'Transformers 4' Set Four Years After 'Transformers: Dark of the Moon'

November 12, 2012
Source: TFW2005

Transformers 4

Not many fans were surprised when Michael Bay officially returned to direct Transformers 4 even after he publicly said he was finished after the trilogy, but there seemed to be some confusion as to whether or not this sequel would actually reboot the franchise before Bay handed it off to another director. He later clarified that the fourth story will continue on the same timeline as the first three films, and then signed his Pain and Gain star Mark Wahlberg for the lead role, and Bay recently spoke with TMZ (via Slashfilm) and revealed that the next entry takes place four years after events in Transformers Dark of the Moon last year.

Bay didn't reveal much, but he did let a few details slip to TMZ. Here's what he said when asked if Wahlberg would actually be playing an older version of Shia LaBeouf's Sam Witwicky character (thanks to TFW2005 for the transcript):

"No, no. The movie will continue four years from the Attack on Chicago; which is in the last movie. So it’s going to still have the same lineage. And it’s going a full new direction and feels very natural how it’s going in that direction, there is no way you’re going to ever find out what the story is because you'd have to dig through my trash but I shredded my trash…Pentagon level encryption on our computers. So good luck to ya!"

Bay certainly loves his secrecy, and while he didn't exactly give details on what Wahlberg's character would be doing, he did talk about how he came on board for this newest entry into the franchise:

"You saw the whole Internet Rumor that he was on. And that wasn’t really true. And we were in the inception part of the story. And just talking with Steven Spielberg. And that was a great way to really take this franchise in a different direction. We’re doing a lot of things that are going to really make it feel fresh and new. And he’s an actor, he has accomplished, he’s an Academy Award Nominee and I love working with him and he’s got a great sense of comedy and great pathos. He’s a guy who can handle great action. And he never had a huge franchise. So this is something that really appealed to him. He said 'I really want to show a movie to my kids.' You know? It kinda happened."

I'm wondering if Wahlberg will be playing an astronaut in this new movie, since Bay previously spoke about how he might head to space for a while in Transformers 4. And even though the release date had previously been pegged as June 27th, 2014, the director said that the movie has a new release date of July 4th, 2014 now instead. This is gearing up to be another huge Michael Bay blockbuster, and who knows? If it goes well, it might even have the haters jumping on board the Transformers bandwagon. Thoughts?

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Finally Shia Le Douche is gone.

Big Sal on Nov 12, 2012


I know they're saying it's a new storyline, but is it actually confirmed that he's gone? I mean, one can hope, but I don't know that I've heard that anyone knows for sure.

Phillip Gockel on Nov 12, 2012


i think he will still show up somewhere but without being a main pain in the plotline....

Jericho on Nov 12, 2012


I think It's better If you guys don't insult shia labeouf. That is a very controversial discussion. A lot of people like shia labeouf (including myself) and you will just start a whole internet argument If you insult him. Shia Labeouf is undeniably a great actor, and a lot of Transformers fans are sad to know he won't be a main character in this movie. There really is No doubt he will make an appearance, because after three movies of having Sam Witwicky being the lead character, you really have to bring him back at some point. So seriously think before you speak.

Midna on Aug 21, 2013


Well, that seems to be sidestepping one important fact....most of the cast (both autobots and decepticons) are dead...sooo who's left for fans to care about? Better, will fans care about a whole new cast of characters? Oh, I know, this is the Prometheus of Transformers?:P

RidgeRacer4 on Nov 12, 2012


As long as optimus is still alive its cool on the autobots side, theres lots of autobots that havent been in any of them that Optimus could just call or something idk its a bay flick. Hopefully(because if its gonna be a CGI fest which it will be) we can get......UNICRON!!!!.

Cody W on Nov 12, 2012


Its time. Along with Galvatron

mooreworthy on Nov 12, 2012


one thing I would like to se is omega supreme vs unicon that would b nice plus some minicons

bj on Nov 12, 2012


I see where this is going. Though I'm great at guessing story lines, I can't figure this one. But I will say that if Sam and Carly have Daniel in this movie, then it will be the introduction to Hotrod, the Quintessons, and the death of either Bumblebee or Optimus. God, I hope not.

RobotProphet on Nov 13, 2012

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