Thankfully Liam Neeson Casts Serious Doubt on Making a 'Taken 3'

September 28, 2012
Source: Empire

Taken 2

The sequel to the surprising action hit Taken, the aptly titled Taken 2 (though it should really be called Taken Too), is nearly here. The sequel finds retired CIA operative Bryan Mills (Liam Neeson) in Istanbul where he and his wife are taken hostage by the father of a kidnapper Mills killed while rescuing his daughter years ago. With such an anticipated sequel, it stands to reason that there might be another sequel in our midst (we know that Hollywood loves sequels and remakes). But thankfully, the lead action man himself doesn't think that he would come back for a third round to rip throats, snap necks and kick asses. Read on!

Speaking with Empire, Neeson seems to be aware that perhaps even the idea of his family being in danger again might be a bit hard to believe. When asked whether or not he would do a Taken 3, Neeson said:

"I don't see it. I don't think it's going to happen. I really don't. I can't see a possible scenario where audiences wouldn't go, 'Oh, come on…! She's taken again?'"

I'm just happy he didn't give the standard publicity response of something like, "You never know. I'd have to see a script first." Empire went on to ask about a plot element from the first film that doesn't show up in Taken 2: his daughter's singing career. Neeson playfully responded, "Of course, what about her singing career? I'd forgotten all about that. Taken 5: Kim's First Concert." Whoa, Taken 5? Maybe Neeson actually has some tricks up his sleeve to get Taken 3: Third Time's a Charm and the next sequel Taken 4 the Fourth Time. Sounds like we have  a slew of blockbuster hits on our hands. Taken 2 hits theaters on October 5th.

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Taken 4: Granted

SkylerB619 on Sep 28, 2012


Taken 3: Times a Charm 😀

Neeeeeson on Sep 28, 2012


$50 they make a third without him. If nothing else, it could be a reboot or spin-off, maybe his daughter is empowered by her experiences and goes on to join the CIA and fight sex traffickers on her own. Never doubt the "creativity" of Hollywood when a few hundred mill is on the line.

Wafffles on Sep 28, 2012


I know this is stupid, but I was actually looking forward to seeing how they handle the "singing career" part of Taken 2 and that kind of spoiled it for me. I know it's ridiculous, but I like going in fresh so try to be more careful please. I'm also the guy who plugs his eyes and ears when watching Hell's Kitchen so they don't show me what's coming up after the commercial break so I might be a bit crazy.

Matt Peloquin on Sep 28, 2012


How about a story that goes into what gave him those 'unique set of skills'

ladoo381 on Sep 28, 2012


I'd like to see it as a trilogy, but whatever.

Nielsen700 on Sep 28, 2012


if things are so iffy overseas for them, why don't they just stay home? I mean this is ridiculous.............Taken 2 features this time the wife kidnapped? What happens in third, he is kidnapped and the wife and daughter have to find him? UGH

DustyOR on Sep 28, 2012


If his family gets grabbed a third time, I'd seriously suspect that LN's character was actually behind it all.

Chris O. on Sep 28, 2012


If they offer him enough money, I'm sure he'll change his mind.

rennmaxbeta on Sep 28, 2012


good job liam!

A5J4DX on Sep 29, 2012


Observe the film snob, children... He was surprised by a film once...but only once. The film industry could not possibly EVER surprise him again..

Jim on Sep 30, 2012


I just want to say thank you Liam. Time to move on. Taken 1 was awesome by the way. They should of just continued the story line by having him be a professional sex trade rescuer.

Jeff Metzger on Oct 1, 2012

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