Sound Off: Jonathan Liebesman's 'Wrath of the Titans' - Thoughts?

March 30, 2012

Wrath of the Titans Sound Off

Now that you've seen it, what did you think? Feel The Wrath! Arriving in theaters, in 3D once again, this weekend is Wrath of the Titans, directed by Jonathan Liebesman (The Killing Room, Battle: LA), starring Sam Worthington returning again as Perseus, the Greek demi-god. This time he takes on more massive demons, and joins in the fight with the Gods to save the world. How was this sequel compared to Louis Leterrier's remake? How is Worthington, any better? How are the fights, the action, the monsters, the 3D? If you've seen it, leave a comment below with your own thoughts on Liebesman's Wrath of the Titans.

To fuel the Chimera's fire this time, I just saw Wrath of the Titans (not in 3D, mind you) and thought it was a fun, entertaining action movie, better than the first one. I liked how gritty the performances were, especially Sam Worthington. Sure, the story was a bit sloppy especially near the end, with Zeus and… well you know, just how did that happen again? But there were awesome fights, some great action scenes, I had fun watching them. And holy shit, that gigantic Kronos thing made of flaming lava that showed up at the end - that monster was INSANE. I love seeing huge, epic, massive monsters in movies and this one delivered on that front, and I'm sure it would've even been cool to see in 3D with the lava flowing everywhere. I had a good time, it's fun epic CG action, with a forgettable story. At least it moves a bit faster than the first one.

What did you think of Wrath of the Titans? A much-improved sequel, or worse than the first? We will remove any comments that indicate you have not seen the movie, as this area is meant to discuss the film only once you have seen it and can talk about your thoughts. Please keep the comments civilized!

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Okaaaay bad start here. Let's all try again a little nicer hmmmm?

JJ King on Mar 30, 2012


I thought the movie was a fun popcorn flick. You can't go into this movie expecting to see anything more than a fun action movie with really cool special effects. Otherwise you'll write a pretentious movie review. 

Todd on Mar 30, 2012


I was confused by the girl suddenly showing up at Andromeda's side and then there was more than 1 cyclop. And why was Agenor so under used. He should have got the girl. I really liked the 1st film and was very disappointed that Gemma Aterton didn't return. Sam W still doesn't have much charisma, bext he's done was Terminator 3 when he was a machine. Helios was a good little actor, shame Zeus died though.

Damadone2000 on Mar 30, 2012


terminator 4.

David Carlin on Mar 30, 2012


T3 doesnt exist to a lot of people, and for good reasons. So Terminator Salvation could and should be considered the third film

Awtan90 on Mar 30, 2012


Well T:S doesn't exist to a lot of people, so maybe we should let RotM still be the third one.

ryderup on Mar 31, 2012


I've got four words for you: "Talk to da hand."

Awtan90 on Mar 31, 2012


T3 > T4

Max Renn on Apr 1, 2012


Ans I've got one: McG

ryderup on Apr 1, 2012


There are two films after T2?

The Douche on Apr 2, 2012


 cheers for the spoilers, (Damadone2000) dumbass.

Player3 on Mar 31, 2012


It's a Sound-Off article, "dumbass". Damadone2000 is doing exactly what he's supposed to here, which is discussing the film. You shouldn't even be here if you haven's seen it yet. Think before you speak. 

Awtan90 on Mar 31, 2012


Thanks Awtan, Player3 obviously hasn't read who this discussion board  is for, who is the dumbass now LOL

Damadone2000 on Mar 31, 2012


Who is the dumbass now LOL. Silly boy.

Damadone2000 on Mar 31, 2012


 well, I like to read if people think the movie is any good or not etc before deciding to go see it for myself. I find that better seeing multiple mini reviews rather than a critics review. Especially when the first one was so bad. I'll remember to look elsewhere from now on.

Player3 on Apr 1, 2012


Consider this comment flaged.

Marc201072 on Apr 1, 2012


Disappointed... hope this to be the last in franchisee....

Aniruddha Chowkidar on Mar 30, 2012


it was an awesome way to end a friday. way better than the first. B+

Dave Boon on Mar 30, 2012


I liked it a lot. Way better than the first one. Tons of cool effects and action. A good popcorn flick. 7/10.

Jezebel on Mar 30, 2012


meh still didn't care for it kinda lame. best acting was bill nighy. Kinda wanted them all to die by then end of it. Too much CGI. Watched 3D and Imax (Imax was worth it for the sound) and the 3D for both was a great improvement from the first. Sam Worthington is an action actor that can't act unfortunately. a different andromeda then the first meh. I actually liked gemma arteton from the first one so the fact that they killed her off was a little bit of a let down.

projection on Mar 31, 2012


Was there incessant shakey cam considering this was the same muppet that did Battle LA?

Payne by name on Mar 31, 2012


haha it was the same director as Battle LA? Well then. No wonder Billington didn't give this film the savaging it deserves. I've noticed he tends to go easy on anyone he's met/interviewed & hopes to again

Johnholmes72 on Mar 31, 2012


Excuse me, what? Come on. No, it's because I genuinely enjoy Liebesman's (or Snyder's or Webb's or Bousman's or the Duplass') movies and therefore want to interview them. I can interview whoever I want, so I usually choose filmmakers I like, and I like them because I like their films. Call me crazy, but I loved Battle: LA, it's fun as hell. I like Liebesman's movies, the way he directs, just my thing, so therefore I enjoyed this. Did not love it by any means, but enjoyed it.

Alex Billington on Mar 31, 2012


You also remove comments regarding the quality of the people you interview or their films. You removed mine when you interviewed the guy who did national treasure 1&2 and that Nic Cage magician-film. That's true atleast. But I've liked Liebesman since TCM: The Beginning. He just need the right script thrown at him.

ryderup on Mar 31, 2012


 I remove comments that are personal attacks. You're more than welcome to comment on quality, but don't attack anyone. If you don't like their films, great. We leave up most opinionated comments all the time. Yea and it's all about the script, indeed, but I still love watching his direction, maybe more his action and editing, it's energetic and fun. Good popcorn cinema.

Alex Billington on Mar 31, 2012


It was above average.. that's all.. It was fun to watch Kronos in action in the end though...

Stevenfreestyler on Mar 31, 2012


Yep, shot (in 3D), edited, finished and out in two years time, it's in theaters now!

Alex Billington on Mar 31, 2012


It was not shot in 3D? This was converted like the first one I think? Or am I wrong?

ryderup on Mar 31, 2012


^ I stand corrected. Thank you. This was indeed post-converted. Which is why I chose to see it in 2D anyway.

Alex Billington on Mar 31, 2012


I had no problems with the 3D in this film. Or rather, I never like 3D in films but this wasn't worse then the rest of them. So I would not say that the post-converting hurt it.

ryderup on Apr 1, 2012


It was not a good film. Hasn't watched the first one - but this was pointless and by matine-adventure-type-film standards this stil lacked a decent plot. But Liebesman is still a cool guy! Respect him.

ryderup on Mar 31, 2012


a total wrath!

Markdanieldeleon on Mar 31, 2012


I saw it on IMAX 3D and it was awesome, I had a lot of fun, and the 3D was spectacular, i felt it was a bit of redemption for the mistake of converting the firs to that 3D crap and this time it is part of the story and they gave me what I paid for. The story is interesting and I kind of missed Gemma, but I liked Rosamund Pike, she is beautiful and makes a better andromeda than Alexa Davalos, that after Clash we have not hear from her.

Alex Gramlich on Mar 31, 2012


Fun movie entertaining to watch. CGI was awesome! Story as expected not to be good or great but action movies like this story does not have to be great. This franchise will be remembered for the action that film making has to offer today. Honestly did we really expect a Oscar performance anyway? (Popcorn movie) 7/10

Moviefiend on Mar 31, 2012


Just got back from 2D showing and loved it...of course I loved the Clash and grew up on the original.  I really liked the different Titans throughout, and thought the special effects were very convincing.  I wish there was more exposition and setup/background at the beginning. One moment that I got excited for as the movie unfolded where I thought they missed an opportunity was at the end with Zeus and Hades.  As I was watching, I thought when they came out of the tent together, the Greeks would start falling down worshiping them.  I thought at that point they were going to start powering up and go all "beast mode" and really clean house.  I enjoyed their brief moment of tag team calamity, but expected the humans to start worshiping them as they turned the tide.  Oh well. Did anyone think some scenes seemed cut short?  There were a couple of places that I thought there was some exposition that was cut for running time (for instance, why did Bubo the owl randomly show up?  Did I miss something?).  I'm hoping there will be a director's cut or extended version on Blu that fills in a few places.  Overall I thought it was great fun and I'm happy with it. If you liked Clash, you'll likely enjoy Wrath. My biggest surprise/letdown was that they killed Zeus. If there's a 3rd, do you think they'll bring him back?  How will they do it?

Gohikeone on Mar 31, 2012


There just wasn't enough of anything to come away liking the movie (for me).  Not enough creatures, gods or actual titans.  I did feel like some scenes were cut short and the tag team at the end was allllllll too brief.  could have been so much more.     

Solo_Calrissian on Apr 2, 2012


What's with all these phony reviews near the top?  Plants.

Bobby on Mar 31, 2012


Saw it with a mate of mine.  Not as terrible as I thought it would be.  However, I won't remember it a week from now.  Also, I probably won't see another film Worthington is in until I hear he's managed to give a shit about hiding the accent.  

Carlo on Apr 1, 2012


It was rubbish. A visual effects reel with almost no story and cardboard characters. A McDonald's movie, quickly forgotten.

Max Renn on Apr 1, 2012


This movie was awesome! I saw it in theaters today, and i walked out of the theater when it was finished playing and i couldn't believe how much better that it turned out to be than the first movie from 2010 was. I cannot wait for Clash of the Titans 3 or maybe it'll be called Rage of the Titans 😛 , i think it'll be released in 2014 but we'll just have to wait and see.

Sean on Apr 1, 2012


I assume this movie was just a big april fools prank. good one hollywood.

Aprilisapril on Apr 1, 2012


No, it wasn't.

Sean on Apr 1, 2012


It was ok. Alot better than the first one. I liked the addition of Bill Nighy and Toby Kebbell to the cast. Gave it some humor.

Tyler Bannock on Apr 1, 2012


This movie sucked. The best bit about it was the end. And as for Terminator Salvation that movie will hopefully be erased from our memories as soon as Arnold does another Terminator. Sure T3 was no T2 but it was still a fun movie. Terminator Salavation was a heap of ****. 

Last Son on Apr 2, 2012


It was weak with a few cool moments.  I will say that this movie was greatly over-exposed from the trailer.  Seeing a season's worth of Spartacus and John Carter as the last movie before this definately didnt help.    

Solo_Calrissian on Apr 2, 2012


I was so bored in this movie!  Terrible story line, it was so rushed along that nothing came together. I have no idea why this was done in 3-D it was piss poor. I'm just saying! Sorry I waisted the extra money.

GrapeGorrilla on Apr 8, 2012

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