TGB Breakdown Ep 1: Ben Wheatley's Kill List (Guest: Geoff LaTulippe)

January 13, 2012

TGB Breakdown Episode 1: Kill List

On this premiere episode of The Golden Briefcase Breakdown, hosts Tim & Jeremy are again joined by screenwriter Geoff LaTulippe (from TGB Episode 92) to go over an extremely spoiler-filled discussion of Ben Wheatley's film Kill List (which is now available on VOD). The main purpose of these Breakdown episodes is to to ponder, discuss and challenge the films that we feel often need more talk than just a simple review. We breakdown the film to discuss plot devices, theories and endings in order to better understand the director's vision and hopefully to challenge listeners at home to re-evaluate the way they watch cinema.

Extra episodes of TGB Breakdown will be arriving about every month, and will appear here in addition to all of our regular weekly Golden Briefcase episodes. Beware - every episode of TGB Breakdown will contain MASSIVE SPOILERS for the film in discussion (this one is Kill List). You have been WARNED!

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The Movie:

Kill List (2011) - Directed by Ben Wheatley

Our Guest:

Geoff LaTulippe: @GeoffLaTulippe

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Tim Buel: @timbuel
Jeremy Kirk: @JeremyKKirk

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Thanks guys - my favourite film of 2011

Alistair Monaghan on Jan 15, 2012


Kill List is top 3 of 2011 for me. Such an amazing film.

M.K. Nielsen on Jan 15, 2012


When he says "these are bad people, they should suffer", I thought that was a bit of foreshadowing for him killing his wife. He is a hitman, therefore a bad person, and killing his son and wife was his suffering

Ian on Jan 24, 2012


I was loving this film and really got caught up in it, I did work out what was coming, not the cult feel of the latter part of the movie but the physical act that took place at the end, and the second I read 'hunchback' I knew how it was coming, I ended up feeling disappointed that such a great build up only lead to an ending that felt like all it had to say was "this'll shock the shit out of ya, there ya go, I'll leave you with that" Contrary to what is said in the podcast, I wasn't wanting a generic ending or an explanation, in fact, what disappointed me was that by going for the shock ending it made the smart interesting writing of the rest of the film suddenly stop short, the strength of the ending did not match the strength of the story that lead us there. I'm not referring to the cult story swerve at the end, I'm referring to the very final actions in the film.Maybe it's just because I saw it coming, I don't know, if I hadn't maybe it would have hit me with more resonance. I wanted to love it so badly though because the rest of the film was incredible.I took a few days to make up my mind on this film, in the end I decided I didn't like it. When I say that, it's not in the same way that I don't like Transformers 3, that's just shit, I appreciate the work that has gone into the art form with Kill List, in the end though I'm just at odds with it due to that ending which again, I think ended up being all about the shock tactic and.....I think felt cheap.....I hesitate to say that but in all honesty, that does seem to be the root of why I ultimately couldn't like the film, the end felt like a cheap shot, it may also explain why you can't pin down why she laughs at the end.The sound design and cinematography of the movie are razor sharp and a perfect fit for the film. I also have to just say that Michael Smiley as Gal is incredible.Out of interest, the symbol on the bathroom mirror, what was the consequence of that? Did she do it for shits and giggles because she knew what was coming? Was it's sole purpose to be weird and make you go 'WTF?', surely not, but it seemed to go nowhere.

Fat Elvis on Jan 31, 2012


i think she carved the symbol in the bathroom to mark jay as a new initiate of the death cult. she was scoping him out to see if he qualified. rituals abound.  

James on Feb 4, 2012


i just listened to the podcast and want to add one thing regarding the antichrist theory. i dont think he was THE antichrist but just "one of them" - as in everyone in the cult had been through those initiation rituals in order to be in the cult. they were making him a member but not their leader.

James on Feb 7, 2012


Notice that as "Shel" — in the dark house shoots figures at the end of the film, there is no evidence that they are cult members. The fact that they are either in shadow or unseen suggests that the director is careful to make them anonymous. If they were cult members, he would have made that obvious. She points the gun down and shoots at something that seems to squeak . . . I think we are made to be discombobulated.

Paul on May 28, 2012


hated this film, It was riddled with gratuitous violence and a thin on the gound plot. Ok so some of the performances were good but so much of the film was nonsense. The writing was terrible and the ending ridiculous. Can't understand why this was loved by so many critics in the UK.

locksygold on Jul 2, 2012

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