the organized crime members and Joker only said "a year ago..." so there is the time also before he was feared. Then there is the time during the second movie. Also, 8 months of Batman would be more entertaining and enough to make 10 movies about.

RobinJBlake on Jul 21, 2012


Ugggh... completely mixed feeling right now. I think people are being to generous when they say it's the weak link of the trilogy... I think it's not only the weak link but maybe the weakest Chris Nolan film that he's made... period. WIth that being said, a weak Chris Nolan film is still boundaries above and beyond your average Hollywood filmmaker. I enjoyed the movie, Bane scared the crap out of me, the film itself was borderline horror, and the exile scenes were particularly scary. I need to see this again to gather my emotions, sincerely, I need to see this again.

Jnickbuentello on Jul 20, 2012


MAJOR SPOILER MAJOR SPOILER MAJOR SPOILER MAJOR SPOILER MAJOR SPOILER MAJOR SPOILER MAJOR SPOILER MAJOR SPOILER MAJOR SPOILER!!!!!!! I damn near cried at the end when he flew off into the ocean and the nuke went off. But when Alfred sees him and Selena at that cafe ended up making me shed a tear. He busted a Tupac. And the part where John is on the platform while its lifting and the credits roll put a chill through my body. One part I had a hard time understanding because the music seemed louder than the dialogue was when she called Blake, Robin. Was that part of his legal name?

Chris Amaya on Jul 20, 2012


His full name was Robin John Blake, but he liked to go by John Blake

Fidel Reyes on Jul 20, 2012


But is Bruce actually alive or is this Alfred living out this fantasy that was mentioned earlier in the film? Is it open to interpretation as with Inception?

Andyc on Jul 21, 2012


He is definitely alive, since they showed many other things that led you to realize, before the reveal, that Wayne lived. His mother's pearls were stated as missing from the rest of the stuff, and they said that Bruce Wayne patched the Bat so that the autopilot actually did work.

Charles Oosterhouse on Jul 21, 2012


and at the end they said the fingerprints were of bruce wayne ..

Aman Pathak on Jul 21, 2012


You mean the patch signature?

Chris Amaya on Jul 21, 2012


Not to mention someone fixed the Bat Signal

Buds on Jul 21, 2012


Not to mention the Batman theme/drums that played when Alfred saw Bruce. That to me was the confirmation that Bruce was alive, even though they said the auto pilot on The Bat was patched 6 months ago before Alfred saw him lol

Chris Amaya on Jul 21, 2012


the funniest thing happened i watched TDKR and i was waiting for the totem to topple at the end i mean robin is .....and batman and catwoman happily ever after in dreaming right this isnt the guy who directed tell u the truth I would of prefrerd zack snyders take on the third part at least zack wouldnt of raped the batman mythos and made him a cripple after patrolling gotham for 8 months and atleast i would still have respect for nolan..... i feel HURT....i loved all the actors i loved parts and scenes but as a whole it was the batman nightmare lets spend 7 years ninja training to be batman for 8 months....cripple him take away his knee and basically turn him into howard hughes some one should tell nolan he passed on that film years ago...also this isnt the dark knight returns were batman was the darknight for years not 8 months and then retired.... and who does nolan think he is just so know one can do anything in the gotham nolan created he turns TDKR into a 8 year time gap with loads of plot really selfish... god forbid nolan touching bond he might cripple bond in less then a year ,Nolans 007 spy over 3 films in 8 years might be 007 for 8 months and retire .the truth is eveyone saw TDK as batman just starting off his career not ending it with the next film... in nolan i no longer trust

gepeto on Jul 20, 2012


Think about the comics. There's a ton of story lines. Same character, same origins, different takes. This is Nolan's story line, and I'll take his over Burton's and Schumaker's any day. If he didn't end it Hollywood would have destroyed it much the same way they killed Burton's. He was smart to wrap it up his way to avoid destroying the franchise in a way that disrespected the characters which he improved immensely through the course of this franchise ...even if was for a perceived 8 months, which in all reality might be as long as an ordinary man dressed in a Bat suit would survive in a crime riddled city (and this franchise has been about making this story as realistic as possible). On top of that it's not an impossibility for him to come back, and he did set up Gordon-Levitt's character to potentially be the next Batman if Warner does decide to carry on the franchise. It was a smart move because it enables the story to continue if WB does decide to reboot without tainting this trilogy. I personally wouldn't have wanted this franchise to carry on forever because it would get a bit redundant (redundantly awesome) and it keeps Nolan from being able to make other films.

Aero027 on Jul 21, 2012


The way nolan finished bane and the twist where bad by not just his standards, but any competent director standard. Anyone who doesn't agree is just lying to them selves. And there are some MAJOR plot holes. It feels like Nolan went unchecked and the movie suffered for it.

jasonjay on Jul 20, 2012


keep telling yourself that and maybe you can be taken seriously for it and your MAJOR plot holes are probably just stuff you forgot or failed to notice.....

Jericho on Jul 21, 2012


The ending was just plain old dodgy to be honest.....the whole talia and bane thing...didnt work

Have Hope on Jul 22, 2012


it would be unfair to compare this film to the first two and reckless to judge it on its own. Nolan told us his version of "The Dark Knight" as a trilogy using prototypical dramatic structure - Exposition, Rising Action, Climax, Falling Action, Conclusion. "Batman Begins" was the Exposition with the Rising Action taking place in both this film and "The Dark Knight." The Climax of this trilogy took place at the very end of the second film with the death of Harvey Dent and the casting out of Batman. Therefore, "The Dark Knight Rises," title notwithstanding, was the Falling Action and Conclusion. Those who watched the 3 films consecutively benefited from seeing the story as a whole rather than judging the film on it's own. Now, with the point of view that this was the conclusion to this story, I believe Christopher Nolan, David S. Goyer, and Jonathan Nolan did an incredible job, especially considering their limitations due to the death of Heath Ledger. In an ideal world, the Joker, as Batman's greatest foe, would have been a major part of this conclusion. Many doubted Nolan's ability to give our protagonist a greater enemy than the Joker and a greater challenge than taking the fall for Harvey Dent's death, but Nolan crafted the story so that Bruce Wayne's greatest challenge throughout the trilogy was to separate HIMSELF from the ideal that is BATMAN. Pair this challenge with a realistic and relatable threat of a terror organization that also brings the story full circle, and you couldn't ask for a better conclusion. Incredible.

SMY on Jul 20, 2012


There are Batman "fans" who are only movie goers (their knowledge of the character doesn't expand far beyond what they've seen on film), and there are Batman fans who read the comic books and follow those story lines as well. For someone who actually understands Batman as the comic book hero that he is, this movie is epic. To see these characters that I've read about my entire life come to life was incredible (not to mention all of the nostalgic references). I personally thought this movie was the grandest of the trilogy because this movie centered around The Dark Knight himself, rather than a villain. There are dozens of Batman villains but only one man to keep them all at bay. At any rate, it's my opinion that the people who were left unsatisfied are the people who idolized the Batman FILMS rather than the Batman CHARACTER. This movie has PLENTY of punch for the die hard Batman fan.

Kev on Jul 20, 2012


if the idea was to create a 'legend' it only makes sense to make the 'batman' bigger than the person behind the mask, something which was alluded to in 'batman begins' sure, i know it didnt go down that way in the comics, but this isnt the comic.

Panic Lift / James on Jul 20, 2012


ever heard of spolier alerts??? try it. It works wonders when ur going to spoil the movie!!!

james on Jul 20, 2012


It says spoiler warning in bold red lettering in the article. Obviously this article and comments are going to be full of spoilers and Alex does warn you that if you haven't seen it, don't read on. In essence you were warned.

Chris Amaya on Jul 20, 2012

71're complaining about spoilers on a page that is a "talkback" for people who have seen the movie? Really, mate?

David Pietrandrea on Jul 21, 2012


@b8be8e4e3e46c4275d33f6bba9eb1613:disqus, as the others have said it very very very clearly states that this is going to be a spoilery conversation for THOSE WHO HAVE SEEN THE MOVIE. He even warns that he will delete posts by people who obviously haven't seen the movie.

Scotty97 on Jul 21, 2012


It's a mixed bag. This parallels the ending of The Dark Knight Returns by Frank Miller, wherein Bruce fakes his death and recruits the youth to his "army." With the orphans up top, who's to say Blake doesn't do this? Blake also understands what Bruce has gone through, which Bruce sees, knowing that this is probably the best person to carry on the mantle.

John Gammel on Jul 20, 2012


true 7 years of ninja training to be batman for 8 months

gepeto on Jul 20, 2012


Why do I keep seeing this everywhere on everything I read about this movie? Where was it ever said that he was Batman for 8 months?

Chiroptera Exsanguination on Jul 20, 2012


I assumed it to be more like two years. Or at least a little over a year. In The Dark Knight the Joker clearly states, "A year ago these cops and lawyers wouldn't dare touch any of you...". So there's the time before Batman saves the city, the year in between his encounter with the Joker and the time he spends defending Gotham from the Joker. I don't know the exact math, but it's got to be more than 8 months.

Manuel Garcia on Jul 21, 2012


according to what ive heard, nolan intended for the real time to pass (3 years) between the events of 'batman begins' and 'the dark knight', and it took Bruce 2 years to make a serious impact on crime, and in that year leading up to the events of the dark knight, bruce and gordon began attacking the mob.

De'Quincy D. Travis on Jul 21, 2012


exactly, part of this is detailed in Gotham Knight as being a year after Batman Begins and the mob still didnt take him seriously yet....

Jericho on Jul 21, 2012


It might be more than 8 months, but really not by much. Batman took a year in the comics to get things going, but in Batman Begins it looks to be only a couple of weeks to a month. TDK takes place six months after Begins, and runs its course in about a week. So that's something like seven months in which Batman has been around. Adding in the time Bruce Wayne clocked as Batman in this film (not much - he came back only to get smashed by Bane shortly after, and he returns to Gotham on the eve of the bomb's explosion), it really is about 8 months.

Ted K. on Jul 21, 2012


Just saw the movie again, and it is clearly stated that he was Batman for "years" before his retirement.

Chiroptera Exsanguination on Jul 22, 2012


I doubt he hung up the cape as soon as he fled the scene at the end of TDK. Would have been a year or two before the Dent Act was passed, aloowing him to stand down.

steven on Jul 23, 2012


In Batman begins Bruce left after his first confrentation with Carmine Falcone he was (19-20 yrs old) he was gone for 7 years in which Mr. Earl had him declared dead to liquidate his shares of the Wayne enterprise money, in which Bruce returned to Gotham at (20yrs old + 7yrs away= 27 year old Bruce Wayne) and Batman's first outings. Bruce has a birthday (Bruce is 28 yrs old)in which he argues with alfred about not caring about his name then after all this Bruce defeats Ras Al Ghul and then in The Dark Knight, The Joker makes a reference to the time frame saying : A year ago these cops and laywers wouldn't dare touch any of you in which Bruce wayne should be now( 28 + 1yr =29) The Dark Knight Rises takes place 8 yrs later in which (29 + 8yrs =37 or rather a 37 yr old Bruce Wayne).

Dennis on Jul 23, 2012


in the framework of the Nolanverse... Bruce kept saying "Batman could be anyone". Alfred's words of him wanting Bruce to have a life of his own stuck. So... in effect... Bruce is just simply leaving Gotham in safe hands.... with Robin (Nightwing, Azrael, whatever) so he can move on and live. He isn't abandoning Gotham per se. He is just trying to live.

Duane on Jul 20, 2012


this also references the comics a little, having the name Robin, being a sort of sidekick without the 'Holy Global Terror Batman' and then taking the role when it was left for him....

Jericho on Jul 21, 2012


Batman is so much bigger than Bruce Wayne. I'm not going to spoil it for others who may want to read, but Bruce Wayne DOES have to go away or abandon Gotham several times in the comic books and the cowl is taken on by others who have been trained by him (one of those instances followed the fairly recent Final Crisis). Batman is a symbol, a legend, that can be whatever he needs to be and can be used by anyone worthy and trained enough to take on the challenge. In this trilogy of movies, I see that Bruce Wayne used Batman to do what needed to be done--no more, no less. If that was only 8 months of active duty, then so be it. It's a TRILOGY--not a run of 10 movies. Nolan did what he could within the scope of that time frame and created a masterpiece with an ending every bit as worthy as the beginning. Kev (original poster)

Kevin Laymon on Jul 20, 2012


Exactly how I felt about this. I NEEDED this to be more like Begins, and focus on Bruce Wayne/Batman, because that is my favorite aspect of this trilogy, that's the character I'm here for. All the action is incredible, but the intimate Bruce Wayne/Batman moments, all the character studying, that's what works most for me. For a real BATMAN fan, as you say, and not just a fan of the films, this was just incredible. It is, without a doubt, my favorite of the entire trilogy. Yeah, there were some slight errors and stuff around... but all the references and goodies for hardcore, lifetime Batman fans had me not caring in the slightest. I'm not saying this is the greatest movie ever, not by a long shot. But as far as Batman films go, for real, true Batman fans... this was just perfect for me. And it concluded the series in such a satisfying way. I truly do not want to even see another director attempt to reboot a Batman series.

Charles Oosterhouse on Jul 20, 2012


Apparently you're not as big a fan of him as you thought.

Charles Oosterhouse on Jul 20, 2012


The whole point is that the time has come when Gotham no longer needs Batman, something that's been alluded to since the first movie. Everyone rose, not just The Dark Knight. He inspired everyone (again something that was put in place in Batman Begins).

Chiroptera Exsanguination on Jul 20, 2012


Yes! This guy knows what the fuck he's talking about.

Kickbusch on Jul 22, 2012


Yeh thats why Wayne left the Bat cave to Blake......Wayne wanted to pass the torch so he could have a life. There will still be a Batman, Gotham still needs Batman, But it does not need Bruce Wayne.

Brian Sleider on Jul 22, 2012


I may be going out on a limb here, and we'll never see this come to fruition, but I got the sense Blake could become something close to Batman Beyond. With the introduction of the leg augmentation device Bruce had to wear, which not only helped him walk but also seemed to increase his strength when he kicked into a brick wall, if that device was applied to an entire suit you'd have the slight strength augmentation the Beyond suit gives Batman. Combine that with technological advancements, and Blake's smaller stature, and you have the makings for Batman Beyond. Gotham would probably have to wait at least 2 years for Blake to train, and for Fox to construct the suit, but It'd be worth it!

BMN667 on Jul 23, 2012


I'm sure he's not leaving Gotham forever! They are gearing up for a Justice League movie and surely he'll be back fighting crime soon enough! Bruce can never really seperate himself from Batman!

Delia on Jul 21, 2012


For someone who actually understands Batman as the comic book hero that he is, this movie is underwhelming. Bane did not come to life. Talia did not come to life. They were both far cries from their comic book counterparts. Catwoman came closest, perhaps. Not that this is necessarily a bad thing: these are movies and they worked adequately as movie-universe characters, but that's all it is. As a fan of the comics, I'm fairly disappointed that they didn't come closer to the source material. I agree with you that a strength of the film was its focus on Batman, not the villains. I enjoyed TDK but always felt that Batman got sidelined for most of the film. Still, they could've shown how he had lost his edge in the 8 intervening years, and could've done his road to recovery much better. The Pit was contrived and ridiculous. There are plenty of flaws with the film, which I don't have the time to list here. It's still a good movie, just that it could have been so much better.Nolan claims he drew inspiration from TDKR (Returns, not Rises) and Knightfall, but I think it would have been a better film if he drew from them even more. It was in fact my opinion that the people who are left unsatisfied are the people who were fans of the comics, and only the film fans were happy. Looks like there's plenty of disagreement even among comics fans. Of course, everyone's entitled to their opinion and everyone's emotional reactions will be different. I'm just sad Nolan didn't do a good enough job to make us all happy.

Ted K. on Jul 21, 2012


to be honest I'm a fan of both the comics and the nolan series and i was very pleased with the results of TDKR. I think the only thing i agree on here that seems to be a common gripe is Batman should have killed bane not catwoman other then that I loved this film with being a long time fan of the batman comics and the nolan films i'm very pleased.

Mick on Jul 22, 2012


If you're a big fan of Batman comics, why would you think that Batman should have killed Bane? Do you understand how ridiculous that sounds?

Chiroptera Exsanguination on Jul 22, 2012


No actually I don't how that is ridiculous at all? yes i'm fully aware of his golden rule but, under the circumstances i think it would been necessary and I think i could let that slide not mention he was damaging the mask that helps him breath and he dis say I quote " where is the trigger then you have my permission to die" so let's say hypothetically it would have come down to that without talia or catwoman intervening so if bane would have slowly sat there and died does that still not make batman a murderer and like i said given the circumstances it would be justifiable. I can make an exception if he killed bane and technically batman did kill Harvey Dent in TDK given that he did tackle him off a ledge while rescuing gordon's son.

Mick on Jul 24, 2012


When movies change the ethos of the comic characters , that's when they screw things up . Mick , by the examples u give yes justifiable . but C.E. 's point is that , in the comics , neither scene would have happened/been scripted that way . Or the comic fans would be writing in screaming as C.E. did , and I'm sure is happening on other sites . Should Batman act like his " Villians seeking nothing but destruction " in the "lawless, dystopian world created by Christopher Nolan " , ( as the NYTimes op-eds portray his Batman Trilogy ) ?? Frank Miller's Dark Batman , which all these movies are based on , still wasn't a killer . Wasn't the TDKR movie previews the EXACT motivations/inspirations for that idiot in Aurora ? ( not your point but a point about showing excessive violence by characters )

Dominic A on Jul 26, 2012


ok I understand you make a good point and i also do appreciate you acknowledging mine as well that always seems to get swept under the rug when I bring that up about TDK. overall your right Batman isn't a killer and i see your point with the Aurora tragedy.

Mick on Jul 31, 2012


You're such a lame newbie. Not even I killed Bane.

Jean Paul Valley on Aug 23, 2012


SPOILER ALERT* 1/ Bruce's motivation for becoming Batman was the death of his parents, and yet we are supposed to believe that the death of a girlfriend made him into a depressed loser. Stupid plot hole that. Would it not in fact spur him deeper into his vigilantism? 2/ Batman is a Detective and Vigilante. TDKR lost any sense of Bruce as detective, scientist, all round genius. Bruce Wayne should be closer to Benedict Cumberbatch's Sherlock than anything else. Turning Batman in a romance was the worst thing Nolan did to this story. I'm sorry, he hates Talia at first then all of a sudden they are rutting. Massive plot deficiency here, completely unbelievable!!! 3/ Alfred would never, I repeat, NEVER, abandon Bruce. What utter nonsense was that. It was at that moment that I felt the film removed itself completely from what Batman was about. Alfred doesn't cry! Alfred says the truth, but he stays strong. 4/Cops running at armed men, and Tanks who shoot at the ground? Really? Eyes rolled. 5/ Talia was obvious from the start. 6/ They talked the whole movie about the Bruce's desire to die, about the sacrifices he makes, and how the only motivation for him to climb out of the hole he had fallen deep into was to literally sacrifice himself for his beloved Gotham. Then he faked his death. They PRETEND he died! This is the worst thing a hero can do. Lie and cheat people into mourning. It is why Gordon was so racked with guilt over Harvey Dent. It's why we as society punish people who do this. These are not the actions of a hero. Hero's ACTUALLY sacrifice themselves. That is what redeems them. This series was meant to be attempt to bring a realism to the Batman franchise, but I feel this final installment has let them all down. As entertaining as it was you could never shake the feeling you were being pandered to. Epic? Operatic? I say Average and Off-Broadway. Still - looked good. Nolan knows presentation.

Jeremy Tapsell on Jul 23, 2012


1/ Bruce's motivation for becoming Batman was the death of his loved ones, his parents. His actions as Batman caused another death of the next loved one in line (Rachel). His only solution (a pretty fucked up one at that) didn't work on a personal level and wasn't needed anymore in Gotham. Batman is a tortured loner, 2/ Batman still is a detective, although less so. It isn't absent, it just isn't such a central part. He did in fact never hate Miranda Tate. He was disinterested. 3/ He didn't, he did the only thing he could do in hope of saving Bruce from himself. Alfred does cry. This is the last installment. This is the film where everything needs to be broken before it's over. Everything. 4/ I gotta give it to you that I found it strange cops being so overly confident. 5/ For us it was perhaps, but I personally think it was handled quite well with her back story. 6/ You make a valid point and to be honest I don't think it hasn't crossed Nolan's mind either. However, batman died, his inner demon, not Bruce. It was that part of himself that he killed. It rather ties in with the whole theme of battling your inner demons, getting tied up in them and as you rightly say: the moral question of lying for "the greater good". Also: it's the catharsis. "Because I think positive emotion trumps negative emotion every time." I'd say TDKR has its faults, but those weren't them.

Snev De la Fontaine on Jul 23, 2012


I'm not even convinced that the scene is actually real, Alfred said so himself that was the fantasy he had when Bruce disappeared for 7 years during the course of Batman Begin and like you said Batman would have never just leave Gotham fate to chance, that's just not in his character to do so.To me that scene could just be his way of coping with his failure to keep the promises that he made to Bruce's parents. a fantasy

WeisWayne on Jul 22, 2012


i wholeheartedly agree

Adavenport on Jul 23, 2012


His coping mechanism must be very imaginative, putting Selina Kyle and Bruce Wayne together, even though he was gone by the time that bonding development happened.

Buds on Jul 24, 2012


I would almost agree with this but, they throw in the fact the auto pilot was fixed by bruce giving the impression he was able to get out without being in it.

flyingreddragon on Aug 3, 2012


Um " read The Dark Knight Return's and then you have my permission to die

Dennis on Jul 23, 2012


BB 8/10 TDK 10/10 (not perfect but what is?) TDKR 9/10 Though the film was undoubtedly flawed there were so many great moments that I still loved it - Bruce escaping from the prison was my highlight, the score was amazing in that moment

F on Jul 20, 2012


i love nolan films got them all on blueray except insomnia...lets do the math so at the cost of over half a billion you make three films over 8 years and in that time you have a batman patrolling gotham for 8 months.the plot was over complicated coz nolan said im the main man i can turn batman into a whimp and cripple and retired for 8 years coz im untouchable and know one will say a bad word about me.... i mean put your ego in u honestly think he will pull this crap with bond what he so desperatley wants....make a film abount bond where hes crippled and retired for 8 years....acting was great the bat bane fights were great the last 30 mins that was ment to be this rush was ok,,,im just pissed that nolan who did such a great job with TDK with batman joker gordon dent alfed i mean its like nolan cared about those characters and respected them but now in comparism he doesnt care about the bat just hes ego of no one entering his world of gotham....really dissapointed not spiderman 3 or X3 dissapointed but still i waited 4 years for the one promise not to be broken fuckin robin

gepeto on Jul 20, 2012


Spoiler:It was a good movie...sadly not a great one. We set ourselves up for disappointment with our expectations. The acting was top notch. Love Bane and Selena and the twists were great but was it me or did this suffer from Michael Bay/Emmerich syndrome?...since when does Nolan have nuclear weapons and the President even in a cameo capacity & if Bane was so hellbent on destroying Gotham after allowing them to hope for a while, I don't see why he went through the full 5 months especially when it became obvious he was losing control of the situation, all it took was a push of a button. So really the angle revolving around the bomb was my biggest gripe. It's a let down for sure when compared to its predecessors but when weighed against superhero movies in general, it's still one of the best ever made.

RN on Jul 20, 2012


Was Bane in control of pressing the button?????

Kyle Marks on Jul 20, 2012


Talia had the trigger and seeing as how they were working together the whole time I'd say so.

RN on Jul 20, 2012


This is a great movie unfortunately this isn't a Batman movie.

Tyler Bannock on Jul 20, 2012


SPOILER FREE quick review: 8/10. Not the typical super hero film, TDKR is part war epic, part tragic drama. The actors all deliver good to excellent performances, with the best performance belonging to Anne Hathaway as Selena Kyle. The script was the major issue, making the movie like a bell curve- a slow ascension at the beginning, a high peak in Act 2, before finally falling slowly with an somewhat anti-climatic (not so epic) conclusion. Spoilers Spoilers Spoilers: -Miranda Tate's character was not developed enough to have a major effect when she was revealed to be Talia Al-Ghul -Tom Hardy did a great job as Bane through his mannerisms rather than just the dialogue. Unfortunately, his character was ruined at the end because his origin was basically handed to Talia. He didn't even have an epic death, he just got blasted by Selena and the entire sequence took like 2 seconds. -Plot holes like how Bruce Wayne recovers in the Pit with an Iron Man style situation. iAlmost laughed out loud with the guy supposedly pushes his vertebrae back and he heals from major spinal injury in a matter of months. -This is a matter of personal opinion, but the movie would have been better off if Batman just died along with the nuke. Of course, this is Hollywood and everyone loves a happy ending.

Jokerz on Jul 20, 2012


I don't think it was about having a 'happy ending.' If Batman just died that would mean Bruce didn't learn a single thing. Him being alive is part of the character arc. He's shed himself of the rage that fueled Batman and has become a whole person. He wants to live.

germss on Jul 20, 2012


That is an excellent point, but now that iThink about it, the problem wasn't because he didn't die, it was just how he chose to live. Happily ever after with Selena fulfilling Alfred's dream? That just seems a little off from the Bruce Wayne iKnow. Still a decent ending, but it was almost near impossible to live up to the hype.

Jokerz on Jul 20, 2012


i found he didn't really just iron man it through, since the prison took up the five months it would take for the bomb to go off, he spent those entire months recovering and reconditioning himself, and the vertebrae part is actually more probable than you would think..... and the ending was so much more than you wanted, you have to think this trilogy served as Batman was the real identity with Bruce Wayne as the mask *as rachel said in the end of Begins and what people have seen all through his history* and the end of this movie served as his first time truly being Bruce in his life.....

Jericho on Jul 23, 2012


I really like this take on him deciding not to go with the bomb, well said.

axalon on Jul 20, 2012


Yes Yes YES! I'm happy you mentioned Bane. My biggest gripe is the Bane orgin. Apparently not many people know about Bane because I haven't heard many people mention Talia taking his back story. Not to mention Bane is addicted to a substance called Venom in most things he shows up in. Also Talia and Batman have a son eventually, he is the 3rd Robin. I loved the story Nolan crafted for Bane and Talia, however it is disappointing because it doesn't keep with previous plots. The back story he created for them was touching though, even made me doubt I knew my orgins with how well put together it was. Overall it was pretty good, but for the last movie in a trilogy it felt like it needed to be wrapped up more to keep in consistency with the comics.

Maki on Jul 20, 2012


Sorry to correct you, but Damien Wayne is technically the fifth Robin. 1. Dick Grayson, 2. Jason Todd, 3. Tim Drake, 4. Stephanie Brown AKA Spoiler, 5. Bruce/Talia's son Damien Wayne

Jokerz on Jul 20, 2012


I stand corrected. 🙂 Point still applies.

Maki on Jul 20, 2012


I hate to give my opinions about a movie JUST after seeing it. You're still figuring out how you feel about it. I remember when I saw The Dark Knight all those years ago, I walked out thinking it was way, way better than Batman Begins. Over the years that's changed. I think Begins is my favorite of the three. It was more of a personal story about Bruce Wayne; Dark Knight was more about the Joker and Batman's response to him. Now with Rises we've moved back into Begins a little. This was all about Bruce and his journey; taking everything that's happened to him and working through it. It's also worth noting that each movie serves a purpose. Without the events of Dark Knight, we don't have Dark Knight Rises. So it's extremely stupid to compare the three, because essentially they are one large story. I loved the eight year jump. It was great to see how being Batman (and losing the love of his life) really changed him. Usually we never get to that point in these types of movies. Rises was an emotional ride; had I been at home watching this I probably would have cried during several parts. Especially the scenes between Bruce and Alfred. The ending got me as well. I'm not sure if a trilogy of movies will ever impact me the way these movies have.

germss on Jul 20, 2012


the worst thing batman said in the film was.....anyone can be batman.......i mean what was BB about all that ninja stuff so all thoses guys wearing hockeypads they were right

gepeto on Jul 20, 2012


from my understanding he said "anyone can be batman" meaning who knows who batman is, not meaning any joe blow can go out and be batman

brutalknight on Jul 20, 2012


It had a really interesting story line that I thought was really cool about how an entire city gets taken over and is run by bane who intends to blow the city up and batman has to save Gotham. I think overall it was the 2nd best in the serie and number 1 being the best. So I would have to give an 8/10 and I thought Nolan did a great job.

Finley on Jul 20, 2012


Dark Knight was better.. This was very similar to the "fall" of batman and him trying to regain strength (physically and emotionally) in dark knight! 😐 i felt like Nolan didn't give us ALL we deserved to be honest.. and last scenes weren't that exciting to me at all. I didn't see it in imax yet so im sure its better.. but still watchable! But im more of a Marvel fan so i liked Avengers' Plot much better! The End 7/10

Mochonko on Jul 20, 2012


What i felt really ruined this movie was considering the amount of care and restraint to keep the Batman movies as a legitimate piece of art then the stupid comic book movies that we'd seen in the past. It forgets all that makes many leaps in logic and expects you to go along with it. Oh yeah that and... there wasn't enough batman, it was boring, it was too serious, the action sequences were bland, the main villan was uninteresting (and had a silly voice), Joseph Gordon Levitt's character's predictable reveil was cringe inducing.

nzspaceweapons on Jul 20, 2012


It did a great job at coming full circle and actually had more depth than the last film. Instead of relying on one clown character to keep it afloat, all characters harmonized beautifully together. Everyone that I went with didn't want the film to end, they really wanted to follow Robin into another scene.

mark c on Jul 20, 2012


It was an incredible film. From start to finish! No doubt this will top The Avengers at the box office!!!!

cj on Jul 20, 2012


I'm surprised no one has said how similar the movie is to the game Batman Arkham City. There is so many elements of the game in the movie. I thought the movie was well done and I liked how they cleverly introduced Robin into it.

BinaryChaos on Jul 20, 2012


Have been through the game twice and loved it too, but how are they similar exactly? Be kind enough to elaborate..

Ankit_mn on Jul 21, 2012


loved it. Not the best movie of the trilogy but great non the less. The only thing i disliked was the un-needed story archs of all the side characters. We could have easily done with out a lot of the characters they decided to throw into the movie. it was also a bit predictable. But besides that the action, acting and over all plot were awesome. Cant wait to see it again

DoomCanoe on Jul 20, 2012


Even though it felt as if a huge chunk of story was missing from Act 2, TDKR didn't disappoint. I'm satisfied with Nolan's conclusion.

Greg Foster on Jul 20, 2012


Thank God for Christopher Nolan. His return to a closer character study of Bruce/Batman was wonderful. Rather than try and one-up himself after TDK, he told a brand new story with new characters in fresh environments. And beautifully told I might add. To me it felt akin to BB - like bookends - in the way they examine Bruce's weaknesses and triumphs. A new trilogy has joined the ranks of Star Wars and LOTR. Bravo.

Dimitri on Jul 20, 2012


star wars??? lotr??? really? dont compare crap like that to this masterpiece

knightrider on Jul 21, 2012


This is an epic film, but don't diss The Empire Strikes Back. It's one of the greatest films of all time.

Logan on Jul 21, 2012



Dimitri on Jul 21, 2012


HELLO NERDS!!!! Now that that's out of the way, I thought it was a good movie. That is all.

Bobo_Vision on Jul 20, 2012


Were their flaws with TDKR? Certainly. But I would rather see Nolan consistently take chances with his characters and universe within each film and tell the next chapter in the overall story. In my book that's exactly what he did. In my opinion, Batman Begins was a very well-done character study of Bruce Wayne and his evolution into Batman but it lacked the intensity and relentless pacing of TDK. TDK though it was a great film on its own terms somewhat took a step away from Wayne/Batman to examine the epic conflict that is Joker vs. Batman. Wayne is settled in his role as Batman and it takes the events of TDK (or the Joker) to truly unravel him emotionally. This makes sense but honestly I thought the character arc of wayne took a bit of a back seat until the final moments of the film. This leads us to TDKR. Others have lamented that the first half of TDKR was slow, serious, and Wayne is a shadow of what he was in TDK. But what would have been the point of TDK if the loss of Rachel Dawes/Dent (or the pain the Joker put the batman through) didn't bleed through to TDKR? While it may not be "thrilling" on-screen, it's incredibly important Wayne's character and it makes the payoff that much better at the film's conclusion. I can understand complaints of unrealistic moments in an otherwise realistic Nolan -verse. I can even see how people thought the total amount of characters and total run-time weighed down the film. However, in my opinion Nolan achieved in TDKR what no other trilogy has. He presented us a legitimate 3-part character study of Bruce Wayne and he also combined the world building/character stuff of BB with the epic conflict of TDK. Overall it was everything I wanted.

SaguaroD on Jul 20, 2012


Everything leading up to the first time he suits up again in TDKR was one of my favorite parts of the movie. I really don't know why people are complaining. Too slow? It's incredibly interesting.

Chiroptera Exsanguination on Jul 22, 2012


I love that the first half of TDKR was slow, serious, and Wayne is a shadow of what he was in TDK.Because if it was fast then like you said: What would have been the point of TDK if the loss of Rachel Dawes/Dent (or the pain the Joker put the batman through) didn't bleed through to TDKR? You wouldn't have had time to become emotionally invested in Bruce Wayne nor time to gain an honest appreciation for the Catwoman portrayal of this movie Brilliant!!! And I love the mysteriousness of Tom Hardy's Bane it felt so good to be out smarted by the Camera again (I was satisfied with Banes portrayal by Tom Hardy) I am so appreciative that there was no Mr. Freeze, Harly Quinn, or Penguin although I would watch a hole stand alone movie based off The Riddler, by himself because it can be so suspensful he reminds me of Jigsaw in the Saw movies. But it is in my opinion that no one is fitting enough for the Bat Suit wxcept Bale and Keaton and Bale is of course as of today the new best Bruce Wayne Keaton remains the argubly better Batman

Dennis on Jul 23, 2012


In this comment there are spoilers so watch out. For those who say that Bruce wasted his 7 years of ninja training for only 8 months of active duty are (no offense) ignorant towards the character's life during these 7 years. First of all, he didn't actually had 7 years of training. Yes, he went missing for the whole 7 years but he didn't train all 7 years long. He travelled the world, encountered new cultures, and learned about the criminal mind and ways. Along the way he met Ra's Al Ghoul and he took Bruce for training and came back to Gotham. Also he wasn't Batman for only 8 months. He came back in 2005 to Gotham (His 30th. birthday that year) and the span between Batman Begins and The Dark Knight is 3 years (Yes, I am sure The Dark KNight takes place in 2008), so he's 33 and he was Batman for 3 whole years before the Dent tragedy. Now, The Dark Knight Rises. While it didn't top The Dark Knight in ways many of us wanted to, it did in that this was really Bruce Wayne's story and it should how the character was completley messed up physically, emotionally, and financially. I loved how Nolan did such a good explaining Wayne's messed up mind and conflicts (both in and out). We don't see the Bruce Wayne playboy who we see in The Dark Knight. We actually get to see his true self.; I loved how he was locked up in his mansion for the whole 8 years, this was a really clever move to really study the character and who he really is instead of the fake playboy. As for performances I really have to give it to Christian Bale. He showed he is the true Bruce Wayne and demonstrated that he understands the character. Now, Michael Caine as Alfred. For me, I loved him in every movie, but he really topped the notch in this one. Him and Bale are just perfect on screen and they shared my personal favorite scene in the whole movie, when Alfred leaves the house. Next on the list is Anne Hathaway. When she was announced that she would play Selina Kyle I was not against it nor for it, I decided to judge after the trailers and I liked her. And boy she was good. Her character changes personality so fast in scenes and she portraits her character with such a beauty and talent. As for the ending, I was disappointed that Batman did not kill Bane. I was waiting for him to take the mask off but it didn't happen. I think the blasting of him away was just too rushed and very very easy to kill off a character that was never needed in the first place. As for Talia Al Ghoul, he character was not quite developed enough for her to be revealed as Talia and as the whole mastermind behind everything. If Bane would've really been Ra's Al Ghoul's son as first speculated and that Talia Al Ghoul/ Miranda Tate character had never existed and Bane was the true master mind behind everything and Batman would've killed him I think it would've been really epic as everyone desired it to be. In addition, the whole Robin thing was very clever of Nolan and Joseph Gordon-Levitt deserves at least a nomination for best supporting actor in the Academy. Him taking over the Batman role was not my favorite Nolan ever made in any of his movies, but bruce Wayne deserved the life Alfred wanted for him and Levitt's character was really good and honest and worthy of the Batman. In the end, I give this film a 9/10 because although I think the end would've been so much better, the film had a lot of emotional moments and like I said, Christopher Nolan studied the Bruce Wayne character like a master in this movie and for Bale's characterization of the character I believe he deserves and Academy Award for best Actor.

Faceman on Jul 20, 2012


Great review mate! Agreed with your points, you executed your words and explanations very well

Fidel Reyes on Jul 20, 2012


It was only a year between the end of batman begins and the start of the dark knight. Joker said it himself " a year ago these cops and lawyers wouldn't dare cross any of you..."

pjames on Jul 21, 2012


he was referencing the mob members not batman as before Batman hit them hard, it has been three years.....

Jericho on Jul 21, 2012


Nice review! I thought they had the best story out of the three but I felt Nolan fell short in the execution. What I mean by that is some parts felt rushed. Some people probably felt this movie was too long but I reckon an additional 20-30min would help Nolan patch the holes much better. One part that bothered me was when Bruce broke out of the prison and suddenly appear in Gotham. How the hell did he managed to travel back to US (he's broke) and cross over to Gotham when the bridges are all cut off (except for one with military post)?

Joris Satyadharma on Jul 21, 2012


Death or Exile. He walked across the ice.

Josh Beall on Jul 21, 2012


he was trained by Ninjas...

Jericho on Jul 21, 2012


Hes Frickin Batman...that's how.

Aero027 on Jul 21, 2012


Well the original draft Jonathan showed Chris was over 400 pages long, they did their best to summarize. I agree though, many parts felt rushed and weren't executed to its full potential. e.g. any romance in the film. I half expected Gordon to blatantly explain the gaps in his anticipated movie-ending monologue. They should have verbally explained the stuff they didn't have time to present visually, like Bruce popping back into Gotham after his intense rock-climb.

spendwil on Jul 22, 2012


remember he was in prison for probably up to 4 months or so, and arrived within hours of the "thing" which was a month later.

Parish Armani Hogan on Jul 22, 2012


First, he was able to travel around the work in Begins with no money, so it makes sense he could do it now. Second, he crossed the ice. Remember, in Begins he was taught how to "mind his surroundings" and keep "sure footing" on ice in Begins as well. Just a few more parallels between Rises and Begins.

Streaky78 on Jul 22, 2012


dude, you know, he's batman!

Egomania on Jul 27, 2012


we were giving the benefit of the doubt about the training he was gone for 7 years came back to gotham hence BB then after BB it says TDK takes 7 months after BB and that whole joker plot was like a month so he retires in 8 to 9 months but u are the one who is arrogant coz after catwomen betrays bat and sends him to hell he rolls back to gotham lookin for a relationship with selina... do u know the bat do you really.... bat would go mad for the cat saying hush TO HIM....dont get me wrong i loved the acting best comic book trilogy easily....bane and bat fights were the best of the trilogy.... its just that 600 million dollars over 8 years and 3 films and he wasnt on the gotham streets for a year....therefore batman year one should be called batman complete.....dont get me wrong i own all the nolan blue rays and ill buy this one its just not on the level of BB or TDK or memento prestige inception.....i liked bane the cat the acting i just hated the 8 year gap it felt more of a ego trip that nolan didnt want anyone in his world then a real plot requirement....i hate that nolan cared more about his legacy then what the fans wanted even though it was the best batman action ive ever seen...i geuss what im saying is its a batman film with no batman for ages opon ages....7/10

gepeto on Jul 21, 2012



MikeDep on Jul 21, 2012


Yeah... in ENGLISH, please.

John on Jul 22, 2012


In my opinion it was pure realism in humanizing Bruce Wayne in making him stop being Batman for 8 years it shows the torture in his soul from the death not only of his parents but Rachel he used the Batman personsa as an antidote to cope with the demise of his parents in which he only made things worse by making criminals up their evil and madness to which he lost another loved one and not just any one but his dearest and closest friend since child hood. Now put on a Cowl or rather Bat suit after you've incountered that in addition this is not a dance nor a comic meaning in the real world you dont see diferent evil minded people dressed up in costumes or logically defined outfits to take over the world so this is where an 8 year gap comes close to as reall as possible. This is like the Golf War reammerging in the early 2000's with George Bush not like a 1960's live Batman tv series because seriously the villains that kept emerging to take on Batman were an ensult to his entelligence and even at times Cliche

Dennis on Jul 23, 2012


I meant to say that in the real world you dont see diferent evil minded people dressed up in costumes or even logically defined outfits to take over the world back to back every day those are rare instinces and for proper use of this they most be treated as such these are not often events Bin Laden could have very well ben our world's version of Ras Al Ghul or even Bane himself however there acts of evil can be coincidental and at other times calculated not just owe I want a snikers bar so im gonna rob the candy store or I wanna see the Batman show up so Im gonna rob a bank these are class A criminals who dont wish to be caught and they are masterminds with plans not just some ediots out to make a name for themselves like in the comics or rather old comics

Dennis on Jul 23, 2012


" In addition, the whole Robin thing was very clever of Nolan and Joseph Gordon-Levitt deserves at least a nomination for best supporting actor in the Academy. Him taking over the Batman role was not my favorite Nolan ever made in any of his movies, but bruce Wayne deserved the life Alfred wanted for him and Levitt's character was really good and honest and worthy of the Batman." I'm confused. He was Robin, not Batman?

tommyalmond on Jul 21, 2012


Batman Beyond

Jericho on Jul 21, 2012


he was robin it was were the was going to do his training

fumes3f on Jul 22, 2012


Robin was originally added for parents to let there kids read him as a sort of symbol to show he was kid friendly now so we really did not NEED robin but have him as a convenience.....

Jericho on Jul 22, 2012


yeah right, he was added because Bill Finger got sick of thought bubbles *seriously look up his interview about making Robin* and Bob Kane decided it was a great idea to appease parents so he is really just another gadget rather than something important for a Batman in the age of wireless communication.....

Jericho on Jul 22, 2012


oh i got it the first time...but the thing about a mythology is that it is only there to appease so therefore can change *just like any other mythology* and if that mythology is going to change into a more brutal world, then characters like Robin have no place in it except to cause inappropriate comic relief and potential damsel moments....especially when he was just put there to help the writers have easier jobs......

Jericho on Jul 22, 2012


but that kind of story is so fucking lame... and they dressed Batman the way he is to have a dark theme for the adult readers *he was actually based on 'The Bat' a killer from a silent movie in the 20s*...he originally was never meant for the younger readers but the same is to be said for R rated movies...until Robin... batman even lost the gun after that so anyone can attempt to have that kid represent all they want to but in the end he's still just there as another gadget that everyone has to half ass a reason to keep him and i do know about one of the robins dying, they had a 1-900 voting poll on whether or not the readers wanted to kill him off. a landslide victory had the writers apply the old lost parent trick to kill him......Marv Wolfman brought out a Tim Drake after a bet he made with Pat Brodewick that he can make the character last at least one year longer than the second one until Mike Mullins gave a review that forever stamped Robin into sticking around..... and a second character made there jobs easier because constant thought bubbles are harder to do than an actual conversation. if you need to, you can look up Bill Finger's interview from 1987......

Jericho on Jul 23, 2012


now i think i made you misunderstood me, no he was never designed to be an R rated story but he was never meant for the kids just like an R rated movie but kids still got to see it. it was not done with young readers in mind but colored to compensate if young readers ended up reading it then they would be paying more attention to the images than the story *comic trick invented by Bill Holman* and writers would keep using Robin because he was now established as the sidekick its kinda factored as common sense. and the review still proves him to be added to make it easier, all this continues to show Nolan brought him in the best way. he as the character cannot exist in the increasingly dark and hostel world Batman is growing back into. he was barely shown for the modern shows unless it specifically requires him *young justice* he wont even be in the new TV series coming next year called Beware the Batman, it will be in favor of a woman named Katana with a gun toting Alfred so its only natural that he will be phased away from batman.......

Jericho on Jul 23, 2012


Isn't Dick Grayson, a traipse artist, Robin? I really did not like the tacked on "Robin" scene. Small unnecessary nod to Comic fans.

Brian Sleider on Jul 22, 2012


Except it's not even that, really. John Blake has never been associated with Robin.

Brownie on Jul 22, 2012


Blake was a side kick without the side kick stereotyping...

Jericho on Jul 22, 2012


Meaning what exactly?

Brownie on Jul 22, 2012


screw the mask and suit, your good with what you got....

Jericho on Jul 22, 2012


Without a mask and a suit, there is no Batman. Similarly, there is no Robin. Yet, by the end of the movie, Blake is clearly meant to be some sort of interpretation of Robin or Nightwing. Were we to watch his storyline play out, it would include a mask. So he's not without the "stereotyping," as you say he is, because he falls right into it.

Brownie on Jul 22, 2012


i was referring to sidekicks...where i threw you off to think i meant about the main hero is a part i will apologize on....

Jericho on Jul 22, 2012


You didn't throw me off at all. My point was that you make it seem like costumed hero's (sidekick or main hero) are "stereotyped." If you mean that it's a theme across all comics, then maybe you make sense. But if you mean sidekicks, within the realm of the comic world, and specifically the Batman universe, shouldn't be costumed just the same as their idols, then I don't really understand your point.

Brownie on Jul 22, 2012


i think the issue is your overthinking, you keep dragging out the main hero when i am referring to how Nolan did side kicks, Nolan wanted to have Blake a partner the same way he had Gordan in Begins, but if he had any other hints of him being connected to Robin then you can be sure people will be throwing tantrums for not including a suit. this way you can have the sidekick without the sidekick stereotyping..... and this way we can get through all the robin crap and skip him to the Batman mantle he will take up...not robin or nightwing since the bat signal was repaired and the gear left behind will still be bat themed.......

Jericho on Jul 23, 2012


they even phased out Tim in the new comic reboot to where he was never Robin but instead that Red Robin crap meaning they havent had a real robin until that Damian kid took over and that was because of Grayson and readers are calling for the 1-900 number to return so how long do we think robin still gets to be around?

Jericho on Jul 23, 2012


I remember when Batman told John Blake:" YOU DON'T HAVE TO THANK ME YET" in which Batman normally tell's gordon after being thanked that :you'll never have to The chills this movie put down my spine the butterflies in my stomach I appreciate the Nolanite's every where. Chris Nolan why dont you go some where nice where there are no misquitoes because you and your wife have earned it and take your brother and David Goyer too.

Dennis on Jul 23, 2012


the imax screen was not the best choice for me. as the print switched obviously from imax shot to normal shot and that was a BIG difference, over and over again. this became a problem. having seen it again in 2D this format is wayyyyy better. the movie its self was floored and i havent been reccommending it to anyone. like the dark knight before, the 2nd 3rd of the movie went to pack, id love to tell more detailed complaints.... but theres enough nolan fanboy lickers out there id get crucified

boondock saint on Jul 21, 2012


IMAX is 2D... Additionally, you are a fool.

Chiroptera Exsanguination on Jul 22, 2012


The Dark Knight takes place 6 months after Batman Begins dummy.

Ryan on Jul 21, 2012


are you sure. the movie starts with a meomorial for Harvey Dent who had died seven or eight years earlier...and what about the scene where alfred gives that speach to him for not moving on with his life, etc. etc.

donahueg on Jul 21, 2012


He means The Dark Knight, not The Dark Knight Rises 🙂

Chris Amaya on Jul 21, 2012


Buy The Dark Knight in Blu-Ray and take time to look at the special features to understand the film better instead of just looking it up online. In the special features of The Dark Knight in the Blu-Ray it clearly is visible that The Dark Knight takes place in 2008.

Faceman on Jul 22, 2012


even better yoink 'Gotham Knight' which details an entire year between BB and TDK

Jericho on Jul 22, 2012


" I was waiting for him to take the mask off but it didn't happen." TOTALLY! I wanted him to rip that thing right off and I'm sure everyone who sees the movie feels the same way!

Delia on Jul 21, 2012


Thank you, i totally agree with your review. The movie was very good but Nolan made two key errors. First of all for the non-fan boys the pit was just a obstacle, the main focus was on Gotham. So to have the plot twist connected to the pit was like, oh wait what was that about again and i was lost. I think a second viewing would correct this. The second error was like you said not developing Talia deep enough. We got to know Bruce as a toy boy. So i took Talia not as serious and when the plot twist came i was like who was she again? Especialy after where batman supposed to kill Bane, come on. The first fight with Bane was awesome, batman really needed to kill bane 🙁 i like to know a fan boy opinion on that. This movie would get a 10/10 if the plot twist wasn't there and Bane came out of the pit or if Talias character and the pit was introduced more. Which would be hard because batman trilogy was ALWAYS about Gotham.

Paulus on Jul 22, 2012


American audiences need to be satisfied like babies... it's kinda perplexing and must cause directors to sit an re-analyze if a character was "built up enough" in order to have a dramatic role lol, purely hilarious. If you all watched more foreign films this need to be spoon-fed would dissipate and a movie could be pure art and really share an element of "surprise". If Talia's character was "ANY" more developed, the entire audience would have said "Oh yea I saw that coming..." Overall, the movie was very disappointing, un-suprising right scenes full of nothing but "right-hooks", Bains voice went from scary to an nerdy-articulate when he gave Gordon's speech, ect, the best part of the movie was the charecter interaction between Wayne and Alred.

Truth on Jul 22, 2012


Even with out her character being built up, I saw it coming.

Brian Sleider on Jul 22, 2012


I agree Christian Bale executed his take on Bruce Wayne Brilliantly I felt so invested in him as Bruce Wayne almost to the point where I dont care about his take on Batman because he is Batman (Christian Bale has convinced me that this guy Bruce Wayne can exsist and is probably one way or another in the real world kicking ass) Christian Bale thank you for your excellent portrayal of my favorite graphic novel character. And thank you Jonah Nolan for convincing Chris Nolan to put Cat woman or rather Ms. Kyle in this movie because she was extremely refreshing and though the movie didn't linger on this moment thank you guys for having enough since to let bane break the Bat's Back. TRULY EPIC!!!!

Dennis on Jul 23, 2012


I almost cried...thats how good this movie is. Best Batman movie EVER!!

Carcamo 007 on Jul 20, 2012


I cried I thought he really go boom with it at the end

redskulllives on Jul 20, 2012


I cried, but not in that moment because I wasn't sure he was dead. When they showed the headstone and you hear Alfred, that made me cry. I almost nearly started sobbing. I had to clinch my jaw.

Manuel Garcia on Jul 21, 2012


Same. That Alfred part was heartbreaking. I also got choked up with the Italy scene with him. Such a perfect moving way to end the trilogy.

mau-Dee on Jul 21, 2012


I'm glad that Nolan ends the Batman trilogy with a Perfect and Happy ending + Nightwing..

Aman Pathak on Jul 21, 2012


i think more Batman Beyond...

Jericho on Jul 21, 2012


Those were tears of joy.

Manuel Garcia on Jul 21, 2012


the only real issues i had with TDKR were the massive amounts of plot holes. there were too many points in the story where i was taken out of the moment to question something that just did not seem possible in the world of the movie. also, (spoiler alert) i did not like the fate of Bane. the entire time they are building up to the suspension of what would happen if his mask is taken off. and then, out of the blue, comes anne hathaway, on a motorcycle, blasting away, and before you know it, bane is dead. once it was discovered that he is not the "primary villain", he was killed off way to quickly, easily, and anticlimactically. overall though, i thoroughly enjoyed the film. I would give it a 7.5 out of 10. i dont think it was as good as the other nolan batman films (mostly due to the script), but it was an excellent ending to an excellent trilogy.

Mike on Jul 20, 2012


it is never stated that bane is dead. remember that.

Cain on Jul 21, 2012


I must comment on this, as I saw the movie last night at a midnight viewing and haven't been able to get it out of my head since then. School work be damned, the Dark Knight Rises is more important! First of all, as many of you have mentioned, it's important to note that this movie is much more like Batman Begins than the Dark Knight. This may be an unpopular comment, but I preferred Batman Begins to the Dark Knight, as it sought out the psychology and philosophy behind Bruce Wayne/Batman, whereas the Dark Knight was about the Joker being crazy and stuff. What really impressed me with the Dark Knight Rises was the fact that the movie very obviously focused on Bruce Wayne and his journey, yet at the same time, Christian Bale was absent for what seemed like half of the movie. I love that Nolan was able to keep you thinking about him. One of the most impressively hard hitting shots of the movie was Wayne watching the television to see the three U.S. Marines (or Seals or whatever) all hanging from the suspension bridge. I feel like that encapsulated the tone of the movie as a whole perfectly. Nolan made the Dark Knight Rises into a disaster film. Gotham City looked like it was ground zero for the zombie apocalypse, yet it was a superhero movie. Very impressive. The Dark Knight Rises' strongest point is the emotional punch it gives. Sure, seeing Rachel Dawes get blown up was a bummer, but her character was poorly written in that movie anyway (did anyone notice that she was ALWAYS a bitch to Bruce Wayne in every scene?). With the Dark Knight Rises, the characters are no longer caricatures - they're fleshed out and developed. I'm not just referring to Selina Kyle or John Blake - I'm referring to Gordon and Alfred. Both characters had better writing to support them, and seeing as you have two great actors playing them, I was able to sympathize with them much more than before. I felt like in the two previous Batman movies, they were too much like being "good guys" and that was all. Of course, John Blake stole the show - duh. He was great. The ending of The Dark Knight Rises was a wondrous one, but not one without flaws. Bane's death was a little too fast, though I know why Nolan did it - to show that this supposedly invincible man is still flesh and blood and can be killed just as quickly as he kills others. Talia's character wasn't developed quite enough, though her actions throughout the film were cohesive with her identity. The time ticker on the bomb was lame, as it was unneeded (since it wasn't designed to be a bomb, and the only way they knew when it would explode was because of Fox's own calculations.) Nonetheless, the ending satisfied. I needed Gordon to find out Batman's identity and he did. Batman's (supposed) death was as gut-wrenching a death as any on film. I don't cry much but my fiance and I both had at least a couple tears rolling down our eyes. Nolan connects the dots at the end when we find Bruce in the cafe with Selina and Alfred, and Blake's literal ascension in the Bat Cave only proved to be appropriate. Also, the Dickens quote used by Wayne was perfect. All in all, this film exceeded my expectations. It made me think more than I thought it would. It was much different than I thought it would be. The characters were written better and developed more than I thought. I give this film a 9/10. In case you're wondering, the Dark Knight gets an 8/10, while Batman Begins clocks in at an 8.5/10. Thanks for reading!

Brian on Jul 20, 2012


So i was just reading the comments and thought i would just through out my own opinion here on some of the negatives people point out with this film. Firstly i agree that I wanted Batman to kill Bane as much as anybody in the theatre but honestly if that happened it would have destroyed everything Batman believed in. Secondly people complaining about how Batman left Gotham or faked his death. Batman was just a symbol of hope to the people that was it it was never about Bruce Wayne being a hero. Ok now the things that ticked me off. First just blow up the dang city Bane why wait 5 months if your going to kill yourselves anywas. Second this was suppost to be an ending but really Nolan left us a cliffhanger in having Robin find the Batcave so what is Robin now Batman because I never knew Robin was Batman thought he was just a sidekick. Thirdly the actress that played Talia wasn't great at all felt like if Bane would have been the mastermind would have been cooler. My last problem with this movie is noone could recover from getting their back broken in five months and i thought the city was impenetrable and shit so how did Bruce get in the city when he finds catwomen. The movie for me was a 4.5 out of 5 because i mean when Bane was down in the sewers destroying Batman it was really an incredibly shot scene. Hardy did an awsome job with Bane, liked how he just snapped necks at will and the voice even though i wished would have been deeper and more darth vader was good. I liked the ending with Bruce and Selina ending up together but like i said previously hated the cliffhanger the Nolan left us. Last final comment if I was Bane too i would have kept that bomb by my side the entire time so i could detonate it at will.

HOLA HAHA on Jul 20, 2012


I thought the film was outstanding. Was it perfect? No. (Spoilers) (Spoilers) I felt the death of Bane and the intro to Talia was rushed....but it was needed, or else Nolan would need a part 2, or a 4 hour movie. You cannot compare this to the previous movies. It is all ONE big story. This was the conclusion and it was EPIC. From reading many of the comments, I think a lot of the negatives people are saying about the movie is because they missed some details or conversations in the movie. See it again. Pay closer attention. It's worth it. Theres a lot of discussion as to why Batman took such a long break after a mere few months of being the Bat. In TDK, Joker mentions its been a year since the Batman has been around. Lets stick to that, since thats what the Joker says. Who cares if he was training in BB for 2 months, a year or seven..... Everything that happened in TDK broke Bruce down to what you see in the beginning of the movie. It was outstanding for what it was...a conclusion to the story. I loved how they brought out Robin in the end. I always had a feeling he was going to be it. Hopefully another director/writer can write out a side movie for him.

Dave on Jul 20, 2012


I think I'm the only person that would have preferred Bruce to really die in the end. I've always interpreted the Batman/Bruce character as someone who really couldn't adjust to the real world. That was the whole point. He's as much a psychopath as the people he tries to stop which is what made him such an interesting character. Having him live and be happy at the end seemed too "Hollywood" for me. Why not just have himself give it completely to Batman and really create the legend? Bruce still could have had a character arc, and after learning to fear death and come to terms with his life, he faces it at the end dead on and accepts the choices that lead him there. That could have been a powerful statement.

Rops on Jul 20, 2012


After seeing this movie twice I've come to the conclusion that this movie was the best of the trilogy...but with that being said, it is also the one that literally f*cked up nearly every Batman mytho. Since being a huge fan of the series since I was around 3 or 4 I would rate this movie (on a Batman scale) a 3 out of 10. But viewing this as a movie as just a movie lover, I would give it an 8 out of 10. It's a solid movie, but I prefer my Batman stories to follow the mythology. Also with that being said, I just wanted to say that Anne Hathaway killed it, did a phenomenal job as Catwoman and really stole the show. Bane was great also, definitely would have been my favorite if not for the new audio mix, it was just God awful, his voice just was so much bolder than all of the other characters, it sounded cheesy most of the time...and the morphine-like gas that was running through his mask was a great idea, but it kinda made no sense since the original character got his strength from the venom, so in the end it kinda didn't feel like Bane to all. The ending was sick, but it pissed me how and why? *****SPOILER ALERT AHEAD****** Why would Batman just retire? That's bullshit and how is Robin supposed to take over? And why is his name Robin and not Dick Grayson? They completely ruined his fantastic origin story. I believed that whole time that he was gonna become Azrael or someone else, possibly someone new, but Robin? How can a man hide under a different alias as Robin if his name is Robin? He better make a movie called The Boy Wonder, because I want to know what the hell he's planning on doing with teaser, but with Nolan directing I highly doubt that it will happen, but oh well...I'm just another geek complaining. ******SPOILER ALERT****** (OPINIONS WANTED!)Did that Bane back-breaker to Batman piss anyone else off when you realized that the rest of the movie would be nothing like Knightfall? Anyone care to reply to this with their own feelings and opinions toward the movie?

Apothecary1313 on Jul 20, 2012


I liked it.

samlat48 on Jul 20, 2012


i feel opinionated to tell you to get off the comics and enjoy the movie for what it was..... and the whole robin thing was to have robin without the potential for 'holy global terror batman' and then takes on the mantle when his time came....

Jericho on Jul 21, 2012


7/10 for me. Felt very unbalanced. Spoilers. editing was lazy and most scenes seemed rushed. audio for banes voice was distractingly out of place and his accent was inconsistent, seemed like they dubbed it and turned up the volume. One liners were mostly cheesy and stupid(except,"so thats how it feels."). I almost accepted catwoman but the movie would still work without her. sometimes acting was poor and unnecessarily exaggerated(Talia's death was hilarious). fight scenes and ability to fight were masked and cut up poorly. a lot of scenes were always cut before you could see an ending result of an action like a flip, jump, neck crack, or punch(some can be excused because it was "pg-13"). montage of batman and catwoman sneaking into banes hideout was badly edited and lazy. they did not take advantage of scenes that could of been emphasized upon and extended, making a emotional connection weaker. a few sets seemed very enclosed because of the budget or something. sometimes cinematography was awkward and scenes were unnecessarily extended. the prison was cool but felt out of place, why didnt bane just kill him? eh. final fight with bane was kinda cool but when he was shot and no real closure was given, it felt rushed and made bane feel pointless in the end. sequence of batmans death was very bland(explosion looked like a photo). There was no closure and everything in the end seemed rushed. There were a lot of good things about the movie(thats why i gave it a 7) but as the movie progressed the flaws begin to build up and destroy the foundation of the film. I laughed more then i was supposed to, there were so many awkward scenes that were ridiculous and at times couldn't believe they stuck with certain scenes, shots, or dialogue. Gordons voice when he was yelling between two trash cans, Batman yelling at bane where the trigger is, talia's death and scenes like morgran freeman's face when he opens the book case are a few examples of what distracted me from the films original intentions. Mentioning more negativity then positivity but I have to say im disappointed and thought it could of been a lot better.

drberd on Jul 20, 2012


I loved it. Loved the whole trilogy and was totally surprised by how much I liked Catwoman. Characters were all really interesting and the plot was bleak and interesting. JGL was great. Bale gave his best performance of the series. Lots of great callback to Batman Begins.

Jurassic_Max on Jul 20, 2012


The triumph of Nolan's series is that he accomplishes the humanization of batman. As fans, we all too often equate the symbol with the man. The symbol should be perpetuated but the man fades. This is why Nolan deserves acclaim because this batman character resonates with mankind more so than any other reboot. What keeps me glued to the screen (and pondering long after) is the fact Bruce Wayne makes the same mistakes we all might make in that situation. Times of bad judgment, fatigue, and ego weave a depth that has you hating and loving Bruce throughout the trilogy. Bruce Wayne couldn't let himself fall into the batman persona. He had to let it go to preserve himself. In fact, the character depth was so good, I nearly forgot about batman when Bruce Wayne was on screen. For this, Nolan will be remembered.

Jerome on Jul 20, 2012


excellent comment.

beevis on Jul 21, 2012


The character depth was so good, I nearly forgot about batman when Bruce Wayne was on screen. For this, Nolan will be remembered. I agree which is why I reposted your exact words Jerome

Dennis on Jul 23, 2012


The Dark Knight Rises was a great film, and it ended the way i expected it to.the only disappointment was Alfred. Alfred never left Bruce's side. Never. But he left in this movie. Not cool. To me though, this was the best film i have seen in years.and I'm not sure why people are saying that the first half was boring. It was story. We are not seeing Avengers where all the super heroes are cracking jokes and fighting aliens. Batman is facing a very real issue and it needs to be explained. Great movie.

Ricardo FireBird on Jul 20, 2012


Alfred has left Bruce in a few occasions in the comics. Most recent in my memory was when Bruce Wayne became a drug addict for strength enhancing drugs. He always comes back. . . though it's first time in Batman history, comic, animated or film-wise, did he come back when Bruce was 'dead'

Buds on Jul 21, 2012


SOME SPOILER it cracks me up how there were a bunch of 30-40 year old blue collar males with a five 0'clock shadow who are ready to join some crazy guy with a mask to destroy their own city. What's everybody's problem with Gotham anyways? Can't they just move? That's what happened to Detroit. haha. Plus, this whole 'have and have nots' plot has been soooooo done before. Same thing with the nuke. We've seen a crazy guy with a nuke before. Plus, explosives in the concrete? really?! Also, it kind of bothered me how in all 3 movies Bruce kind of doesn't give a shit about Alfred. It's a one sided relationship. Alfred should have been like, "yo dude, if you don't stop this whole batman crap, I'm gonna out you as batman. What's up now, dawg?!" Also, whatever happened to the 'right to bear arms' in america? For real. If 'terrorist' group came up in my town and shot up a bunch of people, you can bet your ass everybody would have been at walmart and pawn shop getting a rifle to shoot their asses. People in gotham are pussies. Plus, if aaaaallllll of the police were stuck, whatever, shit happens. But what about fire fighters and EMS? Where did they go? Wouldn't Gotham as a community try to band together to help those guys from being trapped? What about air superiority? You'd think the US government would have dropped a ass load of navy seals up in that join by helicopter or just sent a laser guided bomb to kill those fools. Anyways. Avengers > TDKR

Felipe F. Fernandes on Jul 20, 2012


I remember when I was a kid and I thought that a Happy Meal was greater than a fine'll outgrow The Avengers someday son....and you'll look back and wonder why you ever liked that crap

Geoffrey Shauger on Jul 21, 2012


I thought the movie was fine. Better then most movies this summer, but that is a low bar. My biggest issue with the movie was with Bane. I just felt he was a boring character. And his grand scheme? What was the point of holding a city hostage for months if the bomb was just going to go off anyways? Bane pretty much created a four month windows for someone to disrupt his plans. Why not just immediately blow up the bomb? Moreover, the whole idea that Joseph Gordon Levitt used his 'orphans intuition' to discern that Bruce Wayne was Batman was beyond stupid. Since JGL realizing so was such a huge plot point in the movie, that leap of logic stung doubly. Also, three hours? Huge chunks of that movie could have been lopped off with no detriment to the overall quality. Despite those large issues (and many, many more) the movie still had some great moments. First off, it was a beautiful movie. I'm also a sucker for multiple narratives that intertwine. And that scene where Alfred was telling Bruce about the letter Rachel wrote? Genuinely emotional.

Illithid Dude on Jul 20, 2012


He is kind of a combo of Tim Drake and Dick Grayson. In the comics Drake did deduce his identity at a young age. Also Both their dad's were named John in the comics. Dick Grayson was a cop at one point. I think it was all a great nod to the character of Robin/Nightwing.

JohnClark_R6 on Jul 21, 2012


I really loved the ending. I came to tears when Cain cried and when they met again, the tears came back, but in excitement. We can only pray that there will be a Boy Wonder movie!

Cody K on Jul 20, 2012


I think legends Never Die, that's what the end of the film symbolizes

Hollis Bush on Jul 20, 2012


The thing that makes the film wonderful is it compliments the first 2 films, and the first 2 fulfill its purpose in the 3rd.

Hollis Bush on Jul 20, 2012


Loved the movie, but all I could think about at the end of the film was Adam West running around the docks of Gotham City..."sometimes you can't get rid of a bomb"

pjames on Jul 21, 2012


I find it odd to see so many, or any negative reviews at all. I thought this movie was outstanding. It was more exciting than Batman Begins and didn't drag on like the Dark Knight. Nolan did a tremendous job of telling Bruce's story and he did it in a way that we haven't really seen any batman movie do untill this now. I know Ledger was going to be close to impossible to one up but give Tom Hardy some credit. Bane was an absolute badass in this with a huge range of emotions. He even used humor at times. Everything from his speeches to him simply walking inspired fear. The fight scenes were great as well. I also loved Bale and Cain's chemistry in this one. Hathaway genuinely impressed me in this movie and I thought Levitt did a great job as well. Great movie, good close to this series.

Vic on Jul 21, 2012


I completely agree, I loved every bit of this movie

Garrett Mana on Jul 21, 2012


Talia al Ghul...the thorn in my side or even Batman's if you know what I mean. I really did love this movie, but that was my only gripe. Miranda Tate's "romance" with Bruce and her eventual deception didn't have much of an impact. If I'm not mistaken, Bruce and Miranda have a total of two scenes before kissing and making "love". I think Leo has more chemistry with the memory of his dead wife than Christian Bale does with a living breathing woman. This made it hard for me to believe that Bruce would have any feelings towards this woman or that her literal backstabbing could have any resonance. The only reason this moment was hard to watch was because Bale did such a good job of depicting Batman's helplessness in that moment. You really feel for him thinking he's failed Gotham.

Manuel Garcia on Jul 21, 2012


Bruce's one true love was Rachel with whom he grew up. Any other woman he's dealt with was mostly beautiful gold diggers. Talia was there for him and showed what we thought was genuine interest when Bruce was at his lowest, right when he lost everything. Of course he'd fall in love that quickly.

jreed327 on Jul 21, 2012


I guess. I just found it hard to believe. Which gave the twist less impact at the end. I'm looking forward to rewatching it. Maybe it'll come off differently upon a second viewing.

Manuel Garcia on Jul 21, 2012


This movie was fantastic, all of the actors did amazing jobs, Bane is Straight up my favorite Villian of the trilogy, I dnt understand how people who supposedly liked the other 2 hate this 1. Anne Hathaway and Tom Hardy were fantastic additions to the story. Another thing i dnt understand is how some people still had trouble understanding bane, his voice was hella clear and I thought it sounded badass, overall this is my favorite of the trilogy. The Batman Vs Bane Fight scenes were awesome, especially the first one in the sewers

Garrett Mana on Jul 21, 2012


I felt that the fight scenes were absolutely terrible. Extremely slow and unskilled bar-brawling. I was literally cringing during the should-be-epic breaking of Batman fight because neither showed any semblance of combat training. It might be because I have a martial arts background, but I sincerely believe it's obvious enough for anyone to see. Sad, considering people have said Christian Bale has an uncanny knack for learning complex fight moves.

Ted K. on Jul 21, 2012


Bane: Do you feel in charge? Freaking Epic!!!! But maybe they can edit for DVD but I wanted to feel like Bane snapped that guy's neck and killed him instantly silencing him yet the guy kept screaming however the movie still was undoubtively EPIC!!!

Dennis on Jul 23, 2012


Fantastic, an epic end to an epic trilogy. TDKR was what I had hoped TDK would have been. TDK was a great movie, yes but I was slightly disappointed in it. I found Batman Begins to be much more entertaining mostly because of the Bruce Wayne aspect of the story and him learning the ropes on what it takes to become Batman. I also enjoyed the charm of each of the characters interacting with each other. At the end of BB when Gordon pulls out the Joker card it was exciting to imagine a Joker in Nolans universe. Gordon's speech of escalation also sums up the entire trilogy really well. When TDK came out Heath Ledger really blew the role away however I felt the movie was a little plain, not much charm going on between the characters, not much Bruce Wayne, even the sets looked too clean. What really bothered me about TDK was how often Batman would show up and immediately get into fist fights. Gone was his theatricality and use of shadows which had been established in BB. I still think TDK is a great movie but its probably my least favorite of the trilogy, The Joker and its complex morality story are what really save it for me and what happens in this movie only sets the stage for what happens in TDKR. But now I feel like I appreciate TDK even more now after having seen the big picture and how these events unfold. TDKR is a return to the tone and pacing of BB which is a welcome return for myself. The sets all look lived in and natural and when Batman finally shows up on screen it more then delivers. More time is spent on Bruce Wayne and how the events of TDK have affected him. A very satisfying movie and one I'll probably go out and watch again. Everything ended on a good note what we are left with is an excellent take on Bruce Wayne/Batman it is certainly nostalgic to look back on BB and witness a younger Bruce Wayne taking on Gothams seedy underbelly with determination, next onto a Batman in his prime going up against the Joker and having everything he's worked for unravel before him, and finally an older Bruce Wayne whose body is failing him and yet he still can't move on. TDKR certainly sends our hero out with a satisfying bang.

JV on Jul 21, 2012


Bane aka Tom hardy stole the show you can't see his face but when he talks is like his gestures just captivate you, love the joker but I feel bane toped the joker just what he accomplished as a villain how he broke batman just an amazing movie just as amazing as the dark knight

bro39_fabian on Jul 21, 2012


LMAO at the guy who downvoted you...probably some diehard Joker fan. I agree with you 100%. Bane will go down as one of the all time great on screen villains.

Geoffrey Shauger on Jul 21, 2012


I only had one tiny tiny problem with bane and that was the same height as batman. I went into the movie hoping and hoping that batman was smaller than a 7 foot bane so it was on my mind the entire film nonetheless tom hardy was amazing and nolan did a great job with batman 10/10

Chip_Tha_Ripper on Jul 21, 2012


FIRST OFF...GREAT FILM. STAND ALONE AND AS A TRILOGY ENDER. Now, did Bane stand up to Joker's character? The two can't be compared as the two are different types of criminals. I love the Joker's maniacal sense of anarchy but Bane's straight forward ruthlessness is great!!! When Bane lifts Batman over his head, INSTANT CLASSIC!!! (If you are a fan of the comic.) Did NOT appreciate how Bane never uses Venom to become super sized. There was no connection to his teddy bear. That was a simple fix, just put a damn bear in his hand. Bruce gets his back broke, then returns back to the cape and cowl in less than a year? (Timing may be off.) All I wanted to see was Robin step up and become Nightwing or Batman. Why was this "Robin" not Dick Greyson??? The story line was completely off. Robin never becomes Batman, the new Robin never comes into play, well, the old Robin never really comes in to play either till the end, Bruce never comes back after recovery to take back the Batman role, forcing Robin into the Nightwing position. So many GREAT PLOT POINTS were missed that could've added to the story. Now, THE ENDING..... WTF??? REALLY??? NOTHING??? No PEAK AT NIGHTWING or the NEW BATMAN or ANYTHING??? AND THIS IS THE END OF THE SERIES??? So what now? The Nightwing trilogy? Why bring such a great character in at the very end? Either way, GREAT MOVIE. Gotham finds itself in the state of ARKHAM CITY. AWESOME. BATMAN is tested and pushed to his limits for sure. Such a darker movie than the first or second. IT's almost like "Worst Scenario Possible" situation. I love the "war" between the 99% and 1%. A very realistic situation.

The Brasco on Jul 21, 2012


He is kind of a combo of Tim Drake and Dick Grayson. In the comics Drake did deduce his identity at a young age. Also Both their dad's were named John in the comics. Dick Grayson was a cop at one point. I think it was all a great nod to the character of Robin/Nightwing. I don't think we will see any characters from the Nolanverse appear in any other movies.

JohnClark_R6 on Jul 21, 2012


Also it is more No Mans Land with a touch of Year One and of course Knightfall more than it was Arkham City.

JohnClark_R6 on Jul 21, 2012


I would say that this is a close second to The Dark Knight, However, most of the plot twists were very predictable and the ending was very hollywood cheesy. This of course is also putting aside all the normal discrepancies of the laws of physics that mast be forgotten to watch any hollywood movie. oh and lastly, no countermeasures on the Bat, come on, Fox wouldnt have forgot that although i do like the "Red October" that Batman does with the missiles.

Valeres on Jul 21, 2012


He DID use countermeasures! Pay attention dude.

Geoffrey Shauger on Jul 21, 2012


I just saw it again, no countermeasures against the missiles, he just outran them

Valeres on Jul 22, 2012


I aired my thoughts on twitter, but in short I gave it a round of applause when it finished. Think that sums up my review of it. Spectacular.

Mubariz Ahmedi on Jul 21, 2012


This movie tells me again and again that "Batman is just a man and he can be anybody" and Nolan is clever to end it all very well by giving Satisfying ending to all characters with keeping the "Batman doesn't kill" concept , absolutely loved when I saw that bruce is alive and lewitt real name was 'Robin' !! Got to watch it again ...

Aman Pathak on Jul 21, 2012


I love the thought of knowing that Bruce Wayne is happy with his soulmate he deserves to be. Thank goodness there will be no Damian Wayne

Dennis on Jul 23, 2012


Phenomenal. Best of the trilogy for me.

Guy who comments on things on Jul 21, 2012


you cant say it was better then dark knight ....dont see how .....anyways

frank on Jul 21, 2012


I can say whatever I want, it's my opinion. I personally enjoyed it more than I enjoyed TDK. I loved the TDK as well, don't get me wrong.

Guy who comments on things on Jul 22, 2012


*********** SPOILERS! ************* A lot of people are saying they wished batman died at the end but personally I'm glad he didn't because one of the most important things for Bruce Wayne was to have a good life that Alfred wanted him to have. So I believe Nolan done very well there.

Bradley on Jul 21, 2012


2 hours and 45 minutes of my life I'll never get back. Loks like they drafted in George Lucas to write the dialogue. Painfully slow. Over burdened the storyline with sub plots, none of which went anywhere. Painfully disappointing.

St@rF^cker on Jul 21, 2012


Saw it last night. 100% satisfied. Felt a current of emotion throughout and building. In the end, only smiles and admiration.

Jeffrey on Jul 21, 2012


BEST Batman movie EVER EVER EVER!!! so Fkg AWESOME! I cant even begin to describe it. Best parts: Catwoman, messed up Bruce Wayne and Blake!!! XD

Christina Morejon on Jul 21, 2012


I will probably get some heat from this, but I didn't really like the move. Maybe I expected too much. Nolan tried to play the emotion card, and it worked upto certain degree, but that was it. I thought action was weak and some scenes didn't make sense at all. I know it's a superhero movie and doesn't need to make sense, but I thought there were many instances where common sense didn't apply. For example, no one in the Gotham city could figure out who Batman was, but how ONLY Robin saw right through him at first glance. I know TDK has the following like religion, and I will probably will get threats for posting this... But I just didn't get it... (and I am a BIG Batman fan for over 20 years...)

ilyisamsa on Jul 21, 2012


Why does the actor who plays sandman appear in all 3 movies almost like cameos?

Unclemoney on Jul 21, 2012


I'm going to see TDKR again before I make a proper judgement but my opinion after a first viewing is that I am a bit disappointed. Very good film but the worst of the three and not the epic masterpiece I hoped for. I loved Bane and Catwoman and thought JGL was also excellent. The cinematography was stunning and the action scenes were all superb - particularly the Batman/Bane fight in the sewer and the bomb at the NFL game. I do have some issues though: 1: John Blake knowing who Batman was simply by recognising Bruce Wayne when he saw him. The two most famous men in Gotham City are Bruce Wayne and Batman and Blake as a child realises they are the same person but nobody else does? I found this to be pretty lazy writing. 2: Alfred. Throughout the series, he talks about how he made a promise to look after Bruce so why would he leave when Bruce needs him most? Also, he seems to be constantly on the verge of tears. 3: There is too much poorly written exposition in the first 40 minutes. This is unlike Nolan. 4: There are too many plots going on at the same time. Did we really need Talia and Ras Al Ghul to appear? I would have preferred it if Bane had been the sole bad guy. The 'twist' with Miranda/Talia felt a bit 'seen it all before'. And, despite how good I though JGL was I fail to see what his character did which couldn't have been done by Gordon. Was he in there solely for the final scene? On the whole I did enjoy the movie and will see it again but was just a little surprised at some faults which I thought Nolan would never make.

highway7 on Jul 21, 2012


Couldn't disagree more on #1...especially when you factor in how it ends.

Geoffrey Shauger on Jul 21, 2012


1: you found it lazy because you failed to pay attention...the look in a mans eyes when something tragic happens to there parents as a child is like that of a signature, only another who witnesses it can see it...honestly you would need to experience it yourself to understand.... 2: he also declared he would not bury him...and for that he would have to leave him...OF COURSE HES ALWAYS IN TEARS, WHAT DO YOU EXPECT WHEN THE CHILD YOU SAW GROW UP IS DEMONSTRATING SELF DESTRUCTION!!!! 3: you actually need it for the rest of the movie 4: yes we did, rule three for trilogy movies, the past will come back to bite you in the ass. i dare you to look for a trilogy that doesn't have it....although then i will point it out for you.....DARKMAN DOESNT COUNT!!!! all in all the faults you see are of your own lack of observations....

Jericho on Jul 21, 2012


I don't think you understand some of the points I am making: 1: Wayne passed the mantle on to Blake for two reasons. One, he saw some of himself in him (orphaned) and two, Blake knew he was Batman and didn't reveal it but encouraged him to come back, showing he understood the importance of Batnan not just as a good guy but as a symbol. This is great and I totally get this but I do feel that the explanation for why Blake knew who he was is pretty poor. Nobody else in Gotham (including other orphaned children) recognised the two as the same person. A bit easy for me. 2: I'm not sure how well you know the comics but one of the great dynamics of the Bruce/Alfred relationship (which is displayed brilliantly in the two previous movies) is that Alfred is mentally stronger than Bruce. Bruce couldn't not do it without Alfred's support and this was the character I had bought into. I can get away with the tears but Alfred would never leave Bruce. 3: You are right - the exposition is 100% needed for the rest of the movie. This, in my eyes, does not excuse it for being so poorly written at times though. Every movie ever made has needed exposition and a lot have executed far better than TDKR - including the two previous movies. 4: I don't understand your point here. The League of Shadows had to be in part 3 because they were in part 1? If that is the rule of trilogies I would have to see them break with convention - especially as they have broken conventions in so many other ways throughout the series. Anyway, these are my gripes but I did like it as I said.

highway7 on Jul 22, 2012


1: that goes back to just questioning how you would think a playboy who demonstrates not only the lack of care for his own name but also was in the newspaper in the first movie as burning his house down and the only consciously charitable thing he has ever done was fund Harvey how would he also be a masked man who takes on guys with bare hands and helps take down the mob? ...Blake also stated met Batman once and then eventually met Bruce at the shelter and found the identically same look in his eyes. not the same pair of eyes but the look in them....once again you would need to have this tragedy to understand.... 2: i do not read comics but i do know the relationship and its that dynamic which led to him leaving, they brought up that he was hoping him leaving would get Bruce to think about what and why he is doing this again...that was all stated in the manor hallway scene...... 3: still need it, poor beginning exposition leads to better experience...dunno why but someone came up with it.... 4: Bane was a member of the league, Talia was a member of the league, both had personal vendettas because of Ra's death while at the same time fulfilling the leagues desire to destroy gotham, and the league was also a focal point in the first movie *the past will come back to bite you in the ass* and when you know the rules of the trilogy movie you find Nolan executed every single one of the rules in perfect sync in all three movies..... please don't think im attacking you based on these gripes, i just found them to be addressable.....

Jericho on Jul 22, 2012


Might as well repost what I posted on my FB page... To the 13% on RottenTomatoes that gave the Dark Knight Rising a "rotten" I'm trying my best not to laugh too hard at you. TDKR is an absolutely epic movie going experience. Is it perfect? No, it does compromise some tightness in the narrative because of the scope and scale. Some scenes and characters deserved more time but instead get lost in the shuffle. Is it Nolan's best? No, that distinction still belongs to Inception. But the movie still towers above 90% of the summer schlock. Movies like The Avengers come off like a Saturday morning cartoon in comparison. Bane just might be one of the best villains's worth seeing for him alone and the Cat Woman far exceeded my expectations...what some feared was going to be a disaster turned out to be one of the movie's strongest elements. All in all an incredible end to one of the best trilogies ever and by far the greatest comic book series ever. I can only hope that Man of Steel picks up the torch...otherwise it's pretty bleak for comic fans.

Geoffrey Shauger on Jul 21, 2012


Thoughts with those who died in Colorado. But yes it was a fantastic film. Amazing ending to an amazing trilogy

alex on Jul 21, 2012


this movie is the best. the tense feeling oh my god they just keep coming. and of course i cried. 🙁 i am speechless

emil on Jul 21, 2012


First of all, i think its ridiculous to rate this movie purely on the criteria of the Dark Knight. That is not how reviews should be made. This movie is absolutely fantastic. The scope, the themes, the acting, the music, the cinematography, and the ending are beautiful. It has the feeling of a third installment. Not to contradict myself by talking about the previous ones, but batman begins had an origin feel, The dark knight had the feel of a second, transition, and midway style, and rises has the feeling of the final chapter, where everything is wrapped up. I couldn't have asked for more, and i believe over time, the negative reviews will fade away and everyone will appreciate it.

Antony on Jul 21, 2012


The movie was certainly darker than the previous two. Outside of the mistakes that didn't agree with the comics (Robin John Blake), the movie was pretty solid.

Charlie Tinsley on Jul 21, 2012


What we have seen withTDKR is the epitome of what a movie in this genre should be . This could be the best film based on a superhero that has ever been made. What Nolan and these writers did was create a Masterpiece of comic book adaption and original storyline. While I know some will criticize the ending with Bruce leaving Gotham, I think that it was a brilliant portrayle Bruce finally facing his demons, making Alfred happy and moving on and trying to have a normal life aswell as making sure that Gotham would be taken care of. DC has definitely taken the lead and if the superman reboot has half of the depth and imagination of these 3 batman films I cannot wait for the " man of steel "

Tpat100 on Jul 21, 2012


After seeing this movie twice I've come to the conclusion that this movie was the best of the trilogy...but with that being said, it is also the one that literally f*cked up nearly every Batman mytho. Since being a huge fan of the series since I was around 3 or 4 I would rate this movie (on a Batman scale) a 3 out of 10. But viewing this as a movie as just a movie lover, I would give it an 8 out of 10. It's a solid movie, but I prefer my Batman stories to follow the mythology. Also with that being said, I just wanted to say that Anne Hathaway killed it, did a phenomenal job as Catwoman and really stole the show. Bane was great also, definitely would have been my favorite if not for the new audio mix, it was just God awful, his voice just was so much bolder than all of the other characters, it sounded cheesy most of the time...and the morphine-like gas that was running through his mask was a great idea, but it kinda made no sense since the original character got his strength from the venom, so in the end it kinda didn't feel like Bane to all. The ending was sick, but it pissed me how and why? *****SPOILER ALERT AHEAD****** Why would Batman just retire? That's bullshit and how is Robin supposed to take over? And why is his name Robin and not Dick Grayson? They completely ruined his fantastic origin story. I believed that whole time that he was gonna become Azrael or someone else, possibly someone new, but Robin? How can a man hide under a different alias as Robin if his name is Robin? He better make a movie called The Boy Wonder, because I want to know what the hell he's planning on doing with teaser, but with Nolan directing I highly doubt that it will happen, but oh well...I'm just another geek complaining. ******SPOILER ALERT****** (OPINIONS WANTED!)Did that Bane back-breaker to Batman piss anyone else off when you realized that the rest of the movie would be nothing like Knightfall? Anyone care to reply to this with their own feelings and opinions toward the movie?

guhboy12 on Jul 21, 2012


It was to die for... too soon?

blahh on Jul 21, 2012


probably. but made me laugh.

rock on Jul 21, 2012

264 owned.

mooreworthy on Jul 21, 2012


I thought the movie was excellent. Maybe some tempo issues here and there but overall it was great. I dont know why some people are so critical, for the die hard comic readers I can understand more than just the movie goer crowd. The intricate story that Nolan weaves was amazing. The point of some of the "lack of development" with some characters was so that there would be some mystery and leave room for the story to tell itself instead of it just being handed to us. That is Nolan's directing style. I dont know about everyone else but I dont really enjoy movies where im told everything and then the next two hours is just watching unfold what I was told. Bale was great as usual, my favorite batman (Keaton was damn good though too). Hathaway blew me away. I didnt know what to think going into it but she went above and beyond any performance I could have hoped for. Gordon-Levitt is becoming one of my favorite actors very quickly and would be stoked if he was able to take the torch and continue the series, all he needs is a good cast and director/producer. Harday is great, played a perfect Bane. For a guy wearing a mask he projected alot of emotions with his eyes and expressions, did a great job. I think it was a very fitting ending. Batman became the hero gotham needed despite all the hatred and scrutinay he faced all that time. When it comes to how much "time" he spent as Batman I could care less. It doesnt it matter if it was for 8 months or 8 years, he accomplished what he set out to do which was save gotham. What do you expect from a mann with no extraordinary powers other then lost of friends in high places with money to spend. To me he is one of my favorite "super heros" because he doesnt need special powers or anything like that, he is an ordinary man (well your ordianry billionaire with lots of cool "toys"). Overall i would give the movie a 9/10. The combination of great acting and the stories depth was amazing. Not my favorite out of the trilogy but still one hell of a movie. Now its time for me to go see it in IMAX tonight for the whole experience.

JustSomeGuy on Jul 21, 2012


This film is immense!! But one thing that did bother me; Bruce recovers from his broken back, escapes the prison, somehow travels back to Gotham.. all driven by an unrelenting desire to save his city, but the first thing he feels the need to do... Set up a little flare activated Bat symbol on the bridge! Seriously how long would that have taken him??

Rob Thompson on Jul 21, 2012


about as long as it took a man with a can of spray paint and then cut that time in half because he's batman......

Jericho on Jul 21, 2012


That bat symbol was of huge inspiration to the people of Gotham. Batman couldn't have done it alone.

Chiroptera Exsanguination on Jul 22, 2012


they should have named the character Robert Blake and at the end they should have said, why don't you like your full name Mr. Grayson? The whole Robin thing just didn't make sense to me.

broadhead922 on Jul 21, 2012


This was my favorite Batman movie of all time. I rewatched the other Nolan-Batman films first and even Tim Burton's Batman again, and by far the Dark Knight Rises is the best. I say this because it was a story and a movie first, and it was a superhero movie second. Too often we see special effects and our favorite hero bashing baddies, but we never really get a true story. My favorite Batman comic book story lines are those that are have a good story that just happen to feature Batman. Don't get me wrong, I am a huge fan of the comic books, but I don't want to just see Batman fight guys, I want substance as well, and this movie has a lot of substance. Spoiler Alert! The ending was fantastic for me. As some have mentioned below how could Bruce abandon Gotham, well I think for this interpretation of Batman it makes sense. I think even in the comic books Bruce longs to retire but knows he can't. Nolan gives us the ending Bruce Wayne deserves, even if it isn't the one some fans want. For a long time we have known that Catwoman is a perfect romantic match for Batman, but they cannot be together because she crosses the line, however in Nolan's version we finally get to see a reformed Selina Kyle and a truly happy Bruce Wayne. It is a little cheesy, sure, but it is also something fans have wanted to see (if they are really honest with themselves) for a long time. I loved the new character Robin John Blake and while he might upset some comic book fans, especially hard core Robin fans, but I think for a movie his character works better than any of the Robins. This may be blasphemous but I wouldn't mind seeing Blake as Batman in a new movie. As a fan of comic books we regularly are introduced to new characters and see the old ones we love put into new and exciting situations... maybe it is time for comic book movies to do this as well. One thing I truly dread is the rumored Batman Reboot Warner Bros is planning so they can tie into a rumored Justice League movie. I don't mind if they make their own cinematic universe like Marvel did, but please don't destroy Nolan's legacy. Again I know I'll piss off some comic book fans (and I am one) but I think they should continue Nolan's themes and style with Blake behind the cowl and use his Batman as the link to the Justice League. Also for all the Robin fans out there consider these things about Mr. Blake: 1) His first name is Robin 2) JGL played Blake as though the character were Dick Greyson 3) Blake is kind of composite character of all the Robins. Blake - Drake? 4) JGL owned the character and you have to admit he could carry a movie as Batman

jonatron on Jul 21, 2012


Really? I thought Blake was more of Tim Drake than Dick Greyson. I agree he was the composite characters of all three main Robins. He started as an improvished youth, lost his parents early like Drake, and is a sharp detective like Drake. Wish there was time to put some Damien in the character though.

Buds on Jul 21, 2012


I absolutely loved it. The Dark Knight Rises was spectacular last night, check out some of the past and popular Batman-related movies or TV series. Oh yeah...there’s some Adam West and Tim Burton on this list. See the rundown of great Dark Knight content that you might have forgotten. @19:27

Roberto on Jul 21, 2012


Loved the movie, better then BB but not as good as TDK. I loved the whole character building in the first 40 minutes. But I had a problem with the shallowness of Bane as a villain (especially next to the psychopath The Joker). SPOILER AHAID: Also using the nuke as a leverage and the turning of Marion's character felt kinda cheap to me too. Be a bit more original maybe? Also why didn't Bruce (or anyone else for that matter) fly the damn bomb into the sea immediately and just drop it into the ocean and fly away... no-one harmed... Thats the main down-part for me.

Rick on Jul 21, 2012


Because he wanted people to believe he was dead. The whole point was that Batman could be anyone. That it would get to the point that he didn't need to be Batman anymore and that he could move on with his life. His "death" accomplished that.

Gabriel Rincon on Jul 21, 2012


I loved it!!!!! it was a spectacular way to end the trilogy!!!!!!!! The action was great and the storyline with the twists are amazing! Anne Hathaway did an amazing job as Catwoman and Tom Hardy as Bane was great and same goes for Christian Bale as Batman, all stellar performances

TCobaugh on Jul 21, 2012


And you cant forget about Alfred!

TCobaugh on Jul 21, 2012


Same goes for Micheal Cane as Alfred and Gary Oldman as Commissioner Gordon and Jason Gordon Levitt as Officer Blake

TCobaugh on Jul 21, 2012


I felt the movie was good. There was a lot of change but keep in mind in the first movie. Batman was trained by Al Ghul, in Batman Begins, so Bane being who he is acts as a natural progression. It needed to be solid and it was. The movie could be more solid I suppose. I was happy having three solid movies in the superhero genre.

William G Chandler Jr on Jul 21, 2012


Not as good as TDK on it's own, but as a movie that rounds out the whole series, this was Great!!! Can't wait to see it again, just sad that this is the last Nolan batman.. what a tease at the end.

nathan on Jul 21, 2012


I know on some level deep down the Dark Knight was the best film of the series, but i can't help but like TDKR the most out of the series, Tom Hardy and Anne Hatheway just steal the friggen show

Hazedmind on Jul 21, 2012


Loved the movie. Nolan is a true artist. A few items for discussion: -After I saw TDK in theaters, I felt like my mind had been blown, but after rewatching both films on numerous occasions, I really like Batman Begins more and I think TDKR will fall in with BB.They are more Bruce/Batman centric, which at the end of the day is what these films are all about. I am speaking on my personal preferences here. Of course what Heath did was landmark and TDK was great, but it felt like the movie's focus wasn't on Batman as much. -Great casting. Nolan has a great eye. JGL is about to blow up as a household name and as a true leading man. Possibly the type of leading man that Hollywood Cinema is missing since Will Smith is a sellout, Mel and Cruise went crazy, Leo always plays the same guy and we don't have any other real options. Tom Hardy is quickly becoming one of my favorite actors. He gets into character as well, if not better, than just about anyone in the biz. Bale was fantastic again, and he will always be "my" Batman. With all that said, Anne may have stolen the show, bringing humor into the film which was missing in the first two. -The foresight he had to have Selina interested in getting rid of her past and to start over was fantastic because it created a believable way for her and Bruce to disappear. Faking death always bothers me in film as it just does not happen, but I didn't think twice on this one. -I will say that I am tired of hearing "Nightwing," "Batman Beyond," and even "Catwoman" brought up. Granted, folks are merely projecting what they want, but never was any of those names brought up. Nolan wanted these films to be a realistic as possible so he created realistic characters. He created a realistic Robin and a female cat burglar in Selina. He did an amazing job with this and I would have loved to see what he would do with a Mr. Freeze, the Riddler, and Penguin. Last thing, I love movies and I love cinema, but sometimes the limitations of movies do not give the story justice. I wish there was a more effective way to deliver a story. Nolan and his team are amazing at what they do but sometimes I feel like too much has to be skipped, assumed, or cut due to financial reasons, time reasons, or other. If there was no such things as these limits, I truly feel Nolan is one of the few people alive who could deliver completely satisfying art to everyone that partakes.

RobinJBlake on Jul 21, 2012


Loved the epic strains of this film. Both JG Levitt and Anne Hathaway were amazing. i also enjoyed being reminded of Jim Starlins The Cult in much of the second half of the movie. and as a side note it must feel good being Cillian Murphy being in all three glorious DK films, and being great in all three. I give the film 8 out of 10 and that could go up upon repeat viewing.

geekusi on Jul 21, 2012


Let the haters hate that movie was epic and just right. I doubt any man or woman alive could have made a better conclusion to that story. Also dear hollywood please don't mess this up by making a sub-par robin knock-off sequel...

Arthur Kendrick on Jul 21, 2012


The way I see it, Nolan is done with his trilogy and these will be THE Batman movies the new ones will be compared to. I know hollywood is going to screw up the next one if they reboot it in the next 2 or 3 years. They need to take their time like they did from Batman and Robin to Begins.

Chris Amaya on Jul 21, 2012


I don't think so. Pretty sure he did an interview where he said that he is done with the Batman franchise.

Chris Amaya on Jul 21, 2012


That article looks to be way back from march. This one is more recent and I'm pretty sure this means he won't be producing one either.

Chris Amaya on Jul 22, 2012


Dark Knight Rises was OkAY ... Anne Hathaway was a horrible Cat woman ... she would of been better as Poison Ivy NOT cat woman ... Bane was AWESOME but the storyline with Batman n Catwoman wasnt all that good...Banes story line was great. They didn't pick such a good cast in this movie. I was highly disappointed in this one :(...Im a Batman Geek & I was so hyped to see it at Midnight and halfway into the movie i was faling asleep... Chris Nolan could of done a WAY better job then he did... he was slacking so much.

Akira Gun on Jul 21, 2012


Not mad at the Blake twist, but mad that Bane ALWAYS gets shitted on in these movies. Why couldn't he just be the mastermind behind everything and let that shit end that way? And yeah....... so...... these two are going to live happily ever after in love, sipping tea and eating crumpets? Did NOT enjoy that ending as much as I SHOULD have.....

Aaron M Cooper on Jul 22, 2012


I think people are still seeing Bane as just Talia's henchman here but the way I see it, they are there as partners. I think the two of them planned this, and no, I don't think Talia was the mastermind. Both of them are and they are just playing their roles. Was Dr. Pavel's kidnapping planned by Talia? The sewer army and the explosions? I don't think so. They are Bane's plans. I think between the two of them, Bane made most of the plans to terrorize Gotham while Talia is working her way up to Bruce and the nuclear warhead.

Knight of the Sky on Jul 24, 2012


"Ah, you believe darkness is your ally. Where you have simply adopted it, I was born in it." - Bane (Chills up spine)

Kyle Mahoney on Jul 22, 2012


I'm here to fullfill Ras Al Ghul's destiny!!! Bane was so so refreshingly bad ass!!!

dennis on Jul 23, 2012


11/10 stars. Loved every minute. Lots of heart. Great acting. Michael Caine did such an amazing job as Alfred, he deserves a lot of credit.

zpayne02 on Jul 22, 2012


look personally i believe that the dark knight shulda been the last movie kus at least the end makes u feel like theres nothing left kus batman left and that way he culda added robin to fight by his side against da joker

fumes 3f on Jul 22, 2012


I think my only gripe with the film was the ending, and it wasnt a bad ending just not what I was really expecting. Then again what i was expecting was a bit much for average movie goers to fathom.

jacobcrim on Jul 22, 2012


In Batman Begins, Bruce is in prison, and he gets jumped by a gang of thugs. He ends up beating them down, and gets taken into solitary by the prison guards. He ask the guard why, and the guard says for protection. Bruce tells him that he does not need protection. The guard says it's not for him, but for them (prisoners). And when he shows up to the League of Shadows with the blue flower, he begins to fight Ras. Ras begins to call out every martial Arts technique Bruce used against him. My point for bringing this up, is to remind a lot of you that Bruce Wayne already had extensive training in self defense. He just reached a new level of fighting once he finished his training with the League of Shadows.

JVB on Jul 22, 2012


Couldn't/didn't live up to the hype......sorry....but anyone honest will admit it was nothing special. And the show yet another superheroe reboot trailer at the beginning? Good grief...if you can't make them better, stop making them. Spiderman was pathetic, this one was missing something......oh ya......almost 3 hours that could have been done in an hour and a half...we get it Nolan...Batman is totally human and loves to get the crap beat out of himself every movie.....Hey Hollywood, stop making movies just for the bucks......go back to quality......boy can't wait till the reboot of Scooby Doo, and the reboot of the reboot of the reboot of Superman....and can we bring back real quality like the reboot of the Dukes of Hazzard?/sarcasm......stop making crap. Can't believe the money this stuff makes. Unreal.

"Movie"fan on Jul 22, 2012


the avengers > the dark knight > the dark knight rises > batman begins

JBrotsis on Jul 22, 2012


The Miranda Tate/Talia Al Ghul swerve was BRILLIANT. That, and looking back at the end of the film: Joseph G-L would have made a great Robin. My friend pointed out to me after the film that after the dialogue with the clerk and Blake about his real name, for some reason, I wasn't putting two and two together - regarding the fact that it was supposed to be Tim Drake. Honestly, I would pay 16 dollars to see this again in IMAX 3x over.

Jayce on Jul 22, 2012


I can't see how anyone could be dissatisfied with this movie I preferred it to the other two as I think it captured batman perfectly bane was perfect how anyone can disagree after batman and robin is beyond me ??? Cat women was perfect there was no poor casting IMO character development was fine story was fine and beautifully shot soundtrack stunning all involved made an absolute masterpiece even tho I guessed most plotpoints in advance they still felt like a surprise to me I don't see the point in any other superhero franchise making any more movies as bb tdk and tdkr will never be surpassed

Ripz08 on Jul 22, 2012


Though I would have been even more satisfied with 5 minutes more of the Bane and Batman final fight scene its not realistic to expect a fight to go on where a man is trying to kill you and you are just fighting him to dtop him and the more I think about it Anne Hathaways Salina Kyle was a necissary evil that Batman could never be with the exeption of his portrayal in 1989's Batman who is a no nonsense person who kicks ass and kills if necissary

dennis on Jul 23, 2012


I meant to say fighting to stop him

Dennis on Jul 23, 2012


just finished watching the film, 3 hours never went by so easily. i felt engaged in the story as well as the characters for the full run time. loved: banes imposing presence as a personification of the league of shadows. jgl's rise to heroism being in gotham for 3 hours hated: the fight choreographer took this year off alfreds sniffles all things aside this was 10 times the film that the avengers was because it managed to still be a film. look back in 5 years or maybe even less, the cg heavy avengers will be a footnote in film history, people will speak only of its box office success. i had a great time at the theatre for tdkr, the 70mm print looked amazing and best yet, no portion of the film looked like comic con cosplay artists fucking around on a soundstage. i got no sense during tdkr that i was watching tanned millionaires play grab ass and wink at the camera.

Logan Sexsmith on Jul 22, 2012


Brilliant. As a Batman fan who's read the comics and really grew up with the character as my favorite superhero of all time, Nolan's vision has been spectacular to watch and this film is the perfect end to what will be considered one of the best movie trilogies of all time. The emotional payoff of this being the end, and watching Nolan perfectly tie up all story arcs from the two preceding films, plus the last 10 minutes or so, makes this possibly my favorite of the three. I literally cried, then cheered, then cried again, then stood up and applauded when the credits rolled. Glad to see that Batman fans, even if the critics aren't necessarily rallying around it the way the did with TDK, appreciate this work for the brilliance that it emits.

Kearnkoff on Jul 22, 2012


I too literally cried, then cheered, then cried again, then stood up and applauded when the credits rolled. There hasn't been enough instances where the movie God a.k.a. Jehova blesses us with spectacles as interesting and stories as amazing as this. Thank You God for allowing me to see this movie

Dennis on Jul 23, 2012


It was a bit of let down, maybe or maybe not because the earlier film "The Dark Knight" was such an epic film (mostly because of Heath Ledger) and also TDK's story had *grit* in it. The Dark Knight was a very tidy film, whereas this was not. For the first 30 minutes *and* more I felt the story was all over the place. Even though in the end it all seemed to make sense but still I felt the editing of this movie was the worst of all the 3 movies. Nolan took too many characters in hand and tried to knit a story. Of all the characters he only did justice with Catwoman and Silena Kyle. Even batman didn't get his share. Silena Kyle was the most prominent characters of all (probably because of Anne Hathaway). If Nolan hadn't declared this as the last movie then the reaction of Nolan's-Batman fans (which includes me) would have been very different. They (or say we) would have taken it as any other action movie and judged it based on the content. But since this is the last one, there is an emotional attachment to it and thus the "epic" reaction. Of course this movie is above Avengers, by far and the first appearance of Batman in the motor-cycle chase scene was damn awesome! Oh, btw, I loved Bane's "singing".

nirman on Jul 22, 2012


I have more respect for Christopher Nolan’s decision NOT to try & explain the Joker’s absence in film & especially for NOT recasting the iconic role (Semi-Side Note: Also with the way Nolan publicly & immediately addressed the tragedy in Aurora, Colorado was a class act, too). HOW DO YOU TOP THE JOKER’S PORTRAYAL IN “THE DARK KNIGHT”? By going 180 degrees opposite in direction. While the Joker was an anarchist, a psychological terrorist, hellbent on random chaos & internal destruction, Bane was a flat-out pure terrorist, calculating, deliberate & absolutely PHYSICAL. I am impressed with how Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy challenges The Caped Crusader in 3 profoundly different ways: FEAR (via Scarecrow’s & Henry DuCard/Ra’s Al Guhl’s fear toxin & mentor/trainer’s doubt), CHAOS (Joker’s psychological warfare & philosophical take on anarchy) & PAIN (Bane’s Über-Physical imposition on an 8 years rusty Batman). To sum up the following paragraph in one word: BRILLIANT.

yoeJ_yrneH on Jul 22, 2012


well said. I definitely agree

chaz bono on Jul 22, 2012


I am amazed at all the positive feedback about the film. I think there must be a bias as to who takes the time to comment on sites like this. As a life long Batman fan, this film was a ridiculous, self-absorbed, self-important, pseudo-epic parody. There was so much blabbering dialogue that I almost fell asleep. Batman appeared in only about 5% of the movie. As a physician, I know that NOBODY recovers from the kind of injury he endured, which made it difficult to defy logic and watch the rest of the movie. Nolan has made Batman unbearably dark and tragic to the point of stupefying absurdity. The first movie of this trilogy was brilliant, the second overly self-important but saved by a brilliant performance, but this the third .... a throwaway.

ruobrah on Jul 22, 2012


over all great film yes some holes but Nolan had to water it down for a wider audience and possibly some of the over all skills went with it

Dombezzy on Jul 22, 2012


As a comic fan i thought i would have seen Talia get it on with catwoman and wished they got closer to the catmask used in "Hush". On top of that i wouldint have minded if i saw cat claws loved the heels tho

Dombezzy on Jul 22, 2012


Every time I read a positive review of this film, a little piece of my faith in humanity dies.

JK Austin on Jul 22, 2012


Couldn't have put it better myself! This film was not in the same league as TDK, not even close!

K.C. on Jul 22, 2012


Okay let me start by saying, there will now forever be a new great debate among fanboys and movie lovers alike: What is the best movie in the Chris Nolan Dark Knight Trilogy? Tough question... Christopher Nolan has succeeded beyond my expectations. Where as "The Dark Knight" had the best performances of the Trilogy "The Dark Knight Rises" was the best as a stand alone summer blockbuster epic! The Level of realism, drama and thoughtfulness in the TDKR is unparalleled in the movie genre. Every time I thought we'd reached the final level of conflict Nolan took it up another level for good measure. I thoroughly enjoyed this movie and was completely caught up in the characters and story. There is nothing I can say I'd change because I fully accepted this entire trilogy as someone else's vision, trust was established and in the end I can say TDKR was the perfect final act. This may be the best and most evenly complete trilogy in the last few decades. 5 Exploding Stars out of 5 Exploding Stars!!!

jj king on Jul 22, 2012


I want to like this movie. Ras, Talia, Bane (one of my personal favorites from the comics, and Dini/Tim's animated series from the 90's), even a nice cameo of Cillian Murphy. It was a monumental task to under take. Given the amazing director, plethora of versatile and uber talented actors, Zimmer's crashing score with my inner nerd enthusiasm at an all time high...I walked away feeling disappointed and let down. Was it nice to see all these characters? Absolutely. Was it perhaps too much to pack in one film? Definitely. I feel like Nolan and Goyer tried their best to blow this finale up with a bang. And it just wasn't enough time. However unrealistic it is to believe in a comic book character, Nolan took the Icon, ran with it, and fleshed out something larger than life. The detail, the scripts, the acting? Top notch. Brilliant, and mesmerizing. It's unthinkable that a movie about a Superhero could actually have realistic values, that maybe, just maybe, this could actually somehow happen in the real world. But that's what Nolan did to a degree. So when I watched Bane and his infamous "break the Bat" scene, I was stunned to watch a few scenes later Bruce Wayne, with a vertabrea sticking out of his spine, simply has it jammed back in by an elderly inmate in a prison in a hole in the ground and soon after (three months time according to the film), Bruce is back on his feet and climbing out of the pit. A feat only one other had ever accomplished. Resilient? I guess. Ridiculous? For sure. I expect that from Marvel. All they care about is action mixed with more action, with some extra action on the side. Legitimate storytelling plays second fiddle in the Marvel-verse. Nolan's Batman broke the standards of normalcy and gave way to serious, thought provoking narratives, with a logic that added plausibility. Is Batman believable? No. But Nolan's portrayal was not the campy stuff we'd all seen before. At the time, maybe only X2 could even come close. It was different, and that's why The Dark Knight is held in such high esteem. Nobody had ever seen anything like it. Frighteningly real, sobering, sinister, and it captured and enveloped it's audience unlike any Superhero/Comic based film ever had before it. After watching this, I felt the same way I did after seeing Pixar's The Brave, or the final installment of The Harry Potter Franchise. That it wasn't a bad movie. But it didn't live up to what the people behind it are capable of. And knowing that, you feel a bit of disappointment. I'm not going to argue with anyone's opinions in regards to this movie. You choose what you like and what you don't like. Personally, for me, this wasn't the mind-blowing, epic of an end to a genuinely superb Franchise. I wanted to see Nolan have a real shot for best Director/Best Picture, and I thought maybe this would finally be it. Sadly its not. Not even close.

quazimotto on Jul 22, 2012


Just finished watching "The Dark Knight Rises" and I have to say something that I never thought I would ever say about a Chris Nolan movie - I'm not impressed! Not in the least bit. In my not-so-humble-opinion, I should have heeded Christy Lemire, the critic who was threatened on Rottentomatoes. This quite simply is nowhere near it's predecessor. The atmosphere wasn't the same as in TDK, Bruce Wayne spent an eternity brooding and feeling sorry for himself. Then combine this with rather swift and totally contrived romance with Miranda Tate then you have a totally incoherent film. Only heard like 80% of what Bane was saying, and Hans Zimmer's score also ensured that some of the dialogue was lost. As a Batman fan, I never thought I would find myself saying this but I will call it like it is - I want my 3 hours back. I loved "The Dark Knight" so much I have watched it 5 times, 3 on the big screen and twice on DVD. This one I won't even watch a second time, on any format. In my book, this is easily the worst of the three. I will never be hyped up for any Hollywood film ever again. There are so many other things that I could denigrate about this film but why bother. Overall score - 6/10 and I'm stretching.

K.C. on Jul 22, 2012


This movie is over rated. Too boring. batman looses every fight besides some reg guys. can barley hear what the boss said.the boss lives. and too predictable. The boss was too boring not fun. doesnt explain why he had that thing on his face. We all had to know batman wouldnt die but the movie woulda been better if he died since its the end of the trilogy

anthony on Jul 22, 2012


Ok did anyone else notice all the mistakes and the scene that was put in the wrong sequence? Not going to explain it if you didn't notice them your Problably too much of a Nolan band wagon person. The movie was enjoyable but not as good as the dark night, all or a sudden punching bane in the face is his weakness then he gets blown away but catwoman? Wow what a villain? Great for a third trilogy movie but still like the second one way more.

Julian on Jul 22, 2012


KINDA SPOLIERS! I avoided all news on firstshowing because i wanted to go in not knowing much about the film. i wanted to know the basics, nothing more. i watched the first 2 trailers because i couldnt resist. other than that, i stayed away. i went in and for the first 45 minutes i was puzzled, in where the movie was going. and for a bit i actually thought"im not really seeing this as a better film than the dark knight..." but than...the movie hits a brick wall in which it says "Now....we are taking this shit to the next level." and EVERYTHING in the first set of the movie begins to build this incredible arch in which it links the stories of all 3 films together to make this epic ending. it's not just an ending to a story, it's a CONCLUSION to a film series. Something Sam Raimi's spiderman did not do. It was not a conclusion, it was just an ending. Which is why they tried to get Raimi to do a 4th film. The studios know they can't get Nolan for a 4th because there is NO 4th. Such a brilliant movie. In the last 20 minutes, every few minutes the crowd was going "oooooooohhhhh ya!" because of the next great twist. Fantastic film! They didn't try and top dark knight, they just tried to stay true to the legacy. And far more brilliant. A near perfect picture.

alex w on Jul 22, 2012


the joker should have been there

samhain on Jul 22, 2012


they were respecting ledgers death. your wrong and thats not my opinion thats just fact.

alex w on Jul 22, 2012


I loved the film. I have been into Nolan since Batman Begins and I love how much TDKR ties into the origins of Batman Begins. I also love how we come full circle with the idea of fear and its purposes. Bane was so super awesome and I loved that we finally got to see Batman face a villain that could compete with him on a physical level. 10/10 for me!

Carson Tietjen on Jul 23, 2012


I so wanted when batman is flying away and the bomb blows up that all you see is a streak that looks like superman and than the credits to roll!!! How would that of been for an intro to Justice League.

Sirkay79 on Jul 23, 2012


I so was thinking the same thing maybe a directors cut for DVD with 3 different endings including(more bane and Batman fighting in their final fight scene where Batman kills Bane with his barehands beating him to death, Another scene where Alfred spots Bruce and selina with a 2 yr old girl(daughter), another where Batman dies and is thrown on to the lazourous pit and of course the last where superman saves Batman

Dennis on Jul 23, 2012


Liked it. Bane was great...better than Joker, imo.

Xerxexx on Jul 23, 2012


SPOILERS! As a Batman fan, I was very underwhelmed by this movie. I'm not one to demand that the movies reflect the books exactly, because they deserve to stand on their own; but I do believe that there can be a balance. I personally don't think they found that balance. The great thing about Nolan's movies previously was that despite using familiar characters, he told a completely new story that in no way mirrored the books. Those previous stories worked mainly because we couldn't compare the stories to something else, they were new and brilliant. I think Nolan & Co. tried to emulate a few really good BatBooks with this movie, and didn't really do any of them justice. The breaking of the Bat with his chiropractic cellmate was laughable; Bruce Wayne's struggle in NightFall was some terrific storytelling and showed that Batman may be a legend, but it was Bruce Wayne's ability to overcome great odds that make that legend. Bane's destruction of the city's sewer and bridge system couldn't have seemed less threatening; No Man's Land expressed the journey of a city cut off from their government and devoid of hope, insanity ran rampant in streets devoid of the basic amenities that make like livable in the best of times, that story showed a city rising from the ashes and finding something to believe in. Bruce Wayne's retirement read as abandonment and whimpering; The Dark Knight Returns depicted the calculated resurrection of the term "hero" as it showed a Bruce Wayne that had sat stewing and maddened at the insane world growing around him. I enjoyed the movie, I gasped when "robin", Talia, and the Bat were revealed. But to be honest, JGL carried the movie and then wasn't used to his full potential, and Talia was not given near enough time to be influential on the plot or on Bruce Wayne's character; but the batplane was pretty cool. I disagree with the notion that in the end Bruce Wayne is dead and this is Alfred's dream, there is no indication in the rest of the storytelling that Nolan was using a dreamstate as anything other than flashbacks. I rather prefer to think that Bruce was biding his time until he could return to Gotham under the auspices that he had been absconding with his maid in Paris and had no idea about the terrorism at home... I also disagree with the notion that "Robin" will be the new Batman... there is no reason to assume that Bruce Wayne was passing him the cowl rather than including him on the game, and therefore initiating him into the fold. I personally believe that the Joker would be held in Arkham, not Blackgate because he is batshit crazy; theres no reason to assume that he was killed at any point and could have easily disappeared into the shadows, to show up in the future. I believe the only good thing about this movie, is that it set up a possibility of this incarnation of Batman existing in a larger DC Universe and thusly we will be seeing THIS Batman (albeit with a different actor in the role) in a future JLA Movie. I believe this possible because of many elements of the fantastic employed in this movie that speak contrary to the belief that Nolan's Batman is based in the realm of the extreme-realistic. I believe that we are simply seeing a DC world prior to the arrival of Super-beings such as Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash and whatnot. I believe that the previous movies showed Batman at the beginning of his career, before he had the resources to become a "super" hero. For example: -With the injuries to his body, no amount of WayneTech could have brought him up to fighting shape by the time he did both before his back was broken and after. -He escapes a prison with a previously broken back only to make it across continents to rescue Gotham before the bomb goes off. -He escapes the nuke with less than five minutes without suffereing serious health problems. -The city surives a nuke off their coast without serious health problems! That is my personal opinion, Nolan knew he'd be helping to Produce the rest of the DC movies to come out, and he made the world of his movies capable of fitting a JLA movie that could exist with a non-reboot Batman. Now, I'm not condoning nor condemning this move. Because I think it would be awesome to see this same version of Batman again, and it would suck to see a new Batman movie be made that SUCKS... But at the same time... this movie was underwhelming for me as a Batman fan. My honest hope, is that Nolan helps out at the helm of the JLA movie adaptation to bring a version of the character to that movie that invokes his same take. I like to think that in another movie, possibly a future Batman movie... that Bruce Wayne shows up confused about why there is a grave for him with no body buried, he builds the orphans a real orphanage run by Leslie Thompkins, he trains John Blake to be his "robin" or "nightwing", he passes off the speculation that he was Batman by pointing out the impossibility of it all, then he is somehow brought into the inner workings of the JLA... however that happens. Idunno... I'd be happy if thats how it pans out... I'm sure many others wouldn't be.

DNate on Jul 23, 2012


Great movie. Loved every moment of it. SPOILER ALERT!!! A lot of people that point out the fact that Batman would not quit for 8 years really did not understand Nolan's universe. Through Begins and TDK, they've established that Batman wasn't going to do this forever. Once Gotham is cleaned up, he's done. This was especially noted in TDK when he tries to hook up with Rachel again. Also, Batman injured himself from the fall after saving Gordon's kid. The fact that Dent act cleaned up the street helped with Batman retiring. I think a lot of people forget TDK, Batman basically lost since he couldn't see Dent from Joker which basically demolishes his soul. And logistically, how is he going to operate when A...all of Gotham is looking to arrest him unlike before and B....he's injured...and C when he basically don't need to since the Dent act kept crime at bay (i.e. don't need Commisioner Gordon either in peace time). Loved Catwoman and Blake's character and how Nolan expertly weaves their story into Batman's arch so he has a reason to retire peacefully. I find it ok that all the other characters didn't have their stories "fleshed out" because ultimately TDKR is about Batman and how the Legend Ends (don't people read the movie posters?). What a performance by Catwoman....the first time she jumped out of the Wayne Manor window, that was perfect Catwoman. I loved Bane's performance. The weight of his presence is frightening. He's shown to be super smart and plans meticulously as well and also can anticipate how people react to his moves (until Batman freed himself from the prison). The way that Bane is always shown with his hands around his collar is pretty awesome. Something about it just adds to the gravity of his presence like he knows he owns whatever stage he is on. After Bane pummels Batman, I really felt worried for Batman even though I knew Batman was going to be victorious eventually. The only thing I really had a hard time with was Miranda Tate/Talia al Ghul's character. I think without her there, the movie would have been a little more focused. But I guess she kind of had to be there to string up the connection between Batman Begins and tie the three trilogies together. I seriously don't understand how people justify not liking TDKR but still saying Avengers is better. Avengers has bigger plot holes than TDKR...Plot holes that are exactly reasons that the Avengers assemble in the first place! How did Hulk and Thor knew that Colson was dead if they were there and that's why they had to Assemble and fight as a team? Also, Avengers also all of the other-pre Avengers Marvel movies never serve to place a stake for the real world. Yeah, we see people in the background dying and such, but it was more of a fight against Gods with bystanders in the side along for the ride. They are suppose to be Superheros, but really it's just an arena battle. Don't get me wrong though, I love the Avengers too, but just thought TDKR was a better "hero" movie. In TDK and TDKR, you can really feel what's at stake for the people of Gotham and really want Batman to triumph those villains. The citizens actually matter in Nolan's trilogy. But seriously though, 2012 movies have been a blast! Avengers and TDKR??? How lucky are we?? As for The Dark Knight Rises I'd say, Thank you Christopher Nolan, you've made a Batman and movie fan really really happy with your epic masterpiece.

hansoulfood on Jul 23, 2012


I'm still blown away by it!!! Def the best of all the Batmen movies. TDKR will go down as one of the most classic comic book movies 🙂 My reviews of it in vlog form: (spoiler free) (w/ spoilers)

Cinemanista on Jul 24, 2012


I loved the small twists that everyone expected anyway and THANK YOU to Nolan for actually "breaking the Bat"! I still couldn't believe he actually did it. Very clever having Batman using a cane in the beginning before he ever met Bane, man that threw me off totally and I thought for sure he wouldn't do it. Kudos, Nolan! One thing that still irks me though: Bane's facemask was never properly explained. First off, I get that he'd have incredible pain if he takes it off. We all get that. But who in fact crafted that mask, how did he survive up until that point?? It's not like he had the materials to make that in the prison, he was shown in wrapped cloths and gauze. If that's the case, is it the pressure of the mask that keeps the pain away? Or is there actually a nerve/gas agent that is being slowly and constantly induced while he wears it? Obviously when Batman busts a few tubes, he turns into a little girl who can't fight, just like in the comics, completely helpless, which was satisfying to see. As Talia reconnects them, he regains his pain threshhold and power. The mask is NEVER shown to be connected to any tubes feeding the gas. Are we to assume that skin tight mask with no apparent "gas tank" on it anywhere is feeding him the pain killer? This just confuses me. If he had just one tube running down his back to a belt or something, I'd be satisfied. But the mask stands alone, unconnected. Anyone else have any theories? Great move regardless and I'm personally happy Bruce is alive.

Ian on Jul 24, 2012


The Nolan Fan lays there, sedated by the presentation of the TDKR, mad at me because I say the film sucks. I then walk over to him/her, release the straps, and all of a sudden the Nolan Fan lashes out at me. I quickly contain him/her, letting him/her know that I do what I do best and that is to reveal aaallll the little plot-holes and terrible Batman-lore tie-ins in the film. I further let him/her know that what Goyer/Nolan and Company did with just three years and some good actors in TDK, and how magnificent it was. Then I mention that nobody panics when Nolan attaches himself to a film, or when Goyer attaches himself to a story - even if the story or film is horrifying. And if I lie and say that 'TDKR was a great film' or 'Inception was great film' nobody panics - Because it's all a part of the plaaaan. But I say that one little ol' summer movie f*@k!n sucks... well eVeRyOnE LoOsEs tHeIR mInDZ. The Nolan Fan stares at me in disgust. Then, I pull out a snub-nose .38 revolver and place into his/her hands, motioning the weapon-in-hand to my own head, and say: "introduce a little perception, upset the establish order and everything because obvious. And you know the thing about perceptive observation? - it's real. S/he finally displays a double-sided coin, patiently flipping it so that my very fate can be decided. Days later, that same Nolan Fan - both half-liking and half-hating the film - watches BB and TDK, goes on an online preaching-spree, and thus demeans everyone associated with TDKR including the movie's diehard fan-base.

disqus_0r7yeKMgvU on Jul 24, 2012


Did anyone else think that perhaps it would have been better for Nolan to just cast Chris Hemsworth as Bane? I know that Hardy did a good job and all, but lets face it, with a character whose face you never properly see they really just needed someone who could pull off the physical side of things. Again, no disrespect to Hardy - he was fine - but physically he just didn't come across quite as imposing as he should have. Hemsworth's 196cm and Thor crafted bulk would really have have suited this role. All they needed to do was shave his head.

a minor bane on Jul 24, 2012


to keep things simple, its a fine show with fine performance by Anne and Joseph, but disappointment abounds due to the high standards sets by the brilliant hedge ledger and the high expectations from the previous 2 films. My only dig is that some critics are naming the movie as a five star masterpiece, telegraph even compare it to godfather 2 , which in my opinion, there is no comparison. In the end great job by Chris Nolan for linking up the trilogy, will be looking forward to his next projects.

moviefanatic on Jul 25, 2012


I was just thinking it would have been cool if Blake was the kid from the narrows in BB. The one that Batman gave his NVG kit and Rachael helped later in the film. Would have been a better explanation as he would have been say 9-11 in BB and so a rookie cop in his early twenties. Though as he's an orphan we could suppose he was the one and same 🙂

Steven on Jul 25, 2012


Tim Drake...John Blake...hmmm? Am I the only one who hears the rhyme? I know drake wasn't the first robin but it sounds like a nice allusion to/hint towards the character.

cooper on Jul 25, 2012


the movie was totally awesome. Bane was almost perfect, and miss when he was not on screen. The movie was epic and the ending caught me off guard. loved it.

kori on Jul 27, 2012


I still don't get how did batman managed to fly, rocket himself or swim more than 6 miles in 5 seconds.

Egomania on Jul 27, 2012


I dont think that this should be the last Batman movie. You just brought Robin into the dam thing. And he finds the Bat cave I mean come on what were you thinking. If you wanted to end the saga then why bring in Robin and have him find the cave .Hello did you not se the comicbooks Batman has a side kick Robin and now you end it what were you thinking. Wake up.........

Robert Merritt on Aug 2, 2012


I Really Like 2008's The Dark Knight Better Than The Dark Knight Rises, However I Do Still Like Both Movies.

Guest on Aug 3, 2012


do you mean like new footage of these flashbacks instead of the already existing footages?

Egomania on Aug 12, 2012


Dark knight Rises was ten times better than the Dark knight.

jason on Oct 28, 2012


My oppinion...Garbage, thats what we get when a limey, produces an american story.

John on Oct 30, 2012


i personally thought the ending was perfect. just perfect. the moment when you think it is all over for bruce and batman...then Alfred standing at his grave sobbing and i felt sick to my stomach. then Blake saying his real name....was just the absolute best(trying to not spoil it) then when he is standing in the batcave at the end. good grief that was fab. and then seeing Alfred's "fantasy" come to life was the best feeling of relief ever. then it dawned on me that it was his fantasy and may have just been that. though i cannot bare the thought of that being true. it reminded me a bit of inception ending where the spinning top starts to topple but you do not see it fall. i thought the movie did have flaws, and did not override TDK but then the bar was set very very high. i loved the flashbacks with begins. the movies continuity was amazing. however the one thing that annoyed me so much was the fact that it was so obvious, the shots of gotham were in fact new york. in one shot it was clearly central park and in another i could see the empire state building. and i am from new zealand and i noticed this. for me it took away the magic a little bit and took away the fantasy world that i like to dream about that is gotham. though this hasnt seemed to bother anyone else but REALLY bugged me quite a lot. all in all i am in love with this movie. i did my seminar at school on it and people were genuinely interested in it than all the other shit boring ones on othello or the handmaids tale. because this move franchise is the fucking best

k_erry on Nov 6, 2012


awesome batman i love batman rises

Alan Higgins on Mar 8, 2013

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