'The Grey' May Come Back to Theaters in October for an Oscar Run

January 25, 2012
Source: The Playlist

The Grey

While it's a bit odd to be talking about a re-release nine months away days before the movie is even released in theaters to begin with, I don't mind, because this is exactly what I wanted to hear. Joe Carnahan's The Grey arrives in theaters this weekend, and it's easily one of the best films of the first half of this year, I've seen it twice and it's fantastic. More importantly, not only does the script deserve plenty of acclaim, but so does Liam Neeson, who gives an phenomenal performance. It's being theoretically "dumped" in January, even though I think it could be a huge breakout hit, but Carnahan says they might re-release it in October.

One of the many sites that interviewed Carnahan recently was The Playlist, and the last question they asked was regarding the January release date. "If we'd been able to launch in Toronto, which was our initial plan, but we wound up six weeks behind because of effects," Carnahan explains. So since they missed the Toronto Film Festival last year, it's being released this month anyway, but will it get lost in the mix and be forgotten about by the end of the year when the 2013 Oscar race starts up again? Potentially (hopefully not), but that's when Carnahan says they're already planning an October re-release for an Oscar qualifying run. He says:

"Let's ignore the fact that everybody says January's a dumping ground. They make too many movies these days for any one month to be a dumping ground. Obviously Taken was a January release for Liam that did quite well. Honestly, it's nice to even be mentioned, the idea that people even think it's awards-worthy. That's flattering. Open Road has said flat out and sort of scrawled it in blood that they're going to release the film in October 2012 for a qualifying run, which is great.”

That is great, indeed. Even better because I do think Neeson deserves awards acclaim, and I hope he gets plenty even another 10 to 12 months from now. That's the problem with releasing in January, even if it is a great film, everyone will have moved on and forgotten about it by the time we hit the summer. Which is also exactly why I was hoping they'd do something like this, and it's great to know it's coming without having to wait until September to hear about it. I just hope Open Road Films holds true this, no matter how well (or how poorly) it fares at the box office this weekend, because it's an outstanding movie and one that deserves to get awards later this year. Be sure to go see The Grey in theaters first this opening weekend - it's worth it!

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Omg boycotthollywood! That scene isn't in the movie!?! Ugh it looks like the best part! I'm gonna see it thursday midnight showing so I hope it rocks. Love all the movies that Carnahan has made so far. Did you like the film?

CrAzy Olyphant on Jan 26, 2012


from what alex says..  It is amazing.. im going to see it hopefully soon

can'twait on Jan 26, 2012


I can't wait to see this. It reminds me so much of THE EDGE, which I dug.

DAVIDPD on Jan 26, 2012


Well, with NCFOM, you just misunderstood what the movie was about. It was never about Anton or Moss or the chase or who won or lost. The movie was about Bell the entire time. It wasn't building to a showdown. It was building to Bell, retired, recounting a dream he had about his father. He realizes that evil will always exist, no matter how much of your life you dedicate to stopping it. The fact that the movie opens with Bell ruminating on this topic over imagery of desolate landscape - making the final scene a perfect bookend - should make it pretty clear that this is what the movie's really about. So they weren't omitting the climax at all; you were just looking in the wrong place.

Alex on Jan 27, 2012


(I should probably clarify that I'm a different Alex)

Alex on Jan 27, 2012


That particular shot wasn't in the movie but him confronting the alpha was

Tjprater53 on Jan 27, 2012


Oh my goodness, people. Where is your common sense. This movie is disgusting and outrageous. It is one of those fear inflicting movies about wolves. Wolves are not man eaters. It is giving these endangered species a bad rap, especially during the current hunt in the Norther Rockies. What is next, portraying dogs as man eaters, too???? When does this craziness stop!? Wake up, people and smell the roses!!! Besides, 4 Wolves were killed during production and eaten by cast and crew. Should this kind of animal cruelty be tolerated. Liam Neeson should have made a different movie and not one condoning animal cruelty. Anyone who goes to see this movie, is an advocate of animal cruelty. I am sorry. I refuse to waste my money and some shitty movie.

PAgal73 on Jan 28, 2012


It's a movie.  Fiction.  You may as well petition to ban Little Red Riding Hood and Jaws too.  Nobody wants to commit animal cruelty after watching this movie.  I love animals, and I don't have a problem with this movie at all.  The wolves that were killed for the movie were already dead after being killed by a trapper for preying on cattle.  So if you have a problem with that, then go petition to make trapping illegal, because that's where the problem lies.  Making a big deal about boycotting this movie is just a waste of time.

ohboyherewego on Jan 30, 2012


So bitch, if you get stranded in that area and wolves are hunting you down, are you just going to let them eat you?  Or are you going to stand up and kill the wolf?  

Blakxzep on Feb 5, 2012

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