'The Muppets' Strike Back at Fox News After Brainwashing Reports

January 30, 2012
Source: SlashFilm

Kermit the Frog Press Conference

There were plenty of videos we featured throughout the lead-up to the release of The Muppets in theaters last November. However, everyone's favorite Jim Henson creations are back, but this time they mean business. After the film hit the box office and please most critics and audiences alike, a bit of an eyebrow-raising report came from Fox News claiming that the film was trying to brainwash kids into being against capitalism, oil companies and generally forcing a liberal agenda down their throats. Disney and the filmmakers remained quiet, but now there's finally a response from their fearless leader Kermit the Frog.

For your reference, here's the original television report from Fox Business originally from 2012:

And here's the hilarious response form Kermit the Frog at a recent press conference (via SlashFilm):

James Bobin ("Flight of the Conchords") is at the helm of this new Muppets movie, which follows Walter and Gary (Segel), two die-hard Muppet fans and loyal brothers who must save Muppet Studios by reuniting Kermit, Piggy, and the entire troupe to stage an "old-fashioned extravaganza." The cast is chock full of all kinds of celebrity cameos and other great random appearances, including Amy Adams, Chris Cooper, Rashida Jones, Zach Galifianakis, Neil Patrick Harris, Feist, Jack Black, John Krasinski and many more. Disney will be bringing The Muppets to Blu-Ray/DVD shelves March 20th. It's almost here, pre-order it!

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They should be forced to change the title of Fox News to Fox Opinions. Subversive Muppets? Really? The problem is that some people out there are actually dumb enough to believe that crap.

Thexn on Jan 30, 2012


I never even heard about this... Fox needs to just go away. 

Bibowski on Jan 30, 2012


fox sucks so much cock it will never go away that easy

Anonymous on Feb 2, 2012


I mean, I know the Fox thing was stupid, really stupid. But I do not want my muppets, even in self defense, entering anywhere close to politics. Even if its just retorting to a news channel. Lets stay Muppety folks. The people behind the muppets? sure. But that was out of character for Kermit.  Just saying. 

Al on Jan 30, 2012


'really stupid'? sir, you understate! i genuinely cannot believe the Fox report. really, i can't. i assumed it must be a really well written spoof, especially re: 'we're teaching our children class warfare - where are we, Communist China?' i know what you mean about the Muppets not commentating, but i don't agree entirely - when Piggy says 'if they take what i say seriously, they got a real big problem,' you realise she's hit the nail on the head.

Anonymous on Jan 31, 2012


do I take what Piggy says seriously? No. do I take what kermit says seriously? yes. That was no Kermit. 

Al on Jan 31, 2012


i love that we're considering the various merits of Muppets as social spokespuppets! but seriously, i do know what you mean. Kermie was always the soul of the Muppets.

Anonymous on Feb 2, 2012


Fox aren't a news network, they admitted they don't tell the truth, they just make the 'news' up. People still seem to watch it though. Some actually take it as fact when it's closer to fecal matter. I've no real comment on the Muppets.

Crapola on Jan 30, 2012


The point being, I don't want Muppets to get involved. No matter how dumb and unfair the attack was. This is so un-muppet. 

Al on Jan 30, 2012


FOX News Response: "How unprofessional of Kermit; he doesn't even wear a shirt to a press conference" 

Nick Sears on Jan 30, 2012


FoxNews...that's the biggest load of BS I've ever heard in my life!!! What a joke!!!

SGC51 on Jan 30, 2012


more like rightwing capitalist BS trying to stir the boat, crap like this could only come from USA, beware with rupert murdoch in power with fox your phones maybe taped

Ayatollahofswing on Jan 30, 2012


Bahaha " Why would that muppet be starving?... Food Stamp Muppet" "Spent the entire film in a gas guzzling Rolls Royce" I laughed my ass off at both clips!

McWilly on Jan 30, 2012


Screw Fox News.  They'll do anything to bring in ratings.  They accused Mass Effect of having hardcore sex and graphic nudity and they hadn't even played the freaking game. 

Chris Amaya on Jan 30, 2012


The fact that (in an societal sense) the USA is a goddamn laughingstock overseas, can be wholly traced back to Fox News. Despair America, because Fox are fucking ruining you. 

Lebowski on Jan 30, 2012


If other countries are laughing at us because of Fox news, they are the ones demonstrating foolish ignorance...

Al on Jan 30, 2012


You voted for someone like W. Bush twice. That combined with Fox News make USA look kind of funny.

Ryderup on Jan 31, 2012


To ignore other accomplishments of the country and write it off based upon a news channel is ignorance to the highest degree. 

Al on Jan 31, 2012


Fox + News + Fox News + The Muppets (there are WAY too many jokes in that for me to even bother try!)

Agent Kid Society on Jan 31, 2012


Oh ya, like ANY network other than Fox is "Fair and Balanced". Wake up people.

Cadman51 on Feb 1, 2012


tex richman wasnt the villian because he ran an oil company, it was because he LIED to the muppets and said that he was going to make their studio a museum when his true intentions were to demolish the studio and drill for oil. also, the term 'muppets' and 'sesame street' are not interchangable fox news.. please get a clue. 

B Jones92 on Feb 4, 2012

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