Sound Off: Sam Mendes' Bond Movie 'Skyfall' - What Did You Think?

November 9, 2012

Skyfall Sound Off

Now that you've seen it, what did you think? 007 reporting for duty. Now playing in theaters is the 23rd James Bond film, Skyfall, marking the triumphant 50th anniversary of the character's big screen appearance. American Beauty director Sam Mendes takes the reigns, directing Daniel Craig in his 3rd Bond movie as Agent 007. He's joined by Judi Dench, Ralph Fiennes, Javier Bardem, Bond girls Bérénice Marlohe and Naomie Harris, plus Ben Whishaw as the new Q. So how is it? One of the best Bond movies ever? Or an overlong forgettable mess? Once you've seen it, post a comment with your thoughts on Skyfall.

To fuel the fire, I really love this movie, I had to see it twice because it was so damn good. Skyfall compares to The Dark Knight in the way Chris Nolan achieved utter perfection with the Batman character, and here Sam Mendes achieves utter perfection exploring the depths of James Bond. First things first, it's one of the best looking/best shot movies of the year, thanks to cinematographer Roger Deakins making every last scene look phenomenal. While there are a few odd moments (they get to that island quick, then leave even quicker) and the villain doesn't have a greater desire for world domination, only the destruction of MI6, Mendes still sets up and unravels a dense, thrilling, exciting modern spy thriller. I even enjoyed the komodo dragons as a fun throwback to Roger Moore, and Whishaw as Q, too. One of the best modern Bond movies.

What did you think of Sam Mendes' Skyfall? One of the best Bond films, or forgettable waste? We will remove any comments that indicate you have not seen the movie, as this area is meant to discuss the film only once you have seen it and can talk about your thoughts. Please keep the comments civilized!

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I enjoyed it. Pacing wasn't bad and had a good mix of action, humor, and serious tones. Also Javier Bardem was amazing imo. I think they could have brought him in a bit earlier but that may be me just wanting more of him in the movie. One of my favorite movies I've seen this year.

Nick Weikert on Nov 9, 2012


agree on the mix, i thought this Bond had something for everyone without dilution, 'classic' Bond themes with more modern sensibilities. at a base level, it boasts one of the best pre-credit action sequences, a smart script, good performances. it's funny, looks amazing, and doesn't drag if you want to get more serious, it's got strong themes throughout of age, of old, cold war ways in conflict with new blood and new threats, of hard won experience and permanence confronting obsolescence. reading below, there's some diametrically opposing views being shown, here, and while there is scope to nit pick, it didn't stop me enjoying it. i saw it in a packed house who laughed, cheered, applauded and murmured contentment on the way out.

son_et_lumiere on Nov 14, 2012


Saw this movie a couple of weeks ago and was a bit disappointed to be honest, but the more I think about it the better it gets. Its qualities stick in your memory a lot more than its flaws. Plus Bardem is awesome

Richie G on Nov 9, 2012


*honest, honesy isn't a word

dsdsdsdds on Nov 9, 2012


Guest on Nov 9, 2012


I agree that this was beautifully shot. Gorgeous Gorgeous film. One of my favorite sequences was the Shanghai fight scene in the dark. Even though i did liked Javier Bardem's take on the villain Silva, i dont see this as being the best Bond villian ever, as some people say. And i didnt particularly like the climax action piece. The 1st half of the film was utter fantastic, the 2nd half wasnt was well done i dont think.

nhat m.p. on Nov 9, 2012


Agreed. They utterly nailed the first half then went into a weird old school bond mode for the 2nd half and the two styles did not blend well. Overall good film though

Runadumb on Nov 10, 2012


I'v been a Bond fan since forever, and I love this movie, It's amazingly done and I really like the way it takes you back to the old ones, the feeling that the classic Bond is becoming the new one.

Coleccionarte Collectibles on Nov 9, 2012


Nowhere near the hype other than there isnt much else to watch this weekend. Good action to start, but there was very limited details to tie in his childhood at Skyfall and why he was avoiding it. Not to mention he was too at ease in destroying the place, yet he maintained possession of it for 20 plus years to never visit until now? meh..Javier did a good job, but they also developed his character more adeptly too.

DunderPenn on Nov 9, 2012


I really enjoyed it, I think it was aimed at being more an internal movie about Bond rather than focusing on an end of the world scenario if that makes any sense at all? I really enjoyed how they brought in Q as well as the other character at the end who i wont ruin for anyone but I hope for the next one they might bring in a villian like Odd Job or everyone's Favorite....Jaws...crossing my Fingers!!

Chuck Abbott on Nov 9, 2012


Warning: SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS If you're reading this I assume you've watched the movie. As I said before, I left the movie feeling empty and frustrated. The hype was just too much. It was in part my own fault. It's just that I love Mendes and I read some ver good things about this. Let's get the best parts out of the way first: - Best cinematograpy a Bond film as ever seen, some beautiful shots - I liked the ambience of the final scene, with the fire (very "Jarhead"-like, a Mendes' film that I love) - The opening credits were amazing, so is Adele's song - the first scene with Bardem is brilliant - Q, Bardem, Ralph Fiennes The bad stuff: - The scene where Bond gets shot makes no sense (I don't think I'm nitpicking since my girlfriend had the exact same thing to say), they had communication all along, why didn't she warned him about the shot, why didn't he hear M's order and ducked? After shooting Bond, why doesn't she just shoot the bad guy, there was plenty of time before the train vanished in the tunnel. This and a couple of other scenes looked like the movie took the "Deus ex machina" a little too far, - The bond girls in this movie are the worst I have ever seen, there, I said it. Berenice Marlohe (Severine) does an horrible acting job and I wasn't quite into Eve as well. For a movie that tries to push the series forward and towards a darker tone, to have bond girls like this seems counter-productive. Really, what's the point with Bond having sex with severine in the shower? The all "I am Moneypenny" didn't do me anything as well. - they tried to hard to make a cool villain. Your comparison between Bardem's villain and Joker is what they were going for but it lacks in comparison. Joker takes a life of he's own, Bardem's looks too technical and by the book. "The villain must have a physical flaw" (the scene with the jaw prostetic is cool, but why?). And he loses the momentum, starting like an awesome villain and ending just like a goon who wants to kill someone - the komodo or kiomono dragons were awful. - It just doesn't had up that they would go to skyfall facing a little army and no backup ever came. And then M and the other guy decide they should have a flashliht because hey, why the hell not, the plan was crazy to begin with - did anyone genuiney felt anything when M died? She's such a major character and actress to the Universe, and then she dies and I feel nothing - I never liked Craig's bond (sorry)

Ricardo_PT on Nov 9, 2012


lol I thought Berenice Marlohe was the best actress in the cast. She breathed life into all of her scenes, taking her time and giving nuance.

VVS on Nov 9, 2012


She's beautiful, no doubt about it 🙂

Ricardo_PT on Nov 10, 2012


100% agree with you. So many awful things about this film. And I love me some Bond. This was just really really bad. uhggg.

Nick Mercer on Nov 9, 2012


@Ricardo_PT. The scene where he gets shot DID make sense. She was new in the field and made a mistake. She did not have enough cold blood in her veins to shoot the bad guy after she just shot someone she cared for and looked up to. Bond made a joke about her lack of field skills during the rest of the movie. Yeah the Bond girls we second rate but still worked well in the story. No gratuitous banging of chicks. But the shower scene played out great. He fought for that reward and banged her with style. Remember this is Bond not Bourne. The villain does not loose momentum he starts to loose control. He is more like a psychopath who is obsessed with wanting to kill his mother vs a goon just wanting to kill someone. It worked. kiomodo dragons. just stupid and totally predictable. No armies never came because no one but 3 people knew where they were. It was Bonds idea to do it that way since M did not want anymore people to die because of her. She wanted to give up. Dude.... did you even pay attention? Yes M died and you felt nothing..... but you were not supposed to feel for her you were supposed to feel sad for Bond. She was the closest thing to a mother he had. The movie is about him and how he feels absolutely no emotion when killing people. Its work for him. Which is why the Moneypenny would never make a good field agent. Craig's Bond is believable completely believable. The only other person who comes close is Sean Connery.

Seb on Nov 10, 2012


No, I didn't pay attention at all, I go to the movies because I like the popcorns there Of course I paid attention...(I didn´t want to sound mean, I just hate people who come up with arguments like "Were you even watching the movie? We both watched it and came out of it feeling different, that's fine). I get it why Bond and M wanted to go alone (It wasn't M's choice, it was Bond's), but seriously, is it plausible that a big agengy like MI6 couldn't plan something without the bad guy knowing it? Bond could have told Q "give us a signal only he can search for", and then handed him a piece of paper "for the love of god send someone to scotland,". Something along those lines. I don't think I'm nitpicking. "He fought for that reward and banged her with style."...whoaa

Ricardo_PT on Nov 10, 2012


For me, nitpicking is when I say "ah, look at that scene, first he's holding the gun with one hand, then the camera changes and he's holding it with the other hand". Or the way some guy put a video on youtube over-analizing the chase scene from TDK, that's nitpicking. Talking about a major plot point that has its obvious flaws doesn't seem like nitpicking to me

Ricardo_PT on Nov 11, 2012


But the point IS tho MI-6 DIDN"T plan this Bond DID . Because , as he says IN THE MOVIE (which is why I"M telling people to Pay Attention !! ) , Silva's been one step ahead of him AND ALL of Vaunted MI-6 ! so let's change the rules AND the playing field . Where Bond obviously has the advantage against anything but a cavalry regimen . ( 50 guys with some staying back in the bushes yes that would have been smarter for Silva . but then there's no movie cause those three get wiped then don't they ? ) There's no FLAW in that reasoning tho . and THIS is why it's nitpicking cause it's ONLY A MOVIE and you critics expect or criticize too much without even listening to all the dialogue's also Shakesperean tragedy BTW : having to save the " MUM" as they repeatedly called her , even tho her 1st cockup caused all this , and the "son" has to save her even tho he knows she wrongly eval-ed him, and USED his orphan status to recruit him, for this Death-dealing life . What might he have become in Felthiye , without her coldly corralling him into HER life ?? and he STILL fights for her .... did you get THIS theme ??

Dominic A on Nov 13, 2012


People keep complaining about the Bond girls in this film. Think about it for a second, though. Eve is just a sidekick. Berenice Marlohe is the femme fatale doomed to an early demise, a common occurence in the Bond films. So, who is the "Bond girl" in Skyfall? The woman who spends the most time with James Bond and forms a meaningful relationship? It's M. That's why I love this movie, and the risks it takes.

Chris Purdy on Nov 10, 2012


The title song is even about their relationship, in a sense.

Chris Purdy on Nov 10, 2012


The issue with the Bond Girls is that in previous films, they played a significant role and had purpose. Vesper was an interesting character who was with us for the entire 2 hours. Same with Camille in Quantum. In Skyfall, the girls show up for a couple of scenes, and then they're dead before we had a chance to know them and before Bond had a chance to get emotionally involved. Consequently, the movie was emotionally flat despite the fact that Bond cries at the end.

J.D. on Nov 11, 2012


I have to say this is honest and I mostly agree with you...other than the fact that Daniel Craig nails the part of James Bond,though. But it's amazing how much of the same thing I saw as you did.

dale on Nov 11, 2012


At times I felt like the movie was trying too hard to mimic TDK. Having said that, I enjoyed it and look forward to where the series will go in the future.

Chase on Nov 9, 2012


Jesus not every producer/director is trying to ride Nolan's jock ! it's two different franchises and BTW Bond has "died " before so that would be Nolan copying THEM

Dominic A on Nov 13, 2012


Excellent movie. The more you care about Bond the more you should love it, as I do...

BloodwerK on Nov 9, 2012


This James Bond, the new Batman, and new Superman in one movie .. .. that is all.

Zanpher on Nov 9, 2012


I thoroughly enjoyed the film. the cast was amazing and the shots were beautiful (though so blue when they got skyfall it was quite annoying) and the sets were excellent. Bardem gave a great performance that was reminiscent of the joker, but far more human, and the sexual humor was actually funny and not lewd or homophobic. This movie did a lot to portray Bond internally, and still made him the classiest man. I was also pleased with the lack of ford focuses and fewer products, the heinekens didn't phase my image of Bond in the least. While some scenes were absurd-- the fight underwater, Bond being shot, the perfectly empty subway crash during rush hour-- it's an over the top action plot to begin with and didn't detract from my enjoyment of the film at all. My only critiques would be the title credits, the seemed to vibe off of the american version of Girl With a Dragon Tattoo and while I understand the tool of foreshadowing, the iconography just grew and grew, and though there were some highlights, so many of the graphics weren't up to par with the beauty of the cinematography that I found myself waiting for the movie to come back. A minor critique of the best Craig Bond film.

bondbaby on Nov 9, 2012


Big disappointment. A bunch of Down right silly moments/scenes. And an awful Home Alone ending. Uhggg. Also "Eve" seemed to be miscast and was worthless. As was the only "bond girl" in the film. A complete waste. The New Q was pretty bad as well. Lizard deathmatch and no teeth scenes also come to mind when remembering how bad this film was. I was hoping it would just be better them solace.. But I am not even sure if it managed to do that. Craig is a great Bond though. It was a shame that he didnt have much to work with.

Nick Mercer on Nov 9, 2012


Good to see someone else who just doesn't eat it up. I agree. with all of your points. People seem to be loving the look of the movie so of course plenty are 'blinded' by its flawed scripted and casting. Eve was prob the worst Bond girl ever.

buzzfunk on Nov 11, 2012


I was really disappointed with skyfall. I don't know why the felt the need to set it up again, casino royale did that just fine. Craig played bond like a completely different character, in the first one he showed emotion, in skyfall he makes a joke after somone he cared for is shot. The story is the main problem, it is a very linear small story, and the stakes are none existent. Ill agree the opening is fantastic, but nothing gets near that in the rest of the film. The title track by adelle is instantly forgettable and sounds like a bside. Ill agree the bad guy was great. This film is no way near as good as the dark knight. Home alone meets die hard.

The Simondo on Nov 10, 2012


I realized you were trolling when I got to the part about Adelle

Geoffrey Shauger on Nov 10, 2012


He's saying that this doesn't feel like a sequel to Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace but more like a new reboot. The movie gives that vibe in some parts

Ricardo_PT on Nov 11, 2012


Oh Yeah it's definitely a reboot . Rebooting could be seen as the main theme - old vs new , for EVERYTHING . It's Reboot Mania ! in Hollywood ....and why are people comparing BOND to Batman movies ??? two " different animals " so to speak , can have similar themes but be two different STORIES . Could you see Batman working FOR Commissioner Gordon , or having to be EVALUATED before prowling Gotham ??

Dominic A on Nov 13, 2012


This was Bond stripped down. I loved it. Bardem was great, totally believable villain. It did not have as much action as I hoped it would but it was probably one of the classiest Bond movies ever made. Roger Deakins is a master of visual story telling. It was a beautifully shot movie. Stunning, dramatic, every scene was immaculate. If you are a fan of Roger you will be please to see him at his best. Such a pleasure to watch and action movie that did not shake the camera once. The story was a little simple but was grounded and personal. Yes there was a stupid giant lizard scene.. who cares. No movie is perfect. But if you are a fan of James Bond you will enjoy the movie. I should have watched it on iMAX. I loved the Bond back story and the ending just made me more excited about the next one. Craig wipes out any other Bond who took on the role. For me Casino Royal was the best bond ever but this one comes in as second place.

Seb on Nov 10, 2012


well said. has Roger Deakins ever shot a bad film? i was thrilled to know the man who shot No Country For Old Men and A Single Man would be doing Skyfall, and i wasn't disappointed. and while any Bond would have been easier to watch than Marc Forster's, it was great to see action sequences where you could actually follow what was happening!

son_et_lumiere on Nov 14, 2012


The movie for me is good mainly because of the re-birth of MI6 with a new Q, Moneypenny,and M which leads up to hype for the next movies and to have back actual Q branch gadgets is awesome as well as the aston martin finally having the good old tricks all bond cars had.

luis on Nov 10, 2012


I liked didn't live up to the hype but it was significantly better than Quantum and the last three Brosnan movies.

Geoffrey Shauger on Nov 10, 2012


I think Quantum was a better film. There were more layers, surprises ("He's after the water, not oil!"), it was bigger in scope, and there weren't any throwaway scenes. It was also sharper, slicker, and smarter. As for Skyfall's callback scenes, they weren't as smart as Quantum's. Example: In Quantum, a woman is found dead on a bed covered in oil -- it's a call back to Goldfinger's dead lady on a bed covered with gold, but none of the characters have to explain it. In Skyfall, both Bond and M have to make a joke about the ejector seat button in the car... ugh. It's not creative or even subtle, and therefore not smart. Finally, both of Craig's first films effectively used each movie's theme song effectively whereas Skyfall seems to have abandoned it. In Casino Royale you hear notes of Chris Cornell's "You Know My Name" throughout. The score was just much better in the first two films and think it's attributable to the fact that there was simply more emotion (actual love interests) and it allowed the conductor to create a better score. Skyfall's script and themes jumped around so much that it was probably difficult for the conductor to write something that flowed and had a sentimental and cohesive sound.

J.D. on Nov 11, 2012


There's more "callback" scenes than just the car eject button . fighting on a train sexy girl on a desert island casino stalking a prey while being around reflective glass the fancy Aston Martin ( it was one right ? ) that gets blown to bits etc , and they were done well ...... on the score i'll give you that , but only because I don't usually pay attention to music behind movie scenes - it's distracting to me don't need the prompt to know when the drama's coming . There AREN"T any love interests ( just sexual tension with MoneyPenny) you're right ,so I guess that's why u didn't hear any of THAT type of music prompts . Don't remember the words to adele's song , but maybe they indicated something occuring within the movie ( Felthitye scenes where he's going BACK to Skyfall , I'm guessing ) you might be in the minority on " Quantum ..." tho . I saw it on the little screen but I'd find it hard to argue with it's many critics ....

Dominic A on Nov 13, 2012


super unoriginal...terrible writing...right from the get go. as bad as dark knight rises... why would bond get in the hymac? dumb. and he didn't go in after he learns the assassin is trying to disconnect the cars otherwise that would make sense. and the assassin is dumb. why shoot your little pistol at a giant piece of fucking iron shielding bond...just keep running if bond wants to play truck. and wow she is such a sniper that she couldn't have set up a shot when she so cleverly shortcut to cut them off. it makes no sense that they would ask her to take the shot when it is not clear, and one of the best agents already disarmed the assassin and is fighting him. and even if bond loses the fight, send a few choppers to follow the train. i mean, they got a few choppers to Javier's base in japan in a few mins... now what the fuck is bond crying about. why go back to MI6 all of a sudden if he's already decided to cut ties. didn't jive. them getting blown up doesn't change the fact that they shot him. if you're gonna follow his motive for exiling. and now for the best part - why the fuck would it matter getting the list back after it's deciphered. the terrorist, if smart, would copy the list a thousand times and stash it all over. so the best course of action would have been to pull the secret agents out and change their identities...but no. and omg Q meeting bond in a public museum handing him and briefing him on mission gadgets when they have a secret was this? and really? lol. i'm surprised they weren't using facebook chat over their phones. and a hand gun and radio transmitter for a mission that important. i was face palming at this point convincing my buddy to bail. i can go thru the whole movie...but oh well. cant believe they went from a solid movie like casino royale to this skyhigh pile of shit.

eddii on Nov 10, 2012


Another one on the PHONE instead of paying attention to what you just paid to see . ur 1st paragraph is nitpicking . 2nd YOU try and hit a moving target that's trying to CHOKE OUT another moving target ! also this is a PLOT DEVICE as to the reboot ORIGIN of MoneyPenny she CAN"T hit the moving target so benched . or "desked" 3rd in a few minutes the assasin can get off the train how do YOU know there's not a rendezvous point somewhere past the tunnel M can't bet choppers will get there before the thief " disappears" , possibly in the water ...4th there was dialogue that explained this( between him and M in her house) but u were " face palming" . Obviously he HADN'T decided to cut ties if one little news report sends him running back . Loyalty Duty Honor understand those concepts ?? Honor ALONE demands he comes back and " helps " them out ...5th You're right list doesn't matter but the intel those agents can get , RIGHT UP UNTIL the point they are unmasked is still priceless. You jerk them out and you never get in AGAIN ! yes a calculated risk . that's M's Job calculated risks ( Which she WAS being called to task for ! ). Turns out it WASN"T copied and sent to a thousand places cause Silva only wanted them to come to ONE . So ur hasty pull-out would've hurt worse in long run ....6th well , plot device to introduce the reboot Q . I seem to remember the Old Q once meeting Bond somewhere else besides HQ . it's just a scene , that's supposed to make u wonder next time YOU go to a museum , what ARE those two guys on the seats talking about ?? lol Also , there would be no incredulity on Bond's part toward this Q if their 1st meet was in HQ , now would there ??( maybe just disdain for youth) thus no scene ... like the other haters all ur critiques can be understood if you just PAY ATTENTION !! and don't turn ur brain off . do turn off your PHONE

Dominic A on Nov 13, 2012


Everyone is entitled to there opinion I guess, but that doesnt make you any less completely unobservant and retarded.

Cody W on Nov 19, 2012


"Skyfall compares to The Dark Knight in the way Chris Nolan achieved utter perfection.." oh god..i stopped reading after this.

eddii on Nov 10, 2012


''oh god..shut up!!!!!

Manny on Nov 10, 2012


I thought it was an okay movie. Better than Quantum of Solace but that's not saying much. The plot was like something from a GI Joe movie. Bardem had an amazingly complex plan, years in the making, and it fails. I really feel they should have let Bardem kill M right there. Way more intense and dramatic. Bardem would be remembered forever and instantly be one of the most formidable Bond villains. It didn't really feel like anyone was in danger after that. You could have replaced Bond with anyone. Q/Adelle were great and I like Fiennes in his role. Bardem was great too but he had so little time that in the end he will be forgettable. QoS was bland and instantly forgettable. Skyfall was an okay action movie but ultimately I think it will be forgettable too. Can't wait for the next one. Bond and Q will be great+Fiennes.

si1ver on Nov 10, 2012


Good point about M's killing. If Bardem had shot her a couple of times, and then Bond showed up (late), it would be an emotional brawl between Bond and Bardem, a fight for revenge -- Bond devastated, Bardem thrilled with himself, quite a juxtaposition. After Bond kills him, he goes back to M's side to watch her die -- clearly it was his fault, he racked with guilt. That is emotional and sets us up for the next film. Instead, we don't really even remember when or why M got shot. (Plus, there'd be parallelism: M let Bond get shot at the beginning, sort of "killing him" and at the end, Bond let's M get shot, actually killing her.)

J.D. on Nov 11, 2012


the guy that came into the dining room . one of those bullets that tore thru the big cabinet she was hiding on the side of hit her too . What's wrong with the " I tried to save her I did all I could stopped the villian but in the end I didn't all for naught " theme ?? frustration with himself can spur him to start a fresh run with Mi-6 . I understand you two's point , but it actually seems too easy . besides they had used that theme with Severine already killed right in front of his face( course he wasn't exactly "devastated " about her )can't use same plot device twice or people like us rail at them :o))

Dominic A on Nov 13, 2012


Loved it!

Douglas Charles Freeman on Nov 10, 2012


The photograhy in this movie it just caught me. it almost fell like paint pieces created for the moments

TOONFED on Nov 10, 2012


As much as I love Bond, James Bond I found the pacing a bit disjointed again why the question of "stay dead" kinda bond's thing to die and come back and kick you in the teeth ( so to speak) I adore judi dench and Ralph fiennes will do ok as the new MI6 director ( shoot that is a spoiler). I had to swallow my throwup in my mouth when the new Q made such an amatuer move hooking up the bad guys laptop to the computer system ( ..did no one realize it is the 21st Century??) While I think Craig does a good job of being bond he is nearing Roger Moore terrior with the word play...and reaction to a car being blown up. ( btw I love Roger Moore ) Now who will next play our fauvorite MI6 operative ....Ian Smodler (sp?) or Ben Cumberbatch because its pretty much accepted this was Craigs last film as bond. I honestly think that maybe Craig has one more bond in him but after this I think James Bond can do a little better. Btw did anyone else feel patronized with the dialogue between Q and Bond? I felt there was something there that was like " Duh! "

swimfaye on Nov 11, 2012


Craig has signed for two more films.

Outlaw on Nov 12, 2012


If you really thought this was the best Bond movie ever, please never go see another Bond again. This movie was a complete mess. And no, not even the cinematography can save this turd. There were just too many weak points. And as weak as QOS script was, at least the action was consistent. Mendez cannot direct action to help his life. The first opening scene felt slow, weak, had no tension. The fighting just looked bad. The opening montage. I mean, WTF were they smoking? Looked terrible and i always thought the Adele song was boring and too average. Bond girls. Fuck you Mendez. Have you seen any of the old Bond films? Come on. This was a JOKE. Neither of them had any of that Bond vibe to em. Terrible casting. Why create such a great bad guy when all he wants is to kill M? The movie suddenly went from 'releasing every undercover agent out in the public' to his personal vendetta he had with M. Just laughable. In the end, he was just a goon. Nothing more. And the logic in the movie, for a second I thought Damon Lindelof had a Hand in this movie. There you have Q, who can do more damage with a laptop in the am then Bond on the filed and he FAILS to guess how the bad guy will hack into the system? It made me laugh. It was so so so bad. yes sure, the pointers to the old movies were nice. But really how hard were they to film or come up with? They didn't add anything to the story besides the nostalgic value. Go ahead and love it. Fine. Its just my own opinion. But as a Bond fan I refuse to be happy with this type of mediocre film making. And it reminds me a lot of the dead horse that was Prometheus.

buzzfunk on Nov 11, 2012


It's difficult to reconcile "Go ahead and love it. Fine. Its just my own opinion" at the end with "If you really thought this was the best Bond movie ever, please never go see another Bond again" at the beginning. You can't suggest that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, as long as it doesn't differ from your's too much. The unfortunate part is you have a lot of good points that I agree with DESPITE being one of those people who would say this is top 3-5 Bond films, but you littered the rest of your rant with such impulsive rhetoric and unjustified criticisms (how did the opening fight scene, with a motorcycle chase and fight on top of a moving train, feel slow or have no tension, exactly?) that you alienated anyone looking for a meaningful critique.

Wafffles on Nov 12, 2012


Also buzz u missed the major plot of this movie if u think " all he wants to do is kill M " First yes that is the MAIN plot , because this isn't Craig's movie as much as it IS Dench's ! the movie's ALL about her , and that to save her ass from one mistake she's gotta make another ( certify Bond ) , roll the dice and pray . Also secondarily the WHOLE movie was about Old vs New . Old agent old grudge old HQ mi-6 is "forced" to go to old ways of MI-6 operation questioned old house with OLD memories Bond has old vistas( trains desert islands casinos) Bond movies have . new vistas( skylines of London night lights of Shanghai the GREAT scenery of Felthiye the "Tube" - when has Bond ever taken the subway ??) new details on Bond's origin new MoneyPenny new Q new tech that allows u to talk( to homebase or another agent remember casino when he tosses it to MP ) by sub-vocalizing words in your mouth new M new direction and purpose after lazing on a beach playing " dead " . THIS was ALL in the movie ; weren't you paying attention or were u on the phone ?? like it seems another critic was from JK's review page

Dominic A on Nov 13, 2012


As to " plot holes " , go back to JK's review ; I think I answered the ones you have cause they're prob the same ones I answered there . The ONLY one I really saw is that they didn't explain HOW Bond survived the fall and wound up in a woman's bed on an island shore FAR AWAY from the mountainous pass the train rolls thru . Fine I bet they figured " Hey It's BOND and it's only 15 min into the movie we don't even have to explain it viewers KNOW he HAS to survive ...." ok the new Q fails to see it coming : one it's a PLOT DEVICE Silva can't escape and WOULDN'T want or maybe need to be captured in order to start the Subway mayhem/distraction , otherwise ( part of his plan to get M in a more public place REMEMBER ??) ; two hackers hack hackers all the time . That's the warfare we have now . Bond if you remember ! actually solves the algorhithm ( to his great dismay forthcoming ) so Q IS clueless , but about SILVA'S revision to his program. Part of the old/new theme - New Q isn't QUITE up to snuff as the Old Q . Anything ELSE you need explained ??

Dominic A on Nov 13, 2012


Best Bond film ever!

Daniel_Plainview_Milkshake on Nov 11, 2012


Skyfall has it all Skyfall is a great spy movie but not my favourite Bond movie. Director Sam Mendes knows how to make a movie look good and bring out the best in actors which he does here in James Bond #23. Daniel Craig is clearly the greatest Bond ever and the old and new supporting cast, Judi Dench, Javier Bardem, Naomie Harris and Bernice Marlohe are great in this story. Skyfall is a tough one because I can't say anything bad about the actual movie, it has a great villain, good story, tragedy and several nods to classic Bond flicks but lacks memorable moments like the crane jumping scene or the poker scene from Casino Royale and glamorous locations like Venice, Austria or The Bahamas. This is a slower, darker more melancholy Bond but still Bond none the less.

JJ King on Nov 11, 2012


M's death was inconsequential in the end, made all the more annoying by the fact that Alfred the Butler, err I mean Albert Finney's character was waddling along with a blooming flashlight. That was a screenwriter's shortcut and a lazy one if I ever saw one. "How does the bad guy find them? - Oh I know! ... Because it was such a harrowing hike to the chapel, they have a flashlight and even once in the chapel they continue to wave it about, and Mr Baddy see's it and tracks them down!" Uggh. Lazy plot progression. I felt like M's death was inconsequential because from the first wounded agent who was left to die to the death of Severine, there was no impact to the viewer. Heck Bond even makes some witty quip after she is shot by Javier's character. Death is cheap, or at least the death of some sideline characters in the film. Also, why did they have to make Severine a victim of sex trafficking, even child sex trafficking/slavery - and then have Bond do what every other man has done to her.. sleep with her then carry on with life after she is of no use to them. At least drop the reference to being a sex slave since the age of 13/14 (that's my personal view at least) I felt like Moneypenney introduced at the end was an attempt to "OH SNAP!" give the fans some kind of intellectual payoff like in DKR where we discover Robin was the real name of Blake. Q pissed me off with his self absorbed banter and then he bloomin well plugs Javier's computer into M16 mainframe .... gaahhhhh why why why were they so lazy developing the characters (and their dialogue) and the plot. And making him an orphan who finds inner strength underground after the death of his parents .. get off of the Nolan wagon! Casino Royal is the benchmark as far as I am concerned, this whole Nolan fandom fueled film was a waste of a good evening out at the flicks. I can't vent on my facebook wall in case I spoil the experience for some friends, so thank you Firstshowing dot net. 🙂

Johan Rioux on Nov 11, 2012


OK How would YOU have let Silva realize they were A)Alive and B) heading for the chapel ?? movie's ending no time for something complicated . this also set up Bond being stopped on the way there by Silva , thus the underwater fight scene, which he SURVIVES this time . sometimes moviegoers seem to expect too much . It's JUST a story made into JUST a movie . The COMICS character 's books and movies you reference has the same easy plot devices . Also Bond movies PRE-DATE Batman 's movies so get it straight Nolan steals from THEM . Don't assume this origin story is only 5 yrs old or less ....

Dominic A on Nov 13, 2012


I really enjoyed it, Javier Bardem is an amazing villian, Palph Feines andnthe new Q are awesome, i loved it.

T1103 on Nov 12, 2012


lol - wow - some serious polarization in the commentariat on this one. Liked it lots personally. Best Bond? Nah - probably not. Though I think it probably was the best in a long while. Seemed like it had a lot more of the "fun" element that I'd been missing from the franchise for a while now.

avconsumer2 on Nov 12, 2012


I can agree with this . a fresh reboot is supposed to bring the fun back .....

Dominic A on Nov 13, 2012


If nothing else, this has got to be one of the best LOOKING Bond movies. Such a beautiful palette from the blue glass scene to the orange and black fire scene at the end, each with allusions to the 'shadow' enemies that were at once unique and comparable. Even the Komodo Dragon scene, which was the most 'cheesy old-school Bond' scene, felt just a little edgy and modernized, and again, ended in the shadows. Cinematography as an art AND as a supplement to the story, how refreshing in an action movie.

Wafffles on Nov 12, 2012


absolutely, as soon as i saw the komodo's i thought of Moore and the crocodiles in Live And Let Die, which i thought was the point - he even steps on one to get out.

son_et_lumiere on Nov 14, 2012


the best thing about this movie was Javier Bardem, brill acting from him, After all the hype I was disappointed. Far to long with nothing happening, i found myself wishing for the credits so i could leave

james5 on Dec 4, 2012

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