'Top Gun', 'True Romance' Director Tony Scott Dies at 68 in Suicide

August 20, 2012
Source: Daily Breeze

Tony Scott

This is very sad new, the worst kind that we absolutely hate to report. According to reports from Southern California news stations, British film director Tony Scott, brother of the older Ridley Scott, has died. The reports state that Tony Scott "jumped to his death Sunday from the Vincent Thomas Bridge spanning San Pedro and Terminal Island" on Sunday afternoon. He left a suicide notes in his Prius parked on the bridge and at his office, but those are the only official details confirmed by the Los Angeles coroner's office so far. Tony Scott was a talented, acclaimed, admired, respected filmmaker having directed 16 features in his time.

From Top Gun to Beverly Hills Cop II to Days of Thunder to The Last Boy Scout to True Romance to Crimson Tide to Enemy of the State to Man on Fire to Déjà Vu to Taking of Pelham 123 to Unstoppable, Tony Scott leaves legacy of unforgettable films. Even at age 68, he was still working on quite a few other projects. Our most recent updates had him involved on Top Gun 2 with Tom Cruise, plus a submarine thriller called Narco Sub, even The Wild Bunch remake at Warner Bros. Everything will definitely change in regards to these projects, in light of this tragic and shocking news, and we'll monitor them closely from here.

The report on his death comes mainly from The Daily Breeze (via The Wrap), where they say that "Scott, 68, climbed a fence on the south side of the bridge's apex and leapt off 'without hesitation' around 12:30 p.m." on Sunday, August 19th, 2012. The Vincent Thomas Bridge is a suspension bridge over the Los Angeles Harbor that links San Pedro with Terminal Island. In addition to information about a suicide note being left in his car parked on the bridge, no other specific details are currently known about why this happened, why this bridge, or what was going on. Until we know more, follow KTLA or Daily Breeze for additional updates.

Tony Scott not only leaves behind a remarkable "high octane" body of work, it was our hope and expectation that we'd see many more great films from him in the years to come. It makes me nervous and sad to even think about reasons that a man as accomplished as Tony Scott would want to kill himself. He is survived by his wife, Donna W. Scott, and their two children. Our thoughts are with his family and his friends, and the entire filmmaker community that will be entirely shocked and devastated by this news. Scott, who will not only be remembered by his many movies, will also be remembered by the red baseball cap he always wore.

Update: ABC News claims that Tony Scott just found out that he had "inoperable brain cancer" before making the jump to his death on Sunday. They add that "the Coroner's Office found several notes to loved ones in Scott's car" and that "a suicide note was later found at his office, according to the AP." If these details about his brain cancer turn out to be true, then we seem to have a bit more of an understanding as to why this might have happened, but nonetheless still a very tragic end for a beloved and revered filmmaker.

Update #2: Now Deadline is reporting that this update about "inoperable brain cancer" is not true at all. "Scott's widow Donna has told police that the famed filmmaker/TV producer did not have brain cancer." According to these updates and news as of Monday evening, it sounds like Scott was not suffering from any illness, however that's still unconfirmed. We'll do our best to keep updated on facts as they're made public.

There are few days where I almost can't believe what I'm writing. Today is one of those days. It's the worst to have to report on something so shocking and tragic as this. "I make a movie because it's something that inspires me." [-Scott] May your movies continue to entertain and inspire audiences forever. Rest in peace.

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So unbelievably sad, such a humble soul. What a big loss! Hollywood has lost a lot character today 🙁

saenker on Aug 19, 2012


i am leaving this here to let everyone know i will be throwing a fit for the next few hours...he was one of my favorite directors and i had hopes of meeting him in person one ill have to wait a bit longer......

Jericho on Aug 19, 2012


Go ahead--I'm still stunned by this. I was just thinking of DEJA VU over the weekend--it's one of my favorite films of his, and you could say that he and Denzel Washington made some incredible films. Was hoping for another collaboration after UNSTOPPABLE, but now.... This day sucks.

Scopedog on Aug 20, 2012


It’s been a rough week for Tony Scott. Just recently he was removed as director from the upcoming Mark Millar adaptation ‘Nemesis’ which he has been developing for quite a few months. Probably citing creative differences- Fox decided to go with Joe Carnahan instead. Tom Cruise visited the Naval Air Station in Fallon, Nevada today to do research for Top Gun 2. It's unclear but it seems that Scott had little or no involvement with the development of a sequel to what could arguable be his most notable film. Whatever the reason may be, this is a tragic loss for Hollywood.

Robin Seemangal on Aug 19, 2012


Robin, that would not be the reason. Directors are replaced and fall off projects all the time. Scott had dozens of projects in active development. Rumor's already coming out of Hollywood suggest he was recently diagnosed with inoperable brain cancer.

guest on Aug 20, 2012


Oh....brain cancer? So sad, if this was the reason, his actions are then "understandable". Now, don't fly off your handle: it was his choice, if the future only held pain for him, I understand his actions. You will be missed Tony.

David Banner on Aug 20, 2012


Rest in peace, you will be missed. Thanks for all the great movies and inspiration to all the filmmakers that follow your style and class. All Tony Scott's movies are special, I can't find one that I don't find fascinating and entertaining, but specially, they are visually a masterpiece. Thanks for all, and sincere condolences to the family.

Alexander Gramlich on Aug 19, 2012


Today is a dark day. Thank you Mr. Tony Scott for everything you gave us.

DAVIDPD on Aug 19, 2012


"Enemy of the State" was one of the movies when I was young that I really enjoyed. I still do... We'll miss you Tony!

James Hearron on Aug 19, 2012


Mr. Scott was a talented filmmaker with a strong visual eye. His films will be enjoyed for decades to come. I only saw one of his films in the theater - "Unstoppable" - and it was a really fun time at the movies. But I have seen many others at home. Obviously "Top Gun" had a huge impact on audiences, and "Enemy of the State" was always one of my personal favorite action movies. Perhaps we will never know, but I'd like to know why he did this. He had so much talent and a successful career that many aspiring filmmakers will never reach.

John on Aug 19, 2012


I loved UNSTOPPABLE--but DEJA VU is also a favorite of mine. CRIMSON TIDE was one of the most suspenseful films I've ever seen. "Perhaps we will never know, but I'd like to know why he did this." We may never know. All of us battle our personal demons--and sometimes, they win.

Scopedog on Aug 20, 2012


uhhh I felt sick when I found out about this. You could always rely on his films to be an amazing ride. I admired him for that. He is responsible for some of my favorite movies. I don't know what else to say.

germss on Aug 19, 2012


One of the filmmakers that inspired me to pursue film. To say he will be missed is a huge understatement.

Carlo on Aug 19, 2012


How do you know he hasn't? I am just wondering.

Dustin Fuston on Aug 20, 2012


Yea, how do you know? And film is something one pursues, just like any other career. If you're a no one you're pursuing to become a someone in the film industry. Don't give him crap about it.

Kwaz on Aug 20, 2012


I loved Tony Scott's movies growing up. So visionary. True Romance was one of his best, I saw it 3 times in the theater. He had such a unique vision that was aped by every music video director and action film director of the 90's (Michael Bay I'm looking at you). Rest in peace. You will be missed.

keewatin on Aug 19, 2012


God bless and rest in peace. I love your film true romance my favourite forever film and forever watched while I'm here. JDM

JDM on Aug 20, 2012


I want to cry...a big tragedy for cinema...why you did that Tony? Rest in peace Tony Scott.....

Babak.NI on Aug 20, 2012


Usually in these circumstances it is easy to call this man selfish and change our views of him into a permanent negative state, but, this is Tony Scott. He was a great director and the world is now a poorer place. I am genuinely in a saddened mood today. My thoughts are with his family.

Jon Chamberlain on Aug 20, 2012


We lost a brilliant man...golden eyes...Mr Tony Scott,rest in peace

Babak.NI on Aug 20, 2012


I'm absolutely crushed! He was definitely one of my favorite directors. CRUSHED!!!

Parris Bowens on Aug 20, 2012


Just terrible. I thoroughly enjoyed his action packed films. Very, very sad.

Quanah on Aug 20, 2012


I am big fan of Tony Scott. This is the saddest news! I'm thankful for every film he left us and I pray for his family.

Davide Coppola on Aug 20, 2012


This is....Jesus, this is a major shock. He was one hell of a filmmaker, definitely putting a different spin on things than his brother Ridley. This is a major loss. Who knows why he did it--it doesn't matter. We've lost a true talent, and the world is poorer for it.

Scopedog on Aug 20, 2012


top gun and days of thunder are some of the movies i grew up on, and to this day truly enjoy. sorry to hear of this and that someone who brought happiness to a lot of people couldnt fight his own fight, God bless and RIP.

Anthony Ceniccola on Aug 20, 2012


Well, this came out of nowhere.

Nielsen700 on Aug 20, 2012


Heartfelt condolences to family & friends & colleagues - I know he had a ton. RIP Tony. We'll miss you often and for a looong time.

avconsumer2 on Aug 20, 2012



Brad White on Aug 20, 2012


It should have been you. Go away.

grimjob on Aug 20, 2012


This is truly depressing, I grew up on so many of this man's movies. His vision and style was unique and has been copied so many times its unbelievable. What's even sadder is that he was driving a Prius. Rest in Peace Tony, I hope wherever you are that you are driving a Navy Fighter jet.

M97 on Aug 20, 2012


You gotta be fuckin kiddin me! Can't believe it! Can't believe it! SMH. Rest in Peace Tony.

John on Aug 20, 2012


In 83 the Hunger was unlike anything I had ever seen and than a decade later True Romance blew me the eff a way and of course a lot of great cinema since RIP Tony Scott

Geekusi. on Aug 20, 2012


We lost one of the greatest director in the world.His soul rest in peace...

Nirmal Ganesh on Aug 20, 2012


The only legacy of Master "Tony Scott" is Michael Bay in in peace Mr Tony Scott.sadly me missed you so much.

Bob on Aug 20, 2012


The Hunger is a masterpiece! RIP

Happy camper on Aug 20, 2012


"This is very sad new, the worst kind that we absolutely hate to report." thank you dear "" for your emotional writing about beloved director Tony Scott.

Bob on Aug 20, 2012


Damn! Denzel Washington is unemployed now

TOONFED on Aug 20, 2012


Sad to see him go.

Xerxexx on Aug 20, 2012


No No No, goddammit. WHAT THE FUCK?!! Well shit, Mr. Scott, here's to you. True Romance is one of my alltime faves, don't even need to mention the other greats with your name on them. Ehhhh, RIP.

grimjob on Aug 20, 2012

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