Stephan Zlotescu's Incredible Sci-Fi Short 'True Skin' Debuts in Full

October 10, 2012
Source: Vimeo

True Skin Sci-Fi Short

"It's all about the parts - and everyone wants them." Time to note that name - Stephan Zlotescu, also known as "H1". He's a talented filmmaker on the rise, about to break out in Hollywood, and his debut is this vibrant sci-fi short film which has already sparked a bidding war (via THR). The short is titled True Skin, a study of the future augmented world. We first featured the trailer for it back in March this year. The full six minute short film has debuted and it's a must-watch, for any/every sci-fi fan out there. It kind of reminds me of Blade Runner, but refreshed for 2012. Stunning work. Even Roger Ebert praised the short on his blog.

Watch the full short film True Skin, written & directed by Stephan Zlotescu, in high def from Vimeo:

True Skin – A sci-fi short set in the not too distant future where augmentation is the way of life. For Kaye, still a natural, augmenting will help him keep pace in this now hyper-paced world. However, after acquiring an off-market prototype, Kaye quickly finds himself fighting not only for his own humanity, but something much larger. Shot entirely in Bangkok by cinematographer H1 and produced by Christopher Sewall, the short film is a glimpse into a much larger story in the works. This short is a N1ON production - you can find more info at n1on.com. I'm looking forward to seeing if this short becomes a full feature (it definitely will) and how Zlotescu's career progress from here. This is impressive sci-fi work with a good story behind it, too.

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nah. flashy CG doesnt make a good movie. mediocre at best.

larare on Oct 10, 2012


You're fucking crazy, this was just a tease and a good short film sets up a unique environment while also introducing the character. Shorts are also used to get a leg in Hollywood and show off your skills as a film maker. I'm guessing Zlotescus' talents are mainly in CG and he really showed us some impressive abilities in that department. When a full length feature is made it will have a team of people, a peer reviewed script, and professional effects while this short was just made so you'd want to throw money at him to establish those criteria.

Matt Peloquin on Oct 10, 2012


With the way Hollywood is set up he'd probably end up with some hack as Lindelof who'd sour even his great visuals. F**king Prometheus.good have been a really great movie.

oh really? on Oct 11, 2012


*Could have. Damn typos

oh really? on Oct 11, 2012


Good point

Matt Peloquin on Oct 11, 2012


Impressed by the amount of CG, but not by the story. Would have been better if the story got the viewer more emotionally involved so you cared about the main character.

Andreas Climent on Oct 10, 2012


Agreed - This was a CG demo reel - not a short film.

HyperJ on Oct 10, 2012


Seems to be happening a lot lately. This guy probably wrote it too. I think Neil Blompkamp is the only CGI artist who successfully crossed over into film...so far. Then you have these great artist/shitty writers like Joseph Kosinki and Ruiari Robinson. http://www.mediocrityisthenewgenius.com

MITNG on Oct 10, 2012


Kind of the same premise as this webseries: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oBftzMxDtIg

MUNKICLOUD on Oct 10, 2012


Can't believe there are negative comments about this short... That shit was badass!!

ryan on Oct 10, 2012


Haters are abound but lovers shall prevail! 🙂

Vinny Vin on Oct 10, 2012


I'd rather play DUES EX.

guest on Oct 10, 2012


I liked how much work was in there, how from well shot street scenes that were really added onto. The only thing I didn't like was the colours, but I think, like with customised cars that sort of tech would be ugly looking and cheesy, especially the cheaper end of the scale, not like some clean, well designed Apple stuff, but more like pound shop cheese. I liked the setting too. Living forever is not so good though, people waste enough time in one lifetime, imagine having eternity, boooooorrriiiing.

Carpola on Oct 10, 2012


Amazingly done! Brilliant and relevant storyline. Beautiful CGI and interesting characters and plot. Perhaps a little too thought provoking for the masses to understand, but then again, isn't all great art? Roger Ebert thought it was great. He's supposed to know a thing or two...

Vinny Vin on Oct 10, 2012


"a little too thought provoking for the masses to understand" Quit stroking your self important pretencious dick. The short is good but nothing anybody really interested in SF has not seen or read before.It's pretty standard as far as the story,themes and concept goes.It's very much retro in its visuals,it just looks better since that kind of look is much easier to make nowdays compared to when these ideas first poped up.Personally I find it a bit cheesy and cliched but overall it's good. Looking forward to more stuff from this guy.

oh really? on Oct 11, 2012


Cool 😀

redskulllives on Oct 11, 2012


Less than mediocre. Impressive visuals and intriguing hints at 'world-building' can't make up for a lazy story transmitted entirely through expository voice-over narration. What would have been a better delivery: the protagonist actually talking to some people, and those conversations implying the conflict. But of course the Hollywood types look past that. They just want a 'world' to create a new franchise with, cue the bidding war. Why did the director waste his time having what is essentially a commercial for visual concepts revolve around a story that he didn't care enough about to do it any kind of justice? Story should be a higher priority than sci-fi gadget porn.

heliotrope on Oct 14, 2012


Continuum is a good tv show.... I think it's best to have Television as this persons scope of interest

Saros7 on Jan 19, 2014

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