Sound Off: James Mather & Stephen St Leger's 'Lockout' - Thoughts?

April 13, 2012

Lockout Sound Off

Now that you've seen it, what did you think? James Mather & Stephen St. Leger's Lockout aka Section 8 aka Escape from MS One, featuring Snow, played by Guy Pearce. A futuristic concept conceived and co-written by Luc Besson, this sci-fi action comedy thriller is about a space station prison called MS One that gets overtaken when they capture the President's daughter, played by Maggie Grace, and send in an ex-mercenary to rescue her. So how is it? Does Pearce channel Snake Plissken? Any good, or just a sci-fi ripoff? If you've seen it, leave a comment below with your own thoughts on Mather & St. Leger's Lockout.

To fuel the fire, I saw Lockout and I despised it, it's so bad. So unbelievably bad, I couldn't even understand how this was made. Not only is there a utterly appalling motorcycle chase made with CG from a 90s video game console, but the rest of the film is cheesy one-liners and action cliches packed one right after another. I keep telling everyone that this movie has everything, every cliched line you'd expect, every action twist (and double twist) you'd expect, every stupid moment and wrap up and action beat, there wasn't anything they missed. It kept going and going and I couldn't enjoy more than a few minutes, no matter how much I tried. Terrible, one of my least favorite films I've seen this year. I usually love Besson's sci-fi. Not this time.

What did you think of Luc Besson's Lockout? Action-packed sci-fi fun, or B-movie disaster? We will remove any comments that indicate you have not seen the movie, as this area is meant to discuss the film only once you have seen it and can talk about your thoughts. Please keep the comments civilized!

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i couldnt help but be reminded of 'escape from new york' the whole time.....

Jericho on Apr 13, 2012


well actually it was more Escape From L.A......

Jericho on Apr 13, 2012


Luc besson made a trite, derivative movie? !No shit! After having done that for decades, who would have expected that?

Sa-11 on Apr 13, 2012


^ thinks its cool to chip luc besson, clearly never seen leon, nikkita, 5th elkement, taken or the transporter

Fhtrjarjkryk on Apr 18, 2012


I thought it was horrible. Guy Pearce was funny but that was just about it. I thought they just threw together the movie. CGI wasn't bad. But I guess that's what you get for $30 Million these days.

Tyban on Apr 13, 2012


Save the ticket money and buy Escape From New York or Escape From LA. You can't go wrong with Carpenter/Russel.

Rops on Apr 13, 2012


even Escape from New Jersey was better and few even know about it.....

Jericho on Apr 15, 2012


I think they make escape from newyork in space, but I become disappointed , it is another luc bessonic action flick,it is mean for me

Ehsan Davodi on Apr 13, 2012


I liked it just fine.

Deadpool-003 on Apr 14, 2012


It was pretty much what I expected it to be, an homage to cheesy sci-fi and action flicks of the 80s and 90s. All the trailers and promotional material didn't really suggest that it would be anything different. It amazes me that people thought it would be anything else.  Anyways, I thought it was great. An action comedy that you could turn off your brain and enjoy for about an hour and a half, something we all need every once in a while. Yeah it was just a dumb action movie, but at least it wasn't one that shat all over a pre-established franchise that people love for a change. 

Awtan90 on Apr 14, 2012


Besson didnt direct it so why is he getting all the blame?

Ictimerlsf on Apr 14, 2012


I loved it.  I thought Guy Pierce was reminiscent of the 80's action stars with the one liners one after another filled with action.  The story was good enough and Guy and Maggie Grace had believable chemistry.  I highly recommend the film for anyone looking for a great action film. 

Angry_Foamy on Apr 14, 2012


OOOOHHHHH......its a Luc Besson film?!?! why didn't you just say so!? (puts money back in wallet, keys back on desk and makes mental note to self: Wait for torrent or cable in a few months without eager anticipation)

lando on Apr 14, 2012


I went to see it without expecting much and had a good time. It was fun and entertaining. I do not understand why Besson is getting so much hatred here. He produced and cowrote it but did not directed it. Guy Pearce as an action hero works for me and did a good job.

Christophe Lepage on Apr 14, 2012


AKA: Fails to read article properly. Then, using internet commenting's #1 most tired joke ("note to self...") self-narrates a few fake activities.

tsode on Apr 14, 2012


I loved it! I went with my friends and we were cracking up the whole time! It was fun and hilarious! Guy Pearce needs to make more action movies. Yeah the bike chase seen was garbage but it's totally forgiveable. They should make  a Deadpool movie starring Guy Pearce as Deadpool, he is the perfect wiseass! I guess that's why they call it a "punch" line...LMAO!!!

Crazy Legs on Apr 14, 2012


really disappointing and I love Guy Pearce and Luc Besson. Not sure why there were 2 directors? not worth the time or money.

Cherie on Apr 14, 2012


loved it

bob-dole_1=more+time on Apr 16, 2012


Lockout was pathetic. It insulted my intelligence. It was a waste of time.

Royalking on Apr 18, 2012


Loved it!! It was a great movie, maybe not an Oscar winner but it was a great watch and I would love a part 2 or to see Guy in lots more sci fi action! We NEED that

Masterbaster on Apr 18, 2012


This was exactly what I expected. All the cool 80's style and cliche's. You can kick back and just enjoy the movie. You can even tag the storyline pretty much from the start. It has made me more of a Guy Pearce fan for sure. And Maggie was pretty catchy too. Well done.

Fuss on Aug 19, 2012


I loved Guy Pearce's character Marion Snow. I would love to see a sequal!

Dimantez Smith on Dec 24, 2012


The CGI was so so unbelievably bad, like Sci-fi channel sharktopus bad. I don't understand how it even got made, this looks like a rough cut before the digital effects are finished. Its a total disaster.

Dan on Mar 8, 2013

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