Sound Off: Pixar's First Fairy Tale 'Brave' - So What Did You Think?

June 22, 2012

Pixar's Brave Sound Off

Now that you've seen it, what did you think? Change your fate. Pixar bring us their 13th movie this week, Brave, an animated fairy tale Scottish adventure about a curly red-haired, bow-and-arrow-loving princess named Merida (voiced by Scottish actress Kelly Macdonald). Set up in the forested Scottish highlands, this royal adventure is all about family, and her father King Fergus (voiced by Billy Connolly) and mother Queen Elinor (voiced by Emma Thompson). So how is it? One of Pixar's best or worst? Did you cry at all, or is it just pure fun? Once you've seen it, post a comment below with your thoughts on Pixar's Brave.

To fuel the fire, I recently got to see Brave in digital 3D and enjoyed it quite a bit, it's a great Pixar film, but not necessarily one of my favorites by any means. The first thing I really must to say, is that even on their 13th feature, Pixar still makes movies full of heart and genuine passion, that is evident in every last frame. The writing, the characters, the emotion, it's all so honest and natural, but is also wrapped around this beautifully animated world. Brave certainly has all that, but it lacks the bigger, complex story that a lot of my Pixar favorites have. Instead, it just progresses, we get the big bear twist, some interesting moments, then it wraps up, and that's that. It was charming, but not a homerun, like we normally expect from Pixar.

What did you think of Brave? One of Pixar's best movies yet, or another summer let down? We will remove any comments that indicate you have not seen the movie, as this area is meant to discuss the film only once you have seen it and can talk about your thoughts. Please keep the comments civilized!

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I tend to agree that it is a very good movie but not great by Pixar standards. MUCH better than last years Cars 2. And is is better than most animated movies. I expect so much from Pixar that even when they barely miss, it is evident. But I really enjoyed it and so did my kids.

Todd on Jun 22, 2012


Totally agree

Carlos Subero on Jun 22, 2012


It's difficult to summarize this disappointment. Brave is a mish-mash of familiarity. What Pixar became expert at has taken the back seat in this extremely childish product. With themes and story-line borrowed from originals like Beauty and the Beast, Little Mermaid and even Shrek, one could argue that children will love it and that's all Pixar should be concerned about. But Pixar has continuously challenged Dreamworks Anim. with films that send parents to theaters faster than their eager kids. Yes, I may have higher expectations for Pixar so sue me. Cars 2, wasn't worth a 5 minute glance and the failed Oscar Nom should have pushed the studio in the opposite direction. The only spark in this theatrical experience is the silent short, 'La Luna,' that comes prior with more heart and a much more daring approach than 'Brave.'

Heddwyn on Jun 22, 2012


I took my 7 year old neice to see it this afternoon (any excuse for me to see a Pixar film on the big screen) and while she loved, I felt I was watching a Dreamworks production, not Pixar. It was okay, but like all Dreamworks annimation it falls short of Pixar. Sadly, I've been wondering lately if Pixar has passed it's prime and is becoming just another Dreamworks. Here's hoping that this is not the case and many more gems like Toy Story, Nemo, The Incredibles, Monster Inc, Ratatouille, Wall-E and Up are in Pixar's future.

Hattori Hanzo on Jun 22, 2012


Hattori I do think it is so much a case of Pixar "passing it's prime" as opposed to having an exerted influence by a certain mouse.

Chris McDermid on Jun 23, 2012


Dear Chris I really want to know what score you give to this 2 Anime : " Brave " & " Beauty & Beast "

Ehsan Davodi on Jun 23, 2012


Dreamworks passed up Pixar, the most over rated, predictable studio of all time, a long time ago.

Kaim on Jun 24, 2012


I think you summed it up nicely. The movie was good just not brilliant. Definitely a feel-good family film especially with the triplets, who steal the show in their birthday suit moment of glory!

DaddyFuzzball on Jun 22, 2012


Low Action Again Im in love with pixar , Who aren't dudes ? But this outstanding eternal fairy tale have same problem for me in some pixars other works , Pixar better be more " Brave " in bringing out BALANCE between Story & Action

Ehsan Davodi on Jun 22, 2012


Really, you go into Pixar films looking for action? They are family films. In fact the forcing in of action in WALL-E is what lessened that film.

geoffcbassett on Jun 25, 2012


Yes adventurless , actionless like incredible or .... without doubt. NoBody knows they are Family too , just you did dude , Exellent Hey dude , if you think I must wrote what you want that's big mistake Wright your opinion until movies get better & better , don't mocking with other opinions even they were looking shit to you. If I have enough courage to tell the Truce , that's because I Wana pixar reach the Peak And stay there for ever , not Mocking it. Don't forget your duty to cinema's progress.

Ehsan Davodi on Jun 25, 2012


Good fun!

TheChad on Jun 22, 2012


I really enjoyed myself. I thought it a 8.5/10. Even a very good film from Pixar. Probably solidly in the middle of the pack, in terms of their filmography. Maybe a tad bit obvious, in terms of story, but I did not see the mom's "incident" coming. Ultimately a very good film, that I will watch again...sometime.

DAVIDPD on Jun 22, 2012


Great movie.... Cry laugh its one thing that only Pixar can do to me. Not my favorite but great all around Great for kids

Popcorn on Jun 23, 2012


I was really disappointed with this movie actually. While it wasn't a bad movie, it just wasn't what I expected from Pixar.

ME24601 on Jun 23, 2012


REALLY to some of the comments? I thought it was brilliant! I actually cried twice. Once at the beginning somewhere because of the landscapes and stuff (LOL WHAT EVEN IS WRONG WITH ME) and then of course at the end. I really liked it, and I love Merida as a character. Better archer than Katniss amirite? (don't bring Hawkeye into the mix because he's just made of awesome anyway) There were some parts were I was like "Holy crap. This is a children's film?" with all the nudity and stuff. Hehe. Oh yeah, I teared up watching La Luna too because it was just so PRETTY.

fem!anon on Jun 23, 2012


Great movie that would have been outstanding without the plot of her mother becoming a bear. It was hard to feel bad about their situation with all the stupid slapstick comedy of a silly bear bumping into things for like 30 minutes.

OfficialJab on Jun 23, 2012


spoiler alert? like for real

conradthegreat on Jun 25, 2012


Read the warning in the article. For real.

OfficialJab on Jun 25, 2012


Great movie. First one I have taken my daughter to and she loved it! Pixar win.

Derrick Shanks on Jun 23, 2012


maybe the doubters saying this is not a real Pixar miss the point that the previous 12 have been very American accented films and this being a brave first move away is a wee shock.

Kenn Stewart on Jun 23, 2012


I enjoyed this more than I though I would. The dolby atmos at the free screening was pretty sweet too.

Chris Amaya on Jun 23, 2012


Hi there, I have watched the movie twice (both in 3D) and I still think it is a good one. I thought it would be better if I saw more archery skills with Merida especially for protecting her mother, Elinor. I expected that this movie is about the relationship between Merida and Elinor. However, I did not really see much change with it at the end of the movie. Merida has been protected by Elinor from the beginning to the end. (Yeah, she fixed the tapestry but that also needed Elinor's help, didn't she?) if I could change one thing with the story, I would add this action sequence to replace "Merida's hunting salmons in the river" shot: Merida and Elinor (who turned into a bear) are surrounded by wild beasts (like wolves) in the woods and Merida tried protecting Elinor with her bow. The beasts ran away but Elinor got hurt. She starts showing her "wildness of a bear" inside because of here injury. This action sequece would change the pace of the story and also indicating that Merida would grow up and could protect her mother - I believe that was what she wanted to show. At the same time, her fighting hurt her mother as a result because she was not matured enough - that was the reality she had to face with. (I remembered that this movie was once titled "The Bear and the Bow" - now called "Brave," but, did Merida really look brave enough?) Also, I wondered why all the male characters were just fighting and drinking all the time? I felt it was strange that Fergus (Merida's dad) never cared or even noticed that his wife and daughter were missing. As many people mentioned, this movie has a female protagonist for the first time in Pixar's with all the male characters looking one dimensional: just like many of female characters are in other animation stories with a male protagonist (not in Pixar's, but, in general.) Maybe I asked too much with this summer fun family movie? Even if so, quite frankly, I got much more laughs with Madagascar 3…

CB4 on Jun 24, 2012


This was an excellent reminder - thank you CB4. Had this been called "The Bear and the Bow" I would've enjoyed it and not thought more about it. As it was called "Brave" I kept wondering what was 'brave' about being selfish and unconscious of your responsibilities during potential war scenarios. What's so 'brave' about being blind to exactly how and why your mother is a brilliant Queen... and about how she was more in charge of those clans than the King. Isn't it more 'brave' to recognize that as an adult, we sometimes have to do things that we don't want to? Sure, it'd be great to spend the day riding your horse and shooting arrows, but how would getting married put an end to that? (especially if you're getting married to one of the potential suitors presented in the movie - all of whom were, as stated previously, one-dimensional and easy to manipulate) Being 'brave' enough to 'change your fate' should involve something more than finally acknowledging that you were wrong to place a curse on your mother. Calling this movie "The Bear and the Bow" would make more sense. Pixar's gorgeous rendering of the forest, and Merida's hair, were breathtaking... but the story just wasn't worth it. In my opinion, this was a rare Pixar story fail, but another classic Pixar animation job that still blows Dreamworks out of the water. Take it or leave it.

Worthy Ness on Jun 25, 2012


I think it's easy to say that it's not Pixar's best, but when you compare it against such an incredible slate of films like Wall-E, Ratatouille, The Incredibles, etc. it's nearly impossible to stand up to them. Without the direct comparison I found it to be a great, emotional story that was very funny throughout! And the pure feat of animation is stunning!!

Shawn Lee on Jun 24, 2012


As the people I was with despised the movie, I thought the movie was enjoyable. Sure it wasn't up to Pixar's standards but I was laughing and smiling the whole time. I'd give Brave a B.

Jackmooney9 on Jun 24, 2012


Big fan of Pixar and had high expectations after reading the "magic" twist not present during the previews. Well, this story just sort of dragged along for me. The focus was too much between the mother and daughter (my opinion) and there really wasn't an antagonist to hate. My gf usually cries a lot with Pixar movies but this time it was just some tears when she thought the mother wasn't going to turn back human . I saw that from a mile away, barely any suspense. I love the triplets though; the getaway after the mother first turned into a bear was my favorite part.

Marc Callado on Jun 25, 2012


Got fooled with the preview. What could have been a great movie turned to be mediocre at best. From the preview I really thought she was gonna run away and have some grand adventure, not some run away for a few hours and come back. The majority of this movie did not even make sense, the story was all over the place, a good portion of the movie was breaking back into their home when all she had to do was have her mom wait outside while she got the quilt. I personally thought over all it was kind of scary for little kids, even though the nudity was light and humorous it's still pushing an envelope that pixar should not push. I really think they went the wrong way with this whole movie, it would have been 10 times better if she actually ran away from home, and during her adventure she realizes the importance of her parents especially her mom. SO IMO this is how it should have played out she runs away, she finds out some bad guys are gonna attack her home, she meets some guy, together they foil the plot, and she goes back and tells her mom everything sappy stuff and she wants to marry the guy she fought with.

flyingreddragon on Aug 3, 2012

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