Sound Off: Pete Travis & Alex Garland's 'Dredd 3D' - Your Thoughts?

September 21, 2012

Dredd 3D

Now that you've seen it, what did you think? Judgment is Coming. Now it's here. Your sentencing? Arriving in theaters is director Pete Travis and writer/producer Alex Garland's (video interview) new take on the 2000 AD comic book character Judge Dredd. Set in the future in Mega City One, Dredd 3D introduces us once again to Judge Dredd, played by Karl Urban in helmet the entire time, and his young new partner Anderson, played by Olivia Thirlby. How does this one live up? Better than the 1995 Stallone movie? As good as everyone is saying? Once you've seen it, post a comment with your thoughts on Dredd.

I first saw Dredd 3D at Comic-Con and loved it. I think it's a totally awesome, visually exhilarating, badass Judge Dredd sci-fi movie. It didn't need to be any bigger than it was, because it packs quite a punch. Karl Urban does an excellent job as the new Judge Dredd, even just wearing the helmet and grimacing the whole time. Thirlby actually gives an endearing performance, even with all those wacky telekinesis drug scenes. It gets even better when the other Judges show up. The action was great, the slo mo fit perfectly with drug (no complaints, even though it did run on a little long). Lena Headey as Ma-Ma was frickin' crazy, but damn good. I really enjoyed this and can't wait to see it again, and own the Blu-Ray. Love me some badass sci-fi!

What did you think of Travis & Garland's Dredd? Awesome sci-fi, or stiff waste of potential? We will remove any comments that indicate you have not seen the movie, as this area is meant to discuss the film only once you have seen it and can talk about your thoughts. Please keep the comments civilized!

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kaygerz on Sep 21, 2012


The Stallone version was better, this one sucked, I was so dissapointed I even walked out the theater for the first time ever. At least the Stallone version had real emotions and heart other than this new generic version. Even the Stallone version had some decent action mixed with some decent humor. This new Dredd might I say is like 50 day old stale bread, it's useless to eat and useless to do anything with. Also to mention half of the story ripped from The Raid, these 2 movies may have been written at the same time but you know how writers have been stealing ideas for centuries now even back in Shakespeare times, it's clear Dredd is the one making the mockery. I walked out 30 mins in the film and exchanged my ticket for Resident Evil:Retribution to wash the dreddfull taste out my mouth. 0/10 Stars don't be fooled by the critics.

JerseyBoy on Sep 21, 2012


...Are you trolling or something? RE was horrendous. I walked out of that piece of shit after the fourth surprise zombie horde showed up, he husband in the beginning somehow kept up with Alice even though she took a car for a few blocks AND NEVER STOPPED MOVING. In that time, he somehow changed into a zombie, chased his wife, who was long gone, and then ran up three flights of stairs only to dramatically look away and then to Alice. Bleh! Troll harder.

Angry Chief on Sep 21, 2012


At least RE had the avantage with multiple films explaining the plot and story in whole. At least RE has a few decent characters we actually care about throughout the story. At least RE manages to progress in a pace that binds everything together on the plot. Dredd ignores all of that and pretends it's just a new hip action film when it isn't. Dredd takes the valuable time from the story and multiplies it by unwanted action sequences that does nothing at all, RE in all the films balances it out well perfectly. This is my thoughts so stop bashing me cause you don't like it.

JerseyBoy on Sep 21, 2012


RE just insults your intelligence so anything you can come up with in defense of the movie is ridiculous since you are clearly describing the wrong movie..... DREDD has more than one story from their many comics from 1977 till now that is used in the movie which makes the Raid the Ripoff...come to think of it just any action film involving killer cops is the rip off..... its honestly the fact your thoughts have no water to hold with them, you just said you walked out 30 mins in the film *just before the best parts* and went to RE...which still insults your intelligence... this makes your entire comment pointless to post since you are clearly just trolling rather than giving your thoughts, next time watch the entire movie THEN comment here or else you are just demonstrating yourself as a bias troll....

Jericho on Sep 21, 2012


oh and the new DREDD is exactly like the old comic...Stallone derailed it so they could have his face on screen in order to get tickets since the helmet was supposed to never come off....

Jericho on Sep 21, 2012


You're obviously biased too, hating on someone for having an opinion... kind of a douche move. You also walked out of R.E., you said. How do you know it didn't get better after that 'fourth surprise zombie horde'?

Greg dinskisk on Sep 22, 2012


i watched RE till the end, where you are fabricating that i walked out before you will need to provide evidence for. i never stated anything where i was hating on someone, i provided the same comment i did when RE had its review and i showed why his comment cannot be declared an opinion because he had yet to see the complete movie there fore made himself out to be a Bias Troll.....

Jericho on Sep 22, 2012


Sorry, I thought it was you who said so. Still, everyone is biased towards films that they watch, so you're biased too, unless you haven't seen it, or unless you literally have NO opinion on what you watched, which is impossible due to human nature. Some movies aren't made for people. If he walked out, hating what he watched, obviously he can't post a review or anything, but he didn't. He just hated, or strongly disliked what he watched. He isn't a troll. Also, (this is towards everyone reading who post comments) can you people try to write a little more literately? It's not as bad as YouTube comments, but still... Maybe check things over before you post? I know I make mistakes too, as does everyone, but at least a quick skim over your soon-to-be-posted comment makes for a happy Greg....

Greg dinskisk on Sep 22, 2012


apology accepted, i tend to live at the theater *since its just acrossed the street* and i spend a lot of time watching movies and have yet to walk out on one so yes ill accept that i can get bias on people who give opinions on a movie they have yet to see fully...its like judging a film from its set photos...

Jericho on Sep 22, 2012


I wouldn't say it's exactly like judging a film from its set photos, that's a little extreme... A full third of the movie is in the first half hour, if one doesn't enjoy it at ALL, then it's better to leave than have to sit through the rest. I too, live at a nearby cinema (a couple, actually).

Greg dinskisk on Sep 22, 2012


Although, I am sorry, I didn't realize it wasn't you who walked out of Resident Evil, that was Angry Chief... Sorry about that!!! I should have checked first.

Greg dinskisk on Sep 22, 2012


The first Res Evil wasn't even all that great, Silent hill was better. The movies don't even reflect the games an when they try its just a homage to a certain monster. I don't know what your smokin dude Res evil the games are waaay better than the movies.

Christopher Philip Cinquegrano on Sep 23, 2012


i can honestly say that 1: you are a douche,2: the fact that you said "RE had the avantage with multiple films explaining the plot and story in whole" tells me you are full of it-thats like saying you needed 6 Rocky movies to explain to you what the first Rocky film was about-C'mon now, please..I'm not seeing the new one only because the storyline has confused and lost me after the 2nd film..I saw the last RE film and was happy that it should of been done but now have realized that its just another reason for the director to keep a stranglehold on his hot leading lady/wife/moneymaker. I really wish folks like you would actually watch quality films instead of immersing yourself in hack quality films like the RE franchise and other crap(Paranormal Activity,Saw,etc)...

vk at nyte on Oct 9, 2012


Seeing as how Dredd started production in November of 2010 and the raid started production in March of 2011 I can see how Dredd is a total rip off.......*Cough*sarcasm*cough*.........

Chris Amaya on Sep 21, 2012


Don't feed the troll. You wouldn't taste good to it anyway, as it clearly has no taste.

Stavi on Sep 21, 2012


Film is subjective. There's no such thing as having 'no taste' in movies. Some movies aren't made for certain people, like Dredd isn't for me or 'JerseyBoy,' apparently. Also, not too many of the reviews I've seen for this movie have been overwhelmingly great, as some would leave you to believe...

Greg dinskisk on Sep 22, 2012


you're a troll plain and simple. Stallone's Dredd was awful. Hell, Rob Schneider starred in it. The only good thing in that movie was Armand Assante's stellar performance as a nutter. And i repeat, the only good thing in that was Armand Assante as Rico. The plot sucked, the judges sucked, the armor sucked. ETC. Now...i've read Dredd 3d script a long time ago. Every line. Was thrilled. Seen it last night. It's awesome. It's fresh. DO NOT EVEN DARE to think about The Raid. But it's useless, you're just a troll.

Andy on Sep 22, 2012


Because he didn't like the movie, he is all of a sudden a troll? Wow, I guess THAT'S how the internet works...

Greg dinskisk on Sep 22, 2012



grimjob on Sep 22, 2012


Yep.... I wish I lived in the days where people didn't start yelling at a guy for having an opinion.... Annoying.

Greg dinskisk on Sep 22, 2012


I miss the days when 'troll' wasn't the most overrused and unoriginal "insult" people could think up.

grimjob on Sep 22, 2012


Oh man, I hear you... Same with 'pretentious' for a movie that wasn't made for a certain demographic...

Greg dinskisk on Sep 22, 2012


its not just that-its the fact that he had nothing to back up his answers..just saying you walked out after 30 min isnt enough for me-give me an actual review...i hate alot of films ive seen-but i actually watch it to the end-its art,thats all...and yes there are a few films i prolly should've walked out of like POWDER and SUPERMAN RETURNS but hey-i give everything a chance and theres plenty of other films to if someone argues with me about a film,i kinda want to know what i'm talking about-can't do that if you've only seen 30min of it-its not a song on itunes that you can get a sample of-its about telling a story thru film.

vk at nyte on Oct 9, 2012


Guys...guys, guys.....your arguing with a guy who once said that Marvel was screwing everything up. Just stop wasting your time.

Cody W on Sep 22, 2012


It detracts a bit from the credibility of your "review"of a movie and its heart when you admit to only seeing the first half hour. Even more so when you'd watch Res Evil Retribution instead.

Jpeters1138 on Sep 24, 2012


you didn't see it faker. stop shitting on movies you haven't seen.

vk at nyte on Oct 9, 2012


Loved it. Want sequel now!

AlpineNewt on Sep 21, 2012


I agree!!!

kaygerz on Sep 21, 2012


SAME HERE!!!!!!!

Jericho on Sep 21, 2012


You are all out of your minds. Style without substance, violence without purpose, action without drama. If you're going to do "Die Hard", in any setting, you first need to understand what was good about it. I haven't been so disappointed by a movie in a decade. The potential for brilliance was there; the plot wasn't. Worst of all: The walls were covered in references to *much better* Dredd stories. Dammit, you do not mention Chopper unless you can write like that.

Tynam on Oct 25, 2012


I found it refreshing in its simplicity. I'm tired of nonsensical plots in films that go on and on for three hours with ridiculous, over the top CGI. It reminded me of the classic one off Dredd stories where he would risk life and limb getting a dangerous perp, nearly die and then just get back on the Lawmaster because his shift wasn't over for another five hours. I don't think you can expect any comic based film to be completely true to it's source these days. Just look at Batman.

AlpineNewt on Aug 29, 2013


awesome, but i hate the Lannister girl. Hated her in the terminator show, hated her in the 300, and hate her in this.. jmo

chad on Sep 21, 2012


Another Real Comic Adaption For Proving Real Power Of Comic Adaption

Ehsan Davodi on Sep 21, 2012


So much hype... I need to see this movie! NOW

Manuel on Sep 22, 2012


Hmmm. I remember seeing photos of Dredd months back and I thought the costume was a joke which would lead one to assume it would be the same with the script but the movie was good I wonder if this will be the same with the new Robocop movie since everyone hates the costume.

BinaryChaos on Sep 22, 2012


In these comments immature geeks call each other trolls and douches! They must be prepubescent or 40yr old virgins! Hey I'm a geek too but I don't squeal like one! LOL! Anyway, Dredd 3D was a good action popcorn flick. No need to compare others.

Malakor on Sep 22, 2012


A perfect Action pack! i love it

Billy on Sep 22, 2012


the only problem I had with this movie was the design of mega city... I wished it was more like the stallone's version. This one didn't feel EPIC enough to be a MEGA city, it felt like a giant suburb with super tall buildings here or there that looked out of place. It didn't even feel like it was super crowded... They should have copied the design from movies like 5th element.

Khoa on Sep 22, 2012


Yip, I loved it. Really looking forward to seeing it again. So many "FUCK YEAH" moments. Hopefully it does well and they throw money at the sequel.

Runadumb on Sep 22, 2012


Being an avid reader since the start in 1977 I can certainly say they have hit the nail on the head and for the budget it was a bold & brave move to even make this film and in my opinion is better for it.

stansfilmposterz on Sep 22, 2012


Really entertaining and super badass

Daniel_Plainview_Milkshake on Sep 22, 2012


Saw it at Comic-con. Pure homicidal violence. Loved it.

Tyler Bannock on Sep 22, 2012


Action Sci-Fi at it's very best: Badass, hilarious, gorey, violent, atmospheric, and steeped in comicbook style.

Mitchel MacLatchie on Sep 22, 2012


Style, yes, was perfect. Unfortunately *substance* was missing. Perfect style isn't enough; at some point there needs to be a plot.

Tynam on Oct 25, 2012


The biggest twist is that ot was actually realy good.

dredd curve 4D on Sep 22, 2012


I thought it was great. It was an action movie through and through and it didn't make any bones about it. They made the right choice of taking a good actor and making him the base for the story (Urban) as opposed to taking a blank action star and trying to make him an actor. (Stallone) Beside the point. Senselessly violent flick at it's best.

Risk on Sep 22, 2012


I am super excited for this, as a long time reader of Wagner , Ezquierra & Bolland's stories. Methinks the only real problem detractors have with this outing of DREDD is unfamiliarity: Stallone & Sneider come to mind. Few even KNOW it's based off a hot comic property oft-referred to as "Britain's BATMAN", and there's no video game based on the Judges or Megacity One for folks to reference as a jumping on point. If I hadn't had such a great summer, I'd have seen this movie 3 times this weekend already. Garland's script for Sunshine alone is enough reason to be excited (yet, another sleeper hit Cult Classic). I really, really hope it stays out til my next pay period, so I can still see it in 3-D! Here's hoping for a 2nd weekend Dredd slapback effect!!! Tell your friends!

Django9000 on Sep 22, 2012


this piece of crap flopped END OF STORY END OF FRANCHISE HA!

Jesse Bangerter on Sep 23, 2012


It's Dope as F*ck!- Official Review of The Jesse Keim Show

TheJesseKeimShow on Sep 23, 2012


I loved it, and I want to see more Dredd films like this, especially from the same team and cast. We should tell everyone we know that it is a must see and hope that the film can gross over 50 million so can get a sequel

Armeetapus16 on Sep 23, 2012


HOLY SHIT AMAZE BALLZ! Seriously though, what a pleasant surprise. I thought DREDD 3D was stunningly good for what it was and was supposed to be. I also have knew found crush on Miss Thrilby. All the other stuff I have seen her in, was alright, I suppose, but in this movie, O_O. Dayum. She was cute. The music was cool, the violence was crazy cool. And the action was all very intense. The slo-mo stuff was a little over used in some parts, but the effect was amazingly fun to watch. The 3D was done very well too. Nothing seemed too dim or dark, and all the colors of the neon signs popped wonderfully. Sure there was some obvious CG stuff, but the slo-mo effect really seemed to hide it well. The end was a little anticlimactic for me, but it was sure fun to her fly!!! Overall, a very solid action movie that I will want to revisit. 8.5/10

DAVIDPD on Sep 23, 2012


It was a surprising, fun time at the cinema. If they could inject a little intelligence into the sequel, that would be perfect. Redesigning the helmet couldn't hurt either

Richie G on Sep 24, 2012


It was great. Dark, gritty and full of gruesome action. Bad news is that it made 6mill and probably won't get the green light to do part 2. September is not the month for an action movie of this nature. bummer...

Angel on Sep 24, 2012


I loved it! Big Kudos for making a film for fans that even non-fans can enjoy. They didn't water it down for the people unfamiliar with the universe and the source material, because of that, and the film stayed stronger and satisfied everyone. I want to see more!

mikefly on Sep 24, 2012


Awesome special effects.

Benjamin Ballard on Sep 26, 2012


Best action movie I've seen this year

korbindallis on Oct 3, 2012

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