TIFF 2012: 'Cloud Atlas' is a Cinematic Revelation on a Grand Scale

September 8, 2012

Cloud Atlas Review

"Fear. Belief. Love. Phenomena that determine the course of our lives." It's the movie of the year. A bold, ambitious, grand storytelling accomplishment that I dare say is a true cinematic revelation. I have been anxiously/impatiently waiting to finally see filmmakers Andy & Lana Wachowski and Tom Tykwer take on adapting David Mitchell's epic novel Cloud Atlas, which seamlessly blends six different storylines in an attempt to look at the meaning of life and the decisions that impact this universe. I will forever be able to say - I was there, at the Cloud Atlas premiere, that ended with an enormously deserving standing ovation.

Cloud Atlas found me at the perfect time in my life and the paths I happen to be on myself, converging at the right time and the right place tonight for this experience to pay off perfectly. In short - they pulled it off. The Wachowskis and Tykwer have made a movie that truly pushes the boundaries of cinematic storytelling. It pushes, even challenges, the audience itself to seek the brilliance within it, while also ask that they try to discover something about themselves while watching it. Not many movies come close to doing that, in any way. And those that are unmoved by the way this pushes the audience must be, unfortunately, blind to the revelations within. Cloud Atlas is an achievement of the grandest of scales. It may forever change your life.

As most should already familiar from the trailers, Cloud Atlas attempts to intertwine six century-spanning storylines. Everything from: a ship traveling across the Pacific in 1800s harboring a freed slave; a legendary composer working on his final moving piece with a young amanuensis; a journalist putting integrity above all else; an elderly book publisher living out his final years; a "fabricant" clone becoming independent and fulfilling her destiny in future Seoul; and the transcendence of love across time and space in the far future. There's no point in me attempting to explain the stories, how they intertwine, or why, because that is the revelation itself. It may take 3, 4, even 10 viewings to fully understand, and that's the brilliance within it.

I have always believed, and will continue to believe, that the Wachowskis are filmmakers who make movies that are ahead of their time. They make the kind of movies that stand as strong, and even grow, with time; that years down the line will be recognized as achievements (even if they're not the biggest financial hits). The kind of movies that, those who look for more out of experiential entertainment can find in them, if they choose to. If you accept their challenge in this, as the audience, to embrace what is presented, you too will discover the revelation, but it's truly up to you and you alone - to look for and find that magnificence within.

Cloud Atlas blends the various storylines and actors used throughout into a masterpiece of storytelling. It cuts between each segment, but never leaves the viewer confused or out of touch, unless they're too lazy to follow along. The dialogue in each timeframe is unique, but nonetheless lyrical, sometimes poetic, used in ways to convey the sense of depth they're exploring simply by living. I can see where some might gloss over the more revelatory nature of the segments, and instead scoff at the occasional levity and absurdity (Tom Hanks as a gangster? Wow no way!), but I believe that speaks more about them that it actually does the film.

Whether or not I understood every scene, I certainly felt the emotion, deep down within me. By the end I was wiping away tears. Tears of joy, out of pure happiness, from realizing that they have accomplished what I thought might not be possible. Tears because, remarkably, my mind might have been starting to come to an understanding of life and this universe merely through a presentation of a few different meaningful stories. How do they all connect? What does it all mean? What is life about? These are questions that I kept asking, and will continue to ask, every time I see it. Every person in the world could give a different answer, a different interpretation, again it comes down to what the watcher him/herself is looking to get out of it.

Not only is Cloud Atlas an achievement in storytelling, it is a technical masterwork as well. Especially the cast, and their make-up. Many of the actors do indeed appear in all six stories, playing people of different race and sex. Here it's not even asking the viewers to suspend their disbelief, because it's all pulled off with perfection, making it look like there isn't even a make-up job to be worried about. This is who they are, their soul captured in a different character. Again - what does it all mean? Why is Tom Hanks' character bad in one storyline, good in another? I honestly think it's just the century-spanning, multiple-lifetime character arc that we get to see many of these individuals go on. That is their path to one of the big revelations in this.

As for the cast, everyone shines. Tom Hanks runs the show appearing in all six, but is matched by Hugo Weaving (a total badass as always), Halle Berry (stands out in many ways), Jim Sturgess (particularly impressive), Hugh Grant (in his best roles yet), James D'Arcy (very endearing) and Doona Bae as the pivotal Sonmi-451. Tykwer and the Wachowskis' give us a taste of almost every genre, every kind of emotion, entertainment and intrigue in every form. While it could have been even longer, exploring each segment further, it's concise enough to my tastes, and gave me more than enough to believe in each storyline. I didn't want to find myself disinterested with one waiting for the next, and thankfully never felt that was the case.

What more can I say besides see it yourself and go in optimistic? Movies to me have always been about what you, personally as the viewer, take from them. How they impact you. What they mean to you. And I truly believe if you keep yourself open to it, Cloud Atlas can be a revelation and change the way you view life on this world. At the very least, it's a massive cinematic accomplishment on the grandest scale, an utterly enchanting, moving, remarkable storytelling masterpiece. Let it affect you. Discover the revelations yourself.

Alex's Toronto Rating: 10 out of 10

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Wow. I wanted to see this movie before. A B+ from Brad at RopeofSilicon, a 10/10 from Alex here.... Wow. (Just a note, I would watch this movie even if you gave it a 0/10 or if Brad gave it an F.)

Greg dinskisk on Sep 8, 2012


Epic movie making. #Wachowskis

Nope on Sep 8, 2012


I just saw it as well, and whole heartedly agree with your 10/10 scoring. Beautiful, epic film

Jason McDonald on Sep 8, 2012


Fanastic news! I had such high hopes for this, and was really rooting for the film makers. They have my money either way. No studio would ever have the balls to make a film like this.

MW on Sep 8, 2012


How was the make up for Weavings oriental part?

Xerxexx on Sep 8, 2012


Horrid. Oriental is an obsolete term considered a racial slur now. Dig?

DJANGO on Sep 11, 2012


Wow.....Im so happy it didnt fall flat on its face. Thank god, this seems like a perfect film for our time...cant wait.

Cody W on Sep 8, 2012


i want to believe the review but to say that wachowskis make movies "ahead of their time"... instead of acknowledging that speed racer and the last 2 matrix movies were superficial puffery that failed the promises of their premises is to invite my skepticism. is this a level headed review or the glossallallic ravings of a fanboy?

jin choung on Sep 8, 2012


Well. Let's do the math. Alex is a boy. He is a fan of the Wachowskis.

Quanah on Sep 8, 2012


Whoever had problems with Matrix Reloaded and Revolutions probably didn't understand the whole concept and needs to rewatch he said, they were ahead of their time.

Dawkito on Sep 9, 2012


Reloaded+Revolutions are diluted compared to the first. The Second Renassaince short offers more than both movies combined. Sorry kid

Richie G on Sep 9, 2012


he did kind of go "jeremy kirk" on this one.

beevis on Sep 9, 2012


What does that even mean...?

Alex Billington on Sep 9, 2012


it means (like jeremy) you've gone kind of over-the-top on this review. i think it's great you loved it. (i'm looking forward to seeing this film in a big way ) however, no movie is as life changing as you make this sound...... not to mention your description of the Wachowski's - and that's why i brought the JK analogy. every review he writes comes across as if he's trying to write something very profound - and movie reviews don't need that kind of depth. it wasn't meant as a criticism - i just thought it (your review) reminded me of his type of hyperbole.

beevis on Sep 9, 2012


My main issue with this, is that you said no movie is as life changing as Alex made this sound. Was there not a movie that made you want to start watching movies, halfway seriously? A movie that changed your opinion about something? Anything like that? Almost everyone I know has been changed by a movie one way or another.

Greg dinskisk on Sep 9, 2012


depends on how you define "life-changing"....i think of - having a child or surviving a disaster like a plane crash. watching movies is a wonderful thing. it can be very emotional in a variety of ways ....but to actually change my life? it sounds (to me) like you're talking about movies being thought-provoking when you speak of movies changing your opinion on something. thanks for the very thoughtful reply - it's always nice to get that kind of interesting feedback.

beevis on Sep 9, 2012


@beevis. Kinda harsh comment about the reviewer. have not even seen the movie and are reviewing the reviewer? go harsh on someone else's review. And why even bother going to see any movie or read any book if you don't think it might change your life? Narrow minds like yours are why books got burned back in the day when narrow minds tried to control what people wanted to write about. Watching movies absolutely changes lives. Just ask any filmmaker or actor or director which movie they watched that change their lives enough to become what they are. Experiencing a real life trauma is not the only thing that changes peoples lives. There are thousands of filmmakers who make documentaries hoping their movies will change peoples lives. @Alex.. dont ever let people who think so highly of themselves, like this person, hold you back when a movie you see changes your life. Keep the emotions and excitement in your reviews and thanks for being so honest about your personal thoughts on the movie and people involved in making it. 🙂

Seb on Sep 9, 2012


-why bother seeing a movie or reading a book?....for ENTERTAINMENT; or to relax; or spend time with friends....i could go on if you need more reasons. -how is my comment harsh towards the movie? i can't wait to see it! -bookburning? are you a loon - i have a HUGE library of books and wouldn't trade them for anything ..... and when did i say i wanted to control what people think or write?- are you insane? -harsh comment? no - it's an opinion and i told alex there was no criticism intended - OR DON'T YOU READ? -narrow mind? hardly - as i ALSO SAID - it depends on how each individual defines "life-changing".....but as i said before -YOU DON'T READ. -thousands? give me 50 and how their lives were specifically changed. as far as thinking "highly of myself"....please explain how i'm expressing that? and should any person (yourself included) feel bad about themselves? i think everyone should try to have a positive outlook about themself as a person. you should have reread your comment (and my comments) before posting.

beevis on Sep 9, 2012


@beevis.... I do read.. thank you very much! You clearly criticized him. You compared him to a different reviewers style you dont like.... And saying you did not mean to criticize him after the fact makes you more of a butthead than a beevis. - "movie reviews don't need that kind of depth" your words beevis...... How is that not criticism? What ....getting deep on a life changing experience to difficult for you to believe when it comes to a movie? You wanted him to do a review of a 3 hour movie and not go deep? I saw the movie also.... even though it did not change my life I kept an open positive mind on how it could change someone else's life when they said it did. Why waste giving you 50 movies when in your head its not even possible... yup... you are not narrow minded at all. Well I will give you one- but i am sure you will make fun of it. Night of the Living Dead - watched it when i was a kid - sacred me for years.... changed my life since I thought for a time as a kid zombies were real- you could easily say I was traumatized by what I saw..... Could not sleep for weeks. Now I enjoy the fear I feel when watching shows like the Walking Dead even though I know they are not real. I still cant sleep when i watch an episode. You think highly of yourself because you think people cant have a life changing experience by watching a movie. Maybe it cant change YOU but its changing others around you and thus changing your world .....good and bad. You think highly of yourself because you cant accept that this movie changed a persons life when they were honest about their experience. I only chimed in because I don't want people like you to have a single negative effect on people like Alex when he writes his reviews. I know it probably wont but just wanted to make it clear others appreciate his honesty.

Seb on Sep 9, 2012


then you should have posted - "alex, i appreciate your honesty" - instead of writing a horribe post full of erroneous info? sorry to say this; but, i'm through with you. you're clearly way too emotional about this..... and this post (like your last) isn't making very much sense. good luck living your life the way movies guide you to live it.

beevis on Sep 10, 2012


You're entitled to your opinion, but to say that fiction is incapable of changing the way people think is astonishingly short-sighted. Literature and art are constantly impacting people on both a societal and individual level. If it was not capable of doing so, no society would ever bother tightly controlling it... and yet that's been commonplace throughout history (and still is in many countries today). Storytelling is one of the oldest and most effective ways of conveying truths about the human condition. If someone gleans meaning from a film and decides to apply it to their own lives, is that really so surprising? And who are you and me to judge, anyway?

Ali Miller on Sep 10, 2012


ali - no offense, but you are talking about things i did NOT even comment on. and your post really isn't very cohesive. also, speaking in generalizations doesn't establish anything. anyway - i'll give you a few responses to the ideas you've sent my way. -please keep your replies to what i POSTED. i never mentioned art or literature. it's a subject i have no reason (or interest) in talking about with you. -when did i say that fiction is incapable of changing the way people think about something..... i did NOT say that. - of course storytelling is an effective way of conveying the human condition - so what does that have to do with my previous posts that you are responding to? - and what exactly are you talking about when you say "gleans some meaning from a film and decides to apply it to your own life"? - as far as your last sentence - what the hell are you talking about? i said alex review was similar in style to one jeremy might write. and now you are accusing me of judging people. sorry to say, ali - but i have to draw the same line here with you that i did with seb. i'm sure you have good intentions but your post is not based on what i was speaking of and is, basically, one rambling rant. i'm not going to respond to any more of this from you. put together something that actually replies to what i posted and have it make some sense - and i'll reply. otherwise, i won't.

beevis on Sep 10, 2012


- "no movie is as life changing as you make this sound......" - "movie reviews don't need that kind of depth" - "watching movies is a wonderful thing. it can be very emotional in a variety of ways ....but to actually change my life?" Those were the specific comments I was responding to. I'm sorry if that was unclear. "please keep your replies to what i POSTED. i never mentioned art or literature. it's a subject i have no reason (or interest) in talking about with you." You're talking about film, which IS both art and literature. If you believe otherwise, I suppose we really don't have anything further to talk about, and I'll refrain from bothering you with more of my rambling incoherence. :] Cheers.

Ali Miller on Sep 10, 2012


thanks for not wasting any more of my time...... after this post - your last one is now a monument to literary incompetence. i can't believe your last post is supposed to be connected to these comments. it wasn't that you were unclear - your responses didn't make any sense. and thanks again - you gave me a good laugh.

beevis on Sep 10, 2012


Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee. I couldn't be in more agreement with you Ali. And Alex, great review and looking forward to this film. As a side note, I've downloaded the extended trailer on my mp3 player - narration and dialogue included - and I've yet to stop listening to it. There's something about this film that seems to be unshakable. Grand storytelling indeed. 🙂

Voltage on Sep 16, 2012


Southland tales changed my life forever 😀

Cody W on Sep 9, 2012


"jeremy kirk " thats star wars right?

me on Sep 9, 2012


Most of the Wachowski's films are inaccessible to most people. Speed Racer, for instance, is a remarkably inaccessible film. The last two Matrix movies are like that too. And personally, I prefer the second Matrix to the first.

Greg dinskisk on Sep 9, 2012



max on Sep 10, 2012


Just because a film isn't made for you doesn't mean it's pretentious... Wow I hate that word...

Greg dinskisk on Sep 10, 2012


I agree with what you said, but not how you said it. Ugh

Richie G on Sep 9, 2012


Half way through the novel and loving it. Glad to hear the film is living up to it.

Hawk99 on Sep 8, 2012


I am so happy to hear this. Your review definitely confirms everything I was hoping for when I saw this movie. I cannot wait to see this in in my theater. Thank you Alex for such a thoughtful and affirming review.

Aurora Theater on Sep 8, 2012


Great to hear! Although I still feel this film won't do as well at the box office. Hard to market such a film.

Mithun Divakaran on Sep 8, 2012


Although I was one of the pessimists when it came to CLOUD ATLAS, I am so very glad it fulfilled every expectation you (AB) had and more. This gives me hope for the future of the Wachowski Team and cinema (?). I hope THE LIFE OF PI can have a similar effect.

DAVIDPD on Sep 8, 2012


This was an embarrassing read that actually made me laugh out loud. "It may forever change your life"? Fuck, kill me now. I'm trying to get a read on what to expect from this film as I'm very curious about it but this review just struck me as beyond hyperbolic and the ravings of blinder-wearing fanboy.

Rob on Sep 9, 2012


ROFL.... as funny as your reply might have sound to some people Its not good to bash the owner of the blog. You will go down in flames I say. But keeping with the theme of the movie, your actions and consequences of your quote will impact the life of others in the past, present, and definitely immediate future of downvotes 😛

the Architect on Sep 9, 2012


@Rob. looks like you got a very accurate idea of what to expect if you trust Alex. After reading his review... "It may forever change your life" or it may not change your life. simple.... his comment on the potential affect this movie may have on you after seeing it. Why would that be embarrassing? Why do people like you read a review and then choose to criticize the person who wrote the review? What do you get out posting a comment like that? Just use the review and other reviews (just check out the review on THR) to make a decision to see the movie when it comes out...Why slam him for proposing the possibility of that?Alex is one of the best reviewers on the planet who does not SPOIL a movie before the movie goes public. This is why you read his blog. Otherwise stick to the MoviePhone reviews and see if you get some honesty. BTW- If you do read the review on Hollywood Reporter it will ruin part of the movie experience for you 100%.

Seb on Sep 9, 2012


@Seb. Take a break, everyone has there own opinion and if A.B. did not won't to hear them then why open a comments thread. Stop telling people what to do, what are you a cop. People have the right to react to this review how ever they please, be it here or elsewhere.

Dick Pepperfield on Sep 10, 2012


@b530b99f7ba477a9e6b5fd882cf04636:disqus You are right. People do have the right to react however they please. I found his "kill me now" opinion about the review funny while reading it up to the point he put down the person who wrote the review. The comment thread is here for comments about the review or movie..... not to diss the reviewer.

Seb on Sep 10, 2012


@SEB You still miss the point, don't print something publicly if you don't want it discussed and/or debated. So by your logic, no one should ever disagree with a reviewer, or put that disagreement in print. Wow. This is not China or Russia. And there you go again trying to tell everyone what this thread is for, stop. Who gave you this right. I will do as I please and hope others will too.

Dick Pepperfield on Sep 11, 2012


@b530b99f7ba477a9e6b5fd882cf04636:disqus Im not missing the point. Dick And this is not about the right to make comments. Comments all you want. Rob is not disagreeing with the reviewer at all. He has NOT even seen the movie to disagree about it. That would be great to read. He probably would have something interesting to say. BUT calling the reviewer a "hyperbolic raving blinder-wearing fanboy" is not discussing the review. Its putting down the person who wrote the review! And thats my point...... if your are going to attack the reviewer on a personal level....expect someone to stick up for them. For some odd reason.. this blog attracts HATERS who hate on the reviewer and I am kinda tired of seeing it. So I made my comment. Big deal. Haters love haters. you guys stick together like glue. I guess your chose your name for a reason right... Dick?

Seb on Sep 11, 2012


wow! 10 out of 10? Is this movie my new inception? Dammit! I must see it!

Avi Smulders on Sep 9, 2012


Bilington you lucky sumbitch...

LosZombies on Sep 9, 2012


I just saw this. This is the most amazing and beautiful film. It will be a great.

imright on Sep 9, 2012


Don't know if AB is a uber fanboy of this movie or this is truly the movie of the year(which I really hope)? As he states, without even seeing Argo, The Master, or Life of PI I fear its just the sheer joy of the movie itself.There are a few films that will contest this dearly as movie of the year, Oscar wise (in no particular order): 1. The Master 2. Argo 3. Life of PI 4. Hyde Park at the Hudsons? Longshots: Les Miserables / The Hobbit (probably no oscar until 3rd one again) / Killing them Softly / Lincoln I have a feeling it may go to Argo or Lincoln (the more we find out about it). But in my world I would give it to what Peter Jackson did in the early 2000s did something that changes cinemas by back to back to back movies. As with Tyker and the Wachowskis did something unique. I really can't wait to see this. May have to drive to NY just to catch the US premiere. Please dear god, I really hope you are correct AB about Cloud Atlas being movie of the year in your opinion, even without seeing Argo and The Master yet.

Oscar Buzz on Sep 9, 2012


You realize I HAVE seen both Argo and The Master. Argo in Telluride a week ago. The Master the night before in Toronto. And Hyde Park on Hudson in Telluride as well. I have not seen Life of Pi yet, so that still has a chance, but I doubt it will top this (as I've read the book and know exactly what to expect, even if adapted perfectly). So - yes, I can say with certainty, having seen The Master, Argo, Hyde Park on Hudson, Amour, Rust & Bone, At Any Price and The Place Beyond the Pines, that Cloud Atlas still IS the movie of the year.

Alex Billington on Sep 9, 2012


You make me happy!

rocky728 on Sep 9, 2012


Woah, can't wait.

Efterklang on Sep 9, 2012


I love how this movie relates so personally to you Alex! That makes it a really convincing and strong review, especially because you are a movie lover like most of us here. I always been excited for any project the Wachowski's have been attached to, but they have disappointed me more then once so I am always kind of anxious. They appeared to have some trouble to sell this movie to the audience because of the scale of it. But this review really sold it to me! Can't wait for some revelation!

Rick on Sep 9, 2012


glad you liked it alex.

beevis on Sep 9, 2012


Saw this and also absolutely loved it. I got that wonderful feeling of 'must see this again' that is indicative of a film that has so much more to offer than it's first viewing that deliver. Reviews will be sharply mixed and polarized. Some will feel that a less-than-blueprint copy of the book is unfaithful, some will have little patience for the rapid shifting through time between stories. For me it was a wonderful journey. Being in the same room with the directors and cast made it extra special and the standing O at the end was SO very well deserved. You could feel the love for the film permeate the space. The backstory to how this film was created, completely against the odds and outside of the traditional studio system (yet using very familiar Hollywood cast) is epic unto itself - and I hope we learn more details about this as Lana, Tom and Andy care to share them with us. If anyone would like to see see some photos from the world premiere showing last night at TIFF please have a look here - I took these from quite a distance! SEE THIS FILM - decide for yourself, and please, please don't let the negative critiques (there will be many) dissuade you. This film deserves to be successful not only for it's bold and ambitious scope, but for how it was made in spite of the obstacles.

James on Sep 9, 2012


Nice pics James, good work! BTW did THanks actually smootch Lanry Wachowski on the lips in one of your pics? Big ups to Hanks for not looking at the transgender but the person/soul inside of Lana if he did smootch.

Big Poppa Poochie Coochies on Sep 9, 2012


I'm waiting in line to see it RIGHT NOW!!! So exited!!!!

Diego on Sep 9, 2012


Do you know what makes this review absolutely insufferable. The fact that i live in England and will have to wait until March 22nd 2013 before having a chance to see this film. That is pure bullshit 🙁

Callum Luscott on Sep 9, 2012


It's pushed forward to the end of Feburary now, but yeah-it's still bullshit

Stephen Staunton on Sep 12, 2012


10/10 wow! this is some really good news. i knew it would be amazing

DoomCanoe on Sep 9, 2012


For those struggling with the underlying rationale for the chronology of stories in the "Cloud Atlas", it is suggested that referring to Max Heindel's "Rosicrucian Cosmo-Conception", freely available online in many languages, will shed light. Check out the chapters explaining the involutionary/evolutionary "Rounds and Revolutions" and you encounter the 4-3-2-1-2-3-4 cosmic pattern of the unfoldment of time, both microcosmically and macrocosmically, as all life proceeds from "clodhood" to "Godhood". Who knows, maybe the Wachowski's next film will portray stories set during the intervals BETWEEN earth lives. Now THAT kind of film would stretch the capabilities of modern special effects technology!! Also, check out the "core concepts" section of "".

Robert Jacobs on Sep 9, 2012


Can't wait. Thanks for the review Alex!

JJ King on Sep 9, 2012


I saw the film as well. It didn't live up to the hype. Convoluted and muddled. The actors in ethnic and transgender make up were very distracting and kept pulling me out of the film.

Friends&Family on Sep 9, 2012

61 here's the other side of the coin which features: "And although we can agree that the term ‘epic’ is aptly applied, Cloud Atlas is also a labyrinth mess of a film that will alienate and confuse audiences more than having them engrossed in story development." That being said, I'm all about alex (aaa) on this one, he rarely misses, can't wait!!

AdamU on Sep 9, 2012


Almost stopped reading after the second paragraph (wow), but the rest of the review was fairly sound. Finally decided that I WILL go see this. Thanks Alex Just hope I don't end up in a cult after ( seriously, that second paragraph was scary)

Richie G on Sep 9, 2012


I was at the premiere also and completely agree with Alex. Story telling at its best. it was like watching 6 movies at the same time, each movie being 6 that could on their own win awards and pull on your emotions. At first you start to look for which actor is playing certain characters in each story but you quickly get sucked into the movie and stop caring about that. All the actors were brilliant and at the end (during the credits) they show you which characters each one played... and there were some obvious ones and then complete surprises. Even during the credits you get pulled into it and react to the surprises. A remarkable movie. Its appeal will be broad and it deserves every word of praise from people who loved it. I never read the book and the first thing I wanted to do is go and purchase it and start to read it. Cinematic, grand, spectacular, visceral, laughter, sadness, uplifting, hopelessness, hopeful, startling, engaging, thrilling, mysterious on an amazing scale. 10/10 for sure. The kind of movie that keeps you thinking about it while trying to sleep the night you see it and hoping you can go see it again the moment you wake up just to look for things you did not get. it will deserve many Academy nominations, art, clothing, design, screenplay, producing, direction, music and editing. Holy crap the editors did an AMAZING job weaving these stories into one movie. My particular favourite was the Jim Broadbent story..... He is an amazing actor and provided the laughs when you needed to be lifted away from the deep emotions the other stories grab from you. I now understand why the trailer is so long.... If you go watch this movie it will accomplish what all movies are supposed to do... immerse you into a story for a few hours that grabs you on an emotional level leaving you wanting more!!!

Seb on Sep 9, 2012


A big SIGH...... damn!! mixed reviews? WTF!!? Don't know what to expect now going in to see this film. There are two types of people... Those who absofreainlutely LOVE this film and Those who bash or rip this film apart. Sadly this may be the dagger that will eventually not give this movie the Oscars it deserves. Wholeheartedly after seeing the 6-minute trailer it was an EPIC trailer in itself, like a short film. I still have high hopes for my own expectations. Regardless of whatever rottentomatoes tomato meter says or how mixed the reviews seem like it will be I am sure I will love this film with ALL MY LIFE! This movie will have the power to change my life and I can't wait for the day when I see it. Sorry my English isnt my first language. Cheers - Francisco

Franky on Sep 9, 2012


Great news that this film hangs together! I loved the book, and I gotta say after looking at the trailer that I was worried by what look like major simplifications to the story, diluted characters (James D'arcy's young composer is supposed to be borderline loathsome, not 'endearing'), and added love-story arcs where there were none. If it manages to be compelling, as you say, that would suffice. But I am expecting only the loosest of adaptations of the source materlal, missing much of it's teeth.

Mister Blueberry on Sep 9, 2012


What about Ben Whishaw? He's one of the main reasons I want to see "Cloud Atlas." I think he's an astounding actor.

swansong68 on Sep 10, 2012


His performance was really incredible and for me topped all the other performances, and the others were great also. I am not familiar with his work. It was my first time seeing him in a movie and he was astounding. His main story line was one of the most emotional ones in the movie and if you are a fan you will love his performance. I kept thinking..... where have i seen this actor before? well I've seen him as Q in the Skyfall trailer!

Seb on Sep 11, 2012


I don't know if I take this review seriously. It's a bit too subjective.

max on Sep 10, 2012


As every review ever written is... Not many opinions about film are ever truly objective.

Alex Billington on Sep 11, 2012


For those seeking a well balanced opinion

Alex O on Sep 10, 2012


I was at TIFF too. Impressive movie. Masterpiece. Must see.

dslfk on Sep 10, 2012


I didn't care for the tone of this review. Alex is implying that if you don't like the movie, you're either not smart enough or too shallow. "And those that are unmoved by the way this pushes the audience must be, unfortunately, blind to the revelations within" I have high hopes for the film despite not caring for the book. Hopefully Alex's 10/10 will prove to be spot on!

EmagSamurai on Sep 13, 2012


I believe there is a facebook group you should come join called "The Cloud Atlas Trailer Changed My Life", a really cool group, and I will be waiting for you there.

miknwilkes on Sep 19, 2012


I saw it yesterday and boy oh boy was i blown away by it. this is a triumph. a masterpiece. some people will say that they don't like it, i see that, but if you allow yourself to fall for it, you're in for a very special treat of moviemaking magic with some truly brilliant performances... 10/10 surely. in some respect 11/10 😉

Söhnlein B. on Oct 11, 2012


Australian Release Date: 21st February. By the time this comes to Australia I can probably buy a BluRay version of it.

scottp on Oct 24, 2012

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