Sound Off: Quentin Tarantino's 'Django Unchained' - Your Thoughts?

December 27, 2012

Django Unchained

Now that you've seen it, what did you think? "The Fastest Gun in the South." It's here! Now playing in theaters everywhere is Quentin Tarantino's long-awaited "spaghetti western" Django Unchained, starring Oscar winner Jamie Foxx as a freed-slave-turned-bounty hunter named Django ("the D is silent"). He's joined by Christoph Waltz as Dr. King Schultz, and Leonardo DiCaprio as Candyland plantation owner Calvin Candie, with Samuel L. Jackson. It's violent, it's funny and entertaining, but is it any good? One of the best Tarantino movies? Once you've seen it, post a comment with your thoughts on Django Unchained.

Damn, I love this movie. It took two viewings for me to really admit how much I dig Django Unchained, just because Tarantino really knocks this one out of the park in terms of genre-mashing insanity. I admit it has some flaws especially in the third act, it's not perfect, but I don't mind. First things first, Jamie Foxx is a fantastic Django, and I do really enjoy watching him in this, he's impressive and really takes on the role. Especially by the end - he's a new cinematic hero, Django! Everyone else is great, Waltz plays a perfect character and DiCaprio as candy is superb, he really outdoes himself. But I think my favorite performance of the entire film is Samuel Jackson as head house slave Stephen, hovering over DiCaprio, always wobbling and shaking, with the grey hair. Best of all, his spot-on performance takes it to another level. So damn good.

Django has all the elements of a great Quentin Tarantino movie - long scenes of intricate but brilliantly-written dialogue, and Tarantino isn't afraid to take his time with a scene and trust the audience to get into it; an incredible soundtrack with an inspired choice of songs that I am constantly listening to nowadays (gotta love "Who Did That to You?"); excessive violence but only used to enhance the entertainment value. There's even a cameo by Tarantino, which is one of my least favorite parts, but the way he goes out makes up for it. I do think it loses some of its momentum after Waltz gets it, and goes on for a bit too long after that, but besides that, it's a hell of a wild ride only Tarantino could deliver. One of my favorite films of the year.

What did you think of Tarantino's Django Unchained? A new masterpiece or massive failure? We will remove any comments that indicate you have not seen the movie, as this area is meant to discuss the film only once you have seen it and can talk about your thoughts. Please keep the comments civilized!

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An Absolute Masterpiece. Fucking loved it. One of QT's best.

Tyler Bannock on Dec 27, 2012


Just saw it and I must say that Waltz and DiCaprio were great in this. Foxx is excellent, as well, although his character didn't seem as flushed out as Candie and Shultz. This might sound strange but I could have used a little more backstory on Django, that is, Quentin could have added some more meat to the film. I'm sure it's there in an extended cut. With that being said, Django was a badass. I agree with the third act. I mean Shultz could take down multiple men at once. There was only one man with a gun in the parlor. He could have easily taken him. I think his secret pistol even had another round. Or, maybe its just that he understands that being a killer (killing Candie in cold blood) means that he must pay for his crime. All in all, this movie rocked. I expected a little more in the end, but who am I to complain.

Chick Flicks and Beer on Dec 27, 2012


It was a great movie...easily up there with Inglourious Basterds and Pulp Fiction as QT's best. I would say that my top 3 might be Inglourious Basterds by a hair because I enjoy the subject matter more, then Pulp Fiction and Django Unchained are EASILY right up there. Then Reservoir Dogs and Jackie Brown. Then Kill Bill, and Death Proof is just not very good.

Chris Groves on Dec 27, 2012


Fantastic. I left the theater, and felt like it was one of the best 5 of the year. My opinion of course. Waltz was fantastic as always, and Foxx was so on point. From the over the top violence, to some incredibly funny dialogue (highlighted by the "Sheet" scene for me, a literal laugh out loud moment), Django did almost everything right. Can't wait to see it again.

HealthyPoison on Dec 27, 2012


GREAT!! Simply put. The Mask or No mask scene was comedic gold. Love QT's movies. I don't know about anyone else, I think Kerry Washington is very beautiful and good actress at times. But she

RandomThoughts on Dec 27, 2012


GREAT!! Simply put. The Mask or No mask scene was comedic gold. Love QT's movies. I don't know about anyone else, I think Kerry Washington is very beautiful and good actress at times. But it felt like she over-acts in this movie, dont know if that makes any sense.

RandomThoughts on Dec 27, 2012


You thought Kerry over-acted, but not Sam? Lol

Chris on Dec 28, 2012


It was awesome. It was the 3rd choice of movies we wanted to see but after seeing it it was way more than I thought it would be. It should have been the first choice. There a little racial tensions here in there but other than that all in all it was done very well and I would recommend it. Action packed and done in a way that wasn't as heavy handed as a lot of Tarantino's. stellar cast. Well acted. Good.

joey two times on Dec 27, 2012


The best edgy remake of "Blazing Saddles" ever conceived!

gdickelman on Dec 27, 2012


I really enjoyed this movie but like most Tarantino flicks it will take a few viewings to fully appreciate it. At some points in the film I was almost convinced I was watching a comedy. Ps. Tarantino sure has let himself go.

Jon Odishaw on Dec 27, 2012


Man the scene with Jonah Hill in the clan was just amazing, the whole theater was cracking up more than i've seen all throughout the year, deff a crowd pleasing movie, Spike Lee is just a fucking dick for bashing it without even seeing it

Hazedmind on Dec 27, 2012


Quentin and Christoph, wow!

wunumifoo on Dec 27, 2012


The soundtrack was indeed amazing. I really liked all the original music, the big Western-style ballads are awesome. It reminded me a bit of RANGO. As for the actual film, it was very good. I would give it a 8.5/10. I thought it could have ended with the denouement, but the scenes that followed felt oddly paced and edited in a way I did not enjoy. Jamie Foxx was good in his character. I liked how he was basically the same guy throughout the movie. Christoph Waltz was the best thing in the movie. He was such a cool guy, charismatic is the word. Leonardo DiCaprio was also very good as the slime ball slaver. Sam Jackson's character was over-the-top, but in a way that fit in the universe. The one thing I could not suspend my disblief for was how good Django was at quick firing. Probably because I know how incredibly hard it is to shoot those old single action pistols. Overall, a very fun, if a little long, movie.

DAVIDPD on Dec 27, 2012


Django: Unchained is one of my favorite films of the year. And yes, it truly is on par with the exceptional Inglourious Basterds IMO. With the rumors circulating that this may be Tarantino's last film, when he 'blew himself up', I got the feeling he was ending his tenure as a Director with a bang. I certainly hope that's not the case. Phenomenal performances abound here. From Jamie Foxx, to Christoph Waltz (who chewed the screen in a blaze of scene-stealing magic), to the return of 'Nash Bridges' as the KKK leading Plantation owner, Django was abundantly over-the-top, and incredibly entertaining, despite having a Hobbit sized running time. I never felt bored and found the sheer spectacle of this film to be so engrossing and unlookawayable (not really a word) that it's a cinch saying it comes highly recommended. Django: Unchained is easily among the year's best and I can only hope we can look forward to more from Tarantino, regardless of where the future of shooting on film and digital may go.

quazimoto on Dec 27, 2012


i want my money back!!! what a crap!

John on Dec 28, 2012


i want too!

Kam on Dec 28, 2012


So does Tarantino REALLY use the n-word too much ? or is it in context ( at least ) most of the time ? ...and I suppose it gets directed at Samuel L a lot .... I mean I'm a little tired of movies about that era too , but it's not like there were as many progressive whites as now ....

Dominic A on Dec 28, 2012


Can anyone answer why Zoe bell had a mysterious character that wasn't addressed in this film?

Jon Odishaw on Dec 28, 2012


A QT wink...

Chris on Dec 28, 2012


she was at candyland, as a masked person right? . . . just because QT can

Danny Cotton on Jan 8, 2013


everyone was great but waltz steals the movie and should be moninated for best actor and Washington is real easy on the eyes 4.5 out of 5 stars

geekusi on Dec 28, 2012


and yes Alexandre Dumas was black

geekusi on Dec 28, 2012


Cant really add anything that hasn't been said here.. Was worth the wait, cannot wait to see it again and of course now looking forward to his next great movie.

Tester on Dec 29, 2012


I give it a B+ but to be honest it felt like a letdown. I think I let all the hype and raves get my expectations TOO high. I didn't like the way Schultz went out. I know the dogs tearing up that slave had stayed with him but this guy is a bounty hunter, killing, dealing with killers without a second thought. He was too smart and calculating for his emotions take hold of him IMO. And then to just freeze and apologize was a reach to me as far as the character goes SLJ stole the show IMO

rocky728 on Dec 29, 2012


The way I look at is Schultz kills bad guys so he has no remorse for killing murderers for money. But seeing an innocent slave being ripped up by dogs in a brutal and unfair fashion just did not sit right with him. Although he is also a killer, he is a believer of the justice system. And I think he felt that Calvin Candie unjustly killed that man in the worst possible way he without batting an eye lash. It was like in the beginning of the movie when Django hesitated to shoot a member of the Bacall gang, and Schultz said something like "you gotta do what you gotta do" (obviously paraphrasing). He went through the same ordeal when he saw the man getting ripped up. He was not used to slavery, as Django was not used to bounty hunting. I don't think Schults realized the brutality in which slaves faced, even during the mandigo fighting he looked a little uneasy. And after being bested by Calvin and Stephen, Schultz had all he could take and relived himself by killing Calvin, accepting the consequences of him dying, because now he was just a murder like the ones he hunted.

Kwaz on Jan 2, 2013


Great premise, but the plot is riddle with holes, and the pacing/editing issues prevent it from becoming one of Tarantino's greats. Inglorious Bastards : A- Django Unchained: B

VVS on Dec 29, 2012


Great fun, Thoroughly enjoyed it!!!

Matt on Dec 29, 2012


First film that I had the pleasure of watching at the new Alamo Drafthouse in Kansas City. Django was AMAZING, loved every minute of it. The sheet scene was absolutely hilarious, Johnson and Hill were funny as hell. Waltz was fantastic and delivered an awesome performance. Foxx was amazing, hands down one of his best roles. Being in the Drafthouse to see it was an incredible experience, so glad KC finally has one.

Derrick Shanks on Dec 30, 2012


My mom fell asleep 10 minutes into the Avengers (please forgive her), she falls asleep very easily through any movie. This film was almost 3 hrs, she stayed awake through the whole thing. BEST MOVIE I'VE SEEN ALL YEAR!

Lamar on Dec 30, 2012


I thought it was great, but certainly not the best Tarantino. I would put it around fifth on his list. Check out my full review here: That's my film blog. I ended up comparing it to man vs. food, while Basterds was more like a nice, healthy steak. It was over the top, way too long, but IT WAS SO AWESOME. Tarantino has more style than just about every director out there.

PJ Van Galen on Dec 31, 2012


the part with jonah hill, omg it was toooo funny, the whole theater was crackng up, i was in tears, i couldnt breathe lmao it was too funny, the movie was great! 5/5 i loved every part of it!!

Tekaile Tana Davis on Dec 31, 2012


With my all believe this movie is a massive failure! why? because it had a great potential, a great story and not last great actors. Leonardo DiCaprio was stunning, he really let me see that he has so much more to show! Great to him! I don't see how such a nice story can be showed in a black humor, i felt the producer made fun of the black people suffer, being white i felt shame of my race and if i was black, more than sure i will feel insulted by his stupid comic issue. Maybe like others said: i had too high expectation from this producer, it wont happen again, in fact i dont even want to see one of his work , i hope he will not do any movies. How this can be a great movie when you combine scene where women are beat up, torture, and dogs eating a man with western song, rap music ... Honestly i feel the need to say to all ; sorry' for this movie only because Tarantino make me feel asheamed im white, this stories where true in history and he succed to make fun of everything that he shouldn't!!! SHAME!

maria on Feb 3, 2013


Ashamed that your White. What the fuck! The movie is fiction. Blacks secretly love this movie . Did you miss all the white people died in the film? I'm Ashamed your White. Cracker !

scott411 on Apr 22, 2013


Its ok I can call you a cracker Because I'm White. lol

scott411 on Apr 22, 2013

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