'Star Wars' Producer Rick McCallum Quietly Retired from Lucasfilm

November 26, 2012
Source: ForceCast

Rick McCallum

Following in the footsteps of his longtime friend and collaborator George Lucas, it looks like Star Wars producer Rick McCallum is quietly retiring from Lucasfilm as well. In fact, that should actually be said in the past tense as LucasFilm team member Steve Sansweet announced on ForceCast (via The Playlist) that McCallum has actually already retired from LucasFilm. That tidbit went unnoticed in the frenzy of excitement the day after Disney announced their purchase of Lucasfilm and announced Star Wars: Episode VII for release in 2015. Looks like we're entering a whole new era for Lucasfilm and Star Wars.

With Lucas and McCallum no longer steering the ship, this means that Kathleen Kennedy is probably inheriting all their Star Wars duties. This includes everything from the anticipated new trilogy of films to the "Clone Wars" TV series (expected to move from Cartoon Network to a Disney channel after this fifth season concludes) and the long gestating live-action TV series that has been hyped for years. Plus, Disney likely has a lot of Star Wars plans in store to keep the saga live in more arenas other than the big screen, so Kennedy is going to be quite busy.

We're not sure why McCallum's departure hasn't been more discussed since he's been a big part of the Star Wars saga since the Special Editions hit theaters in 1997, attending conventions and answering rumors and hype in the press for various Star Wars projects. Perhaps he's just ready to relax and let someone else deal with the stress of pleasing one of the most rabid fanbases out there. Either way, McCallum has been an important component at Lucasfilm, and even though he wasn't around for the better times of the Star Wars saga, his hard work is nothing to scoff at. Good luck in the future, Mr. McCallum.

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Good , they finnally got rid of Lucas's "Yes" man.

Christopher Philip Cinquegrano on Nov 26, 2012


I agree. He was super annoying and a real ass. Good riddance.

Rictor Riolo on Nov 26, 2012


You could tell he was the little prawn that had crawled into George Lucas' neck sack and made him do stupid things like add CGI everywhere. Kathleen Kennedy's new overlord status should have come with this edict "blu-ray box set coming out soon with the Jar Jar free prequels and CGI-free original trilogy"

Lincoln Smith on Nov 26, 2012


Good. He kinda sucked.

DaveLister_JMC on Nov 26, 2012


The more news I read about the future of Star Wars, the less excited I get and I begin to fear whats to come. I could be wrong, wouldn't be the first time, but with everything that happened with the new trilogy and the let down of the Bluray releases, as much as I love Star Wars, I'm over it. No matter what is released come 2015 it will never live up to the magic of the original series. That's what I want to see come 2015.

Blkstar on Nov 26, 2012


Best news for the SW Franchise! Finally a new hope for future installments.

Sean on Nov 26, 2012


I've met Rick McCallum several times,having worked in the film industry and he's probably one of the best film producers and one of the nicest people in the industry.So unless you have met him or worked with him you can't really pass judgement on him,as it's only making you Petty and Envious..!!Rick's A Good Guy and I have hell of a lot respect for him....

MalpasoMan on Nov 26, 2012


Thank you for the post, Rick. on Nov 26, 2012


Anytime Rick,,,!!Enjoy your retirement my friend..Best,Jim

MalpasoMan on Nov 26, 2012


I'm sure he's a nice guy, but that shouldn't contribute to his work ethics as a producer. I'm not saying that to be cruel or as a cynic either, but I've met plenty of nice people who were 'meh' workers. I guess in hindsight, Rick was good at promotions and being a mouthpiece, but I also got that 'Yes man' vibe as well. I couldn't see him challenging Lucas in anyway, nor was he paid to do so.

Octoberist on Nov 26, 2012


George Lucas would not continue to hire someone who said no to him too often - and I'm sure he is the one who loves CGI, not Rick. CGI means he can sit around at home all day in front of a computer screen. Rick is a very talented producer with huge experience filming in locations all over the world, maybe he's just tired of trying to wring more money out of a stale franchise.

Popsy on Nov 26, 2012


Good riddance. That's the second best news I've heard since Obama got re-elected.

ticketmaster on Nov 26, 2012


There is LITTLE CHANGE IN HELL Clone Wars goes to Disney Channel or Disney XD. It is a ratings DRAIN on Cartoon which is why it is on only Saturday when it premiered on Fridays. In addition the content is FAR too violent for Disney (executions, shootings, death, etc.) and the final nail....serialized action does not play in kids TV. Look at all the hit shows...comedy! Look at how the Turtles on Nick is doing and the whole Avengers and DC blocks are doing...poor! Only reason Clone Wars is still on is merchandies and ad sales. Read between the lines.....and know your programming.

Lucas Fan on Nov 26, 2012


Serialized action DOES in fact play well on kids TV. See Avatar: The Last Airbender

Steve on Nov 26, 2012


Or (hello!) Power Rangers!

Darth Arnett on Nov 27, 2012


Logged off for a while....both of the series mentioned...Avatar and Power Rangers have all passed. Disney sold Power Rangers BACK to there was no money in the series either on the ad sales or merch front. Last Airbender...went off the air in 2008 and the movie didn't do well. Also, those series did not play consecutive you didn't need to watch every episode. Now...if you miss an episode or are lost.

Lucas Fan on Oct 16, 2013


Clone Wars is bad anyway imo

Jon on Nov 26, 2012


Good Riddance!!! This is good news for serious Star Wars fans. Rick McCallum was Lucas's second hand man and a 'yes' man.

The Truth on Nov 26, 2012


Praise the maker. Maybe they can salvage what's left of Star Wars now.

castingcouch on Nov 26, 2012


This is a good no a great thing for the Star Wars universe!!!

Christopher Spear on Nov 26, 2012


Oh no! The guy that agreed with Lucas on every little stupid thing he added to make the prequels unwatchable will have no part of the new trilogy? -wait....why is this bad?

Platy71 on Nov 28, 2012

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