Thanos Confirmed for Both 'Guardians of the Galaxy' and 'Avengers 2'

September 19, 2012
Source: Cosmic Book News


Much like confirming James Gunn directing Guardians of the Galaxy yesterday, this update for Phase Two of Marvel's cinematic universe isn't surprising, but it's just nice to get some confirmation. Cosmic Book News (via spoke with Marvel comics creator and rights holder Jim Starlin at the Montreal Comic-Con and revealed that a deal is in place for his character Thanos to not only appear in Guardians of the Galaxy, but also The Avengers 2. This isn't surprising since the character appeared in the mid-credits scene in The Avengers, but fans have been wondering just how he'll fit into the franchise. More below!

Since audiences saw the tease at the end of The Avengers, it's been unclear whether it was a tease for Thanos to show up in The Avengers 2 or perhaps he would show up sooner. But consider the cosmic ensemble in Guardians of the Galaxy has a couple characters with direct ties to the villain, it's not shocking to learn that Thanos will show up in both. There's a chance that one appearance in either film might just be a credits appearance again, but I'm betting Thanos is the main villain in Guardians of the Galaxy, and we might see him team up with somebody like Red Skull, who we last saw getting sucked into the depths of space by way of the cosmic cube, in The Avengers 2. That's just a guess though. What do you think?

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would they recast Red Skull? I read somewhere Hugo Weaving didnt want to return because he was tired of playing "those" characters. Granted buckets of money can change that

Brandon V. Fletcher on Sep 19, 2012


ok...whats a Thanos? i tried to look him up and i got a fan-fiction site involving a castle.....

Jericho on Sep 19, 2012


Really? Dude, just wiki it.

Baron the Curse on Sep 19, 2012


Familiar with DC's Darkseid? Basically the Marvel version. He literally can take on the entire Marvel Universe.

Brandon V. Fletcher on Sep 19, 2012


He's one of the most feared Marvel villains. He did alot of horrendous stuff to the Marvel Heroes. He strangled Hulk, decapitated Spider-Man and turned Wolverines adamantium bones into sponge. Basically every hero that has came across him got the shit beat out of them atleast once. He's obsessed with two things: The Infinity Gauntlet and Death. The Infinity Gauntlet allows him to do virtually anything. And in Marvel, Death is actually personified into a woman. He loves Death so much he will do anything to appease her so he pretty much kills to make her fall in love with him.

alex on Sep 26, 2012


Not exactly accurate but you're on the right track.

ThanosTheMadTitan on Oct 27, 2012


You NEED to read some comics man. Start with Thanos Quest, Infinity Gauntlet, Infinity War. Infinity Crusade, Infinity Abyss and The End. You can find them all (known as the Infinity Saga) in Graphic Novel or Trade Paperback Form or just get a hold of a torrent program and download the entire saga for free. All you'll need is a comic book reader program for your PC like CDisplayEx. It's so worth it. You could also look for the various issues he was in of Silver Surfer etc. but you really don't need to in order to get up to speed for the movies. He also had his own series for a while called Thanos that took place directly after Infinity Guantlet where he goes on a personal quest to refine his power and knowledge, sort of a vison quest if you will. I have an actual first edition print of Thanos #1. It's an excellent story.

ThanosTheMadTitan on Oct 27, 2012


this is gonna be epic. nerds dancing

truong18 on Sep 19, 2012


Not really surprised, but my anticipation is confirmed.

DAVIDPD on Sep 19, 2012


I am going to throw this out here. This sounds like they be using the GotG as a background for Thanos to make him a more respectable villain for A2 rather than setting up a new Marvel film series. Here is the logic. The problem with comic movies is that the villain is always introduced and 90 minutes later defeated. In that time span, they try to make it like the villain is a huge threat and the hero is over matched. They typically fight near the beginning, with the hero escaping, and in the end our hero finds a way to overcome the adversary. With the Avengers that is tough to do b/c you have to devote so much screen time to the heroes and their story, which leaves out a lot of time for setting up the villain. In A1, we already new Loki and what he was capable of so you didn't have to get into him. They only needed to explain what his motivation/goal was, which is in part why the movie worked. For the Avengers to really be tested and make it feel like they are facing a mortal threat, Thanos has to really kick some ass in GotG. I wouldn't be surprised if he kills several of the main characters to really sell audiences on the threat he will provide in A2.

dbucks on Sep 19, 2012


Im so glad Loki isnt dead either. How often does that happen!

Brandon V. Fletcher on Sep 19, 2012


agree. killing the bad guy at the end of comic book movies has gotten SO cliché. especially when you consider, in actual comic books, the vast majority of the time both hero and villain live to fight another day.

Edward Curtis on Sep 19, 2012


Well, Loki is immortal so....

Frost on Oct 23, 2012


Loki the god, in the comics, isn't immortal. The Asgardians are gods but they age and can die. In the films the Asgardians are aliens who live a long time and are physically more powerful and resilient than humans...not immortal.

Bob on Nov 8, 2012


which comics are you reading? the asgardians are immortal in everything ive read

Matthew on Dec 4, 2012


Asgardian gods in Marvel are not inherently immortal like their Greek counterparts. They have to eat golden apples to stave off their aging.

kmcarlock on Dec 11, 2012


very very very well said friend

Anthony Rodriguez on Sep 19, 2012


Epicly said indeed, you summed up most superhero movies formula there, also kinda lightbulb went off when you were saying why Avengers worked so well. They brought in a villain you already knew(and feared in a way) so Whedon didnt have to waste the first hour building up the villain and could spend the time with the heroes. Hopefully Thanos f*cks some sh*t up cause I see what your getting at.

Cody W on Sep 19, 2012


Thanos will most definitely f*ck some sh*t up. He does it too well in the comics. I can't wait to see him fight Hulk. In the comics he was hesitant to fight Hulk but only when he was the mindless rage Hulk. If you read Infinity Guantlet then you know he wound up fighting Hulk and kicked his ass pretty good and he wasn't hesitant about it because Banner wasn't the rage Hulk, he was Hulk in appearance and strength but with Banners intelligence. I forget how that happened to him actually because I haven't read as many Hulk comics as I have others but was it because he tried to cure himself again like when he tried the first time and just wound up as the grey Hulk instead? Anywho, yes, Thanos will be a force to be reckoned with in the movie universe. He's gonna kick some names and take some ass!!!! lol

ThanosTheMadTitan on Oct 27, 2012


I've been thinking something very similar. I think Gaurdians of the Galaxy will exist only to pump the tires of Thanos. Knowing that he will be in both movies, it sounds like we might get an interesting GotG movie where the heroes actually lose. Imagine the tear-jerking moment when Thanos kills Rocket Racoon...

pipes_46 on Oct 11, 2012


road kill Rocket Racoon... awesome LOL!

Kennebec on Oct 22, 2012


Good post and very well thought out. Like a post below said, killing of the villains to make room for the next movie has become cliche... almost as bad as having the same villain for an entire trilogy. I personally wouldn't mind seeing a movie open up with a battle between hero and villain and the villain carted off to the block having nothing to do with the story except for gratitous violence. Then the movie move on to another plot with another different villain entirely. Don't think I've seen that yet and wonder why someone hasn't. Would open the sequel up to revenge gone evil. I really did like the way the lizard ended up in jail in the Spiderman reboot instead of dead. This probablly had more to do with the character relationship than future movie options

Kennebec on Oct 22, 2012


"would they recast Red Skull? I read somewhere Hugo Weaving didnt want to return because he was tired of playing "those" characters. Granted buckets of money can change that" well he did megatron a few times just for the bucks so I can see it happen. I thinks Thanos will appear in thor 2 stealing the infinity gauntlet, then working behinf the scenes in guardians (adam warlock as a villain?) and finally straight up anragonist in A2.

Bartosz Adamczyk on Sep 19, 2012


I hope they don't use red skull again, but if they do they better not re cast

Guy who comments on things on Sep 19, 2012


Well didnt they technically leave Red skull wide open to come back at the end of Capt. America? He never died, he just got teleported(it seemed) through the tesseract. I could totally see him teaming up with another villain(Malekith hmm??) and coming back to earth. Possibly the credit sequel opener at the end of The winter soldier...just a thought.

Cody W on Sep 19, 2012


You guys do realize that "The Winter Soldier" program was initiated by the Red Skull that is why Winter Soldier was a villain at first.

William Magnaus on Sep 25, 2012


I'm hoping somewhere along the line (perhaps phase 3) they will introduce U.S. Agent and the start of West Coast Avengers.

ThanosTheMadTitan on Oct 27, 2012


glad he is not dead

Movies Or Tv Series on Sep 22, 2012


So, does anyone know who the villain will be in Man of Steel? I am guessing it isn't Darkseid. So, then if DC ever gets a JLA movie running, or even just decides to use Darkseid in the future, their most likely choice for a big bad guy is going to seem like just a Thanos rip-off to the general movie going audience. Since Marvel beat them to the punch. Ironic considering that Thanos is really a Darkseid rip-off.

Jon on Sep 25, 2012


im pretty sure general zod is going to be the villain in man of steel

doc on Sep 26, 2012


Thanos written by Starlin is far more interesting and devious than Darkseid.

PeanutGallery6 on Oct 6, 2012


yeah it is general zod

Martin James Wiggan on Oct 7, 2012


Thanos had better kick ass in GotG heroes winning all the time is tiresome as hell. Villains always end up being my favourite characters 'cause they're far more interesting & flawed. That said, no thank you to Red Skull, he's boring & cliché. I look forward to learning about Thanos though, I've never read him in the comics, but we'll see then.

Dorp on Sep 29, 2012


Who is that guy who looks like The Red Tornado? Why is there no explaination as to who he is?

zenileon on Sep 29, 2012


Lets not forget that the Infinity Gauntlet makes an appearance in Thor as well as the Eye of Agamotto. I'm sure they didn't just put them in there for show.

Kreep on Oct 2, 2012


In my opinion, I also would like to see Thanos kick some serious ass, just to show people the power this dude has. Even before he gained the infinity gauntlet, he was a nutcase on a galatic level. My version, I'd like to see Ironman pummled. Captain America toyed with. ( Sorry Cap, but that's the way it's gota be. ) Now, A clash between Hulk and Thanos, would be EPIC!. But still Hulk would have to loose, same with Thor and others. This would force the retreat and bring in the fear factor that, this really could be the end. Now that could end there. Leaving it open for A3. Or as I'd like to see. The Silver Surfer coming in at the end. To me having Thanos without the Surfer is like a Burger without the Buns. They are two faces on different sides of the same coin. But to go better than A2 they really have to bring the show this time. It's got to be Universal and Epic.

TheSilverSurfed. on Oct 2, 2012


Silver Surfer isn't going to happen. He's over at FOX along with the Fantastic Four and Galactus. Marvel can't use him. And don't get your hopes up for ROM, either, unless Disney buys Hasbro (as is currently rumored to be in discussions), because Parker Bros has the rights to ROM, and hasn't allowed Marvel to use his armored form or name for quite a while now.

Zero Corpse on Nov 8, 2012


Red Skull disappeared in Captain America* not avengers 2

mysteriousman on Oct 5, 2012


i personaly think barn zemo and his masters of evil deserve a shot in this thing . Maybe avengers 3 ????????????????

dan the man on Oct 8, 2012


Thanos is too devious to just show up in the next movie. He is the big Boss. You don't get to the big boss without fighting through some minions. He is more than just the Marvel Darkseid. He is far sneakier. He always has a backup plan.

PeanutGallery6 on Oct 6, 2012


I've been saying this since the start, Thanos will be the main antagonist of Guardians of the Galaxy which probably takes place at the same time as the Avengers did, he will be defeated and try his luck of Earth domination in Avengers 2 hens the post-credit scene. Mark my words.

Fernan on Oct 6, 2012


Thanos with the Infinity Gauntlet or even the cosmic cube makes for some serious threats on a cosmic scale, and he could use minor villains banded together like Red Skull, Loki again and even Ultron. I say Ultron, because, and I am hoping, that the redeeming feature of an Ant Man film is not just the introduction of the two founding members Antman and wasp, But mostly for the chance for Pym to create Ultron! But even better than that, Ultron can make the VISION, one of my favourite characters, to join the ranks of the Avengers. Oh well, maybe I am dreaming.

Sarcasticool on Oct 7, 2012


Oh and I am really pushing the boundaries, but a cosmic trial at the end of the Thanos plot, with the Living Tribunal and the Abstracts .... now I am really dreaming, but oh the thought!

Sarcasticool on Oct 7, 2012


Throw in Pre-Retconned Beyonder as well!

D on Dec 5, 2012


I am SO pumped about the next avengers. With every new piece of information, i get that much more excited.

Julia Alawatt on Oct 10, 2012


I think it's far too soon to introduce Thanos as a villian in the Avengers just yet, he is the power house to bring down the house, and after him who will be as greater threat to Earth then? There are too many super powered villans whom the Avengers have tangled with before Thanos; there was The Wrecking Crew, The Masters of Evil, Count Nefaria, The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, The Grand Master and the Kree Empire. I think after introducing Thanos, these could all be pawns of whom will go up against the Avengers throughout several movies leading up to a final finale against Thanos and the Enfinity Guanlet in the final Avengers Movie which could be up to 5 or 6 Avenger movies by then. If it's done right, Avengers fans will be caught off guard every time by a new set of interesting characters both heroes and villians. Now if you think about how the X-men did it, they saved the best for last with the Phoenix character, although I feel they changed the storyline and made her far weaker than the comic book version of the Phoenix; but you get the concept of how it evolved to get to her and end the X-men. They came out with other movies later like X-Men Origins and X-men First Class, and the Avengers can do the same because there are so many stories about the individual characters that can be made into movies.

MORG on Oct 11, 2012


Apples and Oranges, man. X-Men is controlled by Fox, and the same writers and producers are unlikely to sully the Avengers universe with their hack decisions. Please understand that the X-Men, the Fantastic Four, and Spider-Man all have NOTHING to do with the Marvel Cinematic Universe. They're different projects, each in their own universe, from different studios who aren't playing nice with Disney as yet. I certainly hope Disney and Marvel Studios don't run the Marvel Cinematic Universe the way Fox runs the X-Men universe.

Zero Corpse on Nov 8, 2012


It's going to be hard to watch any other movie and not be let down. Avengers starts mid action and never lets up. Plus it's something Batman can't bear to be - funny at times.

ladyofargonne on Oct 11, 2012


Cant have thanos without captain mar-vell!!!!!!

hs on Oct 21, 2012



jlomb007 on Oct 22, 2012


Some of you guys are saying thanos is coming to the big screen too early. Yeah, he is the joker to batman in Marvel comics. But have ya'll thought about the one everyone fears? The one who eats planets...GALACTUS! Now rumors have it that they are rebooting Fantastic Four and Daredevil. Hmm?The Amazing Spider-Man came out. Shooting a sequel too. Anew Wolverine flick to start shooting, called, "The Wolverine".Hmmm. What could that mean? my two cents?. They get rid of these big bosses early to begin, MARVEL'S "Civil War. Any thought? *REMEMBER* Just adding my two cents.

BotB on Oct 25, 2012


Sigh... Galactus, Silver Surfer, Doctor Doom, Mole Man, and pretty much everything directly connected to the Fantastic Four belongs to FOX, not Marvel Studios, and as such are not part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It's highly unlikely you'll see any of those characters interact with the Avengers. The same goes for all X-Men and mutants in general (with the exception of Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver, who are sort of "co-owned" with some special deal/clause). The Wolverine is a FOX movie, not a Marvel Studios movie, and the character is outside the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The film rights for Spider-Man are still owned by Sony, and while they talked about some cross-marketing (the possibility of Oscorp's building being in The Avengers; It didn't happen, though), there is still no indication that Sony's Spider-Man is part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He's in a different world. The Avengers' universe doesn't have a Spider-Man, Venom, Fantastic Four, X-Men, Galactus, Silver Surfer, Magneto, Brotherhood of Mutants, Green Goblin, Doctor Octopus, Lizard, Electro, or Sandman. There's no Gwen Stacy, no J. Jonah Jameson, no May Parker, no Harry Osborn, no Happy Hogan, no Ned Leeds... None of those characters will be a part of The Avengers' universe any time soon. Sony and Fox will NEVER just give up the film rights to these characters. They might do some cross-marketing, but Marvel's control over the movies they're in is limited. IN the end, if Sony wants Peter Parker to be a skateboarding dickweed, they can do it and Marvel can't prevent it. If Fox wants Galactus to be a glittery cloud, Marvel Studios can't stop them. So no... There will be no Civil War, unless they make it with characters that aren't controlled by Sony or Twentieth Century Fox.

Zero Corpse on Nov 8, 2012


Or Disney continues its shopping spree and buys out Sony, Fox, Hasbro and Parker Bros. 😉

kmcarlock on Dec 11, 2012


Actually I think Happy Hogan was in both Iron Man movies played by the director Jon Favreau. You're right on everything else though. With DareDevil apparently returning to Marvel Studios, however, we could see some of those characters.

Me. on Dec 17, 2012


I personally don't think he'd team up with Red Skull because RS is beneath him in so many ways. I think if he teams up with anybody at all it could perhaps be Kang, which I know the two hate eachother but that could be a good way for Thanos to actually be defeated, because of his dislike for Kang which would ultimately make the two fight eachother giving the Avengers and Guardians an opportunity to defeat them both. But also it wouldn't HAVE to be Kang because Thanos has many on again off again enemies although I still think Kang would be a great choice. Then again who knows, it could wind up being Galactus since marvel regained their movie rights to the character which could also tie in Silver Surfer or maybe they're saving that appearance for a future F4 movie or even perhaps his very own movie. Only time will tell but I know this, no matter what happens with Thanos in the movies, I don't think they will screw it up given their track record with Phase1. As long as he's only defeated because subconciously he wants to be defeated. For those of you who know the character Thanos well from the comics, he has only ever been beaten because deep down he knows that he's not meant for the ultimate power and universal dictatorship he always found himself seeking after. Other than that, the only time he was defeated was when his own sister stopped him with the Infinity Guantlet, but again that was HIS own mistake for not forseeing what would happen if he took over the role of Infinity himself. One last thing before I stop my rant, This is definitely a dream come true having Thanos be a mainstay in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He is afterall.......... The Mad Titan!!!

ThanosTheMadTitan on Oct 27, 2012


Thanos teaming up with the Red Skull? Seriously? After Avengers 1 was Thanos teaming up with Loki? Can we please get an original plot for the follow up to the third biggest movie of all time? Please....

des_3 on Nov 7, 2012


Red Skull isn't likely to show up again. Hugo Weaving said he doesn't want to play those types of characters anymore (Elrond, Red Skull, V, Agent Smith, etc.)

Bob on Nov 8, 2012


It's really doubtful we'll get the Red Skull, seeing as Weaving made the character his own and has since said he has no interest in playing the role again. However, it wouldn't be unheard of for the Mandarin to survive Iron Man 3, and become part of a bigger plot put in place by Thanos. My hope is that for Captain America 2 we get a step towards Baron Zemo and a newly-redesigned Arnim Zola. And if they bring M.O.D.O.K. into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, I'll be pleased. Hire Peter Dinklage for the role. He'd be supreme.

Zero Corpse on Nov 8, 2012


Thanos is probably one of the most powerful Marvel characters of all time. He's supposedly even more powerful than the Silver Surfer (who everybody knows is a total bad-ass.) I wonder if they're going to play in his brother, Starfox (who is actually an Avenger). I think this is a GREAT CHOICE for a bad guy in Avengers 2... but.. BUT.. after this.. they won't be able to top it.

Nick Breckenridge on Dec 4, 2012


I say make the villian in the next movie Vegeta! Prince of all Saiyans! Then Goku can come out of nowhere, save the Avengers, and we can finally have a good live action Dragon Ball movie! Or I can remove my head from the clouds

A. Toriyama on Dec 6, 2012


I saw this coming (who didn't really?). Im super excited for Thanos, easily one of the most epic villains in the Marvel universe, and a great tie in for GoTG to Avengers. I AM GROOT.

Corey G Cousins on Dec 11, 2012


Thanos V/S Darkside V/S Battle over the Earth Who takes it.

Richard Buckner on Jan 8, 2013


Works for me, as long as red skull is NO part in it. (unless hugo changes his mind)

hogisredskull on Jan 10, 2013


Sadly - if it was Red Skull, they would have to recast. Hugo Weaving has said that he doesn't want to reprise the role.

Gazilla on Jan 10, 2013


two words: Infinity Gauntlet.

story on Jan 11, 2013


Not Starlin, he's the 1 who killed Captain Marvel in the comic books.

Parker Shilling on Jan 18, 2013


It must have been 10 or 15 years ago but I remember Thanos going up against Odin somwehere. It might have happened in Thor's own title or as part of a crossover but that was THE single most awesome battle I have ever seen in comics. Ultimately Thanos came off worst but he kept coming back after each beating and didn't really lose. This was without the aid of the Infinity Gauntlet or a Cosmic Cube. If ever you want to see why Thanos is such a badass then that is the fight you have to see. As for upcoming villains I agree with the post suggesting a pre-retconned Beyonder(even if it was made in jest). I can see the reason for depowering the Beyonder but there are plenty of omnipotent beings in Marvel and there is always a story to be had so I don't think he would have become boring. I think Marvel goofed big time there.

robbeattie on Jan 18, 2013


It occurs to me, that given the propensity for comic book origins to get the contemporary update / fixin when translated to screen... what if the direct exposure and interactions of the tesseract on the human form somehow augmented the Red Skull so dynamically that he would have become Thanos... Recall the reaction the hulk serum had with the supper soldier cocktail that created the Abomination. Energetically speaking, this would be feasible, albeit a stretch, but it is a means of streamlining the character while making him familiar and unexpected in the same motion. Picture it... A powerful mind shaped, twisted and evolved beyond the terrestrial coil and expanded in the same respect that Thanos' originally was after staring into the Infinity Well back "Thanos Quest"... Stepping outside of linear time, acquiring an elongated life span, cosmic level knowledge and a reinvigorated sense and longing for power with Death as his mistress... Given the near immortal timeline, it would be understandable that Thanos would also identify himself outside of his terran counterpart but the fevered thirst to take over the world becoming the calculated hunger to control the universe seems like a hearty step... Just a thought...

Icaerus on Jan 19, 2013


Think they are puttin alot on the avengers i mean its freaking thanos... i dont see this working out for them. He is close to unbeatable!!! not much the team can do besides get thrown around, only a few ways i see this working out, 1- thanos kills everyone 2-he simply helps redskull set up a plan and leaves 3- Bruce snaps and turns either WWH or Red HUlk... that would be epic...

kwewu on Jan 27, 2013

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