Sound Off: Joss Whedon's 'The Avengers' - So What Did You Think?

May 4, 2012

The Avengers Sound Off

Now that you've seen it, what did you think? It's here. The day you've been waiting for. At least since Marvel first brought us Iron Man in 2008. The ultimate Marvel Comics team-up bringing together actors and CG superheroes on the big screen. Marvel Studios has finally brought us The Avengers, directed by fan-favorite Joss Whedon, including in the line-up: Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Hawkeye, Black Widow, Nick Fury and, of course, the Hulk. So how is it? Did they pull off the epic movie you were hoping for? Favorite moments? Once you've seen it, leave a comment below with your thoughts on The Avengers!

Spoiler Warning: We strongly urge everyone to actually see the film before reading ahead, as there may be spoilers below. We also encourage all commenters to keep major spoilers from the film to a minimum.

To fuel the fire, I've seen Marvel's The Avengers twice, and it still kicks serious ass. It is such a huge relief that it actually delivers to begin with, but it goes beyond that, and kicks ass on so many levels. Joss Whedon does the absolute best job he can balancing the ensemble of characters, giving each of them time to play and fight with each other and so on. That forest fight early on was incredible. That entire final battle at the end was awesome, pure summer blockbuster entertainment to watch, especially with an audience, as they're cheering every 10 minutes when something crazy happens. Like - Hulk! One of the best parts of this movie is the Hulk, they finally handled him correctly, he is so badass, and kicks everyone's ass - including even Loki!

While I enjoyed it overall and will probably go see it a few more times in theaters, I had a few issues with the pacing and dense structure. One example is Hulk, how they constantly built up how he can't control the green guy, yet all of a sudden without explanation he's able to control himself, for the most part, and join the final battle - right on time. There's also a few more of those "well that was coincidentally written off" kind of moments that play almost too easily, but Whedon has so many other elements to balance, and most of those deliver, it almost doesn't matter. Plus, I had a blast watching this anyway, every character gets their time to shine. I totally love that continuous shot between all of them near the end - epic! To say the least.

What did you think of The Avengers? Best superhero movie yet, or an ensemble action mess? We will remove any comments that indicate you have not seen the movie, as this area is meant to discuss the film only once you have seen it and can talk about your thoughts. Please keep the comments civilized. Avengers tribute artwork used in the teaser image above made by ~hobo95 on deviantArt. Good work!

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I was actually rather disappointed, I could understand if someone loved it,but the first half and the constant corny lines really brought down the movie for me. It is like they went back and forth on whether they wanted me to take the movie seriously and many would say it is just supposed to be fun then they should of stayed with that rather than going back and forth. I loved seeing them on screen together because that is every super hero fans dream just as cough cough people want to see Justice League or DC vs Marvel. I however felt they sometimes used it in a gimmick way of knowing that they could have 2 hero on screen doing anything and nerds including myself would have a smile on our face. The problem lies with the abrupt ending which leaves much to be desired and the fact that you never feel as if the heroes are truly in danger. That is just my take and I am not trying to be cynical because I enjoyed it and would like to hear others opinions on the movie.

Steven Morgan on May 4, 2012


You must be a DC fan.

Chip_Tha_Ripper on May 4, 2012


 No I am really not a DC fan and would prefer to hear someone reading the comment then talking about the movie. Rather than ruling me out as a fanboy. I am actually the biggest fan of Spider- Man and prefer DC by and far because DC characters are over powered.

Steven Morgan on May 4, 2012


i do see your point but i feel you spent too much time on the fanboys view instead of the movie goers view. to me it displayed just enough seriousness to show you can watch it comfortably around other people without taking itself too seriously, which is what killed the 90s Justice League TV show.....

Jericho on May 4, 2012


Exactly my thoughts that and the fact that steven you have made.about 12 comments across the thread trying to defend yourself or others who nitpick the hell out of this movie. If you claim you liked it then you shouldnt nitpick. Those who.say this lacks "seriousness" need to stop obsessing over the dark knight. The best movies have a little of everything.

Chip_Tha_Ripper on May 4, 2012


 I am not trying to defend my view and I am not spoiling the majority of the movie to do so. I am saying there is a view other than yours that exist in the world and lets discuss this properly, Rhythm Master approached it the right way. As I continue to say I am not merely nitpicking since I am also saying I thought all of the action was well choreographed and awesome,but I will not give the illusion of something being perfect to others.

Steven Morgan on May 4, 2012


 It was an entertaining movie in a moviegoers perspective, I hope it is not just a fanboy view of Marvel but could come off as one. It should not take it self to seriously,but that is what I was talking about I felt it take it self more seriously then it should have at points then switch back and forth rather than keep it in between. But I agree with your view and respect that you can discuss this with maturity.

Steven Morgan on May 4, 2012


I agree with Steven. The comic book is just a book. The universe is too big to put in a single movie. The avengers was awesome. The best made superhero movie ever after spiderman and batman. At the end everyone at the theater were clapping trust me Everyone should see it

djamatik on May 5, 2012


And you must be 13.

Manuel on May 4, 2012


The problem lies with the abrupt ending which leaves much to be desired and the fact that you never feel as if the heroes are truly in danger. THIS RETARDED STATEMENT right here proves you didnt actually watch the whole movie. Hulk almost killed black widow, hawkeye was under lokis contro, agent couson DIED, Nick fury had a shitstorm coming DOWN on him, A FUCKING NUKE WAS GOING TO BLOW UP THE CITY WITH EVERYONE IN IT, Iron Man ALMOST got trapped on the other side of a PORTAL. But your right, NOONE was in danger. Umad that no one said "Im batman" in a deep raspy voice? You really must not like marvel.

Chip_Tha_Ripper on May 4, 2012


 Name calling will convey your pooing much better along with more all caps. I am not saying I hated the movie you are getting it wrong in fact I enjoyed it. I did watch the whole movie at midnight and do not feel the need to prove it to you. I meant you never felt a main character was in danger you knew black widow was going to make it out of there some how, hawkeye was under loki's control for a short part, but I did enjoy it. I guess I more doubted it would go from let the Avengers do it to lets nuke Manhattan, come on we all know as soon as Iron Man entered the portal he was going to make it out just in time. Yes the characters were in danger in a sense,but you always had the feeling they were going to get out of it because they were all super hero's. I am not a master critic and do not make movies so I respect the movie as a whole was more just stating what I did not like no reason to become defensive or shut out my opinion because it is not yours. I have criticized the Dark Knight as well as Batman Begins and hate that voice. More what I am saying is do not assume you know my views and do not equate my views to in your words retarded because they differ from your own because in life that will happen

Steven Morgan on May 4, 2012


Sing it Steven!

axalon on May 4, 2012


I don't know how anyone could go into this film expecting one of the heroes to die. One of the things that was clear on my mind before I watched it, and I remember thinking about it too, was that 'no main character will die in this movie" but that isn't what it's about. We KNOW a main character won't die, it's how they present a film where the viewer is already completely aware of that, and still make it thrilling and engaging and funny at the same time. They did it proud. Listen, I'm not saying this is the best film ever made, not by a long stretch, but I just think allot of the complaints and nitpicking that is being done against it isn't really justified. Allot of it is coming from just sour people who just like going against the grain and allot of it is coming from people who are looking at it from completely the wrong angle, and judging it as something that it just isn't, and was never meant to be. Lighten up folks, if the film entertained you and you enjoyed it like your saying, why start a whole rucikis complaining about it? just smile and get on with it.

Rhythm Master on May 4, 2012


 I did find it entertaining, which is what I was trying to highlight. My main problem was the somewhat awkward pacing and the corniness, but overall I am saying regardless about what someone says about a movie you should respect their opinion take it for what it is state why you disagree and move on. Do not call them a fanboy or say they hate movies or fun because they see something differently. I also knew no one was going to die obviously based on upcoming movies,but more meant in the sense of no injuries no suspense and seeing the villains side and what they are doing or any coherent plan other than the beginning with the flying carrier. It was good in the sense of entertainment,but some are hailing this as more than it is

Steven Morgan on May 4, 2012


Fair point about the villians, but I personally liked that they didn't show much, I think when they show too much villian 'planning' sometimes it takes away allot of the mystery and suspense. I mean if your problem was cheesiness/ corniness - you really think a load of space lords descussing the destruction of the planet in English would have helped that factor? I liked the corniness as well, it kept it A) comic-booky. B) took the edge off and made it humorous when the action was in danger of becoming too much.

Rhythm Master on May 4, 2012


Rhythm Master, I respect your view and agree that it does give it a comic book like feel, but the corniness was too much for me at times. That is just me personally but understand the lighter tone of the movie and feel this led to a proper discussion and a better understanding of the movie. rather than just BEST SUPERHERO MOVIE EVER which is many post.

Steven Morgan on May 4, 2012


give it up steve - this site is a superhero lovefest.

beevis on May 4, 2012


 I am a huge super hero fan too, but saw it more as a story and writing I would come up with playing with action figures. Felt in a way like a director's which strikes me as odd when it was so long because it doesn't have the in between parts when they are needed. I guess like a power rangers feel to it with a weak part at the end about civilian reaction when literally the whole city was destroyed and was about to get nuked. I understand the need to suspend reality for a comic book movie, hell I love the idea of alternate dimensions in reality,but it all felt a little much. Wouldn't the city question why they almost just got nuked or the amount of people that died in those transformers esque explosion montages. I guess the fun of avengers is going into it as a kid and taking it as an action figure story and I found myself trying to not take it serious,but when people want to call it the best of all time I am forced to

Steven Morgan on May 4, 2012


i like superheros too - but, i think these movies are being made with the attitude of "lets throw a/some superhero(s) in a movie and make some cash - and i think that's doing a disservice to SH films in general. but, as long as people will see what ever hollywood throws against the wall, they'll keep making it.

beevis on May 5, 2012


  Beevis I guess that at the end of the day is the problem I like superhero films where in the film battles they feel human. Thus maybe something malfuncitions on iron mans suit, bruce banner unhulks in the middle of battle, captain america loses his boomerang shield, thor loses his hammer for longer than a minute, black widow loses her guns or they jam, hawkeye drops his arrows has to grab them. Of course I love seeing the bad guys get their ass beat, but do the the same to the heroes. By the end of the movie it made those heroes look overpowered even though they all have their weaknesses which were high lighted in dialogue throughout the movie. A movie where everything goes too according to plan to me personally is one that becomes more boring making me just want to get to the action,because the story is somewhat predictable.

Steven Morgan on May 5, 2012


Inevitably that's how it's always going to work in super hero movies my friend. Obviously none are going to die. I really don't think a much better job could have been done to make you feel like they were each at one point in some sort if danger, wether we knew they were gonna come out on top or not.

Ghost on May 5, 2012


 I guess I agree but as I state in my above post to beevis it is not only the dying aspect because I know whedon is good at that and they have contracts going in. But little to no injuries or weapon malfunctions or anything going wrong during the battle. Oh we need something like a nuke to destroy the portal or we got a nuke, this portal would need a fail safe for us to close it oh well we just smashed loki in one scene that should have been done from the beginning. I really should have suspended all logic for the movie but it was hard. Loki's plan was to get hulk mad escape then destroy the city, how did he go from genius god on the helicarrier to they need no freedom so that they do not destroy each other I will blow them all up

Steven Morgan on May 5, 2012


Wow, thanks for ruining the movie for me asshole.

Al Gore on May 4, 2012


 I assumed we could talk about the plot in sound off when the actually plot for sound off has spoilers in it, if you wanted to see non spoiler reviews wouldn't it make more sense to go to rotten tomatoes quotes of reviews

Steven Morgan on May 4, 2012


This is the kind of thread you read AFTER seeing the movie UNKESS you don't mind a spoiler or two.   Lets just say I won't be reading the Dark Knight Rises Sound Off before seeing it.

MovieDweeb on May 4, 2012


 Sorry that was my mistake seeing as there was a spoiler alert in the post I kind of assumed this was discussion of the movie rather than just good or bad

Steven Morgan on May 4, 2012


I was defending you.  

MovieDweeb on May 4, 2012


 @MovieDwebb:disqus Yeah I got confused reading back in forth whether spoilers were allowed in sound off or not then read your post. Then read my old post and realized chip is the one that literally spoiled the whole movie

Steven Morgan on May 4, 2012


Are you for real?  The post has multiple mentions of spoilers in the thread.  Hell it even comes with a warning that comments from people that obviously haven' t seen the film will be deleted!  "What did you think of The Avengers? Best superhero movie yet, or an ensemble action mess? We will remove any comments that indicate you have not seen the movie, as this area is meant to discuss the film only once you have seen it and can talk about your thoughts" It has has "SPOILER WARNING" in red letters! what did you expect?

Runadumb on May 5, 2012


Spoiler king

Pissed on May 4, 2012


 Yeah was not sure if this was supposed to be spoiler free so I kept it light on story points or tried to. Chip did spoil the story,but in his defense you are more there for the action,but it was a lot of spoilers he dropped

Steven Morgan on May 4, 2012


Im sorry that half of the human race is moranic and cant read "spoiler alert" ill take some credit but why not give some to steven too guys. Hes the troll claiming he liked the movie and nitpicking the hell out of it. I now see over 30 replies of his in this thread. and since I "spoiled the movie for you" heres a freebie: loki is defeated and the planet is saved.

Chip_Tha_Ripper on May 6, 2012


 I discuss the movie, since they overall said spoilers is free game here. I tried to do so without revealing everything,but as I continue to state to you there is a difference between nitpicking and taking the good and bad of something. I hope one day you learn that there is a perspective other than your own sometime in your life

Steven Morgan on May 6, 2012


heres another "spoiler" Bruce Banner turns into the HULK! ......oh did i ruin the movie for someone? LMAO

Drsteelr on May 7, 2012



*clap*clap*clap* on May 4, 2012


Who is Noone?

Wayne on May 5, 2012


I agree with you Steven - it was a fun, entertaining movie but I don't see why people are treating it like the second coming of cinema.

axalon on May 4, 2012


How dare you agree with me and think for your self after seeing the movie rather than succumb to everyone saying no you got it wrong you have to love this movie because I did.

Steven Morgan on May 4, 2012


This movie it's about how Iron Man 2 actually would have been... if it were a cool movie.

Manuel on May 4, 2012


I wanted less flashbacks to the other movies, that is what the other movies were for we have established a good idea of who they are. Also the idea of the Teseract wasn't that complicated,but much screen time was used on explaining it and its purpose to everyone. As first showing said pacing was off very off,but the final action seen delivered. Part of it just feels almost too cliffhangery in a sense that there could have been one more final scene with the villain at the end getting loki or showing loki's trial in asgard or what they even did the teseract that will inevitable be back in Avengers 2.

Steven Morgan on May 4, 2012


classic nit picking : There was one flash back 'to my memory' and I've seen it two times, with Captain America. maybe there was another one, but it mus'nt have been long, because I can't remember it.  They explained the purpose of the tesserect clearly because you have to recogonize that allot of new people will be coming along to this giant film event with little to no knowledge of the previous films, they have to cater to them aswell you know, not just you.

Rhythm Master on May 4, 2012


Why is the first response an obvious troll?

Stavi on May 4, 2012


That is fine if you want to rule me out as a troll, but most trolls do not put effort into it. You probably call anyone who does not like something you like a troll which will not get you far. I found it to be entertaining as axalon said thought the action was awesome,but there was something missing for me personally and the corny dialogue became exhausting

Steven Morgan on May 4, 2012


What happened to the good ole days when Trolling meant hitting on girls with your dick hanging out of your pants?!

Jimmy Smits on May 4, 2012


 Most trolls do not end their post with this is my opinion and lets start a discussion. Most trolls also do not use their real name. More feels like your trolling me since you are not even attacking what you feel different on just the fact that you do not like it

Steven Morgan on May 4, 2012


There's a lot of people talking this is the greatest comic book movie of all time... I enjoyed it very much. I think it's a very descent pop-corn movie. A little bit Iron-Man-dependant. Some parts were just boring and unnecessarly long. Others we laugh. And that's all. It's on the same pop-corn level of Thor and Captain America. Hulk smash. We laugh. And that's preety much all.

Manuel on May 4, 2012



Kesiha on May 4, 2012


I honestly agree with you Steven. I love the avengers and have read the comics throughout the years but I was a bit disappointed. There were too many corny lines and it really felt like the film was trying too hard to be funny. Humor is a great thing when used in the proper context. Hulk was truly badass and I hope they give him another chance at his own film with Mr. Ruffalo as the star. Before anyone insults me for having an opinion please understand that this is my opinion and you're free to have a different take.

jaynova13 on May 4, 2012


I think your opinion counts, for what it's worth. Some people have such an irrational love for a movie that they just can't imagine someone wouldn't feel the same way they did. When they discover an opposing point of view they go into name calling and being hyper critical. Personally, I thought it was good fun and I enjoyed it, but it's just a movie. What rational person would lose their marbles because someone didn't feel the same? Spoiler alert: no rational person would. Just discount the strangely angry people as weirdos and you'll be fine. 

Quanah on May 4, 2012


Thank You, I never said well I do not like it so no one can more the fact that reviewers were saying best super hero movie and so much other exaggerations that it lead to higher expectations of realism relating to the city that was destroyed and almost nuked

Steven Morgan on May 4, 2012


And with this Steven starts a shit storm. Avengers unite!

Ryan Clemens on May 4, 2012


Hey Steve. I read all your comments and I really appreciate your honest opinion and the fact that you do not insult others for giving theirs. I agree with your opinion on the movie. I love Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, and Thor. I have seen all the movies and have most. I am no Marvel fanboy, I am a movie lover. The Avengers was good and was made extremely well. The weakest part in my opinion was the plot, the story -- and the story is what holds it all together. But for those of you who hail this movie as "the cinematic event of the century"... go right ahead -- to each his own afterall. But for me, if the story was stronger. If the plot was more intelligent, the movie could have been not only a superhero movie masterpiece, but a cinematic one (in my opinion). 🙂 Please, no hate.

filmineer on May 5, 2012


 Yeah, the movie was confusing if it wanted me to suspend all belief or not through out. Shield has access to a nuke and nearly nuked Manhattan, The majority of the city is destroyed, Loki has no plan other than blow shit up and mus about how he is a god. It was entertainment,but I personally still need a story, does not have to be a dark story either just a coherent one. Like they could have put the teseract to bring colson back to life and after everything that happened before I really would not be able to question it, because that is how out of the realm of reality the movie was and I was constantly questioning where it was grounded. I hope the upcoming solo movies and next avengers reflect all the crazy shit that just happened. It is no hate and was entertaining, I just naturally cannot turn my brain off to a story that feels shallow throughout

Steven Morgan on May 5, 2012


Agree with this to an extent. I give pause labeling any movie as the "best" movie ever. And The Avengers is not it. But it's hard to deny the entertainment value. From that aspect The Avengers is hands down the most entertaining movie Marvel has made since the first Iron Man.  If you've gleened anything from past Marvel movie exploits, you'll find the focus is generally geared towards entertainment/action with the sole purpose of making money. Going in and expecting anything more, especially after seeing Thor, Captain America, X-Men: Origins, Fantastic Four...the list goes on ad-nauseum, is naive. Only a handful of Marvel films can make a case for legitimate storytelling, X2 being the one that stands out the most (Spider-Man 2 and First Class are not far behind).  *I don't consider Blade or The Punisher films because they are less associated with Marvel Studios.

quazimotto on May 6, 2012


 The Xmen and Spiderman films were fox and sony respectively. This is the first time in a little while I had actually seen a Marvel Disney movie. Of course it was entertaining I never denied that from my first post, but I will not avoid saying the cons to make anyone who has not seen it yet believe it was perfection. In a way as you allude, it feels like it is trying to hard to be a blockbuster hit which it did break the record this weekend which is awesome for superhero movies overall.

Steven Morgan on May 6, 2012


No argument here. While The Dark Knight Rises will probably be a better "quality" of film based on story, direction, and acting, most people are not going to enjoy, or be entertained, by the overall experience (specifically as a family foray) as much as they will be with The Avengers. Nothing is perfect. Except The Incredibles.

quazimotto on May 6, 2012


 Was not expecting a Dark Knight Rises Story, I was just expecting since there were movies for each separate hero before this would be more action based

Steven Morgan on May 6, 2012


 I think they nailed it.  The reality is, if the film take itself too seriously it smacks of nearly every other "end of the world" movie, Transformers, Battleship, take your pick.  It works because of the humor...Chris Evan's stoic Cap wouldn't play well without RDJs snarky Iron Man.  What's would be too long a film to get them to the point where someone is seriously in least if it's intended to be believable.  You have to develop the character interaction, have them not come together because of their differences, and then have them finally overcome those differences to become the Avengers.  The second movie is where the danger comes in...hence Thanos at the end....someone bigger and badder than Loki.  That's why superhero sequels generally rock their predecessors...Spiderman 2, The Dark Knight...we can exclude Iron Man 2 as only a cheap lead-in to the Avengers.

David on May 8, 2012


you know when i started reading Marvel Comics in the 1960s..the dialog..and the corny lines was part of MARVEL tradition....i like MARVEL TRADITION..thus i liked the movie very much....and going to see it is FUN AND SERIOUS AND mkes one think of the good ol' days ...

Orionskies19 on May 10, 2012


WOW! I finally got myself to read this post and I find this. Steve, you and I are of the same mind apparently. I really liked The Avengers, and I've seen twice already and looking forward to the Blu-ray. BUT the movie does have problems, and a lot of them and I don't know if it's all on Whedon's or Kevin Feige putting his stamp on it. Not nearly the "best superhero movie" everyone is claiming, but a decent action flick. I remember the days when comic book movies were trying to get into a more serious tone and with actually something to say like X2. That was a damn fun film with the characters really put to the extreme danger, and with social, political statements and more. Marvel is not doing the same, started great with Iron Man which despite the corny turn of Tony Stark into a hero was a film with an actual character arc. The Incredible Hulk tried to go deep with Edward Norton but it fell flat by the third act. Afterwards all Marvel films are rushed with pseudo-character-development. This is all fine for empty entertainment, which I still like a lot, but what I don't get is this whole overpraising and how most people start bullying for no reason and name calling when someone says The Avengers is not the second coming but just a really good film. I may have stop talking to people about movies or reading comments on the internet until this craze is over...

Yahzee on May 30, 2012


 Good to see another response going into Avengers I obviously separate from the Dark Knight or Spider-Man Raimi Trilogy and judge it for what it was. I expected true character development and an story I felt was interesting and did not appear to just write itself out of tough situations. Marvel being bought by Disney has lead to more movies like this. Avengers feels like while watching that it is trying too hard to be a blockbuster movies while trying to appeal to comic book nerds, people who want character development, jokes and one scene of pure explosions you are left a little lost of where they will go next. I hope Iron Man 3 has a clear story as well as the movies in between but would rather see them be risky and start new franchises rather than solely capitalize on sequels. The Avengers showed some of the my favorite heroes as invincible in battle even though the first half of the movie was all about their weaknesses. Honestly I think Justice League or Spiderman vs the Sinister six we would really be closer to the tone I was looking for from a group up movie. I do not like crazes of saying something is perfection because that takes away from truly being able to judge something, Dark Knight had flaws as will rises and amazing spiderman I am excited for them but I will not let hype blind me.

Steven Morgan on May 31, 2012


"This is all fine for empty entertainment, which I still like a lot, but what I don't get is this whole overpraising and how most people start bullying for no reason and name calling when someone says The Avengers is not the second coming but just a really good film." Being called DC fanboy and all that right? haha Well imo the  first impression of a movie is very powerful. The Avengers is without a doubt an entertaining movie and that is why many people enjoyed it. Of course there are people that liked the movie because the general population does. It is human nature to try to fit in. But when a person made a decision on how good a movie is(regardless whether they truly enjoyed it or not), they rarely change their mind because they take pride of their judgment. No one wants to admit that they are wrong. So when there is a different opinion about the movie, they see it as their judgment being challenged. And their judgment is challenged further still when those different opinions are logical. All i can say is that if you truly enjoy a movie and not worry about your pride in your judgment and all that crap you can simply respect another person's opinion on a movie. Those who can't obviously have some self-esteem issues and they will start doing what they do best, belittling others.

Jonny Lee on May 31, 2012


Genuinely don't think they could've done it ANY better. That free-flowing scene toward the end, where they pan across the battle and show each and every Avenger taking part in the battle? The best.

James Whatley on May 4, 2012


I loved how Iron Man flew up to the Captain and used his shield to ricochet a repulsor beam. Iron Man playing well with others, who'da thunk it?!

Neuromancer on May 4, 2012


i loved Hulks *ahem* physical display disapproval with Loki's self empowering monologue...

Jericho on May 4, 2012


 Ha that was awesome and much needed by the end

Steven Morgan on May 4, 2012


That was a damned great scene...brought the house down at the theater.  Overall, I really liked the film.  I'm not going to get into a pissing contest as to whether it'll be better than TDKR--I really do not care--but I had a great time watching it, and thought that it hit the right notes.  Also loved, revelation in the end credit scene. Also, if people did not like this film, well, that's fine.  Not everyone is going to, but hearing complaints about how Cap's uniform looked or how the Helicarrier design sucked is going way to far into nitpicker territory.

Scopedog on May 6, 2012


This was so much fun to watch! It was a great kick off to more fantastic movies coming this summer, and that teaser of Thanos at the end has me really excited for an Avengers sequel!

Zade_92 on May 4, 2012


Thank you, finally a nice positive comment, thanks you.

Dick Sinister on May 4, 2012


That appearance Thanos was...well, jaw-dropping.  My niece really got into the film.  Her fave scene was Hulk's smackdown of Loki....which was, simply put, priceless.

Scopedog on May 6, 2012


IT WAS TOTALLY WICKED! I speak for all fanboys when i say , Thank you Joss Whedon, you did us proud. HULK SMASH! HULK! SMASH!!! 

NeoSlyfer on May 4, 2012


Without going into what would inevitably be a rant full of excited details. I will just say this "Exactly what it needed to be and much, much more."

Rhythm Master on May 4, 2012



someone has to do it on May 4, 2012


I concure. You beat me to it.

Napkinbob on May 4, 2012


 haha the funny thing is the box office says your "meh" is invalid

The Splinter on May 7, 2012


Transformers made a ton of must think it's a masterpiece

Geoffrey Shauger on May 20, 2012


I had a huge problem with the flow of the film in the first half of the movie. The introduction of each character, while it was needed, felt choppy and rehearsed. It also dragged. Once the intital introductions were out of the way, I felt the movie finally picked up speed. The only main problem I had with the movie was the way Black Widows was introduced and how her fight scene was filmed. It felt uneven and almost silly. They had a really good opportunity to portray Black Widow as a no-nonsense bad girl and instead it felt cliched and misdirected.

Spielbe on May 4, 2012


you're stupid..

Volcomlifer321 on May 4, 2012


I agree with this staement of stupidity

Chip_Tha_Ripper on May 4, 2012


Fanboys will fanboy.

-_- on May 4, 2012


 Volcomlifer321 there is a immaturity is unparalleled to the point that you will just call someone stupid because they disagree with your view and not state why. They did need less back story due to the fact that the main players had their own movies already. Hulk back story was perfect and just as much as needed.

Steven Morgan on May 4, 2012


Behold, Steven! You're not allowed to dislike the movie-event-of-the-century. The movie that have change our perception of reality for eons to come. You must be a DC fan. Or something worse...

Manuel on May 4, 2012


No, he's allowed to dislike it.  I just wish that some of his comments didn't come across as the "well, it sucked because I didn't do it" type, which I dislike. That said, I do agree with Steven _slightly_ about the intro of the characters not being very smooth, but that's just a minor gripe on my part. "You must be a DC fan. Or something worse..." What's "worse"?  A Republican? 😉

Scopedog on May 6, 2012


 Ha let's not get political on here lol Republicans. As I said DC is overpowered, but I am not the well it sucked type. I thought the end was highly entertaining but which less time was spent on the story that many know was weak and more spent on the fun action. Also as I reiterate the heroes felt like DC heroes in the fact that their weaknesses were exposed through the dialogue in the first half,but in the second half action they were literally invincible. I am personally someone who likes the superheroes getting their ass beat too. I think people are assuming I think it sucked based on my comments but I don't I just wish they would have leaned more towards the great action rather than the weak dialogue set up that does not matter in the end. Considering he just happened to have a fail safe for the portal and a nuke to push them back and iron man fails through and is caught by the hulk. I mean things go too perfect so focus on the amazingly choreographed action sequence that is the best in any superhero movie to date easily

Steven Morgan on May 6, 2012


You're smart... way more smarter than Spielbe. Wonder how I know that? Exactly! From your comment: you respect someones opinion, you bring arguments to the discussion and more importantly, you don't insult anyone. And all that in 3 words. I bow to you, sir.

Isildur_of_Numenor on May 4, 2012


Loki: "I have an army." Volcomlifer321 : "You are stupid." Epic.

Manuel on May 4, 2012


[Epic] Fail.

Isildur_of_Numenor on May 4, 2012


Bravo sir.A real proper demonstration of adept flinging of feces.

My hat of to you on May 4, 2012


why don't u try digging a little deeper and explain yourself.

Spielbe on May 5, 2012


Agree with Volcomlifer321.

Mitchell Patterson on May 8, 2012


If you nitpick this movie , consider how much was done right and exceptionally well , then there is no hope for you. This movie delivered and now holds a spot as one of my favourite superhero movies of all time. This was a tremendous feat and Joss and Company pulled it off. Ladies and gentlemen Avengers is a force to be reckoned with . Long live the Avengers, AVENGERS ASSEMBLE! 

NeoSlyfer on May 4, 2012


 A lot was done right no one is debating that, but at the same time a review or sound off I assume is not only what you loved,but also what you didn't like.

Steven Morgan on May 4, 2012


 There wasn't much for me to not like , that would be nitpicking amd quite frankly a waste of time. The movie was paced pretty good and to the point and I guess that is why it worked so well . Besides from loopholes like how Thor came back to Earth , which i already assumed he used Mjlonir or the Executioners axe , there isn't much to complain about.

NeoSlyfer on May 4, 2012


Actually they did explain it in the movie. Thor was able to get back to earth with the help of Odin. Odin gathered enough Dark Matter for Thor so that he will be protected in his fall towards earth.

Carlogz on May 5, 2012


 There is a difference between nitpicking and seeing the pros and the cons and at the end making the decision of enjoying the entertainment of the movie. To simply deny the cons is to lie to someone and tell them it was perfect

Steven Morgan on May 5, 2012


 odin must have used a lot of black energy as mentioned by loki...listen to what loki says people^^

Inyourface4ever on May 13, 2012


I feel vindicated and get to say I told you so to everyone who thought I was nuts in 1998 when I stated "Joss should be in charge of everything because he cares more about the characters than anyone." Whedon fan from way back.

Vixenvamp on May 4, 2012


I agree with you... I have not seen the Advengers yet but can't wait.... Joss is the man! Serenity is one of my favorite movie of all time and I loved the Firefly series

Bithki on May 4, 2012


When they brought in Whedon to write and direct, the only thing one could say was, "Problem solved". I'm not the biggest Whedon fan, but he's damned good at these ensemble projects, and all the major characters did get a fair amount of face time.

Scopedog on May 6, 2012


Not to mention being good at all of the above with lower budgets...  😉

Solo_Calrissian on May 7, 2012



Scopedog on May 7, 2012


His name is Phillip Coulson, His name is Phillip Coulson, His name is Phillip Coulson..

Robert Paulson on May 4, 2012


Why are you calling him phil? His first name is agent XD

Chip_Tha_Ripper on May 4, 2012


seen it last tuesday and was waiting for your post. finaly, the avengers hit theaters and its a great movie, a cool and entertaining superhero-movie. loved it and going to see it again this sunday. over the complete length it doesn't get boring or a leak, it constantly builds up. sometimes it feels a lillte episodic but it's ok. for me the horrible thing about this - it's only shown in 3D an this sucks. honestly, why 3D?! i'm looking forward to find a cinema where they play it in good old 2D and i think it it's better when it delivers flat 2D 🙂 we had a great time enjoying the avengers - great work! greetz from austria! smo

smo on May 4, 2012


I saw it in 3D and it was worth it.

Chip_Tha_Ripper on May 4, 2012


Agreed.  The 3D was quite good. (And I FINALLY got to see the PROMETHEUS trailer in 3D too!)

Scopedog on May 6, 2012


How was the Prometheus trailer in 3D? Really curious about it. Dont care much about Superhero movies. 

Buzzfunk on May 6, 2012


It looked quite good to me.  The 3D should work well for PROMETHEUS, since Ridley Scott is using the same camera system that Cameron used for AVATAR (that's what I've read--but if I'm wrong, someone please correct me!). And you know Scott's films--they ALWAYS look good.

Scopedog on May 7, 2012


Steven Morgan has too much time on his hands. He should stop posting and just write a book.

Baumberger37 on May 13, 2012


I thought it was great! I do agree with you Alex on the Hulk topic. But then again he did punch Thor in the battle scene, kinda showing he can't control it. Loved the after the credit scene! so worth staying till the end!

The_Phantom on May 4, 2012


Nah, Hulk and Thor are always picking on each other since Thor is the only one strong enough to actually go toe-to-toe with him. That scene was definitely my favorite.

Stavi on May 4, 2012


Well I'de like to think about it as revenge really. I mean, Thor wasnt letting up and was winning the fight in the helicarrier until the stupid plane distracted both of them. I guess Hulk knew that and wanted to get even..

Carlogz on May 5, 2012


i wanna see hulk in next Thor movie...

Adman Mustafid on May 6, 2012


i wanna see hulk in next Thor movie...

Adman Mustafid on May 6, 2012


This movie was awesome. My only beef with it was Black Widow. She is standing there with a god, the Hulk, and Ironman during an intergalactic battle while she reloads her 9mm pistol?? Paaaalease. They needed more Thor and less of the wanna be actress Scar-Jo.

JoeSchmo on May 4, 2012


at least she had bullets instead of arrows...

Chiroptera Exsanguination on May 4, 2012


They were arrows of AWESOME. They beat 9mm any day.

Stavi on May 4, 2012


you forgot the part where she deceived the god of deception

Anon on May 4, 2012


I felt that Coulson was the heart string of the film and it worked well.

Imthinking.Tyler on May 4, 2012


It was a really action packed movie.. It was fun to watch, but i was waiting for a movie about the Avengers fighting a bigger threath... Not a movie about the superheroes with egos ending up fighting the really bad guys. One thing i dont like about the whole franchise is that we still really have no idea who the S.H.I.E.L.D guys are. Otherwise the whole action scene aka the movie was a good summer blockbuster. PS Why did the Hulk attack Black Widow, but not the Avengers in the end?  

coswell on May 4, 2012


He was influenced by Loki. He got himself captured so he could release the hulk using his spear.

Stavi on May 4, 2012


Best superhero movie to date . No others come close.  

blade007 on May 4, 2012


Stop common man this movie was great I just saw it today and I agree it was an awesome movie but it comes no where close to the dark knight... And I'm a marvel fan over dc but from a movie/ cinema standpoint this doesn't hold a flame to the dark knight and it won't be as good as the dark knight rises either..... When one of these guys is nominated for an Oscar then come talk to me

Dgait24 on May 4, 2012


FFS stop comparing this to TDK! If anything, TDK was less of a superhero movie and more of a crime drama with people in costumes!

Stavi on May 5, 2012


What are they raining on your nerd parade. Don't call this the best comic book movie and then say you can't compare it to the batman movie you idiot.

Adam on May 6, 2012


Actually I could make a case for the Incredibles, Unbreakable, Watchmen...but continue fapping away.

Hu on May 5, 2012


I only planned on reading comments, not commenting, but it seems like you just said Watchmen was a good movie, maybe better than The Avengers. If you haven't read it, you should. Then you can disagree/agree that the film was horrible for the most part. I'm not saying you should agree with me, I just want to know if that's actually what you think. Avengers = like

iankuah on May 6, 2012


I loved the movie!! It was well worth the wait! But that being said, I did find the fantastic film to have one flaw..... No on said the iconic line of "AVENGERS ASSEMBLE!!"....

Trout_87 on May 4, 2012


Any claims that The Avengers is the best superhero movie to date are vastly overrated. A flawed movie at best. Boring first half. Too long. The last 30 minutes were pretty awesome though. But that in no way makes it the best.

Napkinbob on May 4, 2012


 A differing opinion on Avengers. It is looking like Allegory of the Cave in this thread rather than a discussion of the good and bad of the movie.

Steven Morgan on May 4, 2012


What, a Plato reference? You must be REALLY smart *gasp*

Kayla DoreDore on May 5, 2012


 Not really trying to be, no need for sarcasm more the fact that so many are saying it is the best superhero movie which is fine if they feel that way as long as they are open to other opinions

Steven Morgan on May 5, 2012


And you're not even REALLY trying? *double gasp*

Kayla DoreDore on May 6, 2012


 I am comparing something to something else using a metaphor I do that when discussing things. You are gasping and typing really like a reporter from FOX NEWS

Steven Morgan on May 8, 2012


I saw the IMAX 3D version.  The 3D was well done for the most part.  As far as the movie goes, it was your typical comic book movie.  Don't go if you are expecting Citizen Cane.  Whedon went with a very light-hearted movie - a lot of humor and not a lot of peril.  Personally I am getting sick of all these comic book movies - they are essentially all the same.  I hate the term, but it is a "popcorn movie".  Check your brain at the door and enjoy the spectacle.

racquetman on May 4, 2012


Sorry, it must be said.... *Kane*

GregDinskisk on May 6, 2012


RIP agent Coulson, we will miss you.

Manuel on May 4, 2012


Its okay, not EVERYONE can like something as awesome as the avengers.

Anon on May 4, 2012


IT'S A SUMMER MOVIE!! not an academy award worthy film!! people are soo jaded and expect the world from super hero films.. I mean, comic characters come to life and do what they do best! Isn't that enough?? And most comic book writers throw in comical anecdotes and puns all the time!!! why is hearing some cheesy lines in this flik surprising?? this isn't the Expendable guys.. Movie was great!!

Mochonko on May 4, 2012


you hit the nail on the head. 

Jwleveille on May 4, 2012


 I loved it but your excuse is the go-to when you have no defense. I don't blame you though, quite unfortunately great movies often pick up strays.

Hu on May 5, 2012


I went to see a supposedly awesome superhero movie as portrayed by both the trailers and all the movies leading up to this one and I was not disappointed. Sure, there were some elements that felt off-key, but I'm not going to a movie like this with the hopes of seeing an artistic filmic gem. I'm watching this to have a good time, and there are many good times to be had with The Avengers.

Neuromancer on May 4, 2012


I couldn't see it in 3D 🙁

Nick Fury on May 4, 2012


Well you do only have one eye. So its like 1.5D.

mooreworthy on May 5, 2012


it was rather long and drawn out i couldn't until it was over, and i love marvel movies.

Dji_420 on May 4, 2012



Jazzbbbg on May 5, 2012


I thought it was incredible, on the scale of The Lord of the Rings.  I think some others are taking the tech for granted.  This movie finally made The Hulk viable.    To see him do his Hulk thing with Thor, Iron Man and Cap finally makes the character believable.  It was 5 out of 5 for me.  Sorry to those who were disappointed.  Marvel's vision came to fruition today from Iron Man 1 to The Avengers.  Kudos to Marvel Studios, this movie was first class!

Tim E. on May 4, 2012


I just wish that red headed broad would have showed some bush!

Dick Sinister on May 4, 2012


I just cracked up big time.  Thank you.

Chiroptera Exsanguination on May 4, 2012



Stavi on May 5, 2012


No, the black widow, I think he means.

JustJenna on Aug 24, 2012



fazha on May 5, 2012


Joss Whedon did an excellent job at writing and directing, it shows a true nerd needs to be behind the directors chair and writing chair to actually deliver a movie on this scale and to give audiences a time to actually feel comfortable watching a movie start to finish every comic book movie seems drawn out at some point in the film but his kept throwing punches...... and we loved it, Cant wait for the 2nd one with HIM in it OMG so stoked to see how Joss handles that hopefully he returns to write and direct again

Jazz_Afied on May 4, 2012


The flick was pretty AWESOME! The story was as good as it needed to be and the integration and interaction among the protagonists was fantastic! Everyone had their moment to kick ass and everyone made the most of their screen time!  This flick was light in tone and was crafted to appeal to the masses! I truly LOVED IT!............Both end credit scenes were cool of which the latter was a hoot! 

Spider on May 4, 2012


I'll give it as close to a 5 as a can (on a scale of 5) only gripe with it was how Thor just fell out of the sky on to the shots of asgard man, they mentioned asgard and asgardians so much I was hopping we'd see Odin warning Thor of what Loki was doing Other than that..the characters played off each other EXTREMELY well...everybody was pretty much funny (even Thor), I guess we can attribute that to was well paced..I keep hearing and reading people say "it sarted off kind of slow" opening scenes were incredible with the entire SHIELD headqarters going under...and with captain america vs Loki scene leading to iron man vs thor The end battle seen was BEAUTIFUL and the scene after the credits OMG

Corey Ross on May 4, 2012


This will be the most entertaining blu ray ever.  It will LIVE in my player.  

MovieDweeb on May 4, 2012


The special features have been lacking in Thor and Captain America blu ray. They need make up for that with this one!

mooreworthy on May 5, 2012


It was Whedon best work to date. I expected to enjoy it but found myself singing its praises instead. I'm toying with the idea of bringing my pillow and snuggie and hitting every run this weekend.

Hydifabulous on May 4, 2012


Fantastic masterpiece that refreshes the superhero genre. I don't think many people think how difficult it can be to bring THAT many superheros together rather than just focusing on one.  With whatever flaws that lingered, Joss pulled it off with flying colors in my opinion. We had to see each hero interact with each other, and it makes total sense that they really aren't supposed to get together at first. With the thread of hope mankind had depending on these 'band of extraordinary people', they just barely won - and what's specific about all of the action, is that each one showed their own weakness, really showing that they're not controlling the fight but just improvising along the way. They didn't walk into it like 'We're Superheros!'  I found it fresh, balanced, funny, exciting, nerdgasms aplenty, and there's really nothing I'd change about it.  You fucking slayed it, Whedon. *high-five*

Nick Sears on May 4, 2012


I loved it! I figured out the top 9 reasons why: 1) The opening sequence. We open with the right characters- Black Widow, Hawkeye, Coulsen. Characters we don’t know and understand as well and need to invest more in. Loki comes right out as what were afraid of, and man, we know he’s deadly.  2) There’s a clock. In the opening and ending fights we know we have two minutes until all hell breaks loose. It isn’t just a matter of who wears down the other. 3) It’s easy to see the humanity in the heroes. Captain America looses the Boy Scout act. For a little while. Mark Ruffalo brings a whole new, unbelievable, empathic side to BOTH Bruce Banner and the Hulk. Both Ruffalo and Hulk get the movies MVPs. 4) It’s funny. You don’t have Robert Downey Jr. without some great quips. It isn’t corny and it doesn’t stop the action, either. 5) Pepper Potts brings out the much needed side of Tony Stark. He’s finally grounded. 6) A beloved character dies. I won’t say who, but right when you think “someone has to die for me to believe any of this and invest myself further” it happens. And you’ll hear gasps, moans, and sniffles. 7) Joss Whedon hangs lanterns on plausibility issues. For example, Loki tells Thor straight up “I can’t believe you keep falling for this” after one of his more used tricks. 8) Tom Hiddleston. I don’t need to elaborate. 9) Great planting of some material early on. Especially Black Widow’s talent for getting information which comes in extremely handy later on.

Films Not Movies on May 4, 2012


I don't think the character died.  You never see him/her again, you just have Fury saying he/she's dead...then at the end, about the cards....and they needed that push....

Scott Ezell on May 4, 2012


 Holy crap I didn't even think about that! Totally makes sense!! I knew he was still around...

Alex Billington on May 5, 2012


I thought Fury said at one point, They called it."  Wouldn't that mean his time of death?

Proud nerd girl on May 5, 2012


You're crazy if you didn't love every minute of it!

Jurassic_Max on May 4, 2012


man you all suck big time.. fighting for a movie critic note.. it was cool and thats it.. like y'all know how to direct a movie ..

hulk-Smash on May 4, 2012


Demigod indeed! Hulk smashed that Asgardian ass!

mooreworthy on May 4, 2012


loved it

DoomCanoe on May 4, 2012


Yeah i absolutely loved the movie (and i am a HUGE Joss Whedon fan), but c'mon, even most critics agree that the opening was less than stellar. Anyone blinding smacking at those who criticize parts of the movie are just refusing to see the truth. All movies have things wrong with them, it doesn't mean you don't love the movie, it just means that on a DISCUSSION forum you can DISCUSS those bits that did and didn't work. I personally loved almost every minute of dialogue, Joss is a very funny writer, however i am not a fan of physical comedy so when Hulk hit Cap i groaned while the rest of the theatre laughed. 

Rodion on May 4, 2012


This movie was great, it had lots of action, it had funny lines and it was 100 % entertaining.  Joss Whedon did a fantastic job pleasing me as a FANBOY. Yeah I can see how some found the funny lines to be cheezy but they weren't that bad.  This movie will be seen as the best Comic Book movie yet due to the fact it included some of the big names in the Marvel Universe in one movie.  I have been a Whedon fan since FireFly and he tried to please everyone with this movie by appealing to everyones needs and wants.  We had heroes fighting each other, we had fantastic CGI work, we had a decent story line, and I felt like he made the Hulk scary in that first scene when he transforms.  I will agree the movie seemed to focus a lot on Tony Stark but I love Iron Man so it didn't bother me.  If you haven't seen this movie yet, you are missing out, and for those who have nothing but bad things to say about it, your missing the bigger picture.  

Blkstar325 on May 4, 2012


...he was adopted !

SavageHawk on May 4, 2012


It's literally my favorite movie. Judge me all you want. I have seen many a-movies high and low, and I've never felt the way I felt while watching The Avengers in any other movie. How the hell is the sequel going to top this?! GOD I could go ALL DAY about how beautifully awesome this movie was. And Loki is a dreamboat, and I was rooting for him, rooting the Avengers, and feeling Loki's feels. I would like to marry Tom Hiddleston, and if anyone could arrange that, that'd be lovely. Seriously, he's a crazy good actor, in the most non-biased way. I was actually blown away by how he could portray menacing then really devasted through just his goddamn gorgeous face. Yeah, I know this site is male-dominated, so I'd like to apologize LMAO. Scarlett Johansson has a nice figure - hope that evens it out lol

fem!anon on May 4, 2012


Loved every bit of it.... I'm still trying to get over the fact that Joss was actually able to balance that many superheroes on screen at once. For me, there's too many amazing moments to select a favorite... but I gotta say I especially loved seeing Hulk trying (and failing) to pick up Mjolnir.

Brandon Carey on May 4, 2012


It was Great! The best super hero team movie so far. I felt the X-men movies never got it quite right, jumping from the comic pages to the big screen, but the Avengers hit it right on with the looks of the characters to the each characters parts. It's gonna be tuff for another super hero movie to beat out this one in the pure fun category. I feel the TDKR will probably be the better film, but not as fun as this one.

Nathan on May 4, 2012


The movie was awesome and I loved it. Most of you commented on my favorite parts already so ill just leave them out lol. I think Ant Man will definitely get his own movie and will probably be in the next Avengers movie. Remember how many references there were to "Ants" in this movie? I think that was for a reason. Maybe that will be the next Marvel character to get their own movie? I know sequels are set for Iron Man, Thor and Cap, but Ant Man will def. be in there somewhere.

big r on May 4, 2012



Brian on May 4, 2012


Finally, a director that made superheroes appear super.  Captain America never showed much in his own movie, much better here. Ironman stepped it up a bit. Thor was pretty bad ass, but the Hulk stole the show.  He was the most fun...almost cartoon like fight with Loki (if you saw it, you know what I mean). Awesome movie.  I think Batman has the best serious comic book movie, but Avengers wins most fun, great action and humor.

Scott Ezell on May 4, 2012


This Avengers movie is by far, the best movie i have ever seen!

Sean on May 4, 2012


Coulson 🙁 

Al on May 4, 2012


On that note, great movie. A little uneven, sure, but very fun. 

Al on May 4, 2012


"That's my secret captain, I'm always angry." That line was the greatest in the movie, especially the way Banner faded slowly into the Hulk to stop the giant snake robot thing. Avengers wasn't a movie, is was a life experience.

J Gonzales101 on May 4, 2012


Every scene with the Hulk was amazing. But..... I have to say the after-credits scene was my favorite. 

Daniel 'Ranger Danger' Felts on May 4, 2012


 scott im sorry to say this and im not trying to start a big feud or anything as much as i dont want to accept it but said person did pass i mean the item went right thru the heart . . but the real reason i was gonna post is because of what alex said about banner all the sudden being able to control the hulk . . maybe he could control it all along but didnt say it cuz then they would just use him and thats wut he didnt want but thats just my opinion

James on May 4, 2012


Yeah, it was awesome. A major accomplishment. Everyone did a great job, but my hat's off to Whedon in particular. It hit the ground running and the narrative flowed really well. I actually prefer the first half which is more character based.  If I had any quips it would be that during the climax, the action gets a bit "generic", but is still hugely entertaining and cool. The bad guy army lacked some character. Would have been cool if Loki had had a 2nd in command or something, some individuals for the Avengers to fight rather than a mass baddies. But this is a small criticism. There are already so many characters. It was also a tad dark, the lighting is quite a few scenes. Bottom line is it's huge fun and you see your money on the screen. It's easy to take for granted just how well it works, but it's so deliberate and nicely constructed to tick the so many boxes it had to. Brilliant job. I'll be seeing it again on the big screen for sure. By the way, saw it 2D. I've got no interest in seeing it 3D.

SV7 on May 4, 2012


I loved it! Saw it last week at a press screening, but the theatre was terrible and it was in 3D, which just sucked so much of the life out of the movie.  But the 2D screening I caught tonight was so much better, greatly enhanced my love of the film. This is the review I published on my website if anyone's interested: 

Jonathan Lack on May 4, 2012


Thanos and the Infinity Gauntlet next?!?!

happy camper on May 4, 2012


I watched the movie last Friday. I had a tough time convincing my friends to watch it, in the end no one turned up. But i made up my mind and went ahead to watch the first available screening. It was such a joy watching this movie. I felt it was well paced and they spent just about the right amount of time in bringing in each character, except maybe for Thor. When you finally get to see all the avengers on the helicarrier, it was an awesome sight.  What made it memorable for me was the well placed comedy. Love the scene where Hulk beats the hell out of Loki, just dint see that coming after what Loki had to say.  The whole theater were laughing their lungs out during that scene. Loved the movie. Enjoyed it for the full 2 hours. Going to watch it again later today.

Nithin on May 5, 2012


Yeah, I've said alot about The Avengers the last week, and I'll say it again. it was awesome. Awesome is a word used alot, but it is most fitting here. Reading what some filmcritics say about the movie is entertaining (New York Post anyone?), some are disapointing in their overall score as they should know better; as this is the pinnacle of all Marvel movies so far it is clearly close, or dead on, a 10/10 for comicbook movies. If one is so backward that one cannot have a rating system for each genre; well poopoo-on-you. Bringing the group together and spending time on two and two of the characters was a very good move, in all, one got to see how this group with it's flaws came together and could work as a team; even if this was a good 45mins that would have been cut out by a lesser producer/studio. It takes time to build relationships. Joss Whedon is not new in town, he has not directed many movies before The Avengers-actually only 1 🙂 But those some 30-40 odd tv episodes he has directed sure came in handy. I can't imagine it's the same field, to go from TV to film like this, in a quantum leap. I guess Joss Whedon was in the moment and really got The Avengers. Listening to the crowd at exit(those who stayed for the Thanos/Infinity Gauntlet hint in the credits) there was only 1 thing they were discussing(1 thing they didnt get) and that was: why The Hulk attacked Black Widow. Maybe that should have been spoonfed? The Thanos hint was so cool, that story line is one of my favorites as a kid and is a great forshadow of what is to come: all Marvel Movies might tie in on this, all the characters we have seen(+ some more, like Dr. Strange) in 1 movie and we'll get a 1-2 parter called The Infinity Gauntlet. There are some different versions of this story, so they might choose to only have The Avengers fight off Thanos or they might find a way to mix up this with The Secret Wars storyline-where Spider-Man gets the black suit. Many speculations, many possibilities and many wishes 🙂 The Avengers is a great comicbook movie, well worth repeated visits.

David Banner on May 5, 2012


Steve Morgan is gay. He is a Troll. I have seen his writing pattern in many places. Dont let the flamer ruin this place.

Matt Damon on May 5, 2012


Well no need to call him gay, "Matt Damon", but yes, I've been watching all of this, I'll make sure he doesn't overdo any comments, but he's more than welcome to reply and defend his opinion. Thanks.

Alex Billington on May 5, 2012


who was the villain with the blue eyes in the end? was that Galactus or Thanos? 

redskulllives on May 5, 2012


Thanos. It was all a test, to see what Thanos would face in the future....

David Banner on May 5, 2012


gonna be gooooood...I'm expecting a small cameo in iron man 3 and a pretty significant role in Thor 2 and Dr. Stange leading up to Avengers 2...the infinity gauntlet was in Odin's chamber in Thor

Corey Ross on May 5, 2012


I think his first appearance was in. Iron Man.

mooreworthy on May 5, 2012


 what part?

redskulllives on May 6, 2012


Iron man #55

mooreworthy on May 7, 2012


Michael Bay could have directed this. It's really nothing special. I don't get all the love, but if that's going to make Mark Ruffalo a bigger star I say bring it!

Davide Coppola on May 5, 2012


 no Michael Bay would have made this horrible

redskulllives on May 6, 2012


I, personally, disagree only because every time I watch transformers movie I literally remember nothing from the 45 minute long "destroy the city" fight scenes, mainly because it was probably just rough on the eyes. But I never felt that way during the city battle in this movie, in fact there were multiple parts within that section were extremely well executed and memorable.  And the Hulk vs. Loki scene pretty much made the movie for me. 

Danimal on May 7, 2012


I loved it so much! I used to think Thor was my favorite but now I can't decide between the Hulk and his Hulksmashing or Hawkeye and his amazingly dead accurate shooting skills lol. I LOVE JOSS WHEDON and think he did a great job.  -signed, a nerdy fan girl! 🙂

Kristen on May 5, 2012


wow alot of discussion and tooing and throwing on here...for me being 40yrs old and a big comic fan of all makers marvel and dc. I thought it was the best superhero movie I have ever seen. To quote the great man himself "Nuff said"

Sean Page on May 5, 2012


So i really don't know what to say, but the movie for me sounds like a movie S.H.I.E.L.D. !!! And the gods of the movie... They we're treated like a stupids??? And the 3D??? It's So F**** bad!! It's so dark that you can't see nothing!!! But in the same time It's so good to see all the heroes togheter!! Too complicated to define!! I will see again and if my opinion change I will post other comment!!

Rafael on May 5, 2012


lol - I knew the trolls would be out for this one.  Well - honestly - in the past, I thought Joss Whedon was a hack.  All his fanboys mystified me with their unwavering godly praise.   I mean, Buffy and Firefly were... o K imo... I no longer think he is a hack.  I retract all negative things I have said of him in the past.  Gratz Joss, you've won over at least one nay-sayer, & job well done.  Loved the Avengers.  First movie in a while I will see twice @ the theater.  I enjoyed it enough not to nitpick.  Also, Gwyneth is FORTY, & lookin' like that.  I imagine at this point she'll just stay super-hot forever. 

avconsumer2 on May 5, 2012


You guys have to think about how hard it is to translate comic to film. then putting 5 or more A+ super heroes in one movie has to be extremely hard. I wasnt expecting this movie to redefine comic book movies like Dark Knight did, but I love the movie nonetheless. Hulk made this movie that much better. I love the way way Hulk punched Thor after they took down that giant alien thing together, Hilarious,. It was a Great Movie and i would deffinately watch it again. Cant wait til Batman 2 is out. 

Drayzoe on May 5, 2012


I was only disappointed in the evil in the movie and the militaristic undertone and of course Hawkeye without his mask is like the statue of liberty without liberty or something...

superheromask on May 5, 2012


This is my favorite Marvel movie. The reason is Hulk was smashing people around, Captain America was clueless and the battle's were amazing!!!

Jackmooney9 on May 5, 2012


Second best super hero movie of all time. Most exciting and generally entertaining though. Dark Knight wins because of obvious reasons such as having a much better plot, character development, while still having sold action. It was super fun and just like the old comics and cartoons. Loved it. For what it is it was amazing. Really don't think anything for could have been done with it. Great banter back and forth between characters. Took a little while to get going, but when it did. Did it ever.

Ghost on May 5, 2012


I deffinately believe the coulson death was a hoax to get them angry enough to work together. 

Drayzoe on May 5, 2012


After reading all these comments, I totally agree with Tim E. Loved the movie. The presentation of the superhero characters are spot on. The performance by the actors couldn't have been better. The story line grasped your attention and never let go. All the 'fight scenes' were awesome. This movie absolutely delivered! We will see it again in the theater and will definitely own it on DVD when released.

Sugarghost on May 5, 2012


It was pure nerd-gasmic bliss.

Deadpool-003 on May 5, 2012


Overall well handled. Better than I had expected and in line with what I had hoped for. Major characters were handled as well and sometimes better than in their own features. Some shortcuts were taken to make us care about characters that had not been developed(Looking at you Hawkeye and Black Widow). Have to agree that this is the best treatment of the Hulk to date. A friend of mine who is a huge comic guy recently explained all of the different Avengers iterations currently in production at Marvel. Apparently this is the universe in which: 1) Superheroes such as the Hulk were created in an attempt to reproduce the original Captian America super soldier experiment and 2) Bruce Banner can MOSTLY control his conversion to the hulk. Be aware there are several different Avenger team for the films to pull from an some of them may not entirely resemble the group that you remember. Good job Joss Wheedon and Marvel!!

The Otter on May 5, 2012


I have read through most of the comments here.  All I have to say is this.  It is a great compilation of the other 4 movies, and it takes aspects of those other 4.  The dry old humor from Cap, the wise cracks from Stark, the solemn,remorseful Thor.  The spunky Black Widow.  To go to this move expecting anything else is not "foolish" but it is no where near what your exception should be.  This is nothing more than a great throw down action film with heroes that we grew up with.  the only question  marks we had was the Hulk and Hawkeye, which both in my eyes fulfilled exactly what they needed to.  Hulk more so than Hawkeye.  What the ending short, yeah, but for the extra shot in the end, it had to be.  Was the story lacking?  Yeah, but you have to build for a great story./  I felt that IM and IM2 were lacking, but now after seeing Avengers, those were just enough.  In the end, for the subject matter it was a great movie, I look forward to any others that are made, as long as they stay true to Joss. 

Paul Davis on May 5, 2012


He's not dead. Go see it again and listen to what Agent Maria Hill says about the cards to Nick Fury, and his reply. Seems many didnt hear this? 🙂

David Banner on May 5, 2012


why are you asking now what we think of the movie? it started already two weeks ago internationally. bad move firstshowing... way to go to ignore the rest of the world

wazzao on May 5, 2012


Uh..have you met us? We are the center of the universe.

mooreworthy on May 5, 2012


considering people actually asked me (during my exchange year in the states) what kind of state of america germany is ... thats just sad

wazzao on May 6, 2012


Where as I met a German once who thought Canada was a  US flash...there are idiots everywhere

Geoffrey Shauger on May 6, 2012


Yeah, its hard enough to learn our 50 states!

mooreworthy on May 6, 2012


It was an entertaining popcorn flick. I never expected it to be some academy award winning movie. I definitely enjoyed it more than Hunger Games. Now Hunger Games, that was a pretty crappy movie that didnt deserve the box office numbers it received. 

Jim D on May 5, 2012


The best Summer movie, hands down.  I don't care how many billions the Dark Knight makes, it won't be as good.  It doesn't have the characters for one thing.  Joss Wheadon is so one of us, a geek in every good way, he nailed this thing like no one else could.  I loved every minute of it.  Hulk, never has he been written this good.  Every part was near perfect even the 2nd after the credits moment, perfect.  I want to see more super hero/comic book movies like this.  Can't wait to see it again.

Yug on May 5, 2012


So you're saying a movie that isn't even out yet isn't as good?  I've met rocks that are more objective than you

Geoffrey Shauger on May 6, 2012


Your one of those idiots who grades action over story.

Adam on May 6, 2012


As someone who has actually been reading these comics since the "60's, I congratulate Josh Whedon for an outstanding job.  I would have enjoyed seeing all the original Avengers, but knew that wasn't going to happen.  The ability of Banner to control the Hulk, and his cognitive abilities while in that form have always been in flux.  I thought the interplay between the big guy and Thor was very entertaining.  Perhaps the best Marvel movie yet.

Kginn on May 5, 2012


You know what? It was very good.

Daniel S. on May 5, 2012


I thought it was awesome. The story, action scenes along with the comedic lines was well balanced. Can not wait till the next one

Sbaughman on May 5, 2012


spam much steven morgan?

Conelson21 on May 5, 2012


Billington! Is the Ashley Johnson (The waitress) scene any good? 

Xerxexx on May 5, 2012


Great Movie, whole family loved it right mix of action and comedic one liners.

Brian Sleider on May 5, 2012


Just saw it today. I had a lot of fun, even though it wasn't a perfect movie. A small part of me feels let down. I guess I was hoping for a little more. It didn't have that wide scope an Avengers movie should. Come to think of it, there are basically only a few locations in the film. Some of the comedic parts didn't work for me either. Hulk throwing Loki around should have been epic, but it was played up as comedy, which is great for the casual fan, but left me feeling a bit cold. Thor also got left out in the film. With all that strength he could have been utilized a little better. But overall I had a great time. It's not easy doing a movie like this, bringing in all these characters and finding a balance. I'm super excited to see that three hour cut I read about. 

germss on May 5, 2012


SPOILERS massive ones dont read if you didnt see. hope Alex reads this. thought it was hands down absolutely amazing for such a big budget mainstream movie to have a neat and tightly honed plot. there were so many allusions, so many crescendos and subtle nods that i have got to point out atleast some of them. 9/10 1) the german guy standing up to the tyrant loki harking back to world war 2 and the feeling of powerlessness exhibited by a people in front of a tyrant. the guy likely someone who was either neutral of supportive of hitler (most people were at the time) has these past regrets for being supportive of such a dictator, sad and weary he decides to take a stand. that and the maginificent opera style scene before with loki doing a damn fine fassbender style impression was just amazing. 2) captain america, and his world weariness, he asks fury about the star spangled uniform being a little to 'old fashioned' and fury replies that some times we need a little old fashioned. this does an excellent job of making captain AMERICA relateable to a global world in a team america fuck yeah style time. people may be tired of america as a superpower, but they can still respect and love the Cap. 3) iron man's near silent ascent with the nuke through the wormhole/void to the mothership, reminds me of that scene from independence day with the farmer guy using his fighter to blow up the mothership, cheesy but i did shed many a tear at how stark finally got round his issues of avoiding the hero mantle and actually manned up to do something purely selfless for once 4) having renner/hawkeye turn bad at the start was a GENIUS decision by whedon and zak penn, it completely gels with our preconcieved notions regarding renner (antihero style of hurt locker fame, he knows how to channel badass incredibly well) 5) scar jo was a much better recieved fully fleshed out character than i thought she would be. no megan fox style michael bayesque stuff here. though character wise she was not the best of the bunch i liked how she could simultaneously display vulnerability and then on the drop of a coin once she found the information she needed manipulating her enemies she could go back to neutral. this and her fear of the hulk was really good, from a character perspective. 6) mark ruffalo's hulk was hands down the best character in this film, every scene he plays minimally but fills the room with negative space. it was just so amazing, that transformation when he says something to the affect of, thats the thing. "i am always angry" and everybody in the cinema literally "whoa'd" in unison. ruffalo has always had great acting chops ever since zodiac and i felt norton was too big of a personality to play hulk, whereas mark can really become the character, share that bleak outlook, peace and slight sadness he did so very well. 7) thor was pretty normal in this film, not super awesome but just great to have anyways. as for the issue with the hulks anger transformation i have read that many people believe that rage hulk was due to the influence of the blue alien rod thingy on the avengers, and his unexpected anger that all the avengers were against him (hulk is sworn to protect bruce). after hulk falls and tellingly he manouvers himself to avoid hurting others in his green form, banner does as stark says and fully EMBRACES his inner self. true he always had the anger but he can control it depending on the percieved threat. there was something in the comics about hulk always subconsciously directing every bit of destruction to conspicuously avoid harming innocents, this gels quite well with his sort of role as a banner gamma rayified autoimmune system. 8 whedon really knocked it out of the park on this one, and cabin in the woods too, i think the fella truly has moved to excellent director status and moved on from cult indi fireflyesque side stuff (not knocking it at all, but it is niche) 9) excellent nod to thanos in the end. and the inifinity gauntlet will probably be relevant in a thor sequel. i came in with no expectations, thinking it would be like a transformers grade movie great but not awesome. came out totally blown away. it had such a good plot and great exposure on each of the characters that i find it hard to say anything glaringly negative about the movie. and mark ruffalo. amazing. and poor alex coulson, somehow that hit a raw nerve in the whole audience, kind of similar feeling to how people shut up when andy serkis screams NO in rise of the planet of the apes

curious cat on May 5, 2012


i thought it was a very good comic book movie,great action not the most brain taxing storyline but still enjoyable. best comic book movie ever? yes,most definetly. 4.5/5 not perfect but almost. 

THANOS on May 5, 2012


So, was it all a test Thanos, to see if Earth had any heroes with a backbone?

David Banner on May 6, 2012


Not even in the same league as TDK and BB

Geoffrey Shauger on May 20, 2012


Incredibley well done and funny as hell. Especially the Hulk and Thor scene during their epic battle and Hulk and Loki discussing being a god near the end. I say way to go Whedon.

Tony_white_tiger on May 5, 2012


Why is it that every movie that comes out now has to be "the best movie of it's genre"? - That being said I loved the movie! Saw it today and I'm watching it again tonight. Saw Marc Rufalo on Jimmy Fallon the other night he signed on for 6 more movies. Any thoughts on what those movies are?

Crazy Legs on May 5, 2012


 Saw it in Imax 3D... this was a great movie, it fed the fans, it stood true to the universe, each character was given proper screen time. You can tell they had fun making it, It had story, it had visuals, you can not go wrong with this movie. So many now spend all time on visuals and not enough on story but this movie did it and did it in the best ways. The Avengers is the movie of the year thus far.

The Splinter on May 5, 2012


Did anyone else wonder where War Machine was? At least say his suit was at the cleaners.

mooreworthy on May 5, 2012


Considering the difficulty in balancing five superegos, er, superheroes in one film, Joss did an admirable job getting everyone the screen time he/she deserved. The effects were tight, the dialogue was snappy (It oozed Joss), the story was -- serviceable --. My wife and I came out of the theatre thinking that this was a perfectly serviceable movie. It was not the best film I've seen this year by a long shot, but it was pretty good, and I'm looking forward to the inevitable sequel.

fazha on May 5, 2012



Nick on May 6, 2012


It frickin rocked. We need a directors cut!

mchops on May 6, 2012


 I loved HULK! I want to see more of him, and wish it was sooner then later! Third times a charm! 

David on May 6, 2012


A great ride, exactly what I wanted, no dark knight, but something completely different and fun!

Leverage on May 6, 2012


It sucked. Marvel fanboys are overhyping the shit out of this movie.  2/5 i think people let the novelty of having multiple superheroes on screen excite them too much to realize that1. the writing was atrocious (most of the dialogue was cringe worthy ...just about anything captain america, thor, hawkeye, or samuel l jackson said made me want to kick a little child)2. the production value was similar to that of a TV production of Star Trek3. None of the action introduced anything we haven't seen before. It was all the generic stuff we have scene a thousand times before in a non-descript action flick.4. there was no depth to the characters5. the ending was so underwhelming

VVS on May 6, 2012


So 94% of RottenTomatoe critics are Marvel fanboys?  Interesting...I had no idea.

Geoffrey Shauger on May 6, 2012


Cabin in the woods got a 90%, so they lose credibility.

Adam on May 6, 2012


They?  Oh you mean the several hundred Marvel fanboys employed as movie critics for hundreds of different websites and publications. Gotcha

Geoffrey Shauger on May 6, 2012


It was awesome. I loved the film and now consider it to be the 2nd greatest superhero film after The Dark Knight, but I did find it problematic and unrealistic that Black Widow can kill all of those aliens with the little p-shooter that she had. I also didn't like the lack of sensibility for the people in the actual buildings (just because they showed the people in the buildings, doesn't mean that shows sensibility. If I recall right, no one in the buildings, died). 

Terence Hood on May 6, 2012


I just got back from seeing it. Although there was one thing that was off, hawkeye's costume, I need to chime in. How can anyone talk about the movie NOT being realistic when the main characters are the god of thunder, god of mischief, a man who turns into a green monster, a super soldier that was in suspended animation frozen for 70 yrs, a guy who flys around in a suit of armur not affected under water or in space, but we are concerned about the reality of a nuke or corny dialogue? Lest we forget this is a movie about superheroes from COMIC BOOKS!!! There is no logic in comic books and there were always bad corny one liners.......that's MY OPINION. And I don't wanna hear your know who you are.

Bentosparty on May 6, 2012


Can't disagree with you on this.  

Scopedog on May 6, 2012


Hear hear!

Scopedog on May 6, 2012


That's why the film worked--Whedon pulled off a pretty damned difficult balancing act.  There were so many cool scenes and lines...Christ, I will have to see this again!

Scopedog on May 6, 2012


Yeesh...okay, so the guy didn't like the movie that much.  But he did see it and he's entitled to his informed opinion!

Scopedog on May 6, 2012


After the second viewing I find myself wishing for: 1) Loki really demonstrating his madness before the alien invasion, to up the stakes more so then people just talking about how high the stakes are. 2) The heros being challenged a little bit more. Yes, it was an incredibly long, exciting action sequence. I just wanted to see them have a little more difficulty. Or a moment where it truly looked impossible. Never felt that. 3) More Fury. Maybe a little better with the inspirational lines (there was one in the trailer about what it means to be an Avenger that was awesome)4) The Hulk thing with Loki was great, one of my favorite parts, but I really wanted a final smack down with Loki. Not getting that was a bummer. Love the film, don't get me wrong. It just could have been better. 

Al on May 6, 2012


just watched it for the second time, 2D and 3D, in "my opinion" it is the best comic book movie to date. well balanced, had a very comic book feel as it should because lets face it, it's based on comic book characters. those people who want pick it apart and say it was corny (you know who you are) (....steve) its supposed to be that way, if you don't like it go watch driving miss daisy in other words 'stfu'.

guest on May 6, 2012


Joss couldn't have been any better for this movie. He's my hero. He made it just the right mix of cheese bally... which he is known for, and seriousness. He had the fanboys at the edge of their seat, and the ones who only have seen the movies right their with them.  it left me wanting more!! Time to start working on 2!!

Iamthatjon on May 6, 2012


Spectacular summer film! A contender for best Marvel superhero film to date.

JayC on May 6, 2012


The only comics I ever read was about 40 years ago when I was a kid. Aside from seeing the characters in the movies, I never heard of them before. Truly. I didn't see the 'Thor' movie because I think the concept is a bit stupid, I switched off Captain America because the guy can't act and I really hate the suit. Iron Man is obviously funny, and I liked the first movie. I only know Hulk from the first TV-series 30 years ago, which was fun at the time.  Having confidence in Josh Wedon's capacities, and having seen the quite appealing trailer, I decided to go and see 'The Avengers' and I think it totally delivers when you see it from the naive 'comic-book' point of view. I can imagine the stills, the conversations, it's all there. This is likely the best multi-comic-hero movie made so far, beating the second X-men movie mainly on action and humor. As far as the Characters go, The movie was carried by Hulk, Iron Man, superb action and an excellent Job by Josh Weldon. Captain America still can't act, and the Thor guy has the looks, which had to makeup for the lack of skills. Hawkeye kept reminding me of Daniel Craig/James Bond somehow, but I liked the chick (Black Widow). Lesser performances don't always draw down the movie though, and that sure was the case with The Avengers. I would definitely see it again on video. I totally loved the confrontation between Hulk and Loki, who somehow disappointed me. The bottom line : I can't wait to see what Josh Wedon is doing next... Aside from that, I will likely not go and see the new Spiderman movie as I was happy with the previous ones, and the new trailers don't seem to ignite my interest. Same thing for MIB3 on a sideline, though I still might go and see that one for a laugh.

Peter on May 6, 2012


Alex, don't know if this has been pointed out yet in the comments below... but Hulk has been able to control himself since the "The Incredible Hulk." The smirk that he gives in his very last scene with his eyes turning green, it doesn't mean that he turned evil or anything, it's saying that he can turn willingly... so it didn't come out of nowhere, it actually had been established since TIH. Also, he had been saying he has a secret. The whole movie he foreshadowed his control over it IF he turns willingly. Obviously if he attacked Black Widow, then he wasn't in control, BUT at the same time, he didn't turn willingly. Two sides of the Hulk.

efrainc on May 6, 2012


I thought the movie was phenominal and each superhero fit nicely togther.  Mark Ruffalo played great Banner, much better than Norton did.  WHile each superhero shined well, the biggest suprise to me was hulk.  The Hulk IMO stole the show especially toward the end when he OWNED Loki.  This movie knew when to be serious and knew when to be funny and I enjoyed that.  I had a smile on my face the whole movie and even my wife enjoyed it.  Really worth the hype and cant wait till part 2.  The Thor and Hulk fight was pretty epic as well.   

Rampage360 on May 6, 2012


I'd have to say my biggest gripe, complaint, pet peeve... nee argument is the instant: "you're just a DC/Marvel fanboy" knee jerk excuse. Grow up. Really. First off: Best comic book/super hero movie. Right there with Dark Knight. Apples and Oranges, but still great none the less. I spent 16.25 on faux IMAX and 3D (and never liked either) and didn't waste a cent! RARELY have I ever walked out of a movie theater feeling truly happy with the movie I just saw. Sure, I can nitpick (and will), but yes the good far, far outweight the bad here. Hokey one liners and constant ribbing sure, but all of the Avengers were treated well and equally. From past pre-review, insights, and trailers I thought it was gonna be mostly Tony Stark episode 3, "from Captain America's perspective". Not true, the only reason Iron Man was involved more (slightly at that) that the others was the plot did directly involve his life more directly than the others, even Thor. Give them credit. The was more Loki's film than Thor's. My only nitpicks are: Yes I got to, it in my nature... MINOR SPOILER ALERTS! Hulk becoming instantly controllable... is actually questionable. The only ever hinted he's a massive liability, never explained it. Banner showed he was fully in control until he got hurt, which is a very good reason why he could be in control one second/lost it completely the next. I speak from experience The Military is, once again, useless. First off they had a fighter escort for the helicarrier, yet someone can openly circle and fire off shots at it? Where was that F23 until it was cheaply needed? Second nuking Manhattan? Really. Sure wipe out millions AND YOUR SUPERHEROES in one shot. Dumb. Guess the FX budget couldn't include a few more squadrons of fighter jets huh? Or, lastly. War Machine. Yes he's not an Avenger, but he should've been brought in for a cameo during the fighting. At least at the end. Finally, and a minor, minor one: When did Black Widow become superhuman? To the point where she can get hammered by the Hulk, bounce off a wall, and get back up a few minutes later? Secondly, her arms should've been ripped off from grabbing that alien craft. Dislocated, pulled a muscle even. I loved how they left Hawkeye, Black Widow, and even Captain America human and vastly underpowered compared to Iron Man, Hulk and Thor; yet still very effective and valuable in the fighting. In all any minor flaws in the movie pales in comparison to how well The Avengers were assembled! 😛 Go see this movie!

Akirakorn on May 6, 2012


The next movie should be on The Hulk.

Dhiram on May 6, 2012


Loved it - Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner/The Hulk really stole the show.

Spookymrsboo on May 6, 2012


Maybe just wishful thinking on my part but didn't Fury say Coulson is "down"? Out of action doesn't necessarily mean dead. Then again, it's probably just me hoping against hope.

ignant_j on May 7, 2012


How can they kill "Agent" Phil Coulson? They should have killed Coby smulders character which did nothing but provide verbal venues for nick fury's mental process. Agent Phil does a good job balancing ironman and now he's dead

Ogie Fermo on May 7, 2012


I didn't know that Shrek was gonna play Thanos. My little cousin is really gonna enjoy this movie.  Overall, the movie was decent. I'm still hoping they can digitally add Edward Norton in the movie by time the Blu Ray is released because Mark Rufalo sucked.

............................ on May 7, 2012


My first time reading Steve-Off. It will be the last.

Misterjpain on May 7, 2012


I really hate it when a few people monopolize the comments section on any topic, and not just on this site...the moderators should step in and do something.  Make your point, make a rebuttal if needed, and then let someone else participate.

kitano0 on May 7, 2012


I was all about it and I went almost solely to see the hulk and he owned every scene he was in.  My only gripes (which take this movie from a 10 to a 9.7) were the trailers focusing almost solely on the 3rd act & Cap's Helmet.

Solo_Calrissian on May 7, 2012


Joss Whedon did a phenomenal job of bringing this story to the big screen.  There aren't a lot of movies that are truly worth the high price of movie tickets these days but this one definitely was. To those who say they couldn't tell if it was meant to be serious or humorous - I can only assume that you haven't experienced much life.  There are people who crack jokes while the enemy has them bogged down with cover fire.  There are people who laugh at funerals.  There are people who respond sarcastically when being diagnosed with cancer.   If you think that serious and humour don't go hand-in-hand, again, I can only assume you haven't experienced much life.   To those who compare it to the new batman movies - The first movie of the new 'dark knight' group of movies was so-so.  Worth a rental, not a movie ticket.  The second one was only worth a ticket because of Heath Ledger.  It's obviously too soon to tell for the dark knight rises as it hasn't been released yet but if the batman character is handled the same way then it will again be up to the bad guy to save the movie.  That aside, it is infinitely easier to make a character that is bound by the rules of the real world good.  The new batman movies have the advantage of not really needing to rely on invoking the imaginations of people in order to work.  So very much easier to do.  Imagine them introducing a character like Darkseid into the batman movies and ask yourself honestly if you think they would have even the slightest chance of pulling it off.  To those who complain about the time spent introducing the characters - guess what?  Thor, the Hulk movies and Captain America didn't really do so well.  Not all that many people were actually that familiar with them.  And Hawkeye and Black Widow had seen like 5 minutes of airtime before The Avengers.  So yes, to make a movie that could pull in the billions that it had to in order to justify the cost, they had to spend some time on character backstory.  Just because they had appeared in movies before didn't mean that Whedon could rely on that.  You don't get handed $220 Million plus to make a movie that appeals to the die-hard comic book fans who represent a tiny percentage of the population.  You get that kind of money to make a movie that can make back the production costs in a few days and then keep going.  And to be able to get people to spend that money during a time when the economy is in pretty bad shape is that much harder.   This movie was exactly what it needed to be, made by someone whom was both a fan and understood the business side of the equation.  It has a cast that portrays their individual characters very well, though some better than others (I can't think of anyone who could play Iron Man better than Downey, Thor better than Hemsworth, Loki better than Hiddleston, or Fury better than Jackson whereas while I thought Johansson did good enough as Black Widow and Renner was ok as Hawkeye, I can think of others who probably could have done it as well if not better.)  It was meant to be exactly what it is - a blockbuster film meant to make the studio a ton of money without  completely ignoring the history of the characters so that the company could go on to make more movies.  Hollywood movies get made by investors, not donations.  If there's no return on investment, there's no more movies. Was it a cinematic masterpiece?  Of course not.   Is it the best comic book movie adaptation?  That's much more subjective.  Personally, I would say yes.  It's the first one that I've considered going to see in the theater a second time.  But again, it is very subjective.  There are those who will claim other comic book movie adaptations better.  There are those who will claim that comic book movie adaptations are all just silly.  There are those who will claim that movies are pale in comparison to books.  And there are probably even those who will claim that even books are a waste of time.  Everything is relative to the eye of the beholder.  The bottom line is that more people appear to be beholding this movie than any other movie before - and that's a status that is not subjective.  

Mythos on May 7, 2012


I literally laughed the whole time while reading you and not with you

Geoffrey Shauger on May 20, 2012


Let's be honest here, this movie was not as great as everyone is making it out to be nor was it a 93% RT film. Personally, I'd give it a 7/10. It was a lot of fun seeing these characters come to life and "suit up". But it seems they really played it safe with this film. As much fun as it was, the film had some major flaws that don't require "nit-picking" as some people have claimed: 1. Cap's costume was ridiculous. You have the top weapons engineer in the world on the team, and they give him something that looks more like underroos. I never liked Cap in the comics, but his character was fleshed out really well in his movie and this one as well. They did a good job at trying to make him into a badass in this movie, but it didn't work in those PJ's. Maybe Nolan has raised the bar too high for me in terms of a character in a suit used for protection, but they could have done a much better job in its design. 2. The first half of the movie was almost a train wreck. The car chase involving Loki and Ms. Hill was a made for TV action sequence. They could have left it out. I whispered to my wife at one point (who enjoyed the film), "if this doesn't get better than I will be very pissed."  3. The dialogue was ok. Not great, but just good enough to get by (more on this in a second). RDJ saved the day with his A+ delivery. 4. The plot holes were lightly patched over. How did SHIELD miss news that a huge chunk of rare metal was stolen at the same time Loki creates havok in Germany? Why no War Machine or the military involved in fighting the invasion at the end? How did Banner/Hulk all of a sudden get control? The helicarrier was loaded with planes sitting within striking distance, and not one fighter was scrambled to join the fight? If SHIELD had all these new prototype weapons, why not send a couple teams out to "test" them out? Didn't make sense other than they ran out of money or time. It felt like they didn't want to push the envelope and played it safe with this film. The ending was great, no question about that. That is what I was there to see, and Whedon did an excellent job giving me what I wanted.  However, the lead up to that point of the film was very clunky and at times just out right painful to watch. I think they did a really good job with Cap's story, and they did a good job telling the story from his perspective. But Loki's convoluted strategy was at times pointless that just led to dead ends in the story. For instance, was he in Banner's head or not? They set that up, and then it died really fast. I think for the time they had to prepare and the budget that was available, they should have been able to pull off a fantastic cinematic experience for the entire 150 minutes. They definitely fell short of that.

blesterov on May 7, 2012


 Totally agree with this.  Very good movie, but people are saying its way better than it really is.

HealthyPoison on May 7, 2012


Lol it would simpler to just admit youre a Nolanite.  That one word would be much more informative than posts that go on forever. Stop comparing/ranking them like some kind of dim twelve year old.  uh, unless you are a dim twelve year old. in that case, im sorry.

Dan Rose on May 15, 2012


Other people having a different opinion than you must really be offensive haha.

HealthyPoison on May 15, 2012


The irony of your post is pretty epic

Geoffrey Shauger on May 20, 2012


Best movie ever made. I'm serious.

Christopher Kenny on May 7, 2012


I don't doubt it...and yes, I would like fries with my burger

Geoffrey Shauger on May 20, 2012


The Hulk's beatdown of Loki (and Loki's expression afterwards) has to be one of the best scenes I've seen in a movie.

Scopedog on May 7, 2012


Super fun popcorn flick.  Get it?  Sheesh....

!5AAK on May 7, 2012


SPOILER ALERT!! | If there's one super hero who's going to die in 2012, its The Dark Knight. 

Jamesxx2k3 on May 7, 2012


Loved Avengers, but I do think that Prometheus, TDKR, and Spiderman will all be better movies.  Spiderman is more of a gut feeling, but the other two, no doubt.

HealthyPoison on May 7, 2012


Yeah...I totally agree.  The Avengers was just mindless fun...people will forget about it as soon as TDKR and Prometheus come out.  The Avengers is was like the cinematic version of a demolition derby.

Geoffrey Shauger on May 20, 2012


This movie was good, bootom line! And im glad to hear it has the biggest opening weekend of all time. It made me laugh, gave me goosebumps, made me sad and put me on the edge of my seat. This movie gave me everything that i wanted. I really wasnt sure what to expect, ive seen all the movies leading up to it so i was pretty excited to see this. Now im not a comic book reader so i dont know what stayed true to the comics and what didnt and i honestly dont care. I thought there was a level of cornyness to the "bad guys" but that was ok because loki more than made up for that. And seeing all these guys together in one movie was really awesome. I was looking forward to seeing all the heroes interacting with eachother and how there personalities would clash and i have to say i was really happy with the outcome. This movie was definately better than any one of the individual films for sure!!

batsupe on May 7, 2012


HAHAHAHAHAH The Avengers PWNED!!! Funniest Marvel movie yet. The Marvel Cinematic Universe movies don't take themselves too seriously (Stan Lee Cameos, humorous bits, in-jokes, etc.) Ultimately I think that is the greatest strength of the films. One of the most tragic scenes in the film is also one of the most hilarious, that's a juxtaposition I'd certainly never thought I'd see. And of course seeing Thanos at the end...never expected that. Thanos implies... Deviants? Eternals? Celestials???

Gilarby on May 7, 2012


I thought Avengers was just awesome. It's probably my third favorite movie of all time but I don't want to jump the gun and say it positively for certain. I'd say maybe two or three lines of dialogue fell kinda flat for me, but other than that it was just absolute perfection from start to finish. What pacing. Incredible action, great visuals, and a story I found fairly stirring to boot. Excellent characters and performances... it was just freaking awesome.

Joshua Beane on May 8, 2012


This is just sad

Geoffrey Shauger on May 20, 2012


All I need now is two months to reset my brain before watching TDKR..can't wait for it though...

Afeed_88 on May 9, 2012


It takes you two months to reset your brain after watching The Avengers?  Oh I get're suffering from PTSD after watching CG explosions for 3 hours.  Yeah...I feel shell shocked as well...I was having flashbacks to Transformers 2

Geoffrey Shauger on May 20, 2012


Awesome movie and awesome fun. A bit trashy (though self-consciously so) and predictable in its way, but it was brilliant at what it was doing. Loved the super power punch-ups, the dialogue and the cheeky little things thrown in all over the place (loved the guy who flicks over to space invaders when they all walk off the bridge). Personally wouldn't rate it as interesting or thought-provoking as say Watchmen - but it wasn't ever trying to be anything other than a really fun film (though imagine if they'd thrown in Dr Manhattan - no need for any Avenger initiative lol).

Daniel on May 9, 2012


you would have to appreciate the world of COMIC MAGAZINES to enjoy any SUPER HERO FLICK..

Orionskies19 on May 10, 2012


Love love loved it, but (and I may be wrong here, or someone might have already mentioned it) am I wrong or was the 'A' on the Stark building not the first letter to fall in that first rooftop battle?

Krystal Hansen on May 11, 2012


OK..My wife and I waited all week to see this movie and were close to a disappointment.  It had good computer graphics and lots of good action but they could have done better on the story line.

Shean Crosbie on May 11, 2012


I must admit, on paper, an ensemble cast of comic book characters in one movie looked to be one of those convoluted mess of a film designed, yet fail, to  please the fanboys (i.e. spider-man 3). I am so so freaking glad I'm wrong. Joss Whedon delivered far beyond expectations.

Waylon on May 11, 2012


Loved the movie.  Was eagerly anticipating it and it did not disappoint.  It's funny, I'm generally not a Hulk fan, but my 2 favorite moments from the movie were about the Hulk.  When he completely trashes Loki and when he punches Thor near the end. lol.  Priceless.  I will see this movie again and again and again.

Doug L on May 11, 2012


I worried how someone could pull off the egos of that many superhero A-Listers.  Thor's role could have been more destructive. His fight with Iron Man lasted one or two hammer blows too much.  Thor's hammer blows would have left Iron Man's suit at least somewhat inoperative.  Thor's fight against the Hulk was okay. Thor is the only one can is capable of matching the Hulk's strength.  I don't know the significance of Thor being stabbed by Loki.  Thor can heal quickly from a stabbing. Since Thor has unmatched stamina, he could have fought all of the aliens single handedly. BBG

Gipsonase on May 13, 2012


The film itself's got a brilliant moments (ok, Hulk vs Loki is EPIC!), it was a great pleasure to watch, since I had a stupid satisfied grin on my face most of the time.  I like how the chemistry between the characters works and the villain is such a freakin badass, I have to love him too 🙂 As you said each one of them's got its part, althoug I think the most of it comes to Iron Man, who is on the other hand such an asshole, everybody will enjoy seeing him (and of course he's "genius, billionaire, playboy, philantropist"). The conclusion, well, let me put it like this: after watching it I was immediately looking forward to number two, cant wait for this on a meantime I watched at least Thor and both IMs again.  P.S. Luckily I missed the 3D version (in Czech with dubbing - ouch!!!!!).

mawria on May 14, 2012


It was an ok movie with amazing action sequences, terrible dialogue and an incredible overuse of some of the cheesiest one-liners I have ever heard. 

Brian Ricci on May 16, 2012


It was good but not great.  I'm not a big fan of the "let's spend 3 hours smashing and blowing things up" genre.  It felt a lot like a Transformers movie in that regard.  I definitely got bored during several of the action sequences...there was no tension...nothing was at stake...give me Batman any day of the week....a normal guy in a suit trumps 5 invincible superheros.  Whedon's universe didn't seem to follow any rules or have consistency....every character was as strong as the have the Hulk smashing Scarlett Johansson's character and she pops back up.  The alien robots were easy fodder and in short number.  You telling me that despite having a HOVERING AIRCRAFT CARRIER WITH A CLOAK the humans couldn't beat them???  It was mindless fun...I can't wait for Prometheus and The Dark Knight Rises

Geoffrey Shauger on May 20, 2012


Geoff i see you were like me and waited till last weekend to see it . All of you criticizing it(Steven et al ) , are seeing it as a movie( and obviously it's not going to meet Qscar status )  instead of a COMICBOOK adaptation brought to screen . in that light  it was excellent  . I also feel this was the 1st movie where the Hollywood tinkering ENHANCED the characters instead of screwing up the ethos and pathos we comicbook fans know and love ( My example  "Constantine " The minute I heard Keanu wouldn't dye his hair blond and learn the Cockney accent ,  I knew the movie would suck )  Instead  every hero was written strong , as other posters have noted . Maybe S Witch and Hawk  being able to punch metal-faced creatures without breaking their hands  was goofy , but it makes my point on how enhanced everyone's abilities were . And guess what ??  The actual comicbook issues had corny humor , tension among teammates , and villians who seemed unstoppable until someone sacrifices all to stop them . And people died .    I won't be a fanboy and say it's my favorite movie ever  ,  but i will say it's the best MARVEL movie ADAPTATION  !  made so far ...

Dominic A on May 23, 2012


 P.S.    sorry 2nd best  Wolverine is my fave comic and  Marvel flick

Dominic A on May 23, 2012


If I ever come across a glowing review of McDonalds I'll just assume it was you

Geoffrey Shauger on May 20, 2012


Avengers is going to beat Avatar you people just need to see like then watch Iron Man 3 and Thor 2 next and in 2014 watch Captain America 2 and most importantly watch the new unnamed so far Hulk movie along with the Avengers 2 in 2015 which if you stayed and watched the credits would the first Avenger movie and all the Hulk,Thor,Captain America,Iron Man movies were just a long wait for The Avengers introduction and #2 will everything you thought they were missing and answer the cliffhanger oh and don,t forget they got a new Black Widow movie coming out a Black Panther movie a Doctor strange movie and a few more Marvel movies that I don't know if they relate to Avengers oh and did anyone see that big red creepy dude after the credits and does anyone know who he is and how bad,evil, and powerful he is for The Avengers 2 after he realized he can't control humans they're to powerful and so he is just going to destroying them or in other words that's not even close to all he had in the first Avenger movie so if you want those awesome Avengers to be in trouble and that includes Hulk the tossing Loki the all powerful or as Hulk says puny God oh and who besides me watch the secondary credits and the short scene after and if so what do you of it also if you haven't seen the Avengers go see it and if you have go again and if you've done that you still haven't seen the movie enough so go again and again and if your broke go borrow some money from a friend and go see it unless that friends in the mafia or something then get a job and then go see it  

Jake on May 20, 2012


Dear planet earth, The Avengers was a fun but ultimately sloppy and insubstantial film. The writer's "assignment" was to bring these wildly different characters together, show their inability to get along, then have some banner under which they could all unite. The first hour (where they are all brought together) was beyond boring and a complete waste of time. Thor's entrance and subsequent battle with two of the heroes felt rushed and unmotivated (not to mention that no one was suspicious that Loki didn't just run away during the battle). They also tried to set up a theme with Loki's trash-talk about "freedom." The next hour or so (the inability to get along section) was pretty good, with charming one-liners and actual character development (Hulk in particular, character-wise was explored more in this movie than in his two feature films). They were on that flying ship for WAY too long, though. The last forty minutes (the uniting section) was sloppy, sloppy, sloppy. They realized they needed something that would bring them all together (and justify the title "Avengers") so they had Loki kill that Shield Agent. This would have been a good thematic moment, the only problem was that  only about four of the main characters were even aware that it happened (leaving us only to guess why the others decided to join in) and the Agent's importance to the other characters came out of nowhere! All of the sudden, for no reason, Tony Stark is grieving hard for a guy he never seemed to care about before. The Agent's importance wasn't established ahead of time so I knew the only reason his death was being felt so hard was because it was convenient to the plot.  The final action scene was big and fun but ultimately the definition of action-over-substance. All of the sudden Captain America is barking orders and the others are obeying. That would have made sense if they'd cashed in on the "freedom" theme they'd set up earlier but alas, they decided to leave this movie themeless other than "teamwork can save the day." We never learned what the heck those alien things were, and a subplot of the "evil council" throwing a nuke was tossed in out of nowhere so we can resolve the alien invasion. So, was it fun? Yes. Was it meaningful? No. Was it too long (despite rumors that a whole half-hour was cut)? Yes. Is it overrated? GOSH YES! Regard, Yanolala

Yanolala on May 21, 2012


OK  now that i've seen it i can weigh in : The 1st hour not a waste if u never saw these characters before . which is the template for beginnings of all the CB movies  ( explain the characters and their background , not write for comic fans , make money) : Loki can't hide from Thor , and u forget that Loki WANTED to be captured - remember Cap ( or IM . i forget ) wondering why Loki was there  it's called  foreshadowing ... :  Stark greeted Coulson when on Helicarrier  implying they had dealings before  obv. Hawk and Witch knew him  The death of a minor character -an  " everyman " - is always used in comics to motivate the heroes and also they were all patched in to Shield communications- remember those scenes ?  -  so they could have all known about Coulson and hey ,    Coulson prob not dead  It's comics !! : If u knew the Avengers  you'd know that Cap is the defacto leader ,  esp. in battle .  When they don't feel like listening , they don't . :there's always something left to expand on later , NEXT issue , in comics . Read the Thanos fans above to get who the aliens were. : Even the most convoluted  or complicated comic book plot has a broad issue at its base . Thus  "freedom" from dictator rule or the freedom to give up control to that dictator , was the theme  People , People    know your genres before u criticize how certain movies are made  and WHY they're made that way

Dominic A on May 23, 2012


Epic...and the money it has made, proves it. I am stationed in Japan and just saw it with my kids. It sold out in minutes and everyone laughed, clapped , and cheered. Yes, it is one of the best.

Elb20lions on May 25, 2012


I thought the movie was excellent, but I did not like the overall subject.   I'm simply not a Thor fan and this movie was just as much Thor II as it was Avengers.  The overall movie was done well enough that I was accepting of it till I saw that the next movie was going to be Thor III. Can't we have the Exemplars, Hood's gang or the Sinister 12?  I guess the problem is that they've ramped things up too far already for the movie to be about a battle with an earthbound individual and it would take too much screentime/intellectual effort for the audience for a rival super villain team to be introduced. That said, if they introduced the Skrull, right there there's an XMen Avengers crossover tie in. Surely the Kree-Skrull War would provide enough material for a movie... and would go a little ways to fixing what was done with "The Phoenix" in the last x-men movie...

Brian Layman on Jun 1, 2012


they did introduce the skrull..... that was thanos at the end

Sheldyn shipley on Jun 12, 2012


 you nerds couldn't spot cheap, manufactured, ad executive propaganda if it was made into movie and shoved down your throats, not to mention Good film making, and what happened to your acting sam jackson, you were in Pulp Fiction dude!  Im putting The Avengers up on my shelf next to other masterpieces like 2012 and Transformers  

neo on Jun 6, 2012


I thought the moive was very good but not good enough to make as much money as it did. Don't get me wrong, I'm a huge Marvel fan but I didn't care for this movie as much as the movies where it's just one character. I feel that their were other movies that are out that were better like 'The Hunger Games', '21 Jump Street', and 'Battleship.'

JourneyNxT on Jun 6, 2012


Steven take a chill pill, your spending an awful amount of time ranting. Anyway, I loved Avengers. I am a Marvel fan-girl, but I think it lived up to all my expectations. I loved the ending when iron man saved the day, and it was awesome how black widow kicked ass. All I can say is TDKR will not beat avengers in a long slide

Marvel fan-girl on Jun 8, 2012



MOHDSIDDIQ on Jul 20, 2012


I just want to say... Remember rome wasn't built in a day. Marvel is building something bigger than the avengers alone. Theyare building a new stream line. There will be gaps. But it's a great start. They plan on doing more films so.mevery movie will connect.

ZO4 on Jul 20, 2012


With a few changes this is just a remake of the animated Ulimate Avengers movie. Except the animated movie was better written.

Dissapointed Marvel Fan on Sep 29, 2012


I enjoyed the movie immensely. I personally am a fan of Joss so I'm sure I'm very bias. That being said, they couldn't have screwed up the role of the Hulk more. No one other than Norton could have pulled off that role. That's what happens when the studio makes decisions on the talent. Or rather lack there of in Ruffalo's case.

Chance on Oct 16, 2012

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