Sound Off: Daniel Espinosa's 'Safe House' - So What Did You Think?

February 10, 2012

Safe House Sound Off

Now that you've seen it, what did you think? Arriving in theaters this weekend is Safe House, a new action-thriller co-starring Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds as CIA agents being chased around Cape Town, South Africa. It's directed by up-and-comer Daniel Espinosa, from a screenplay by David Guggenheim. How is this February action movie, another typical action flick, or something bolder, better and unique? How are Reynolds and Washington, how's their chemistry? One of the better movies so far this year? Once you've seen it, post a comment below with your own thoughts on Daniel Espinosa's Safe House.

To fuel the fire, I recently saw Safe House and although I really wanted to enjoy it, found it mostly boring, nothing I wasn't blatantly expecting and nothing out of the ordinary. There were no surprising big twists or turns, it was pretty much everything I expected non-stop, with some admittedly awesome action scenes, but overall just so boring. Yes, they're elite CIA agents, one of them knows everything, we get it, hasn't this been done before? I was hoping Espinosa would try for something unique and throw some twists in that would spice things up, make this stand out, but it was more of the same. Good action, good shooting in SA (football stadium was cool), but the rest was mediocre, and this is going to be a rather quickly forgotten action flick.

What did you think of Safe House? An outstanding action movie or a boring, typical repeat? We will remove any comments that indicate you have not seen the movie, as this area is meant to discuss the film only once you have seen it and can talk about your thoughts. Please keep the comments civilized!

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and this script was heralded and on the black list for exactly what reason? and tons of big name were going after the role Reynolds got for what reason? sounds like a typical action/thriller

Anonymous on Feb 10, 2012


I liked can see it once.

Whatever on Feb 10, 2012


I loved it. Good action/thriller. Denzel at his best. Although I think anyone could have filled Ryan Reynolds role.

Tyban on Feb 11, 2012


Main reason im not watching this movie: Ryan R. 

Buzzfunk on Feb 11, 2012


After the two Greengrass BOURNE movies, it's hard to stay excited with the material. This is really a remake of BOURNE ULTIMATUM with Denzel as Bourne Incarnate & Ryan Reynolds as the new blood. But as an action movie this is really surprisingly good. The South African setting feels fresh. The crowd scenes are energizing.

Gunther345 on Feb 11, 2012


It's definitely not Denzel's greatest work, but it's still vintage Denzel. Ryan Reynolds is actually surprisingly likable in this film and if you're anything like me, you'll find yourself conflicted, feeling sympathy for the antagonist but rooting for the protagonist as well. Overall, I'd give this film a decent 7/10 rating.

Marcus Aurelius on Feb 11, 2012


It's a decent action flick. Nothing special really, except maybe for Denzel. You can always count on him to deliver a great performance.

yan on Feb 11, 2012


BORRRRING! DW was badass though, great performance.

Chad on Feb 11, 2012


Loved it very much. A thoughtful action movie.

Jah7lion on Feb 11, 2012


On a 1 to 10 scale, a weak 5.  I would have enjoyed it MUCH more without the shakey cam.

Michael Grimsley on Feb 11, 2012


Same old bare thread of a story with wobbly, blurred, dizzying ultraviolent action scenes, deafening explosions and dermatological close-ups.  Denzel can act, but he can't redeem this piece of #&%$.  R rated for mindless, needless, gratuitous violence. 

Mark on Feb 12, 2012


Nothing new. The disorientation of the action scenes really bothered me. Some of the set pieces were fun to watch though, especially the stadium sequence. 

Anonymous on Feb 12, 2012


Why take down comments suggesting you haven't seen it? Seems a little unnecesary/authoritarian.

Blhah on Feb 12, 2012


The shakey action cam was annoying.  But I loved Denzel and the movie kept me interested the entire time.  Although I have to say, i've never seen so many people just walk away from horrible car crashes!

Mrpsychodrome on Feb 12, 2012


Denzel was awesome as usual, and another great performance from Ryan R. Suck it haters and fanboys. 

thirtyH on Feb 13, 2012


Honestly i think Ryan Reynolds gets a bad rap and i dont understand why? He is hilarious, he can act, he has the body of an action star and he always delivers! As far as Denzel Washington goes i have alot of respect for him and will give any movie he is in a chance, though he has kinda made some not so good movies in the past few years and honestly this is another not so good movie from Denzel. I like both of these actors alot which is why i went to see this movie but i have to be honest i thought about walking out of the theatre a few times through out but stayed to see the end in hopes that i would be surprised... I wasnt! It was just a brutally boring movie with minimal not so entertaning action sequences. The acting was good and the main characters were entertaining but the supporting cast was not that great and the plot was just easily predictable.

batsupe on Feb 16, 2012

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