Spielberg, Tarantino & Snyder Not Interested in 'Star Wars: Episode VII'

November 9, 2012

Steven Spielberg and George Lucas

Scratch three names off the list of potential directors for Star Wars: Episode VII. Though many fans have been calling for Steven Spielberg to take over for his longtime friend and collaborator George Lucas when it comes to the new Star Wars trilogy, the filmmaker has shot those dreams down. Speaking with Access Hollywood, Spielberg was asked about the possibility and he said quite bluntly, "No! No! It’s not my genre. It’s my best friend George’s genre.” Though fans of Minority Report, War of the Worlds, Close Encounters of the Third Kind and various other classic sci-fi films from the director might beg to differ on that front, Spielberg just doesn't want it. In addition, two other big name directors aren't interested either.

While I don't think anyone was hoping that Quentin Tarantino would take on Star Wars, even if he's a fanboy just like everyone else, the Pulp Fiction and Inglourious Bastards director just doesn't care. When EW asked if he was interested at all in the new trilogy, Tarantino said, "I could so care less. No, sorry. Especially if Disney’s going to do it. I’m not interested in the Simon West version of Star Wars.” We'll assume he meant that he couldn't care less, but I don't know why Disney's involvement makes him think their approach would resemble the work of the Con-Air director. Actually, I don't think anyone wants West touching Star Wars at all since he hasn't appeared on any lists for hopeful directors.

Finally, Man of Steel, Watchmen and 300 director Zack Snyder has taken his name out of the running which means much less super slow-motion lightsaber fighting. LA Times asked Snyder if he would take on the franchise if asked, and he said:

“I don’t think I’d be interested in [directing it]. I’m a huge ‘Star Wars’ fanatic. I just think doing [episodes] seven, eight and nine is just a slippery slope. It’s a whole other mythological experiment I’m excited to see, but it’s a lot of effort.”

So there you have it. Three names down and a plethora of other names to sift through. For other options, you should check out our list of ten choices to take on Episode VII, which doesn't include Spielberg, since we didn't think he'd be up for the task (even though he directed some action sequences for Revenge of the Sith). However, the one name we purposely excluded was Christopher Nolan, and we've heard that he's definitely been approached and may have read the trilogy treatment by Michael Arndt already. Nolan has cited Star Wars as a huge influence on his career, but playing in that universe is risky and doesn't seem like his style anymore. We'll just have to wait and see what happens.

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Star Wars is space fantasy, I can't see Spielberg tackling that genre. It's a far cry from the kind of science fiction he does. Glad these directors aren't interested, just like George Lucas burst onto the cinema world stage with the original films, I hope they chose someone talented and new to usher in the next wave of Star Wars movies.

Lincoln Smith on Nov 9, 2012


Tarantino lol

Christopher Philip Cinquegrano on Nov 9, 2012


One of these names doesn't belong...

Noe on Nov 9, 2012


QT would be insane to take his career that direction. Spielberg would be ideal but it's a conflict of interest. Snyder is laughable as a contender. I almost certain whoever ends up doing it will be someone who doesn't have a distinct style. Right off the bat, that creates too much expectation...and not the good kind.

David Balderdash on Nov 9, 2012


I completely agree. The style is what it is...this film series works best if you examine it like a television series, many different directors, one showrunner, and his name is and always will be George Lucas.

Lincoln Smith on Nov 9, 2012


I kinda don't see how Spielberg would be a conflict of interest. He directed the Indy quartet for Lucasfilm and virtually directed the Anakin/Kenobi battle in SW3. If anything he has shown he knows how to navigate (somewhat) in Georges world, even if he knows the ideas aren't very logical (see Indy 4). I would really love to see Spielberg get his hands fully immersed in the SW lore. As for possible candidates.... i dunno... of the names I heard I love Edgar Wright and Brad Bird. (I made a quip about Raimi much to the chagrin of some posters on the original top ten SW director post... I was halfway serious.. but I digress) But I'd really like to see Disney take a chance on someone somewhat new. There are some INCREDIBLE fan films out there.

Duane on Nov 9, 2012


I would like to see it, too, but I thought I read that he couldn't because of the Dreamworks/Disney conflict of interest. I also think that Brad Bird would be a good choice. He just recently moved into live action so he doesn't have a distinct style yet, but is already established as a name people associate with quality.

David Balderdash on Nov 9, 2012


Oh I see what ur saying... (re DW/Dis.) THAT is interesting....

Duane on Nov 10, 2012


i think hiring a fan film director would be the death of the film industry

Lincoln Smith on Nov 9, 2012


I don't want Spielberg anywhere near this because he already has a developed career and if the films fail it won't be the end of him. I want a young director with 1 or 2 successes under his/her belt who will be up until 5 AM polishing scenes and watching dailies because if he fails he'll never work in the industry again.

Matt Peloquin on Nov 9, 2012


Josh Trank, Neil Blomkaamp, or Rian Johnson would be my choices.

Matt Peloquin on Nov 9, 2012


I cant hate on you brah... that philosophy makes sense. And those directors u named are hungry enough. Kudos.

Duane on Nov 10, 2012


Spielberg doing SW movie would be like f*cking Lucas' wife. Lucas all he has are star wars on his catalogue as great classics (first trio) Spielberg has plenty. They're best friends and I understand their situation. I personally wished for a spielberg SW with minimal cgi use, like Nolan did with his Batman movies. It won't happen.

jp on Nov 10, 2012


Spot on Snyder but he wasnt asked by studio so thats good. On that note I hope his Superman gets done right, no overuse of slow-mo.

jp on Nov 10, 2012


Q. Tarantino, I love you man, but no. Even as a joke, it just feels... I mean... no.

Akira Money ♕ on Nov 9, 2012


Yeah, but wouldn't you love to see Tarantinto cast Samuel L. Jackson as Lando Calrissian's brother Jules: Jar Jar Binks: What? Jules: Say 'what' again. Say 'what' again, I dare you, I double dare you motherfucker, say what one more Goddamn time! Jar Jar Binks: What? Jules: Man, you best back off, I'm gittin' a little pissed here. Jar Jar Binks: Exqueeze me? Yousa gettin' a little pissed off, huh. WHAT!! Jules: BLAM! BLAM! BLAM! Take that you motherfuckin' pain in the fucking ass! Jar Jar Binks ... (last gasp) ... How wude! ...

Hattori Hanzo on Nov 9, 2012


I'm pretty sure Tarantino meant that Disney will probably care more about the action sequences then they do about the story and characters, and that they will hire a director who will do the same thing.

Terence Hood on Nov 9, 2012


good news is good

Richie G on Nov 9, 2012


Christopher Nolan would be best.

Garthofizar on Nov 9, 2012


Nolan has no interest in directing a movie like Star Wars. Not his thing in any degree. Not to mention I do not see WB who holds the DC rights permitting him helping the same Company that owns Marvel.

Chris McDermid on Nov 9, 2012


Nolan would be interesting if you look at how he creates a great hero and equally great villain and almost no use of cgi. Prequels lacked too much practical work. But I agree I doubt doing SW would be his thing.

jp on Nov 10, 2012


Who the fuck asked Snyder?!!

Nielsen700 on Nov 9, 2012


What director in his right freakin' mind would want to touch Star Wars after what Lucas was put through by the nerds/fan boys? Taking on Star Wars is a no win proposition. Lucas created Star Wars waaayyy back in the 70's as a tribute to the old Saturday afternoon matinée serials. It's a freakin; kids series, that’s all it was meant to be nothing more. Only problem is that these fan boys are the kids who never grew up or had girlfriends; they simply morphed into cranky old fat bellied, balding nerds who have nothing more to do than complain. Long live Jar Jar and thanks for getting under the skins of these cranky old farts.

The Way It Is on Nov 9, 2012


Because those prequels were such great movies? Why don't you smell what you shoveling.

castingcouch on Nov 10, 2012


Ah, a sooky message from one of those cranky old farts! Right now I'm smelling the shit of you, ya' stinkin' old man!

The Way It Is on Nov 10, 2012


I thought I could feel someone's nose up my ass. Right where you belong.

castingcouch on Nov 11, 2012


The most Ideal Director of Star Wars E7 is Joss Whedon. My Case: 1.) He has a very well cemented relationship with Disney. 2.) He is a Billion Dollar Director.. This is very relevant because Disney just through putted 4 Billion on the acquisition of Lucasfilm. Whedon has proved that he can make the investment back. 3.) He knows Sci Fi.. Though Firefly was cancelled it was a fantastic series. I myself have not felt a kinship and general love of sci-fi characters since the original Star Wars films and Whedon made me care about all of Firefly's character. He knows what it takes to make you invest in the characters of the movie. 4.) Serenity was a fantastic movie, and was done on a shoestring budget compared to the dollars he has at his usage for a Episode 7 Last.) he has a habit of drawing actors he works with to new projects with him, and I soooo want to see Nathan Fillion in the new film. He has the right talent and has that scoundrel charm. Given the age of Ford, Fisher and Hamill, and their interest in the new film(s). I believe Episode 7 will be a "hand off" picture to a new cast of characters. Fillion is the right age to both Ford and Fisher to play their son. Even Luke's son. I just think this is magic waiting to happen, and I just feel that Whedon is the right pick.

Chris McDermid on Nov 9, 2012


I wish Spielberg would have directed a Star Wars movie around the time that ET was made. Now he and George are old vets and if they're planning to let the next generation of filmmakers take a stab at the franchise Speilberg wouldn't fit the bill. I doubt John Williams will even return to score the sequels. Snyder and QT shouldn't put they're hands anywhere near the Star Wars universe, although I would like to see various director's make short 10 or 15 minuite films similar to the Clive Owen BMW series based in the Star Wars universe. Nolan ( or someone similar like Mendes should be hired for the sequel episode 8 not 7. 7 needs a director that knows how to make a fun film that's smart. Nolan is smart but I wouldn't say his films are always fun, he's too analytical at times. He'd be a perfect fit for the tragic sequel ) if it follows the same format as the OT. Oh and please please please whoever does it go easy on the CGI! Performing in front of a blue screen sucks the life out of the actors, GL got lazy that's the reason he made ILM do all the work. If your gonna shoot a forest please just go to the forest, or a water fall or whatever. Looks like Disney is on top of this, if they take into account the fans complaints about the prequels this should be quite a redemption for the much beloved series that is Star Wars.

Callmemaybe on Nov 9, 2012


As a Star Wars fan, I don't have many requirements. Just want to see real sets and locations behind the actors, so they can actually act, and a cast that has real chemistry together. Keep the story simple, inject humor that is NOT contrived, and don't shoe-horn old characters/actors into the story, if they don't truly serve the story. Having said that, I'd love to see Ford, Hammil and Fisher back, but not in some cheesy 'passing of the torch' capacity. Last but not least, would be great to see more of Ralph McQuarries OT unused concept art put to good use this time, so these movies actually look like Star Wars. Okay, so I guess I do have many requirements.

Scott on Nov 10, 2012


completely agree on real sets and locations! Use of miniatures would be great...I hope I wont step on anyones toes by saying that this is why I'm not crazy about Avengers, it's a fun movie done right with heroes and their chemistry, but I have to say I did not care in the end if people die or not.

jp on Nov 10, 2012


in a perfect world James Cameron would be ideal E8 director, he's the best sequel maker I can think of.

jp on Nov 10, 2012


Shit I was hoping snyder would direct.

blkstar on Nov 9, 2012


I think David Fincher is a good choice. He worked on Jedi as a kid/young lad, talk about comming full circle!

David Banner on Nov 9, 2012


Why not Peter Jackson. He would make it pretty epic. If you want to get back to the "space Opera" of old, i think he would do it up right.

cliffyskogs on Nov 9, 2012


nahh he can't, he's busy producing the hobbit films

dfjkdfkj on Nov 9, 2012


Jackson is another one who would do right by the film, but he has a good deal of projects in the works.

Chris McDermid on Nov 9, 2012


Jackson would be good though; just think of the detail and backstory of Star Wars he'd have in the extended editions! Hell, he mght even make Jar Jar look good .. Nahhh, no one could do that; Jar Jar is a lost cause.

Hattori Hanzo on Nov 10, 2012


I'm still stuck on the Brad Bird campaign video. Bird has shown he's decent at emotion and action. Really, Episodes 7, 8, and 9 needs good scripts. A good script is a great start, after that I think any director is going to be respectful of the universe. I think Bird wouldn't be the best choice ever, but he's far from the worst choice. I also like J.J. Abrams, Alfonso Cuaron, and even David Yates. Just stay away from Brett Ratner, please!

Quanah on Nov 9, 2012


Why do I have a weird feeling this may land on the laps of the Waschowski Brothers. I'm surprised no one has even mentioned them. I think they flip the bill perfectly as directors and I don't think one director would be capable on taking this task alone it would take two that can have a serious discussion about it and put it in the direction it needs to be and it would be less pressure because two creative minds are involved. That's just my 2 cents.

BinaryChaos on Nov 9, 2012


Not like it matters anymore but I also don't think Steven Spielberg would of pulled off anything jawdropping because first off it isn't his genre and second that's George Lucas' friend and you know from there George Lucas will have his hand all over this film regurgitating another prequel style epic only with Spielberg's name all over it.

BinaryChaos on Nov 9, 2012


I'm just as mad as Tarantino, West has no business touching "HEAT" - he's gonna ruin the best Michael Mann film.

Human Punch Bowl on Nov 9, 2012


I'm proud of all three for saying no, they have better things to direct anyway.

Davide Coppola on Nov 10, 2012


Get someone unexpected, Aronofsky would be a interesting pick...maybe Richard Linklater. As for Nolan the guys best film, imo was The Prestige...and while I am a fan of his other works (Inception and his Bats trilogy) he isn't that amazing...a capable director indeed but not a godsend. Ridley seems to have lost a ton of credibility after Robin Hood and Prometheus...but he has been hit or miss his whole career...wonder if he would take the helm. Honestly I don't want a continuation series...I want something new.

Xerxexx on Nov 10, 2012


Paul Thomas Anderson would be great, Aaronofsky, Cuaron, Id like to see someone of a heavier caliber thats directed more than action or mainly fanboy fare..

Lando on Nov 10, 2012


he must feel that he's out of his element when some reporter asked him.

jp on Nov 10, 2012


Nobody wants to touch Star Wars because of two reasons: They loved so much the Star Wars originals that they don't want to touch a single piece of story and can't care less about new movies, or they're afraid of ruinning the franchise, because with Star Wars, every move you make is a risky one. Don't worry fellas, if Lucas rescued the franchise with Revenge of the Sith after two bad prequels, then you can do your best.

Samuel Blanco on Nov 11, 2012

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