T-Shirt Design Contest for 'The Dark Knight Rises' Judged by Nolan

March 19, 2012
Source: Design By Humans

The Dark Knight Rises

Want to actually get away with designing your own custom The Dark Knight Rises t-shirt and having Chris Nolan look at it? That's exactly what Design By Humans is offering, they're launching a contest today (found via ComicBookMovie) to design "epic t-shirts, inspired by the upcoming, highly anticipated film The Dark Knight Rises." The top 3 winners will apparently be chosen by director Christopher Nolan and producer Emma Thomas, and will of course be printed. On top of that, 10 top finalists will also get cash, the top prize being $3,500. What an awesome opportunity to design a shirt that may become official swag.

For details on the contest, rules, or to submit your artwork, visit the Design By Humans website. If you make any t-shirts, we'd love to see them here as well, so post the design in the comments! They are taking submissions from now until April 11th, there's a few weeks. Logos and materials available on their website.

"This exclusive contest is your rare opportunity to produce artwork for one of the most renowned movie entities on the planet and have a chance to get your design seen by the Art Department at Warner Bros. and The Dark Knight Rises filmmakers." I'm personally a huge fan of geeky, but brilliant, t-shirts (I've collected way too many) and considering we've had nothing but fairly lackluster official shirts so far from Warner Bros, I'm excited to see what fans can come up with. In fact, I think there's going to be some awesome designs coming out of this that I'm going to be desperate to get my hands on, even if they don't win, which is why I want to see totally everything that anyone comes up with. Good luck and don't forget… The Fire Rises!

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*Starts his Photoshop CS4* lol

Big Boss on Mar 19, 2012


this is insulting to the graphic design industry. please stop with these "design contests" and hire a professional studio to create your work, rather than farm it out to a bunch of untrained "designers" who think photoshop and papyrus are the tools of the trade. i'm disappointed in mr. nolan for allowing this to continue, he should know better as an artist. it would be wise to read the AIGA stance on spec work.

steve rosenberg on Mar 19, 2012


its an advertisement to hype up the movie. i think its a pretty cool thing imo

Poria_ryasati on Mar 19, 2012


Agreed. Additionally: the TOP prize is $3,500? And they're going to print, sell, and make ~how~ much off of these? Now THAT is a disgrace—on par with stealing.

ambiguish on Mar 19, 2012


Wait a minute.  Nolan made his first film "Following" on weekends and paid for it out of his own salary.  He did not have the best "tools of the trade" at that time.  Do you find him to be an insult to the film industry? Everyone starts somewhere.  Give unknown talent a chance to prove themselves.

John on Mar 19, 2012


*Applauds John*

Big Boss on Mar 19, 2012


You say that like amateur/student graphic artists cannot be on the same level as the "pro's." I know someone who does beautiful concept art for video games and he's just got done with his psychology doctorate! Take a look at fan art/posters for movies. A good bunch of them are actually better than the ones done by movie studios.

Razor on Mar 19, 2012


The issue not being so much that "unknowns" have good ideas/execution, but that it cheapens an industry as a whole. Why pay somebody to accomplish a skilled task based off their own merits when you can hold a contest, pay them a fraction of what you would elsewhere, get a ton of free speculative work, and not be held to any sort of real contract. And as for fan art, that's what it is. They weren't entering contests, but of their own volition they did these things. That's entirely different than someone gaming the system to come out ahead with preferable (for them at least) results.

Phillip Gockel on Mar 19, 2012


Chris Nolan is very film "ethical" and he is a true professional at work.  What's "insulting" is that even though Nolan has earned tremendous respect and kudos from his peers by directing three Oscar winning, multi-blockbuster movies in his career...he still gets critiqued by some guy on the internet claiming that what he is doing is "insulting". You don't think the guy couldn't hire a graphic design company if he wanted to?   I think this is brilliant to hype up the movie, and the 3,500$?It would be a true honor/source of pride for a guy/gal to tell his friend "Hey, see that Dark Knight Rises t-shirt that guy eating a cheeseburger is wearing? Yeah, well I designed it." Nobody could put a price on that.

Jon Mata on Mar 19, 2012


I could. And it'd be more than $3500 I can tell you.

Phillip Gockel on Mar 20, 2012


There are "untrained" artists that could draw as "trained" artists do. It is called "talent".

Benjworld on Mar 20, 2012


Agreed, just because it's made out to the public doesn't mean that it's going to be cheap stuff. I actually like this idea, it gets the fans involved and we get to see a lot of original ideas. Not all professional work is done on a professional level, The Avengers posters anybody? i'm a Graphic Designer myself, and i see a lot of great professional looking work done by art students or just regular everyday artists. Speaking of this, Batman being one of my favorite comic characters of all time and loving the Nolan batman franchise, think i'll give this competition a shot... right after work...

Nathan on Mar 20, 2012


shut up a$$hole. sick of you bitchy designers thinking you should be entitled to every legit opportunity and are exploited beyond your means. something like this gives those who may not normally pursue their artistic traits a chance to stretch the creative legs and ultimately get something for it. if you don't like it, then don't participate. oh ya, and suck it!

A Realist on Mar 20, 2012


Are you illiterate or something? Learn to read before you make these stupid comments. Look whose the a$$hole.

Nathan on Mar 20, 2012


I'm pretty sure it's "who's"

smh on Mar 22, 2012


Should have done this for the football jerseys

silver on Mar 19, 2012


I think it's cool that Nolan is giving fans the opportunity to contribute to the batman franchise other from their wallets.

BinaryChaos on Mar 19, 2012


Fuck that photo shop I use ink graphite and human body ad canvas but for this I will us paper n blow this batman shit away I've been a fan of bat man though the 80s then with the animated series as mark hamill as the joker who was the best I'm notn sayin my design will win I'm just gonna. Make a sick ass desighn using pencil ink in paper like real artist do

Enzdone on Mar 19, 2012


Do it! Don't bow down to the machine, pull out that internet cable and fly! Fly like a bird into the sky and never look back!

Crapola on Mar 19, 2012


looks great! 

ButtCaptainPirateofTomorrow on Mar 21, 2012


I'd forgot there was a Batman film coming out, I'm still coming down from the Prometheus trailer overmelt. This comp doesn't seem as bad as some things, at least there's a bit of cash involved. In my experience when it comes to movies it all comes down to budget and it seems artwork is at the bottom of the pile. I nearly painted some sets for Doomsday, yep terrible movie, I spoke to some one in their 'art' department who said there's no money but think of the exposure. No money. They got an acid casualty to paint it instead and I think it looked as good as the film. This has happened numerous times, I go meet the filmmakers, they all get really enthusiastic and then they say, we don't have any money, usually I say, well neither do I so get some idiot to paint your set and they do. I think getting the movie done on budget is way more important than much of the look these days. I apologise, I went on a bit there. Just remember someone will always be willing to work for nothing, they are idiots.

Crapola on Mar 19, 2012


Is there a way I can get some tips on how to design a T-shirt? I really want to try this fun challenge for TDK rises. It would be great if we could have one that is geared towards a male and female looking one. Both men and women alike love this superhero. I could use some tips because I'm not at all desiring to compete. I would just like to support a fun creative endeavor. I just want to try. Could someone help me out please?  

Loriguillaume on Mar 19, 2012


Random question but is this competition open to all territories not just USA? Checked out the terms and conditions but couldn't see anything relating to that.

machine on Mar 20, 2012


Boom! Wheres my prize money at?

Ellordmichael on Mar 20, 2012


Thanks for posting this! I'm entering for sure!

Moutchy on Mar 20, 2012


Ugh, I almost had a heart attack when I saw the header picture. I thought it was a new trailer. Then I actually read the headline. /wrist

SuicidalOptimist on Mar 20, 2012


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claire sun on Mar 28, 2012


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Fo Xuan Henry Wu on Apr 1, 2012

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