Sound Off: Joe Carnahan's Thriller 'The Grey' - What Did You Think?

January 27, 2012

The Grey Sound Off

Now that you've seen it, what did you think? Live or Die on This Day. Arriving in theaters everywhere is Joe Carnahan's latest film The Grey, a survival thriller about pipeline workers whose plane crashes in the relentless Alaskan wilderness. Liam Neeson stars as Ottway, a survivalist expert, along with Frank Grillo (Diaz) and Dermot Mulroney (Talget). So how is it? How does the film compare to other survival, man-vs-nature thrillers? Is it as awesome as many have claimed, and as the trailer looks? How is it for a January movie? Once you've seen it, post a comment with your own thoughts on Joe Carnahan's The Grey.

To fuel the fire, I totally love The Grey. I've seen it twice and it will probably be one of my favorite films by the end of the year, lasting all the way through, it's that good. I would call this film The Fountain of survival thrillers, in its subtle beauty, brilliance, and focus on characters and story rather than action. Neeson is so damn good in it, adding extra depths of emotion and sheer badassery. From the terrifying plane crash to the overall chilling atmosphere, wonderful score and everything else, I think this is a near perfect, incredibly realistic, awesome survival film. I love where it ends, you don't really need to see any more, it's perfect. It's the character journey all of them go on that makes it such an extraordinary experience. I love this so much!

What did you think of Carnahan's The Grey? Amazing survival thriller or droll, snowy bore? We will remove any comments that indicate you have not seen the movie, as this area is meant to discuss the film only once you have seen it and can talk about your thoughts. Please keep the comments civilized!

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It was Greyt!

wolfsbane on Jan 27, 2012


There was a lot of snow! there was a lot of animals! Neeson made a snow man,I don't know where he found a carrot in the wild but he did. The plane crash went CRASH! It was loud. There was a really scary wolf that said RAR! Great movie.

savageriverman on Jan 27, 2012


I wasn't a fan. The plane crash was one of the best and realistic I've seen hands down. But it also dragged and scenes with the wolves became predictable. It was refreshing to see Neeson outside of his recent action roles. I'd recommend see it once.

Smithkj23 on Jan 27, 2012


Oh yeah, he didn't have much "action" in this role, just as a sharp shooting survival expert a la Bear Grylls, who turns sticks into single round shotguns, and then straps broken glass to his fists and takes on the Alpha wolf single handed.  Apart from that, I'd say there wasn't much action for him at all....!

Crap film on May 23, 2012


Please never compare any movie to "the Fountain"....that's by far my least favorite movie in the world lol...I still want to see this though

Danimal on Jan 27, 2012


was everything i was hoping it would be. this movie supersedes everything Joe Caranahan has done in the past and shows that he isnt just some studio director that makes the blockbuster action fluff. i was really pleased to see that they didn't go berserk with Neeson fighting off 10000 wolves. not that that wouldn't be cool to see but it took a very competent director to know the right amount of overkill. 

jake saunders on Jan 27, 2012


Off topic... Alex, can you please do something about the fact that most of the images of this site don't show up in the Opera browser? I'm using the last version available and I comeback here everyday hopping that the issue is fixed, but stills the same. All is fine when I use other browsers tough. And this only happens with your site. Thanks in advance! 😉

Drived on Jan 27, 2012


Please keep on topic... but to answer your question, I have no idea what's up. Even as you said, that only happens in Opera, which means it's an Opera issue, not us. Opera is not a great browser and I suggest using something else. I'll contact Opera, but it's not our fault that our images show everywhere else and not there. I suggest Firefox, Chrome, or Safari, nothing else. Our images work on all of those browsers.

Alex Billington on Jan 27, 2012


Actually, it IS your site.

Blurb on Jan 27, 2012


Why would it be my site if every other browser shows the entire website fine? That means that it's a browser issue, specifically related to Opera.

Alex Billington on Jan 27, 2012


Are you implying that Opera doesn't support JPGs? It may not be an "issue" with your site, but it's probably something to do with the editor you're using (like, what's up with the empty "span" tags?)

Blurb on Jan 28, 2012


It's actually an issue with ImageOptim and progressive JPEGs with 2 components in the initial DC coefficient scans which don't display in Opera. We've fixed this internally, but it's not in a public build yet.  And Opera is a pretty awesome browser. 😉

Mike Taylor on Feb 1, 2012


You're going to need to corroborate your answer there. As As web developer, I've inspected the code and can't see anything wrong with the way images are embedded or styled.  Can you give more than just pointing the finger? However I have just downloaded Opera for Mac (I always test Opera for PC, but haven't had to on my home Mac), and it won't load the site past the banner.  It gets caught on the social Twitter, Facebook, etc plugin (which runs perfectly in the same browser on my own site(s). 

Responsed on Jan 27, 2012


Site loads fine for me in Opera, minus the occasional graphic being messed up.

Mike T on Feb 1, 2012


I was just going to update you, but a rep from Opera already did (below). I've spoken with Opera and they've confirmed it was a bug in their software: "I've had a look at this, and it seems to be due to a bug we have in our engine, related to decoding progressive JPEGs with 2 components in the initial DC coefficient scans." They already patched it, but it's not released, so keep updating Opera and it should be fixed soon!

Alex Billington on Feb 1, 2012


Gotta see this! Neeson vs Wolves! Team Neeson!

Xerxexx on Jan 27, 2012


Which movie is better??? The edge or the grey?????

Res72ecv on Jan 27, 2012


really tough call, i dont even think i could pick one over the other but i guarantee that Carnahan Studied the edge when he was in pre-prod. if you noticed even the scores for both movies develop a theme that is used several times. regardless i guess if i had to pick, i would say the Edge just because that my favorite performance from Anthony Hopkins and Alec Baldwin.   

jake saunders on Jan 27, 2012


I have to agree with jake saunders (haha my name is jake also). It is a super hard choice to pick. I mean on one had you got guys putting their wits against a giant kodiak bear but another  with guys trying to survive against a pack of determined wolves. With "the edge" the bear is following them for food but "the grey" the wolves are following them *spoiler* because the people are in their home radius/protection. I don't think I can pick, cause even though they are both extremely similar, there are small traces of them being different....not just with surviving to stay alive but also with the kind of emotions and transformations of living to dying that takes place.

JBrotsis on Jan 27, 2012


The Edge, they not only built up to the inevitable showdown but they actually showed it.

Foo on Jan 29, 2012


THE EDGE. Simply put, a better movie, plus Catherine Zeta-Jones in her prime. I really did like THE GREY, but there were just more gripes I had with THE GREY, than THE EDGE.

DAVIDPD on Jan 29, 2012


Holy crap!  Just saw it and Liam Neeson's performance is reason enough to see it. Oh, and for those who live in the south, wear a warm jacket because you wusses are going to freeze you ass off just looking at it LOL   All joking aside though, I will definetely be going a second time and I friggin' dare the Academy voters to ignore Neeson when it comes to Best Actor noms bext year. He is awesome in this!

Hattori Hanzo on Jan 27, 2012


"I would call this film The Fountain of survival thrillers, in its subtle beauty, brilliance, and focus on characters and story rather than action. Neeson is so damn good in it, adding extra depths of emotion and sheer badassery."                    dam i want to see this movie now thanks for the read Alex

Anonymous on Jan 27, 2012


It had a perfect balance of sheer terror, thrill, and heavy suspense with lots of wolf carnage and battling the elements towards survival, but it had a great sense of beauty towards the alaskan wilderness, the comforting silence of the wild, and a new take on the warm sensation of death and how peaceful death can be. Everyone needs to see this movie!!! I just wish the ending was more exciting but it did leave you with a profound sense of "what happens next"?? I heard there was a scene at the end of the i wished i had stayed to the end :(the only thing i didn't like in the film was the blasphemy to God. sorry if im the first to say it, but i feel movies either should not mention religion in them, or at least should be respectful to all religions. coming from a christian background, when liam was on the river shore shouting at God to prove Himself and all the men were around the campfire saying God was a "fairytale"...i was starting to get pretty pissed. but that's just my opinion. 

JBrotsis on Jan 27, 2012


I've read that Liam Neeson interested to convert to Islam. read link here (malay language)

tiawrud on Jan 27, 2012


Dick head asshole....alcohol fucked his brain cells completely...fucking idiot.get the fuck out of hollywood now.

Ed on Jan 29, 2012


Not everyone believes in god. Cry me a river.

atheist on Jan 28, 2012


I am catholic, but your "cry me a river" comment alone tells me why you can't possibly comprehend GOD, your so full of your self, how sad :"(

Mseileenaguilar79 on Mar 14, 2012


Some people are atheists JBrotsis... and we don't get a lot of representation in popular culture. It's just like a Christian to cry foul when we do 😉

Eric on Jan 29, 2012


Get off your high horses. Religion should never ever get special treatment. Nor does it need to be respected. If you're too afraid to have your views challenged, then go live under a rock. Sheesh.

Some guy on Feb 5, 2012


I went into it expecting a slight but slightly entertaining survival blockbuster and was almost instantly proven wrong, Carnqhan has really outdone himself with this one; a film that succeeds as both a low-brow action thriller and a high-brow piece of arthouse filmmaking, proving that the two are not mutually exclusive. Full review here:

Viginti on Jan 27, 2012


Liked the movie but interested in finding out what everyone thinks about the ending....I'm talking about the scene she showed AFTER the credits rolled if you stayed around until the end you saw Liam Neeson with his head resting on the alpha wolf's body which was still breathing.  You couldn't see if Liam was alive but I think it was implied since he was resting his head on the wolf's back.  Any thoughts?

Sarahriffel127 on Jan 27, 2012


That was my take too -- I think Liam is alive.  We were the only two left in the theatre -- I don't think many people saw this last scene.

Guest on Jan 28, 2012


I believe he was laying on the wolf to feel it's last breath leave it's body, just as Neeson did in the beginning when he had shot the wolf.

wiccichicci on Jan 28, 2012


I agree that very few got to see the last sceen. I think this is a masterpiece that leaves the ending up to the viewer. On the spiritual level, I think its awesome because it reminds me of the Foot prints poem, even though he lashes out to God and feels utterly abandoned, he survives by the grace of God, who gives him the strength to over come his fear, and the wife (his love) like his guardian angel. This is a perfect example how how great GOD IS, even if you don't believe in him, he will always love you, and everyone, and thus, let miracles happen, like the battle one between the ALPHA wolf. Maybe even to be considered a Baylee between good and evil....

Mseileenaguilar79 on Mar 14, 2012


I meant *battle between good & evil* lol! This Swyping is still new to me, my apologies.. 🙂

Mseileenaguilar79 on Mar 14, 2012


I cannot believe the positive reception this film is receiving. "The Fucking Grey" is one of the silliest movies I've seen.

Thewtfdidijustwatch on Jan 27, 2012


that's probably cuz you have a poor taste in movies. though the joke's on you cuz you spent your money to see it. 

JBrotsis on Jan 27, 2012


Loved it. Not your typical survival story. Took a little bit from "Alive" but then went and created something on it's own. The CGI and Animitronics were badass. As for the end of the credits I suggest everyone stay and watch the final scene after and I think everyone will have their own opinion. I think the alpha and him destroyed each other and both end up dying.

Tyban on Jan 27, 2012


I think he survived...he killed the "Alpha" wolf; so he's in charge now!!!

LiamFaN on Jan 27, 2012


BUT, I do have a question about the story.  The survivors made it across the raging was it then that the wolves den was on that side of the river:  Opposite the plane crash???  This was confusing!!!!

LiamFaN on Jan 27, 2012


this is just a strong guest looking closely at the movie, but nothing factual....ok, so the whole time the survivors were walking deeper and deeper into the wolves' hunting range and into the den range from the plane. had they walked the opposite way of the movie, they probably would've met up with the wolves less and less (but they would never know cuz they were just trying to walk to the tree line, which would be on both sides or all around them in a distance). when they got to the raging river, only two had survived and if you look at the river from an aerial view, the two men were walking on the left side of the river. they then fell in and one drowned. liam got out on shore, laying down, and yelling at God on the left side of the river still. so maybe he never did cross the river and just kept walking deeper into the den radius. but even if he did cross the river, you could see 1) liam could stand in the river and 2) there was a log crossing the river he rested on and pete got caught under and drowned. again, just a guess by looking at the film. its just a good question how the wolves scaled that sheer cliff??

JBrotsis on Jan 27, 2012


Sobbed like a baby, I absolutely loved it. And contrary to what other people have said - I loved the anti-religious aspect. I loved how angry he got, how he wanted god to "prove" himself in this desperate time of need. His wife had been taken from him, he was obviously still reeling from that and was angry at "god" for those reasons, so I thought it fit his character perfectly. I thought it humanized him, that he wasn't blindly following something.

Teacherkid on Jan 28, 2012


It was HORRIBLE!  These amazing animals were murdered for this film. Four wolves were killed, the crew ate two and two used for props! People are more likely to die from a lightning strike in a forest than to be hurt by a wolf!  They are shy and loyal to their families. Hey Joe why don't you kill a few family pets in your next movie? I'm sure the cold hearted haters of the natural world will get off on it.   I will boycott and petition against this film and anything like it. I'm ashamed that human kind can't find anything better to write about. 

Hope on Jan 28, 2012


The wolves were ALREADY dead. They purchased them from a hunter who killed them for money, blame him. And see how friendly wolves are in the winter, when they're starving.

The Bateman on Jan 28, 2012


They survive on game even during winter time. They are not man eaters.

PAgal73 on Jan 28, 2012


Amen to this one. I am with ya in regards to the petition.

PAgal73 on Jan 28, 2012


I seriously can't tell if you're being sarcastic or serious in your comment. First off, only one wolf got killed "the outkast" wolf. Second all the wolves were CGI and the close up wolves were either animatronics or films could not get away with killing live animals without PETA getting on their ass. And as you put, yes wolves are loyal to their families....which is EXACTLY what they were doing in the film! They were protecting their den from the intruders. Geezzz, do you not pay attention to the film or do you just look for the smallest ounce of something to hate and then bash the entire movie for it?! Next time go see "Journey 2"...least that'll have enough of a childish mindset for you to understand. And if you complain, no one will give a fuck about it.

JBrotsis on Jan 28, 2012


I agree, but in a society, and world, where there are starving children, I would like to see that same energy spent to try and stop world hunger, our any child in need, and not waste your time fighting for "animals"....

Mseileenaguilar79 on Mar 14, 2012


Honestly the movie was Alright and maybe leaning a little towards Bad... This is coming from someone who loves K9's and Liam's acting. Pretty predictable, they didn't show you the one wolf fight you waited for the whole movie... I stayed for the ending after the credits... ok, i get it... He kills the alpha male... wonderful. The fact that everyone is hyping this up so much just goes to show how dumbed down everyone is from all this trash thats been coming out.

Lewis Walker on Jan 28, 2012


I'm a Liam Neeson fan, but I found the movie a big disappointment. Being a professional hunter, I thought he was going to demonstrate some survival savvy rather than merely lead his crew to a pointless death. Staying at the crash site, he could have heaped enough parts around the intact part of the fuselage to have a wolf-proof shelter. They would have been more likely to be rescued there than when wandering through the woods. Why did they go to the woods? Because there was firewood there? But they spent most of their time trekking through the woods exposed to the cold anyway, and the campfires they made were too small to generate any significant warmth. They would have been better off huddling in the plane and sharing body heat. It also made no sense to head off across the snow without having improvised some snow shoes or sleds on which they could drag gear (a door from the plane would be perfect). The scene where the character jumps what looks like a 30-foot distance to reach a tree on the other side of a chasm was ridiculous, totally over the top Hollywood stuff. There was no believable reason to take such a ridiculous chance. They even used the tired gag where the rope is going over the edge and one guy grabs it with one hand and stops it. You may say, "Hey, it wasn't a survival movie, it was a character study." Maybe so, I just found it pointless.  I'm glad a lot of people here felt they got their money's worth--I'm happy for you.

Paul on Jan 28, 2012


Your watching a movie man... suspend disbelief.

Jnickbuentello on Jan 28, 2012


Aren't you bothered by supposedly realistic movies in which characters do unbelievable things? This is not "Batman" or "The Matrix." You shouldn't have to suspend disbelief, man.

Paul on Jan 28, 2012


Thank you Paul. I thought I was the only one that thought this film was ridiculous.

Thewtfdidijustwatch on Jan 28, 2012


Two quick disclaimers...there may be spoilers in my response AND I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. Paul, also being a hunter all my life and growing up in the mountains, I agree with your points.  Some big survival no-nos you mention aside, I was still able to suspend some of my expectations and really enjoy the movie.  However, there were a couple items I couldn't quite get past... First, the first charge of the four wolves as the approached the tree line.  That was some poor CGI, syfy channel stuff.  The rest of the movie was good on CGI (I do Not claim to be an expert of any kind, but I want at least something I can't spot as blatantly fake), but that was just poorly done...and then mirrored.  Two wolves from the right in perfect side by side, then flash to two wolves on the left in perfect side by side...all with identical weird gate?  Luckily that was only for an instant, but it bothered me as the movie had been very vivid and realistic in it's imagery to that point. Next, Oddway passed out six shotgun shells to be improvised into bangsticks.  Set aside that it would never work anyway, but when the omega wolf attacks only two are used, maybe three?  Now, math isn't my strong suit, but what happened to the rest?  They were never seen nor heard from again.  Or the spears they were all fashioning to be those bangsticks?  Hell, where did all the knives they were using to make the points go? And I agree here...the survivors have to throw themselves over a cliff to get down only to be met by wolves?  Perhaps 5-10 minutes worth of scouting might have been a proper investment prior to tired, wounded and weakened plane-crash, wolf-attack survivors attempting to hand climb across a "rope" macgyver'd together from clothes and seatbelts?  Seems there was a safer way down, just ask the wolves...but hey, I'm willing to say they assumed the wolves could not follow this route and might give up the pursuit? And finally, the biggest plot pain in my side and the for sure spoiler in my response so stop reading now if you haven't seen it...all that hiking around, and a 30mile radius of territory to chose from and where does Oddway end up stumbling to at the very end?  I said to myself in theatre "killsight", but no, they took it up a notch when Oddway further looked around to multiple carcasses and said "the den".  Note that Neeson delivered this line with a chuckle to himself as if his character could not believe his dumb (and bad) luck.  And he delivered it perfectly because I'd also like to believe Neeson couldn't believe after all the tremendous writing and directing that he'd been led to this point.  I still walked out entertained and satisfied.  I was only disappointed in these areas because I did enjoy the rest of the movie so much.

jr on Jan 30, 2012


Finally Atheism is becoming an acceptable theme within cinema.  You know the tide is changing when non-belief in god could play such a role in a movie, The Grey had the balls to say what I personally believe to be true, that there is no god.. no presence of god... never has been and never will, even in your most desperate time.   Getting that out of the way, I loved The  Grey, scared the crap out of me, intensified my already existing fear of wolves, and just had me on the edge of my seat the entire time.  Loved it! 

Jnickbuentello on Jan 28, 2012


This movie portrays the wrong picture of wolves. They are not man eaters. They are the cousins of dogs. These creatures are not evil. Humans are. If you would take the time and research this animals you would come to the realization that the picture of wolves being bad is absolutely wrong. They are shy animals and stay away from humans. Statistics have proven that the chance of being attacked by a wolf is about the same then being struck by lightening or die in a plane crash. So many people are to narrow-minded nowadays to be tolerant of other species or people. So sad...

PAgal73 on Jan 28, 2012


I'm not going to debate religion with anyone but I believe it had more to do with him losing his faith and being angry with God because of the loss of his wife. That was my take on it anyway.

Wastapf on Jan 29, 2012


@Wastapf  I agree with that, and I also think that's a natural part of evolving into a logical human being.  Losing faith is a natural step. 

Jnickbuentello on Jan 29, 2012


Joe Carnahan needs a basic lesson in Zoology. There has only been two documented wolf attacks on humans in the past one hundred years. Once again, wolves have been maligned and vilified by people who don't know what the hell they're talking about. Totally absurd and moronic movie.

Mark Bolan on Jan 28, 2012


THANK YOU FOR THIS POST. I'm sick and tired of hollywood portraying animals in this way. Jaws? Lol what a moronic movie, a Great White Shark would never behave in that way, and to think they blew the poor thing up at the end. Jurassic Park? There has never been a documented Tyrannosaurus attack on humans in history! LOL Stupid hollywood. AND DONT EVEN GET ME STARTED ON STAR WARS. The way they slaughtered those poor Ewoks, I just wish all the strongly-worded letters I sent to George Lucas could've done some good... In other words, no ones villifying wolves for fucks sake, it's a fucking movie, put away your pitch forks because you all sound moronic.  The cast and crew didn't kill any wolves, anyone who says otherwise should learn about something called the factual truth. It's internet-warriors and the morons in PETA that make me want to move off of this planet when they spew incorrect, moronic drivel. 

BillCosby on Jan 31, 2012


Mark, I really enjoyed the film thought it was the best film of 2012 so far. I love Joe and I'm glad to say I had the chance to work with him. But you are very wrong with this comment. First off it's a movie not real life. Second it took me all of 30sec to bring up this wiki article where it reports a lot more then two attacks in the last 100 years just saying.

Danielwoods on Jan 31, 2012


just back from movies, great flic, havent jumped so much in ages, think the guy in next seat was playing it cool until the rope jump seam and he was out of his seat too, heh heh heh............ great performance by neeson, easily one of his best.....8 /10 AND MY GOD DID IT LOOK COLD, AND I LIVE IN SCOTLAND

LBR on Jan 28, 2012


It seemed like the whole movie was building to the final fight between Ottway and the Alpha wolf, and then it cut to black.  Are you kidding?  This movie did not pay off for me.  It wasn't a survival movie because everyone died. 

Kym on Jan 28, 2012


Oh my goodness, people. Where is your common sense. This movie is disgusting and outrageous. It is one of those fear inflicting movies about wolves. Wolves are not man eaters. It is giving these endangered species a bad rap, especially during the current hunt in the Norther Rockies. What is next, portraying dogs as man eaters, too???? When does this craziness stop!? Wake up, people and smell the roses!!! Besides, 4 Wolves were killed during production and eaten by cast and crew. Should this kind of animal cruelty be tolerated. Liam Neeson should have made a different movie and not one condoning animal cruelty. Anyone who goes to see this movie, is an advocate of animal cruelty. I am sorry. I refuse to waste my money and some shitty movie.

PAgal73 on Jan 28, 2012


I'm just guessing by your comment but if you didn't see the movie how can you even comment. It really is more of a revenge of the wolves movie.

Danielwoods on Jan 31, 2012


Dogs have a history of biting man kind, children, pet owners and so on... I hear about it all the your exactly right to refer to them as "man Eaters", they are animals.

Mseileenaguilar79 on Mar 14, 2012


I absolutely LOVED The Grey.  One of the things that was instantly impressive to me was that the movie stayed VERY "tight" with its cinematography -- very close to the characters, particularly in the crash sequence.  While most Hollywood flicks would have capitalized on some very wide-angled shots of the plane crashing from an exterior view, The Grey kept the action very intimate to Ottway's perspective.  It never got too grandiose and "epic" with wide-angled shots of the action and remained loyal to the experience of the main characters and their immediate surroundings.  I was certainly feeling a bit claustrophobic with the cinematography, always on the edge of my seat.  Keeping us dialed into the characters so tightly was a really brilliant move if you ask me... so atypical for standard movie fare.   Liam Neeson is simply brilliant.  I can't sing his praises highly enough.  He was INCREDIBLE. I also think it's worth noting that it is wonderful to see Joe Carnahan go from the more Hollywood-style glitz and glam of A-Team, which was a fun movie with a lot of explosions and over the top silliness, to something so dramatically realistic and character-driven.  It truly shows his diversity.  Big praise for his efforts here creating such a compelling survival tale.   The Grey was masterful, powerful storytelling.  Gripping and compelling from start to finish.

RobOh on Jan 28, 2012


I said the same thing when I came out of the movie. I was glad they didn't show the plane breaking apart. I'm sure it was both a budget and story style way to shoot the movie.

Danielwoods on Jan 31, 2012


Wow, for everyone reading this in hopes of finding a simple opinion to the movie on whether to see it or not in theaters....besides all the shitty remarks by people who think they are professional wolf experts or troubled atheists....the odds are that most people commenting loved the movie. Whether it was true to life or just going a bit out of reality (just a bit), it was an overall thrilling movie. A movie mind you, not a documentary. 

JBrotsis on Jan 28, 2012


Haha... where were the "troubled atheist" comments? All I've seen are whining delusional Christians and people who appreciated alternative points of view in an awesome action movie.

eric on Jan 29, 2012


Haha... where were the "troubled atheist" comments? All I've seen are whining delusional Christians and people who appreciated alternative points of view in an awesome action movie.

Eric on Jan 29, 2012


We went to see it last night and were disappointed. Liam was great but the overall I won't be watching this again. The wolves up close looked like an early 90s attempt... Very poor. There were also inconsistencies with the wind /storm levels in some shots.... I'd still recommend people make up their own minds. 7/10 @a push!

G Tl on Jan 29, 2012


Oh... I also agree the blasphemy was offputting... The fairytale round the campfire I can deal with but shouting at the sky... No thanks

G Tl on Jan 29, 2012


By far Liam 's best performance to date but it fell short in a few areas.  Make sure you sit through all the credits for a special surprise to close it out.  

Proberts175 on Jan 29, 2012


What was it? I had no idea there was a end-credits scene. Did he win?

DAVIDPD on Jan 29, 2012


both liam and the alpha were killed

stfugtfo on Jan 29, 2012


Ok....since there's so much dispute about how awesome or how terrible the movie was.....can we all at least agree the wolves in this movie were alot more believable, enjoyable, worth seeing, and better in every way than the wolves in Twilight??!! haha

JBrotsis on Jan 30, 2012


To all who are concerned about the religious aspect...I think you are missing a subtle theme carried from beginning to end.  I apologize if someone has already pointed this out (and spoiler warning), but Oddway is a broken man.  It is revealed at the end, and right after his shouting at the sky that his wife didn't leave him as in divorce, but was taken from him by illness of some sort.  In fact, ripped out of his life as the dream imagery symbolizes within the film.  This is a man who has escaped to a desolate land and lonely job and contemplated suicide.  His faith has been broken, yet he keeps pushing on and Still attempts to talk to God.  This is not a man beyond saving and, given the insight and persistence of his character throughout the ordeal, you get a sense that he is going to make it, perhaps both physically and spiritually.  That was the beauty to me in the somewhat ambiguous ending, and lead up to it, of the movie.  Question God, beg for a sign, stumble into the lion's den....hmmm. In other words, there is very religious message to be had if you have the perception.  So all the negative attacks against the film, perhaps you just lack the faith and vision to understand all the subtle nuances of a well crafted film that doesn't go out of it's way (read: over the top Hollywood way) to hard sell you an agenda. With all that said, I'm not a deeply religious man.  I don't attend church regularly.  I do however, feel very much at peace and closer to God (my interpretation of it) when I am in the mountains.  I had missed that point and subtlety when I watched the film.  So, thanks to all the religious drama responders for making me take a second and think about another aspect of the film. By the way...MOVIE...some suspension of disbelief is necessary from time to time.  Not every movie has a real world message or agenda other than entertaining you and making money.

jr on Jan 30, 2012


i couldnt agree more with your review. there is no way this movie could have ended any different, and to believe he didnt recieve his sign would be a big misconception about the ending. i too strongly believe in God but rarely make a church appearance ( going on about 5 years now), but the personal relationship we create with God is full of tests and trials that rattle the soul, more for these characters than most.

rockkicker on Jan 30, 2012


~ Liam Neeson..Eating wolf & bragging about it shame on you! ~  "In addition to the misrepresentation of these magnificent animals, actors also ate two wolves. To quote from an article about the making of this movie: "To get the cast of 'The Grey' in the mood for the wild, director Joe Carnahan had wolf stew prepared for them. The meat was made from real wolves. And no, it didn't taste like chicken. Many cast members lost their lunch. But [Liam] Neeson 'went up for seconds of the wolf stew. A few guys did upchuck. We all knew what we were eating. All I can say is it was very game-y. But I'm Irish, so I'm used to odd stews. I can take it. Just throw a lot of carrots and onions in there and I'll call it dinner.''".

Patrick Doyle on Jan 31, 2012


The Grey it's one of the best intense real touching and poetic movie I ever seen.

Fan on Feb 2, 2012


Was a good movie, but I did not really connect to any of the characters other than Neeson.  The cliff jumping scene was a bit unrealistic.  Other than that I really enjoyed it and thought the ending was awesome!

Anonymous on Feb 2, 2012


Could be one of the worst movies I have ever seen.  Beginning with the wolves making sounds that were more "bear" than "wolf".  Much to low frequency for wolves.  Really stupid.  The wolves looked like they were on steroids.  Too large and beefy.  Predictable, average acting, really bad.

JG on Feb 3, 2012


the movie was simply awesome but at the end the scar on liams cheek changes sides. it is supposed to be on his left cheek but for a moment it switches sides.... felt bad abt it... but the rest of the movie is simply chilling to the edge... loving it. must have seen it atleast 7 times already... haaaaa

Dwaipayan Sarkar on Mar 12, 2012


Finally seen this movie, and it was pretty good. I can't comment on the wolf stew issue, but I believe the wolf carcasses were purchased from a trapper in the area where the film was shot(British Columbia). No wolves were killed to make the movie, the animals were harvested by a licensed tapper legally. Also, all the issues with unrealistic wolf actions is moot; the wolves on film weren't meant to mimic real life. The "monsters" in this film were more of a metaphor for death, the same death each and every one of us must face one day. This movie was about having the courage to face the end, and fight with all you have, even though the outcome is unavoidable. That is true courage, and it is in everyone of us, if you know where to look.

thedarkman on May 15, 2012


I hate to second guess a movie, but I keep asking myself "why did they leave the plane?" Lets see: shelter from the elements, defensible position, some food, and easily recognizable from the air. Or, take the the woods where there's no defense whatsoever, little food, exposure to the elements, and total invisibility to air rescue. Hmmmmmmm....maybe it was "hypoxia".

Boredinmin on May 17, 2012


What a waste of money and talent!  You can tell from the poster what sort of film this will be.  Predictable and contrived from the start.  Liam Neeson the wise survival expert against a pack of insane wolves.  I say insane because wolves would never attack like they do in the film.  If they could have chosen some other predator then perhaps it would have been more believable.  Just watch "the edge" - that's much better than this crap

Piece of steaming crap on May 23, 2012


Is this site created and sponsored by the film makers?  I can't think of any other reason of how it's possible for there to be a good review written about it followed by a small legion of people singing it's praise.  It's just an absurd movie.  Predictable plot and dialogue.  Wolves that are enormous and beefy as one other reviewer pointed out - we're not living in Jurassic Park people, if wolves were really that large and ferocious I think you might have read stories about in the papers.  Let's not make this the Jaws film for wolves.

Site Sponsored by Film Makers on May 23, 2012

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