TGB Breakdown Ep 6: Chris Nolan's Inception (Guest: Silas Lesnick)

August 3, 2012

TGB Breakdown Ep 6: Chris Nolan's Inception

On this episode of The Golden Briefcase Breakdown, Tim & Jeremy are joined by Silas Lesnick of ComingSoon for a spoiler-filled discussion about Chris Nolan's 2010 mind-bending dream action-thriller Inception, starring Leo DiCaprio, Tom Hardy, Joe Gordon-Levitt, Ellen Page and Ken Watanabe. The main purpose of Breakdown episodes is to to ponder, discuss and challenge the films that we feel often need more than just a simple review. We breakdown the film to discuss plots and theories in order to better understand the director's vision and hopefully challenge our listeners at home to re-evaluate the way they watch cinema.

Extra episodes of TGB Breakdown will be arriving about every month, and will appear here in addition to all of our regular weekly Golden Briefcase episodes. Beware - every episode of TGB Breakdown will contain MASSIVE SPOILERS for the film in discussion (this one on Nolan's Inception). You've been WARNED!

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The Movie:

Inception (2010) - Directed by Christopher Nolan

Our Guest:

Silas Lesnick: @silaslesnick

The Golden Briefcase is:

Tim Buel: @timbuel
Jeremy Kirk: @JeremyKKirk

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Oh Hell Yeah!!! "I've been waiting for all my life..."

DAVIDPD on Aug 3, 2012


I think on the exposition fron, Inception actually follows in the footsteps of the Matrix, in the first half hour or so being Morpheus explaining to Neo how the matrix works, in and out of the matrix. The only difference there is its about Neo, so we're more ready to follow along with him as he's learning, rather than being told by Cobb, the main character. It just puts you in a different set of shoes, are you the main character or are you the device? [although she did have some purpose, the only one who knows Cobb's problems, the only one who would think to enter limbo to save the guy, the only one there for JGL to kiss, etc.]

JohnIGottschalk on Aug 4, 2012


Everyone`s entitled to their own opinion, but the 1st like 9mins of this is just them picking apart this film in negative ways which is really difficult to sit through as a HUGE nolan fan lol

mmmmmm on Aug 4, 2012


This was a good discussion until Lesnick compared it to Sucker Punch. Sucker Punch? Really? One was a T&A, slow-motion cheese fest and the other was a deep, thought-provoking blockbuster. One has a 23 % critic rating on Rotten Tomatoes, the other has a 86 % critic rating. One has a 47 % fan rating on Rotten Tomatoes, the other has a 93 % fan rating. Gee, I wonder which one is which?! Lesnick, are you trying to tell us that EVERY dream you've ever had had sex in it? Talk about a bit of a perverted criticism. What are you 13? You must have brought up Sucker Punch because that's what you wanted - the cast of ladies from Sucker Punch transplanted into Inception. I like sex in my movies as much as the next guy, but it wouldn't have worked at all in Inception, and I think you probably know that (at least I would hope so if you're to be taken seriously as a critic). Good discussion from the other two guys, though. Lesnick, go home, pop your copy of Showgirls into the blu-ray player and have a self-gratification fest while you pretend it is all a dream in Elizabeth Berkley's head.

racquetman on Aug 4, 2012


While I always appreciate TGB's opinion, the problem with this discussion is, Nolan and cast have since the film's release, come forth and explained quite clearly how the film is to be interpreted. I have listened to this discussion now about five times, but despite it, not much is actually left opinion if the rules are strictly followed. Nolan has actually said this himself. The rules are STRICTLY to be followed and not exposition/opinion added. He has also stated, and this part you got right, the POINT is that Cobb walks away from the top. He has also stated that anyone believing the film and ending to be a dream have formed a rather far-fetched and sad opinion. Many of the cast have since come forward and mirrored these comments. This was all driven by the rather widely accepted, far fetched twistings of the stories. Some presented in this podcast, unfortunately. What I am saying is, to have such a discussion after Nolan and cast coming forward, is rather sad and almost seems an attempt to discredit the writer's vision, which seems clear when followed. That said, I will admit the ending seems to indeed be aimed to leave discussion. I think Nolan is making a career being rather guilty of this. By the way, to the idiot disliking the film in this podcast... Silas, the reason Mal left the room to go to the other hotel room opposite room, that wasn't a dream... It was her setting Cobb up for murder in real life and to get him to follow.

zer0ed77 on Aug 14, 2012

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