Top 10 Directors Who Should Be at the Helm of 'Star Wars: Episode 7'

October 30, 2012

George Lucas

In case you haven't heard, the big news today is that Disney has just purchased Lucasfilm for $4 billion and the studio is looking to release the long rumored, always anticipated, but never believed possible, Star Wars: Episode 7. We have no story details as to what characters we might follow, what adventures from the Expanded Universe could show up, but we can talk about the right kind of talent to bring Star Wars back to the bring screen in a way that George Lucas couldn't when he delivered The Phantom Menace, Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith. Lucas mentioned passing Star Wars on to a new generation of filmmakers, and we've assembled a list of who we think should go into a galaxy far, far away. Read on!

First of all, you should know that there are a few directors who I didn't include on this list because they seemed too unrealistic or too busy. Christopher Nolan would never do a Star Wars film as he has already grown tired of franchises and sequels, and it's just not his style. Joss Whedon is pretty busy with Marvel and Phase Two of their cinematic universe. And while Steven Spielberg is Lucas' most trusted companion (he directed the Indiana Jones films and action sequences in Revenge of the Sith), this is supposed to be for the next generation of directors. So without further adieu, here's our picks for who should helm Episode 7.

J.J. Abrams

J.J. Abrams

What can we say? It's an obvious choice, but the guy did a bang-up job rebooting Star Trek in 2009 (though some hardcore Trekkies will disagree), and he is one of the finest, freshest and innovative directors working in Hollywood today. He reinvigorated the Mission: Impossible series (including getting Brad Bird to direct the fourth installment), and he knows how to make an event out of a movie like Cloverfield (and he brought us the talented director Matt Reeves in the process). If there's one guy who knows sci-fi, fan passion, and respect to long established mythology, it's J.J. Abrams.

Jon Favreau

Jon Favreau

Five years ago you wouldn't guess that Jon Favreau would ever be on a list like this. But then Iron Man came along, and now Favreau has been deep-rooted in the Marvel universe for the past half-decade. In addition to producing The Avengers, Favreau has been integral in building the Marvel universe to lead to the superhero ensemble this past year. If Iron Man didn't work, it would have been hard to get fans on board with any of the other Avengers that followed. Cowboys & Aliens may not have been that great, but Favreau knows action, adventure, and if you've heard him talk about his love for Star Wars and excitement after nabbing a voice role on the animated "Clone Wars" series, you know he's one of the biggest fans out there. After all, Han Solo isn't much different than Tony Stark, right?

Duncan Jones


A subtle master of sci-fi, Jones made a splash with the indie Moon, and word of mouth has made it a quiet hit, especially with cinephiles. Source Code was a little more conventional, but it showed that Jones knows how to direct a bigger tentpole, especially with the right material. Plus, you can't go wrong with an established filmmaker who was such a sci-fi nerd and Star Wars fan that he was showing off a pirated U-Matic copy of the film that his father had obtained before the film had reached cinemas in Switzerland. There's love and talent here for Star Wars fans for sure.

Rian Johnson

Rian Johnson

Fresh off Looper, Johnson is easily one of the hotter filmmakers right now. His earlier work with Brick and The Brothers Bloom got plenty of praise, but not much in the vein of box office dollars. Johnson would probably offer the most grounded take on the series, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. Even the original Star Wars trilogy had some grit to it (especially before the "Special Editions" came along), and Johnson tackling a world after the Empire has been destroyed and the Rebellion is rebuilding their civilization would be very cool.

Sam Mendes

Sam Mendes

Skyfall. That's all you need to hear (especially after the film hits theaters next week), and Mendes will be at the top of every tentpole's wishlist for the next couple of months. Skyfall is undoubtedly the biggest film Mendes has ever done, and early buzz on the film is that it's the best James Bond film ever. That's kind of a big deal when you consider this will be the 23rd installment in the long-running spy franchise. Picking up a revered series like this will now be relatively easy for the director, and if you take into account certain characters that might show up in Episode 7 (such as the children of Han Solo and Princess Leia), he's done wonders with family drama (see Revolutionary Road, Road to Perdition, American Beauty).

Edgar Wright

Edgar Wright

The man hasn't made a bad film yet, and he's so engrained in nerd culture that fans would flip backwards to see Wright tackle Star Wars. Scott Pilgrim vs. the World is evidence enough that Wright can handle stunning visuals and cool action, but combine that with his penchant for dry humor in Hot Fuzz and Shaun of the Dead, and you've got the makings of a great Star Wars movie. The humor in the prequels was certainly lacking, but Wright is an expert at infusing action set pieces with humor that doesn't feel out of place or disingenuous. Plus, if you've seen "Spaced", you know that Star Wars runs through his blood.

Neill Blomkamp

Neill Blomkamp

It's hard to envision Blomkamp doing a sci-fi film that isn't R-rated, but we can dream can't we? District 9 propelled Blomkamp to fame after it received a Best Picture nomination, and sci-fi films usually don't get that kind of treatment. In fact, Star Wars was essentially the first science fiction film nominated for Best Picture (though some say Dr. Strangelove is sci-fi), so Blomkamp would be a solid choice. Perhaps Elysium will get him on a director's shortlist when the time comes.

Matt Reeves

Matt Reeves

We already mentioned this director in the same breath as J.J. Abrams because the two worked closely together on the monster movie Cloverfield, but it was Reeves who directed the film. It's been awhile since a movie was hyped so efficiently and delivered on its promise of theatrical fun. Reeves has since gone on to more personal genre filmmaking with Let Me In, a worthy adaptation of Let the Right One In that stands on its own outside of the Swedish film adaptation. Now the director is lined up for Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, yet another popular franchise reboot continuance in the works. Reeves knows action, drama and is passionate about his characters. That's a much needed asset when it comes to a fanbase this ravenous.

Brad Bird

Brad Bird

Just one more director who has been given a boost thanks to the arm of J.J. Abrams and his Bad Robot arm. Bird was already a big name in animation thanks to The Iron Giant, The Incredibles and Ratatouille, but moving into live-action filmmaking is another story (as his Pixar colleague Andrew Stanton learned the hard way with John Carter). Thankfully, Bird made a great sequel in Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol, and still has a lot of great stuff to deliver to the big screen. The Incredibles is a fine example of family adventure and excitement, and that's something the original Star Wars trilogy delivered with sacrificing quality. Plus, Brad Bird is supposed to direct 1952 for Disney and has a great relationship with them already thanks to Pixar. It's almost too perfect.

Frank Darabont

Frank Darabont

This is the oldest filmmaker I've chosen to include on the list, and it's mostly because of Darabont's working relationship with Steven Spielberg and George Lucas. Darabont worked on "The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones" back in the 90s, but he also wrote the original script for Indiana Jones 4. No we're not talking about Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, but Indiana Jones and the Temple of the Gods. If you Google that title, you can find Darabont's script and see how much better it would have been than what fans ultimately saw, and it's proof enough that he has what it takes to capture the magic of Star Wars too. As a director he's delivered The Shawshank Redemption, The Green Mile and The Mist, one of the most underrated horror moves of the past decade. It's a small filmography, but he's also got "The Walking Dead" under his belt as well.

So there you have it. Those are my picks. Who do you think should direct Star Wars: Episode 7?

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Not Jon Favreau. He isn't really good at directing action sequences.

Chris Amaya on Oct 30, 2012


Thank you! My god I can't get ANYONE to listen to me about this. Great actor director, not great action director.

Marty on Oct 30, 2012


Can someone please give a list of people who *can* direct action sequences? Because I feel like all I hear now is [some director] can't direct action sequences.

axalon on Oct 30, 2012


As much as I hate his lens flare, JJ Abrams knows his action. MI 3s bridge sequence reamins one of my all time favorite action scenes. Snyder, Spielberg, Blomkamp(one film I know but his Halo short and D9 had great action) and the Coen brothers.

Cody W on Oct 30, 2012


Wachowskis, Shane Black, James Cameron (T2)

Guy who comments on things on Oct 31, 2012


Just get a good choreographer and 2nd unit director and you don't need one who can

Norbert P. Korzus on Oct 31, 2012


Cameron has already his own sci-fi trilogy to focus on. AVATAR

stevenfreestyler on Oct 31, 2012


The guy proposed someone named some good action directors, these are not my suggestions for Star Wars.

Guy who comments on things on Oct 31, 2012


Michael Bay? He can do action but is not so great at acting scenes. Why not keep Nick Gillard? He did an amazing job choreographing the lightsaber duels. That way they can get whoever they want to direct and have Nick do the duels.

Chris Amaya on Oct 31, 2012


I dunno man, all of Bay's shots from the Transformers series had such rapid editing that whatever good shots he did were lost. I felt like saying "please, Michael, you can keep the camera on someone for more than 2 seconds".

axalon on Oct 31, 2012


You have to admit that the forest scene in Revenge of the Fallen was pretty epic.

Chris Amaya on Oct 31, 2012


It was good, but it was definitely the exception rather than the rule.

axalon on Nov 1, 2012


I don't really like any of these suggestions. Abrams would probably be the best fit. I loved Star Trek. I'd still rather see the project go to someone else though, and mostly because of the lens flare thing. Yes, Abrams does now admit that the overuse of lens flares was ridiculous, but that's not the point. The point is that he never noticed it himself until someone pointed it out to him. That, to me, indicates a severe lack of objectivity toward his own work. I haven't seen Skyfall or Looper yet, so I can't comment on Sam Mendes or Rian Johnson. I will say that the little bit of footage I saw of Skyfall reminded me of the action from Quantum of Solace, and that's not a good thing. I hated Quantum of Solace's editing style, all those ridiculously fast cuts. I prefer long takes. I'd honestly like to see what Spielberg could do with it. I remember hearing that he had begged Lucas to let him direct one of the prequels, but Lucas refused. So clearly he'd be interested in it.

Craig on Oct 30, 2012


What? No Terrence Malick (replacing actors with montages of stars and galaxies). How about Wes Anderson. He did just do a movie called Moonrise Kingdom after all. That could be the side quest between Episode VI and VII.

Travis Leamons on Oct 30, 2012


Wes Anderson, yes! Disillusioned Jedi (Owen Wilson) seeks wisdom from his former master (Bill Murray) while dodging the disciples of dark Sith Angelica Houston. George Clooney as C3PO.

garyg2 on Oct 31, 2012


Jon Favreau is not in the same league as the rest of the guys. Im a big fan of Matt Reeve's work but Neill would be able to create an amazing experience...IMO

buzzfunk on Oct 30, 2012


Definitely Rian Johnson or Duncan Jones! Although, you can always count the almighty Christopher Nolan: Star Wars Episode VII: The Dark Sith Rises... ok, not.

leinergroove on Oct 30, 2012


Guillermo Del Toro

Nick on Oct 30, 2012


Guillermo del Toro wouldbe amazing his unique vision and use of puppets and sets would take it back to the spirit of of Ep IV, V, V and breathe new life into the franchise. Just please don't let it be Jerry" Bruckheimer...

JJ King on Oct 31, 2012


Chris Nolan.

alxunder on Oct 30, 2012



castingcouch on Nov 1, 2012


Don't think he's over-exposed I think it's because he has a huge fan base that's pretty hardcore and with the fact that's he's continuously churned out high quality movies and to be fair he's proberbly been the most consistent in terms of movie quality that people would just expect to much and with the kind of fan base starwars has it could never live up to the hype if he did starwars it would gain new fans just because of nolans attachment but would most likely divide the hardcore sw fans

Ant87 on Nov 1, 2012


Some really odd and bad, imo, picks in here. I wasn't thinking about Duncan Jones, but hell, that was a damn good pick Ethan. But he needs to come up with another movie like Moon. Sam Mendes is an amazing director (not sure if he fits with the Universe though). As for the rest, I wouldn't pick them. Hell, I'd pick James Cameron before JJ Abrams for something like this. My dream directors would be Aranofsky or Fincher.

Ricardo_PT on Oct 30, 2012


Betting a limb it will be Joss Whedon

JEPoley on Oct 30, 2012


Not a chance. He'd probably be my top pick, but Disney is aiming for a 2015 release date and Whedon will be busy with Avengers 2. Maybe he could do Episode 8 or 9.

Craig on Oct 30, 2012


Start with a good script.

max on Oct 30, 2012


Did you read Timothy Zahn's books? Having him on board would rock.

Cisco on Oct 30, 2012


It's already been stated that the films will be based upon Lucas's treatment, not Zahn's books. However, since Zahn's books are apparently canon, I woudn't be surprised if some elements remain.

John Gower on Nov 1, 2012


Zahns books are not cannon...

torrence on Nov 13, 2012


true and alexas proyas as director...

avi on Oct 31, 2012


Kevin Smith is the only man I would trust with this project. I really hope he postpones his retirement to be considered for this as I feel it would be the perfect end to his career.

Matt Peloquin on Oct 30, 2012


Jay Jay Binks?

castingcouch on Nov 1, 2012


Neil mother fucking Blomkamp!!!

Hotler sucks on Oct 30, 2012


The MF thing is getting old...

castingcouch on Nov 1, 2012


No. I like him, but he's young and still hasn't helmed a film nearly the size of Star Wars. Simply put, he might be just as overwhelmed as Andrew Stanton was when he made John Carter. Let's see how Elysium pans out, but I really think they need a director with more experience to do the first one. Maybe Episode VIII...

John Gower on Nov 1, 2012


Christopher Nolan!

Leo on Oct 30, 2012


They all could get a chance. Just like with Marvel, I think we'll see more than 1x Star Wars per year (after 2015)

JEPoley on Oct 30, 2012


Before i read the list... the first name crossed my mind is : Neill Blomkamp !!

monoeits on Oct 30, 2012


Someone would consider Alfonso Cuarรณn? The guy did what is, probably, the best sci-fi film of the past decade: Children of Men. His style is impeccable. I also would put on the list the name of Peter Jackson. Yes, the guy is way busy doing the all 145 parts of The Hobbitt, but he understands the grandiose scope of a great saga, as Star Wars is. Also, Guillermo del Toro could be an option. If Pacific Rim would be playing right now in theaters, he definitely would be in the top ten list.

leinergroove on Oct 30, 2012


Another great pick, alfonso cuaron is an amazing director. I'll never forget how blown away I was after watching that continuos shot in Children of Men. Very unlikly, i'm afrais

Ricardo_PT on Oct 30, 2012


O man, thought I was the only one, that scene following Owen through the street left me speechless.

Cody W on Oct 30, 2012


Better choice than any of the 10 chosen in this article.

Craig on Oct 30, 2012


I totally agree. Blomkamp could do it as well.

Christian P. on Oct 31, 2012


Funny - I was just about to post how I would love to see an Alfonso Cuarรณn directed adaption of Legacy of the Force.

Morten Friis on Oct 31, 2012


He gets my vote too.

castingcouch on Nov 1, 2012


Oh man, I would love to see a Star Wars movie directed by Guillermo del Toro. Alfonso Cuaron would also be great. Get David Fincher or Darren Aronofsky in the game, and it would also kick ass. Maybe the safest bet is Steven Spielberg, the guy knows how to make great movies.

Dark Noire on Nov 1, 2012


I'd love to see Alfonso do it. I am not a fan of the Harry Potter films, but he made Azkaban magical. He really captured the energy and wonder, as well as the fear, of youth. He would lend something incredibly special to Star Wars if he was given the helm. (But I'd also want him paired with an incredible writer to make sure that what he was filming was better than anything to this point.)

John Gower on Nov 1, 2012


Anyone but a newbie. The Tron movie was awful and personally (I know im in the minority) the fact that The Avengers are such a huge success isn't a good thing. It's a brain dead, popcorn CGI superhero crap fest. It has no depth whatsoever. Kinda like the Transformer movie. Personally, I wish surely for another Empire level SW movie but i can guarantee you that it will not happen. Fincher directing? Never. One can only dream...

Buzzfunk on Oct 30, 2012


I disagree, Avengers was much better than Transformers.

Craig on Oct 30, 2012


It's a close call.

castingcouch on Nov 1, 2012


Tron was excellent.

octopus9498 on Oct 31, 2012


The look and sound was excellent. The writing was bad.

castingcouch on Nov 1, 2012


David Fincher

Shogun on Oct 30, 2012


Shit would get dark real quick.

axalon on Oct 30, 2012



Craig on Oct 30, 2012


Fincher would be a great asse to direct. He did work on Empire strike back and know the star wars universe. It would also be dark

AndyFast on Oct 31, 2012


Well, he was a matte camera operator at ILM. At best, that's a pretty loose connection. Fincher's got a good eye, but I don't think he'd want to take on another franchise film after getting burned with Alien 3 as well as the tepid reception for his Dragon Tattoo remake.

John Gower on Nov 1, 2012



xuebacca on Oct 30, 2012


Please tell me you're joking.

nightgoat72 on Oct 30, 2012


Kevin Smith knows more about Star Wars than anyone except Lucas.

Matt Peloquin on Oct 30, 2012


Yeah except hes a shitty overrated director.

Cody W on Oct 30, 2012


You shut your whore mouth!

Matt Peloquin on Oct 31, 2012


Dont get me wrong, the guy is a supernerd, I like the guy as if like, the guy you go have a beer with and talk about videogames and movies. But he has not one ounce of directing skill in his body Im sorry.

Cody W on Oct 31, 2012


That doesn't mean he's a good choice to direct. Hire him as a consultant, maybe.

Craig on Oct 30, 2012


That certainly doesn't mean he should come anywhere near directing these.

nightgoat72 on Oct 31, 2012


A good director, would be... No director. It's over. MOVE ON!!!!!!!!!!!!

Carpola on Oct 30, 2012


A 4 billion dollar deal and 20 billion in merchandising says you're wrong.

castingcouch on Nov 1, 2012


Money isn't everything man.

Carpola on Nov 1, 2012


Brad Bird is amazing. I hope he is on the top of their list, and I'd imagine that he is.

Jaleel White on Oct 30, 2012


totally agree, over JJ or Steven, the best choice is Brad Bird

Alberto Lopez on Oct 31, 2012


But why? He has only one live action move under his name and it's not that amazing. Let's see what he does with his next project

Ricardo_PT on Oct 31, 2012


What about Peter Jackson?????????

PJ on Oct 30, 2012


Episode 7 would turn into 9 movies ...

JEPoley on Oct 30, 2012


Only 9?

axalon on Oct 30, 2012


That is the pre-filming estimate

JEPoley on Oct 30, 2012


hahaha! great! ๐Ÿ™‚

avi on Oct 31, 2012


I strongly disagree with this entire list, pretty much. Even though I don't really like him, how about Christopher Nolan? Star Wars needs a darker edge. This is probably the only series I will ever say that about.

nightgoat72 on Oct 30, 2012


We WANT Nolan.

dddd on Oct 30, 2012


I hope the trilogy will be in the style of episode V. But that is probably to much to hope for, especially with it being made by Disney now :S

Mark on Oct 30, 2012


That's the ideal. And Disney would do well to use TESB as the role model for any future SW movies. (Disney can do dark too.)

castingcouch on Nov 1, 2012


ADO, not ADIEU, moron

jax1385 on Oct 30, 2012


You are a professional writer, learn to write

jax1385 on Oct 30, 2012


Genndy Tartakovsky

Christ on Oct 30, 2012


My vote would be on Rian Johnson, but this might be too big for him right now (maybe 8 or 9 for him), Duncan Jones, Edgar Wright, or Guillermo Del Toro. Also, Star Wars (original three) were not sci-fi, so technically it wasn't the first to be nominated for best pic either. Also, The Mist would be one of the worst five horrors I've ever seen. I love the rest of what Darabont has done, don't get me wrong, but I just don't want to see more of him after that...

Greg dinskisk on Oct 30, 2012


J.J. Abrams!!!!! The guy clearly knows how to make a space movie!!!! STAR TREK!!!! Anybody remember how awesome that movie was!!!!???

Luis Eduardo Ortiz on Oct 30, 2012


His series ALIAS was totally awesome...

Beaumont Miles on Oct 30, 2012


I remember how lens flarey it was.

Craig on Oct 30, 2012


That's all I remember about that horrible movie.

castingcouch on Nov 1, 2012


J.J. Abrahms likes men

Christopher Philip Cinquegrano on Nov 1, 2012


Irvin Kerhsner! No wait.... Sam Raimi!

Duane on Oct 30, 2012


Sam Raimi would be the worst choice. He's a one trick pony. Creatively spent.

Chris Batty on Oct 31, 2012


I think Kershner is dead

Christopher Philip Cinquegrano on Oct 31, 2012


Mr. Kershner joined with the Force in 2010. I can only assume you're trolling anyway suggesting Raimi. That you put both those names in the same post, and suggested Raimi ABOVE Kershner though, is completely outing you as an utter troll. If you're just spewing nonsense, in the future please include a "/sarcasm" tag or a universally accepted " ๐Ÿ˜‰ " somewhere in the post. Thanks, Humans everywhere

avconsumer2 on Oct 31, 2012


Don't mess with my boy Duane! (I know him in the human world, and he is in fact, not of troll descent.) Besides, merely suggesting Sam Raimi is not trolling. I'm guessing he picked Raimi for his work on Spartacus and Legend of the Seeker, and if I may say so myself, his work on Hercules suggests a type of humor and action that might actually work well in the Star Wars world. Sure it's cheesey now, but Raimi has updated himself with the times, and I think he could pull it off better than a lot of the people on the list above. And Duane didn't suggest Raimi OVER Kershner - it was a nod to Kershner's brilliance on "Empire" and the sad fact that he's no longer with us. As for the list above, J.J. Abrams would have been more suited to Star Wars in the first place, but he sure as hell shouldn't work on both franchises now. The only ones I'd be down with are Brad Bird and Frank Darabont. But it all really depends on who's WRITING. I also hope they can strike a better aesthetic balance between the old visuals and the updated special effects of the prequels.

Boiler Bro Joe on Oct 31, 2012


Wow Joe... you totally got it wrong. ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜‰

Duane on Nov 1, 2012


Wow. Wasn't aware I was so inhumane and off on my assessment on my ability to convey droll humor. Thanks for setting me straight. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Duane on Nov 1, 2012


lol - anytime. I also wasn't aware I should apparently be working on a small shrine to Kershner! ;P

avconsumer2 on Nov 6, 2012


Why Neill Blomkamp? He's directed one film. I don't count Elysium because it hasn't come out yet.

Quanah on Oct 30, 2012


Sir Ridley Scott. Perhaps the man behind Snow White and the Huntsman? Zack Snyder. Peter Jackson. Ben Affleck. Darren Aronofsky. They need to adapt Star Wars: Shatterpoint. Its an awesome Mace Windu tale...like In The Heart of Darkness but in Star Wars.

Xerxexx on Oct 30, 2012


Oh god, a Ridley Scott Star Wars movie... I'd love to see it.

Craig on Oct 30, 2012


Indeed. Who is the downer here...most comments here are great! yet there is a bunch negative votes...mystery.

Xerxexx on Oct 31, 2012


Zack Snyder and Peter Jackson , 1 of the 2 would be good, One could only DREAM Spielberg could bring a nice war of the worlds , savin private ryan style to it

Christopher Philip Cinquegrano on Nov 1, 2012



Xerxexx on Nov 1, 2012


gore verbinski

me on Oct 30, 2012


Brad Bird, hands down the best choice. In terms of tone, Iron Giant and the Incredibles match the emotional resonance of the first trilogy & with MI4, Bird displayed an aptness for truly cinematic action filmmaking that avoided and Bay-esque missteps sacrificing story in favor of empty spectacle.

Brokenteeth73 on Oct 30, 2012


and mi4 was the best actionmovie of the last few years!

avi on Oct 31, 2012


Let Frank Darabont write the thing and Duncan Jones direct it. Or we could just clone Irvin Kershner and let him direct it.

Brad C on Oct 30, 2012


Joe Johnston

LANE STEWART โ˜ฏ on Oct 30, 2012


If Timothy Zahn writes the screenplay, this could be glorious.

Cisco on Oct 30, 2012


Rian would not do it. He has his own ideas for movies. Brad or Frank are two solid Directors that know craft, plus, they can take other peoples work and make it shine.

Chuck-In-Charge on Oct 30, 2012


Lets throw Spike Jonze in the fight. He was considered for clone wars back in the day, he can walk both darker/lighter concepts and he's fitting for disney to elect.

Joshua Fletcher on Oct 30, 2012


"Who do you think should direct Star Wars: Episode 7?" I should have been me, but I have wasted my life....

David Banner on Oct 30, 2012


Best response by far :p I now wish you would direct it ๐Ÿ™‚

Ricardo_PT on Oct 31, 2012


JJ Abrahams, simply cause im a big fan and after what i saw in Star trek(2009) i'd think i could pull this off pretty good ๐Ÿ™‚

Konrad Nes on Oct 30, 2012


Sorry, but you have poor taste and need to see more movies (from the past 30 years).

castingcouch on Nov 1, 2012


If Kath Kennedy is producing I'd wager Spielberg will want in on this...he's been wanting a pop at Star Wars since before the prequels.

AlterRed on Oct 31, 2012


McG. Zack Snyder. Michael Bay. (Just kidding.) Don't forget that the original trilogy was helmed by three directors without any prior experience in the genre (save for Lucas with THX-1138, which was miles away from Star Wars). Lucas picked Kershner for Empire because he liked how he worked with actors. I imagine Disney will be looking at some fresher faces for this new series, and probably not where you'd expect. Case in point: Gore Verbinski and Pirates of the Caribbean (granted, Pirates was not an established franchise at the time, but you get my drift). Basically, there are much bigger factors to consider than whether or not they've made a successful sci-fi movie in the past (ie. tone, vision, performances, reputation).

JustJBC on Oct 31, 2012


Spielberg. No one else. Spielberg wanted to direct a star wars movie. This is his chance.

Jim Dawkins on Oct 31, 2012


Certainly would be interesting. But it'll never happen.

castingcouch on Nov 1, 2012


Mendes? The guy who made a movie with no spine just a collection of heavy handed TDK inspiration and very obvious winking to the old bonds while at the same time destroyed all the great changes Casino Royale made to the franchise? Seriously the movie was very well made but from a conceptual point of view Skyfall is just lazy

Norbert P. Korzus on Oct 31, 2012


Andrew Niccol.

Truman on Oct 31, 2012


It would be a great job but the pressure to deliver some bland, vanilla 'please everyone' pap would be overwhelming. No matter that the audience has grown up it would be purely made to hoodwink another generation with a raft of worthless merchandise and return the huge investment that Disney have made. I like JJ Abrams (MI 3 is still the best in the series) but Star Trek was a mess. Too much shakey cam, too much lens flare, too intrusive soundtrack and an overly complex but ultimately stale script (if you are going to reboot why skew the whole film just to get in a blast from the past - cut the cord and start afresh). Neil Blomkamp would be too wasted on Star Wars and wouldn't want (I hope) to be straightjacketed by the need to turn in a U rated film. Rian Johnson - Looper was average at best and someone who doesn't grasp that it's easier to let an audience 'buy' that JGL is Bruce Willis is a lot better than applying a prosthetic bridge that the audience will spend half the film wondering what's different and the other half thinking how bad it looks, is not someone ready for the big time (in my opinion). I don't know who to suggest - Justin Lin?

Payne by name on Oct 31, 2012


How about PTA, he said nobody ever gave him a big action project, how about this? It as religion (of some sort..) with a bunch of lunatics dressed in brown robes. It would be a really crazy ride. PTA is dark and profound with acting, that would be quite unique.

Someone on Oct 31, 2012


Whoever directs it, they need to have heart. Real heart. Despite his missteps the thing that always made Star Wars stand out (and got Alec Guinness signed on) was George Lucas' pure heart (especially in the original trilogy).

Floppylobster on Oct 31, 2012


This is the only thing that makes me say that maybe Abrams shouldn't do it.

Amanda Hafer on Oct 31, 2012


I actually think David Yates wouldn't be a bad idea.

Guy who comments on things on Oct 31, 2012



Xerxexx on Oct 31, 2012


Matthew Vaughn wrote and directed Stardust, and then did kick-ass and x-men:first class. He's on my short list. The safe money is it's probably going to be Bird or Spielberg.

ion677 on Oct 31, 2012


Trust me, Spielberg will direct as he has wanted to make a star wars film and Kathleen Kennedy being the new head of the studio and a regular collaborator with Spielberg means it will likely happen.

I am Jacks DVD collection on Oct 31, 2012


I just read an article that challenged the new films to get out into the future, past the lives of Luke and Han, and begin again, which I agree. It also hoped Disney would bring the fun of Episode IV back, with snarky characters, fearful droids, and space battles. Disney proved with The Avengers they could do a fun, exciting, funny, action film. Let's see that with Star Wars.

Quanah on Oct 31, 2012


If Han Solo/Harrison Ford is in the new trilogy, Harrison Ford will have the final word, as in "I'll do it if s/he directs it". So, who would Harrison Ford follow into a new trilogy; that's the answer to who will direct.

David Banner on Oct 31, 2012


Harrison Ford is no longer a box office draw. And he's been phoning in performances for years.

castingcouch on Nov 1, 2012


Billing and cast speculation

John on Oct 31, 2012


Pure speculation but I like the idea

John on Oct 31, 2012


No Nolan? No Fincher? No Cameron? No Spielberg? What a joke of a list.

Geoffrey Shauger on Oct 31, 2012


My vote is for Peter Jackson. He is already a fan of the Star Wars universe and his attention to detail and precise blend of technology with tangible elements would make for a stunning visual experience. The big con with Jackson and the reason I think he would not get the gig is Weta Workshops. I don't think he would step away from Weta and work with their biggest competitor ILM.

Wolfe on Oct 31, 2012


You MUST be joking (not about Jackson - that would be moast interesting). Why does it have to be a competition? There would be PLENTY of work, profits, & film credits for everybody. Having ILM & Weta collaborate... (Avatar), would be a smart move. If he were half as smart as he is hairy, he would jump at the chance. Plus, at this point, I imagine some kind of massive collaboration will have to be effected to keep to the corporate stooges timeline in reality. Also, when was the last time you saw a high budget f/x film with one post studio in the credits anyway?

avconsumer2 on Oct 31, 2012


Brad Bird is my top choice, great mix of character, story & action!!!

Brad White on Oct 31, 2012


Some things to note, it's already been stated that Episode 7 is an original story concept by Lucas, so forget the Zahn Trilogy or other Novel, Comic or Video game story lines for the next decade...this new Trilogy will follow what Lucas had in mind years ago...Involves an aged Luke Skywalker passing the mantel to the next "New Hope", much as Obi-Wan did with Luke... This is Disney, it will be family friendly in the vein of the Original Films...so not likely to involve the likes of David Fincher...or others who would want to push the envelope with adult themes... Someone with a track record of big budgets & use of cutting edge special effects, also will likely be given first crack at it, no rookies need apply...If you don't have at least one huge successful blockbuster under your belt, forget it... Steven Spielberg, is affiliated/partner in Dreamworks, Disney & Dreamworks are arch nemesis when it comes to film making...so that collaboration is very unlikely... Folks that are locked into current projects for the next 6-12 months are likely out...simple math, they have to start concept & pre-production soon, I'm sure a short list of 2-3 folks is already made & possible talks to narrow that field underway...look for an announcement within the next 45-90 days!

Brad White on Oct 31, 2012


LET'S TALK SCREENWRITERS BEFORE ANYTHING ELSE!!!!!!!!! Whedon can find some time to write? Lindelof redemption? Jonathan Nolan? Maybe all bad ideas.... I am drawing blanks. Send ideas now.. Make noise before the selection begins. OR, it could be another JOHN CARTER.......

Sawitintheatersin1977 on Oct 31, 2012



Steven on Oct 31, 2012


Zack Snyder.

Davide Coppola on Oct 31, 2012


I vote for not selecting a director -- not even TALKING ABOUT a director -- until there's an acceptable, needs-only-a-polish script in hand... and then hiring the director and script-polisher together as a team.

Jaws on Oct 31, 2012


Guillermo del Toro is a great option!

alex jahey on Oct 31, 2012


What about Iรฑarritu?!!

Mario on Oct 31, 2012


I just remember the palpable excitement most star wars fans felt a few years back when the april fools day prank that zach snyder was rebooting the series. I'd still get on board if the script was solid.

harm on Oct 31, 2012


I'd love to see what David Lynch would do with it. Reign him in and get past the weirdness and he can tell a f---ing good story. His hands were tied with Dune, but he can clearly deliver the visuals. Lynch + Star Wars minus Hollywood CG bs = a movie I can only dream about.

Ray Stark on Oct 31, 2012


I doubt Darabont would do it even if Lucas isn't involved. He was *pissed* that he got run over for Indy 4. He also worked uncredited on Phantom Menace, which probably didn't endear the series to his heart, either.

Jones on Oct 31, 2012


you guys forgot Christopher Nolan !!

John on Oct 31, 2012


wheres Guillermo Del Toro?

Brandon V. Fletcher on Oct 31, 2012


Darren Aronofsky! Make it darker and fill it with emotional turmoil and masterful visuals

Chris2pher on Oct 31, 2012


I would like to see Matthew Vaughn do 7, Timur Bekmambetov do 8 and J.J. Abrams do 9. But of course they will all be directed by Gore Vebinski and produced by Jerry Bruckheimer with Johnny Depp playing Han solo. They seem to be Disney's got to trio for live action block busters.

mike on Oct 31, 2012


you left off Guillermo del toro

Lewis Maldonado on Oct 31, 2012


No Kevin Smith?

Starty on Oct 31, 2012


Alfonso Cuaron, Jean-Pierre Jeunet, Ridley Scott, but Edgar Wright is interesting.

enemil on Nov 1, 2012


Darabont should write the script, if you can get him to do it. (Apparently, he's sick of writing scripts if an old DoG interview in 2007 is still relevant.) After that, the director should be someone who has a good ear for dialog, good rapport with actors, and a good eye for visuals. As for directors, I don't care. If the writing (as Max says) is good, the rest will be easy. The script has to kill. Absolutely kill. And if it does, it'll be the Star Wars movie we've waited more than 30 years (after Empire) for.

John Gower on Nov 1, 2012


Kevin Smith should be listed. He knows the universe ๐Ÿ˜‰

Errorsapiens on Nov 1, 2012


i don't think Kevin should direct but be brought on as a creative consultant

Christopher Philip Cinquegrano on Nov 1, 2012


Andrew Stanton

OrdinaryJester on Nov 1, 2012


These all are men, how about some women - Kathryn Bigelow, Sofia Coppola, Mary Harron, Mimi Leder, Lexi Alexander, Karyn Kusama, Sarah Polley tried to pick directors with sic-fi/action and or popular film experience

spankthemonk on Nov 1, 2012


Irvin Kershner was hardly an action director before making the best Star Wars film. They need to pick a director that understands drama, morals and acting, not just action.

JimmyC on Nov 1, 2012


Guillermo del Toro (Most Qualified) The Wachowskis (Great Track Record) Ridley Scott (No justification needed, He's simply Qualified!) J.J Abram (Most likely gonna turn it down because he's too chicken to take the responsibility) -------------------------------- Neil Blomkamp (We love'em, He's a possibility but too much of a new comer, I need more reassurance from him, Perphaps we can revisit after "Elysium") The same goes for Rian Johnson (A possibility as-well but again They'll not ready) Joseph Kosinski ( We can belittle Tron as much we could but the re-imagination of that world was on point, Simply a bad script) Joss Wheldon (Are you kidding me?) Jon Faveau ( We caught your flaws on Cowboys & Aliens, He's not ready either.) ------------------------------------ The Spielbergs & Camerons won't touch it, It's for a NEW GENERATION. & it's too much of someone else's work for them to get into right now. FINALLY!! STWRS has the biggest following.. It needs a director that can rebuild that world to it's best! The Character's won't need too much developing.. WORLD! Base your Directors on that. But LET'S BE REAL.. "FACT" is we are all gonna watch it & the HATE & BASHING will commence! Because this movie would be the Most criticized film that Year!

Dadentiz on Nov 1, 2012


Brad Bird please....he knows character development

Oct8pus on Nov 3, 2012


everybody seems to have forgotten that SPIKE JONEZ actually was considered BY LUCAS to direct Episode 2 years back. he's an exceptional director and would just SHINE in the Star Wars Universe. but yeah, I think Edgar Wright, or Favreau (or Abrams maybe...) should and would do the movies justice.

dave on Nov 5, 2012


the only man who can direct star wars is...JAMES CAMERON OFFCOURSE!!!!!!

ALiens on Nov 11, 2012


Clint Eastwood. The master of Westerns, directs a space western, and stars at Hans Solo. What a bad ass.

Randall Mckay on Nov 11, 2012


" The Mist, one of the most underrated horror moves of the past decade " i have never met a single person who disliked that movie. the movie is more unknown than underrated.

Derrick Syl.James Jr on Nov 23, 2012


Christopher Nolan and Steven Spielberg should team up

Anthony Montoya on Dec 22, 2012

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