'The Expendables 2' Might Be Rated PG-13 Thanks to Chuck Norris?

January 18, 2012
Source: Arrow in the Head

Chuck Norris

For all those fans who enjoyed the testosterone fueled action of The Expendables, it's safe to say that a lot of that entertainment not only came from the collection of big action stars from decades passed, but also the extreme, over-the-top action and bloody violence. Well, it sounds like the The Expendables 2 might not be on the same level as the first film thanks to the participation of Chuck Norris. In a recent interview with the Polish paper Gazeta (via Arrow in the Head) Norris said that it was the vulgar language in the screenplay that turned him off, and changes were made to allow the film to be rated PG-13. More below!

Here's what Norris told the Polish paper:

“In ‘Expendables 2,’ there was a lot of vulgar dialogue in the screenplay. For this reason, many young people wouldn’t be able to watch this. But I don’t play in movies like this,” Norris explained. “Due to that I said I won’t be a part of that if the hardcore language is not erased. Producers accepted my conditions and the movie will be classified in the category of PG-13.”

Sounds pretty lame to me, and it's always perplexing as to why people like Chuck Norris are more concerned with naughty words than by the gratuitous violence on display in action films like this. It's not clear whether or not the film will actually be rated PG-13, or maybe just the language was dulled down and Sylvester Stallone and the rest of the gang are just letting Norris think that the film isn't going to be R-rated. It's possible to have a solid action film without all the blood and gore, but in the first film, it did help make things a little more intense. We'll have to wait and see how the film turns out when Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, Jet Li, Dolph Lundgren, Yu Nan, Terry Crews, Randy Couture, Liam Hemsworth, Jean Claude Van Damme, Bruce Willis, and Arnold Schwarzenegger return to the big screen on August 17th. Thoughts?

UPDATE: Sylvester Stallone has contacted Ain't It Cool News and has confirmed that the film will indeed be PG-13, but he's quick to try and quell anyone's fears saying:

"Harry, the film is fantastic with Van Damme turning in an inspired performance. Our final battle is one for the ages. The PG-13 rumor is true, but before your readers pass judgement, trust me when I say this film is LARGE in every way and delivers on every level. This movie touches on many emotions which we want to share with the broadest audience possible, BUT, fear not, this Barbeque of Grand scale Ass Bashing will not leave anyone hungry…Sly."

He does his best to instill confidence, but I'm just not sure a PG-13 sequel to The Expendables can deliver. It's not the vulgar language that's needed, but it's the intense action and bloody violence that made for a raucous romp last time. Here's hoping fans of the original won't be disappointed.

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Sean Kelly on Jan 18, 2012


Very Lame! The best movies of the past were rated R!  Bruce Willis, Stallone, Van Damme, and Arnold had there best action flicks were rated R! Rambo, Cobra, Predator, True Lies, Terminator, Die Hard, Cammando, etc.... All R. It wasn't till the late 90's that the studios decided to get "broader appeal" and sissify the movies so the teens get get in and the studios could get more money. The whole point of the Expendables was that it was marketed as a real man movie for the guys. Now they want to make it for the teens and girlies also because Chucky wants it that way??  What a bunch of BS.

Adamrom on Jan 23, 2012


fucken' Chuck Norris

FuckyouChuckNorris on Jan 18, 2012


the only thing that kept the first one from PG-13 was ONLY the language, so its not like we are getting any major difference......

Jericho on Jan 18, 2012


... And his hair piece.

Dirty Dutchman on Jan 19, 2012


 And your mother...

LOL on Jan 19, 2012


Fuck his nasty smile

Karrera on Jan 19, 2012


seriously...? You act like there is a massive amount of swearing in the first film o.O... Long as it delivers a punch being the sequel, what is there really to complain about?

Churchie on Jan 19, 2012


*pg-13 means limited and censored.* Fuck. that. shit. a pg-13 version of the expendables would pretty much exclude graphic gore, violence and strong language. amiright? that removed from the movie, most people are likely to look for the assumed compensated excellent storyline, dialogue and.. what? romance? ok well doubt you are going to find any of that shit. who needs it when you have kickass badassery; take that away and wtf, you got nothing. a toned downed version of the expendables will probably be a flop. look what happened to the pg13 alien vs predator. yeah it sucked. *besides, i'd much rather watch expendables 2 as an R rated film then a pg-13 version with Chuck fucking Norris. who the fuck cares about chuck anyway?

beastlybossmaster on May 4, 2012


No no no!

Marc on Jan 18, 2012


Okay, I know that he's Chuck Norris and all, but now I hope that his character becomes the sacrificial good guy that doesn't make it to the end of the movie.

Jedi on Jan 18, 2012


Personally, I couldn't care less. The addition or removal of swearing won't make the movie any good.

Adam Roberts on Jan 18, 2012


I'd actually disagree with that. Look at some of the best stand ups in the word and their concerts. Carlin's 7 Dirty Words doesn't have the impact if you can't hear any of them.  There's a reason for that. 

DaftBot on May 5, 2012



Buttass on Jan 18, 2012


I will not waste my time with a pg13 piece of crap.

Jesse Bangerter on Jan 18, 2012


the first expendables was an R - rated piece of, what's the difference?

Anonymous on Jan 18, 2012


Only the pansy-demographic would call The Expendables 'crap'.

Some Guy on Jan 18, 2012


You're right. The rest of us call it a piece of *shit*.

Thor on Jan 18, 2012


true - i was just trying to be polite.

Anonymous on Jan 18, 2012


it had a PATHETIC story; HORRIBLE dialogue and HORRIBLE acting.........what exactly about the movie did you think made it a decent movie?

Anonymous on Jan 18, 2012


agreed, Beevis. i had hope. i was up for it! then i saw the film. if you imagined you were actually still in the 80s, watching back-to-back, by-the-numbers cookie-cutter action rentals with a side order of high fat takeaway junk food, The Expendables just about worked for the running time. if you assume the entire project was a massive, ironic, tongue in cheek pastiche of 80s action films, it even edges into passable territory. but it wasn't, so it doesn't.

Anonymous on Jan 19, 2012


beevis.... the expendables movie was not supposed to appeal to the elderly touchy critics crowd you seem to belong to, but to the MEN; who enjoy action fueled violence. it did not INTEND to have a... great dialogue or storyline.. bro...

Marc Magnusson on May 4, 2012


no - the expendables  appeals to pimply faced 12 -year olds....or VERY immature adults who don't care about anything UNLESS violence is in it. and who are you to say what i do or don't like? i don't mind extreme violence, nudity, sex scenes...ect... whatever in  movie - i just want a good film - and expendables was NOT a good film.

beevis on May 5, 2012


How do I say this? Oh yeah, FUCK that.

Vince on Jan 18, 2012


Who does he think he is? This movie isn't made for him. It's made for the fans. He wasn't even a part of the first one, I think it's incredibly disrespectful to come in when your career is going down to say the least and start tampering with the screenplay

Antony Packer on Jan 18, 2012


Chuck Norris doesn't want to be in films with vulgar language. That's not a bad thing. The producers can take it or leave it, they chose to take it. Norris did nothing wrong.

ryanj on Jan 18, 2012


Chuck was a grade B lame actor.fuck director.

Anna on Jan 19, 2012


So a bunch of guys who go around killing bad guys; cutting throats, putting bullets in heads are NOT going to curse? "Gosh! What an amazing frickin' shot that was! Holy Jeebus! He's got a rocket launcher! Get the frick out of the way!"

Anonymous on Jan 18, 2012


Chuck Norris needed to be outed as wimp sooner or later and here's the proof. Spread the news. Expendables isnt much to look forward to if it doesnt pay homage to the hard-edged R action flicks of the 80s. Blood, Boobs and Bullets goddammit.

Voice of Reason on Jan 18, 2012


The Dark Knight was a great film... did It need a strong language?  If a movie is well written and well done, u don't need that.

Zim Li on Jan 18, 2012


The dark knight and the expendables arent even close to being in the same genre. Just no. and fuck chuck norris. Seriously. God said let there be fucking, light, and then chuck norris said only if you dont use vulgar langauge

Chip_Tha_Ripper on Jan 18, 2012


I know. I expendables is crap, the Dark Knight not so much.

Guest on Jan 19, 2012


Dude you're an idiot for even mentioning God, have some respect....Sorry about the "idiot" but you still are one.....

ed on Jul 27, 2012


Pizza is a great dish... but does it really need all that cheese?

Agent Kid Society on Jan 18, 2012


Agreed Zim.  There are plenty of great PG-13 action flicks without the unnecessary language and gore.   

hawk99 on Apr 26, 2012


 again... the expendables is not that kind of movie.. it is meant to be all violent baddassery. so stfu comparing this movie to the dark knight... expendables 2 NEEDS to be R rated. PERIOD.

beastlybossmaster on May 4, 2012


Whether Chuck lives or dies in this flick, I'm pretty sure he won't be invited back for the inevitable 3rd installment! 

Spider on Jan 18, 2012


Chuck Norris doesn't star in once-in-a-lifetime movies. He ruins them.

DAVIDPD on Jan 18, 2012


Ah, I can see Sly kickin' back and whispering to Jet Li, "I'll give you 500 grand just to mess him up. Don't kill him, just make his legs point the wrong way or something." Chuck Norris - Action movie speak for "Knob"

Thexn on Jan 18, 2012


Lmfao to death that would be a fight to see

Bruceleebl1 on Feb 10, 2012


sigh... really lame.. I thought the extreme and over the top violence was pretty lame in part 1.. But I still would rather of have it in the movie instead of taming down the film to pg-13 levels.  other then a chuckle seeing chuck norris in this I don't see how he would have the power to make such demands anyways. uhggg.

Epx211 on Jan 18, 2012


What?!?! This is BS.

ZzFDKzZ on Jan 18, 2012


Fucking Dickhead, then go back and shoot more Walker Texas Ranger since your so busy worrying about your career...I'm sure he never cussed out anyone when they fucked up building his exercise machine in china.

Marqwest on Jan 18, 2012


A lame Grade B actor.nothing more.

Abba on Jan 19, 2012


Good thing this movie will probably blow anyway. Way to ruin any chance it had Chuck.

Matt on Jan 18, 2012


I don't recall alot of vulgar language in the first one, except with what Terry Crews yelled towards the end, so what the hell is Chuck even talking about?Who wants to see that slow ass round house kick anyway?Bruce Lee is probably laughing in his grave right now!lol

jah p on Jan 18, 2012


They could have said "no" so get over it. Did 300 need fifty f-bombs to make it better?

ur_babys_daddy on Jan 18, 2012


.... really? I was FUCKING surprised that Chuck Norris was still alive. He hasn't had a proper job in ages and he comes trying to dumb down the opportunity to make The Expendables 2 better than the first. I thought only studio executives were that stupid. FUCK THIS...

Yahzee on Jan 18, 2012


This must be a joke.

Ryderup on Jan 18, 2012


I don't think it's an issue of cursing make the movie better or worse.  I just feel like cursing goes good with this type of movie.  It's a deliberately over the top ridiculous testosterone action explosion film.   Don't those Chuck Norris books have bad words in them?  I could be wrong.

Brian Ricci on Jan 18, 2012


I don't think it's just the cursing that's an issue. That was his complaint about the screenplay, but making sure an entire movie is rated PG-13 rather than just having PG-13 language could be the real issue. They will have to tone down the violence if the whole film will be rated PG-13. I sincerely hope it's just the language that is being taken down a notch though. At least for the fans who get jacked up on stuff like this.

Ethan Anderton on Jan 18, 2012


That don't sound good.

Carl on Jan 18, 2012


No big deal. You can have a good action movie without foul language and over the top bloody violence. In many cases having them in  takes away from the movie itself. 

Patrick on Jan 18, 2012


I hope Stallone doesn't let this become a PG13 flick. I love that Norris is in this, but he's the one that could easily be 86'd without ruining it for me. Dare I say he's "expendable"? I know that was lame. Anyway, fuck you Chuck! Don't you ruin this for me!

grimjob on Jan 18, 2012


Terrible idea. Please, Chuck, go back to being a meme. You're not that cool. I'm also tired of people pointing to The Dark Knight as some PG-13 holy grail of an action movies. That film could have used a bit of blood as there were characters killed, maimed and beaten up and yet not a single drop of blood. It made the action seem silly and left very little impact without any visible harm to the people involved. Was it a good movie? Yeah. Was it a good action movie? Hardly.

Mickyw33 on Jan 18, 2012


I'm expecting to see the same type of stuff I saw in the first Expendables, which was rated R.  Now they're going to tone it down just because Chuck Norris doesn't want to be in a movie with over the top foul language and violence.  I mean that's what The Expendables is all about right?  If Norris didn't want to be in that type of movie then they could have written him in as a flashback comrade who died saving someone's life or something.  It's like saying screw you Norris, but we'll still give you some respect for your fan base.

Boss Jones on Jan 18, 2012


Maybe the guy murdered on the job will be Norris' character...LOL!!  I pulled this from IMDB:  Mr. Church reunites the Expendables for what should be an easy paycheck, but when one of their men is murdered on the job, their quest for revenge puts them deep in enemy territory and up against an unexpected threat.

Boss Jones on Jan 18, 2012


The guy murdered on the job is Mickey Rourke's character. Chuck Norris obviously mistook this for a straight to DVD Machine Gun Preacher sequel.

JP on Jan 18, 2012


He probably wants them to have a group huddle and pray mid-battle too. Cause your always on the winning team with Jesus on your side. Chuck seems to have a place in some peoples hearts, but to me he was always just the guy who got battered by Bruce Lee. I always find it weird that people are more upset by bad language and sexual swearwords than horrific violence, just like the comic book folk. Weird.

Crapola on Jan 18, 2012


Fuck this shit

truong18 on Jan 18, 2012



Jimmynoir on Jan 18, 2012



Agent Kid Society on Jan 18, 2012


to all the above people upset with this - the first expendables was a piece of worthless crap WITH the "over-the-top" vulgarity.......... MAYBE the second film will be better.......why not wait and see. i could understand being upset if the 1st film was any good - but it wasn't.

Anonymous on Jan 18, 2012


Beavis. You talk the truth. It was a roid-fest of the highest order. What it had in bulging muscles it lacked in any sort of plot whatsoever. I just don't buy into the Church of Chuckie. 

Crapola on Jan 18, 2012


yea - expendables was lacking in a lot of ways. as far as chuck goes - i've never worshipped anybody......i have always liked chuck over others in that genre because he had real skills - guys like van damm and seagal are such posers.

Anonymous on Jan 18, 2012


This is all publicity! Good for advance word of mouth awareness! That stated, Chuck will probably not be back for the next film.  ....As for Van Damme and Seagal being poseurs, check your sources and do REAL research. 

Blue Silver on Jan 18, 2012


i couldn't care less about whether it's publicity or whatever. i was just LMAO at so many people being angry at a movie possibly having the vulgarity in it reduced. as far as the rest of your comment - it all comes down to opinion and there's no sense in debating that.  my opinion? if you like watching "pretty boy" van damm and seagal.

Anonymous on Jan 19, 2012


But Steve Seagull can play the blues, fo' realz, he he. Also Vandammage can do the split kicks like a balletic ninja baby. Folk will defend them forever though, my mate seriously wanted to go see Seagull play the blues when he came to my city, he kept saying 'but it's Seagull, we gotta go', we talked him out of it luckily. He does love a bit of Nico.

Crapola on Jan 18, 2012


Hey beevis. I'm curious if you liked any of the action movies from the 80's and 90's, or if this genre just doesn't appeal to you. Speaking for myself, I loved the first one, but I also grew up watching a lot of those cheesy, over-the-top action flicks, and still enjoy them to this day. Its just awesome to see a lot of the badasses from my youth blowing shit up together. I don't expect any oscar-worthy performances or anything.

grimjob on Jan 18, 2012


answer to the first question - hard to remember the 80s (ha!) but  in the 90s - some action films i liked were "last man standing"; "ronin"; and "sniper". hey! i like action movies - but expendables was just bad. as far as your "oscar-worthy" comment : i couldn't agree more.  there are movies i've loved that weren't necessarily classics (immortals, for example)  - but i enjoyed them...... and if you (or others) enjoyed expendables - that's cool.  my whole point is that this particular film isn't going to  be ruined by having some cursing taken out. and, that if that's such a big deal?......then i'd say i feel sorry for those who place value on such an insignificant thing. hope these answers help. 

Anonymous on Jan 18, 2012


Indeed sir, point taken as always. By the way, love your 3 examples up top, great movies! When you refer to Immortals, do you mean the recent release or the mid-90s Eric Roberts/Tia Carrere flick? In any case, both were good.

grimjob on Jan 18, 2012


recent release - thanks for the interesting replies.....hard to get that on this site.

Anonymous on Jan 19, 2012


fuck ur idea!

Adi on Jan 19, 2012


adi - you're a perfect example of what i was saying above.

Anonymous on Jan 19, 2012


You are obviously not old enough to understand the first movie's appeal. I went and saw it with my dad and we both loved it. It is a throwback to the old action films of the 80s. The Expendables is loads better than 90 percent of the shit they put in theaters today. Look at the Transformers films and that stupid Battleship movie and try and tell me The Expendables isn't better than those.

Josh Taylor on Jan 19, 2012


josh.....not old enough? - i'm 47! and remember all of those ridiculous action films. if this type of poorly done; cookie-cutter action movie appeals to you - then, fine. as far as the comparison to transformers or battleship? all three are laughable - i wouldn't pay to see any of them in a theatre.....but that's me. look - if you're happy with it, that's great. it isn't for me to judge what others should like. as i've said - i was only making a point that expendables1 wasn't that great and #2 losing some vulgarity couldn't possiblly make it any worse than #1.  

Anonymous on Jan 19, 2012


I don't care about foul language myself, I use it all the time,but I like that Chuck Norris has morally upright values, and I'm more than impressed  that he's willing to stick to those values in both his personal and professional values. That's also why I like Jackie Chan so much....I think  MORE celebrities, and ordinary people should have such integrity. To me, this is an example of someone who is perceived as a HERO ACTUALLY LIVING UP TO THAT DESIGNATION. And God knows, this is a time when we actually need them.

Djbstudios on Jan 18, 2012


*That should say ''Personal and professional life" - djb

Djbstudios on Jan 18, 2012


Yeah listen it's an action movie and If it's not bloody, grimy, good old fashioned vulgar manliness then I'm not going... Imagine John McClane's catch phrase being yippie ki yay mother freaker... Yeah Fuck that!

Rich K on Jan 18, 2012


Isn't the inclusion of an actor like Chuck Norris a tongue-in-cheek homage to the hyperbolic nature of the movie in general? The first installment made no attempts at hiding what it was, with a cast full of more testosterone than a marine arm-wrestling a minotaur on the back of a moving mac trunk falling off a cliff. The action will always be there, but I almost could see this as just an extension of the bombastic idea surrounding the movie. Why else include actors like Schwarzenegger or Norris? If not to draw attention then what? Surely not to add some more needed stunts, which would appear more and more comical at their age. The first one was a swing and a miss; this one will probably be similar.

Anonymous on Jan 18, 2012


Honestly i think you can still have a strong action film without cursing, dont get me wrong i love a good r rated film especially if it is suppossed to be an action film but with that said how many of stallones movies or arnold's movies or even van damme's movies have been rated r? Not too many. Not to mention the dialog in the first movie absolutely stunk!!!!! So if they classed it up a bit and still keep a strong level of action then im still looking forward to this movie. Just as long as they dont change the damn thing to PG. Lets hope the dialog is better in this one as well as the action!!!

batsupe on Jan 18, 2012


Whattt?? What do you mean not too many of those movies were rated r!  Bruce Willis, Stallone, Van Damme, and Arnold had there best action flicks were rated R! Rambo, Cobra, Predator, True Lies, Terminator, Die Hard, Cammando, etc.... It wasn;t till the late 90's that the studios decided to get "broader appeal" and isssfy the movies so the teens get get in and the studios could get more money. The whole point of the Expendables was that it was marketed as a real man movie for the guys. Now they want to make it for the teens and girlies also because Chucky wants it that way??  What a bunch of BS.

Adamrom on Jan 23, 2012


Don't neuter the movie for the sake of one guy who won't play ball. Ditch him.

Ricekrispycan on Jan 18, 2012


exactly, give him the "don't let you door his your @$$ on the way out"

MrbrewskiSays on Jan 27, 2012


Atleast a 15 i could handle would still have all the blood and not as concerned for the language as i am them dulling down the action and brutallity factor to make it PG-13..Shame..

Richardbadger on Jan 18, 2012


I dont understand why he is even in this movie.  Chuck Norris isnt even a bad-ass. If he was he would appear behind me right now and smash my face into the keykl;ash sdlkjf ;lsajf alsfj ljjllfd;jf

Turdface111 on Jan 18, 2012


Sorry Sly you don't instill confidence in me. Expendables was OK at best. Now you're going to downgrade PG-13. I may wait for Redbox for this one...

Zpayne02 on Jan 18, 2012


In all seriousness, he just took the expendables and made it GI Joe.  We'll see which GI Joes Movie better this summer...

Anonymous on Jan 23, 2012


I mean the majority of fans are ages 20+. No kid is going to see this fricken movie, let alone be a fan of the 80's action movies. Lose the language but keep the violence and gore that's what the fans want to see,

Zpayne02 on Jan 18, 2012


At least some1 knows how to behave decently in hollywood

Stevenfreestyler on Jan 18, 2012


which is why he is in the minority, where he belongs. he isn't even Hollywood, he's now just a joke with YOU 

MrbrewskiSays on Jan 27, 2012


Stallone vs Van Damme?! Oh yes. Cannot wait! I'm also just really excited to see Van Damme and Dolph Lundgren on screen together again. Universal Soldier (the first and only one worth a damn) is one of my favorites!

grimjob on Jan 18, 2012


Ooh it is going to be like Die Hard 4 then

Loser on Jan 18, 2012


Die hard 4 was a shit!

John on Jan 19, 2012


I wish Bruce Lee were still alive so he could kill Chuck Norris - again - and then star in this film and actually make it good.

Corey on Jan 18, 2012


Bruce Lee? hahaha Bruce Lee is most overrated man ever for no reason...

Johnson on Jan 19, 2012



Agent Kid Society on Jan 19, 2012


What do u mean by that ?

Bruceleebl1 on Feb 10, 2012


I just love how everyone is hating on wig wearing ol' chuck. I really doubt he had THAT much power over the end, the first one was a stinker. Nothing good about it. Nothing. Zero. Nada. 

Anonymous on Jan 18, 2012


Dude, isn't the time to change your wig?

Rouse on Jan 19, 2012


why don't you read the quotes FROM Chuck Norris. fool.  looks like the mouth-breathers are out

MrbrewskiSays on Jan 27, 2012


This is the best news! Bring the movie on!

Sm on Jan 19, 2012


Whether it is Rated G or R I am still watching this. You put Stallone and Schwarzenegger alone in a movie and it's guaranteed to be the best but you've also got Van Damme, Lundgren, Norris and Willis. Now that is guaranteed to be epic!

Fan! on Jan 19, 2012



grimjob on Jan 19, 2012


Agreed, I don't care if there is cussing every other word or not...i like the comic relief, and the crap blowing up... And to finally see the S.A.S. Train hit the screen with a bang!

VI0LAT0R on Feb 14, 2012


Don't care about rating at all. Chuck Norris rules.

Jimmy on Jan 19, 2012


The first one was barely 'R'. Only two or three f-bombs and all CGI gore. A PG-13 rating will not hurt this, and if it's filmed correctly Simon West can release an unrated director's cut. I'm down.

Blurb on Jan 19, 2012


This is terrible, the first was rated R because of the violence, nobody cares about cutting out swearing, this is trying to make more money at the box office. Fuck stallone, its an R rated franchise which is based on R rated movies. 

Quick_movies on Jan 19, 2012


I saw an edited down version of Expendables on a place after seeing the original in cinemas, and the inflight version was at least 10 minutes shorter, and had so many shots and scenes taken out the story was actually harder to follow, so the first one was definitely R-rated when it came down to the action. Still just as excited for the seuqel, just look at that cast!

Julesd76 on Jan 19, 2012


if they cut out the language..i really don't care. But don't take out the violence, that's like taking the sugar out of a good chocolate tablet. And i don't like dark chocolate tablets with no sugar ...i really don't. No sir.

Thebadguy on Jan 19, 2012


Not to bothered about the language but I am a little worried now as to the action will it be dulled down due to I am sorry a d-list has been I hope not

Craigeyrooney on Jan 22, 2012


There just better be a WHOLE BUNCH of unnecessary violence and corny dialogue; I know THAT much!

YaYa on Jan 22, 2012


I'm not gonna lie.  I was a bit shocked and disappointed when i first read this, but quickly realized that the Expendables made a lot of money as an R-rated flick and could only make that much more in a sequel with bigger stars and a few less F-bombs in a much larger scale flick.  I liked die hard 4, so it definately 'could' work as a PG-13, but part of the allure of the Expendables was the over-the-top language, muscles, fight sequences, 1-liners, explosions and gore that was all a throwback to when this genre was at its peak.  Removing or lessening any one of those elements kinda takes the tongue-in-cheek aspect away and makes it (at least) sound less fun (to me anyways).    

Anonymous on Jan 23, 2012


Chuck Norris isn't God - but he can beat him at racquetball.  

Jd on Jan 23, 2012


Chuck Norris, dont be such a pussy, You should be replaced by Stone Cold Steve Austin, but noooooo we get Walker texas ranger!!! Damn you Maquade!!!!

M Street31 on Jan 24, 2012


Stone Cold Steve Austin was in the first movie -- and his character DIED. Your argument is invalid.

Ranyos on Feb 1, 2012


Get rid of Father Norris and leave the movie in all its graffic glory.  I'm sick to death of adult movies being stuffed around to accommodate kids!  Spare me the goody two shoes crap!

Ezza72 on Jan 26, 2012


I'm boycotting this film. i won't watch it in theaters where the money that's made there is what determines how well a movie does.

A concerned citizen on Jan 26, 2012


Seriously? You're going to boycott a MOVIE? A piece of entertainment that, once the hype dies down and it makes its $2 million, will be forever forgotten (unless somehow it magically proves to be really good)? If THAT is what you choose to boycott, consider yourself a well-off, albeit naive, person.

Ranyos on Feb 1, 2012


expendables 2 rated M but Chuck Norris scaer the Rating system and become PG-13

Almozayaf on Jan 29, 2012


F*ck Norris. Is it not bad enough that Norris as a f*cking republican makes dumb statements? Now he is ruining Expendables 2 ...

Razor on Jan 31, 2012


All I know is...haters gonna hate. You don't even have a glimpse of this movie yet. All you have to go on was how good or bad the first film was. Who cares if there is no swearing in it? Sure, hearing Arnie drop F bombs like hot potatoes is funny as hell, but only because of his accent. Otherwise, action hero swearing is completely unnecessary except to quantify the emotion that their character feels at any given point in time. Granted, for as long as I have been on this earth, Chuck Norris has been a second rate actor. But his recent popularity on the Internet -- and his previous "experience" being an "action" star -- might just warrant him a part in this movie. The only thing that might turn me away is Stallone's GUARANTEE that this film is going to be great. Anytime that guy opens up his sideways mouth to speak, nothing but self-loving drivel comes out. And he usually proves himself wrong. But, hey, what do you expect from an aged, retired porn star?

Ranyos on Feb 1, 2012


Not cool... This movie is full of action heroes and shouldn't be rated PG-13, it should be rated R all the way, but these were the same rumors like the last film when it was begin filmed.

Bigbloodey on Feb 2, 2012


"“In ‘Expendables 2,’ there was a lot of vulgar dialogue in the screenplay. For this reason, many young people wouldn’t be able to watch this. But I don’t play in movies like this,” Norris explained." What a load of crap.  So, R rated films with vulgar language like The Hitman, Code of Silence, and Invasion USA were alright.  Yet it's not alright in Expendables 2?  What a hypocrite.

Nagumo10001 on Feb 4, 2012


The movie can be done without him in it.the first movie was not made for kids,why should this one.Chuck with all of the movies you have done in the past shooting killing blowing up and kicking the shit out of people,why feel this way about this one.stay home and keep promoting you exercise machine and let us,the people enjoy what we the adults enjoy what will be a great movie rated R with or without you. I still like who you are.i grew up watching all of your movies.

Kylersdad on Feb 5, 2012


what a bunch of complaining little girls you people are - and you haven't seen the movie yet! He's not perfect and he would be the first person to admit that but just because the guy has some values and wants to be responsible you people run him down for that. If you don't like what they have done, then don't go and watch the movie.

lols on Feb 6, 2012


Griping and whining about a pg13 rating is the dumbest thing I've ever heard. First of all, it's just a movie, get over it. Secondly, although I enjoyed the first movie, the language and the cgi blood did nothing for me. Personally I like the hand to hand combat the best. Thirdly, people always complain about cgi in movies, now they're complaining that there will be no cgi blood and guts. This new movie will be way better than the first in terms of direction, editing, action, story, and character development, plus it has Chuck and Van Damme and even Arnold and Bruce in on the action. What is so special about hearing the f-word? Say it to yourself if you need to hear it. It's free. Why do you need to pay 13 bucks to hear it?

Chuck Norris is OK with Me on Feb 7, 2012


Chucky, This movie is the sequel to the first Expendables ergo their both connected. what will you say to the interviewer "I was in the cleaner second movie, I felt it could be presented in a way all my fans could enjoy together in harmony and not be influenced to go out and swear at someone, I would feel so bad if that happened. I don't think I'd do another movie if I knew I was responsible for that. We Republicans have ethics"

Emily Sumner on Feb 7, 2012


Why even have Chuck in this movie!? He sux anyways, let him be Texas ranger. Mess up a great movie to put these lame ass actors back on the screen!

Quino413 on Feb 8, 2012


those of you whining about the removal of the vulgar language have just gotten used to the poor writing of todays script writer's. They get writer's block and throw in curse words for filler.  I agree foul language is useful in selling some scenes, but it gets used so much now, in places it's not even necessary.  So, good for Chuck on curbing the language.  But if you mess with the violence your ASS should be canned.

Bluefirebird1969 on Feb 12, 2012


Lmao!!!!! Man. I've been up for an hour reading everyones post. Lol!!!! I haven't laughed this hard in years. All I can say is that I enjoyed the first Expendables and couldn't wait to see the second one. But I believe the 2nd one is gonna take a hit and lose money because of the audience it was intended for originally. I don't mind the vulgar language being cut down but with it being PG-13 you better believe that it won't be as graphic as the first one. And call me crazy but I think Chuck is gonna get knocked off in the first 10 mins of the film. Either way I still intend on checking it out.

Hotrod79 on Feb 14, 2012


Chuck, you are a wanker ! So piss off you old bastard.

Rxilly on Feb 20, 2012


I don't believe it.. Chuck Norris.. Grrr! Why Sly? Why? So many other actions you could have chosen it.  This should be R rated, it wasn't meant for teens.  And Chuck Norris should have been 'chucked' out! Mercenaries swear like sailors, that's normal and expected.  I will only see this movie if a director's uncensored cut comes out on DVD.  And I hope Chuck Norris' character gets a bullet between the eyes so that he's not going to be in Expendables 3

Houboutv on Feb 21, 2012


they screwed up diehard with pg13 now there gonna do this dumb shit again

Brian on Mar 16, 2012


Chuck Norris didn't make them change the script, he simply stated that he didn't want to be in the movie if it was rated R. If your going to blame someone blame the director. 

brohaha on Mar 23, 2012


There goes another good movie down the drain thanks to PG 13 ratings this also happened to the Predator Termanator and Many Horror films today that's like making a 300 sequel PG13 dumbasses lol

Pantillion123 on Mar 23, 2012


It's a shame that all of these guys can't make a great movie, but there are too many egos in the way!

Vuko642 on Apr 16, 2012


Are all of these guys going to share the Total Gym with Chuck? Maybe Christie Brinkley should be in the movie too!? WTF!

Vuko642 on Apr 16, 2012


I can beleiv chuck borris, becuase of foul language he dident do the what a pussy for reals

Samuria on Apr 18, 2012


I'm so surprised of the I.Q levels of people nowadays. Its extremely low with no signs of improvement. A lot of comments in this blog shows it so clearly. The article above clearly described what happened! 1, the producers invited chuck to be part of the sequel film, (he didn't impose himself, they came to get him) 2, he stated his terms to be part of the film was the removal of all vulgar languages (remember His terms! - more like a business transaction) 3, then like any a business transaction, for the anticipated partnership to work, there must be an AGREEMENT to the declared terms which in this case was the removal of all vulgar languages. 4, they (the producers) agreed to it and wala! chuck came in! So, would who you blame? or rather who should you blame for the turning up of the film the way it did? .......  Think people!!!  

the watchman on May 3, 2012


I personally think that it is stupid how people think a good movie is only good because of the amount of cuss words in it.

Anonymous on May 26, 2012


I think it shows how sick everyone on here is when you insist on swearing and blood and gore to make a movie good. I for one prefer my movies without all of that, I don't let my teen son watch that garbage, and this message board speaks volumes about why our country is in the shape it's in.

ckincaid on Aug 17, 2012


chuck norris is a pussy, there are people dying and he's afraid of some cursing? It makes the movie less realistic that they can't curse that much, I don't think chuck norris overpowered jokes will be the same anymore... they should have cut him out IMO and said "be a part of this action movie legend and quit being a damn baby"

ANders on Aug 25, 2012

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