The Green Dragon Inn from 'The Lord of the Rings' is Now A Real Pub

December 24, 2012
Source: Nerd Bastards

Green Dragon Inn

Peter Jackson's The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey is out in theaters right now, and it's become one of the biggest talking points of the season not necessarily in regards to Oscars, but to 48 fps (aka HFR) and whether or not this first part of his return to Middle Earth was as enjoyable as his Lord of the Rings trilogy. The debate rages on, and the Tolkien-ization of New Zealand continues as Nerd Bastards (via Slashfilm) points out that Hobbiton, the tourist site that houses the sets where some of LOTR and The Hobbit were filmed, has turned The Green Dragon Inn, one of the Shire's local bars, into an actual functioning pub.

Check out these stunning photos of The Green Dragon pub, posted courtesy of Nerd Bastards:

Green Dragon Pub

Green Dragon Pub

Green Dragon Pub

Green Dragon Pub

Green Dragon Pub

While the interiors for the movies were actually filmed on sound stages in Wellington, NZ, they've been painstakingly recreated and rebuilt inside the pub, which now serves as part of the official Hobbiton tour. If you take the tour, you will receive one free refreshment, your choice of ale, cider, or non-alcoholic ginger beer. The place is available for private parties and the interior seats 100 people, but if you have a huge gathering, they can even recreate Bilbo's birthday arrangements for you in day or night. How badass would that be? Anyone want to fly to New Zealand for my next birthday party? A functioning Green Dragon is a great addition to Hobbiton, and though it's no Prancing Pony, it's awesome that New Zealand is embracing Jackson's movies and encouraging fans from all over the world to visit the closest place to Middle-Earth.

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i think an even bigger talking point is the exposure of just how bad so-called "critics" can be at informing people about a movie - exit polls at theatres have been showing a large majority of people loved the film. many critics made this film sound like it was very poorly done - which it wasn't. i just read today that the film has made over 430 million in less than 2 weeks worldwide. the film critics come off looking pretty foolish. btw - i assume the inn has been created to accommodate people - if it's made to scale for hobbits, that could be a little difficult for a group of people to move around in....... or sit in chairs. LOL

beevis on Dec 24, 2012


Idk what that has to do with a recreation of a pub.

Guest on Dec 24, 2012


this is because you aren't bright enough to read the article. as a matter of fact, it's the FIRST SENTENCE OF THE ARTICLE that i was commenting on.

beevis on Dec 24, 2012


I've only heard good things, nothing bad.

Kris Bissell on Dec 24, 2012


Well, the box office success has nothing to do with whether or not the film is good. Even if the film was even more widely panned, this is the kind of blockbuster that people will see for themselves no matter what, especially with family around the holidays. But plenty of other writers have been talking about how the film is underwhelming, and many of my non-writer friends who are big Lord of the Rings fans have been somewhat disappointed. For my money, the film uses Lord of the Rings as too much of a crutch, and would've been much better if it stuck to The Hobbit story and let the eventual extended cut of the film add the elements that set up Lord of the Rings.

Ethan Anderton on Dec 24, 2012


since we disagree on everything - we'll just have to let it go at that.

beevis on Dec 24, 2012


beevis wrote: "many critics made this film sound like it was very poorly done - which it wasn't. i just read today that the film has made over 430 million in less than 2 weeks worldwide. the film critics come off looking pretty foolish." Which is just like saying, "Many food critics warn us that soft drinks are full of artificial ingredients and chemicals that are unhealthy. But lots and lots of people drink soft drinks. So the food critics come off looking pretty foolish." Yeah, why don't those critics get with the program? If people like it, it must be good.

Jeffrey Overstreet on Dec 24, 2012


that's a very poor analogy jeffery. although i'm not sure who you mean when you refer to a "food critic", anyone who makes a claim on food being unhealthy based on fact (in this case - the ingredients in the soda) is entirely different than someone making a subjective claim on a movie. i get your point though.

beevis on Dec 24, 2012


You changed your avatar. What are you doing?

David Banner on Dec 24, 2012


I'd love to get Merry and Pippin in that place, well steaming. Looks great, how do you get there though? I have a mate in Wellington, so ahm half way there!

Carpola on Dec 24, 2012


People are gunna LARP the shit out of that place, drunk 😉

David Banner on Dec 24, 2012


Too good!

Carpola on Dec 24, 2012


I LARP better when Im drunk anyway.

LosZombies on Dec 25, 2012



A5J4DX on Dec 25, 2012


Hi do we have to join the tour before getting into the green dragon pub

Phoebe on Dec 26, 2012

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